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I'm an erotic romance author who tells torrid stories of men willing to share, women strong enough to submit, and the love that binds them together.

Fear Is My Twisted Friend

Fear. Fear. Fear. Are you scared yet? Probably not. But for me, this word strikes a dark chord. It dredges up bad memories, causing dread to climb into my throat. And for once, I’m not being dramatic.

Now let me explain. I’m nearly thirty, and I have found a good place in life. However, that was not always the case. When I was sixteen years old, back in the day of the dinosaurs, I lost the woman who helped my mother raise me. As a disillusioned teen, I bottled my grief up. I pretended losing her didn’t really matter. I would be fine. Everyone else would be fine.

But I wasn’t fine. I was barely surviving the emotional turmoil eating away at me. However, I wasn’t about to tell a soul. I wasn’t going to show my fear. That would allow people to see my weakness, and I didn’t want anyone to suspect that I was fragile—in any way, shape, or form.

A year after losing the person who meant the world to me, I had my first panic attack. It wasn’t anything like what I would have expected. I didn’t need a paper bag to hyperventilate in. I didn’t need to put my head between my legs. No, I needed a trip to the hospital. See I didn’t know what was going on with my body. The sudden choking sensation, the numbness and tingling, the out of body feeling, and the inability to catch my breath didn’t make a lick of sense to a seventeen year-old version of myself. All I understood, all I could process was the pure, undiluted panic pouring through my veins. And of course, the more scared I became, the worse the attack became. After hours in the emergency room, the doctor told me what had happened then he sent me on my merry way. But I was forever changed.

Flash forward a couple of months, I’m sitting in my freshman anatomy class in college, and it hits me—again. Fear. Terror. Total panic. And that was it. I raised my hand and made some pithy excuse before rushing out of class. Yet again, I didn’t understand what was going on. I do have a thick skull, after all. I had been through the panic attack before, but I was still at a complete loss. My rational mind took a vacation for a short period of time. So of course, I wound up visiting my doctor. And he told me exactly what the ER doctor had. You’re having panic attacks. 

By now, I was starting to get the picture. But I didn’t like it. Not one bit. A control freak with a panic disorder? A Kabuki-mask wearing almost-woman with a panic disorder? Me with a panic disorder? It was horrifying. So guess what…more panic attacks started to bombard me.

Over the next two years, I had so many attacks that I lost count. It got so bad that I feared everything, and I truly mean everything. I eventually developed agoraphobia. Yep, more fun stuff for me. The agoraphobia prohibited me from even leaving the house. Unless someone forced me to go somewhere, I couldn’t do it. Even then, the trips were few and far between. The fear paralyzed me that much.

So you might be asking how I conquered the fear. Well, here it is. I talked myself out of the panic. Sound strange? It kind of is.

With two years of debilitating panic attacks under my belt, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t live like that anymore. I wanted to go places. I wanted to be a real person with a life, not someone who lived and died in my own home. Yes, that fear crossed my mind—more than once. But that is another story.

For the next few months, I found a way to fight the fear and win. As Susan Jeffers book says, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Well, I did. It wasn’t easy to feel the fear. Hell, it was downright hard. But I did it. Whenever I felt the panic attack coming on, I would let myself feel the fear. I would allow myself to think as rationally as possible through the terror whipping through me. I’d think about being strong, about overcoming my problem. I’d talk myself through whatever fear plagued me at that moment in time. Yes, the fears changed—constantly. I’d even rationalize why I wasn’t dying during the attacks. Yes, that was one of my most prominent thoughts. “I’m dying” was one of my favorite fears. I can’t even tell you how many times those two words spilled from my lips or plagued my thoughts when I was having an attack. It was probably in the thousands, and that is not an exaggeration either.

Once I regained control of my panic attacks, I had another problem—a huge one. How do I go out in public? How do I leave myself that vulnerable? Well, that was something that took me a long time to work through. Each day, I would force myself to do something I hadn’t before. I started small with trips to the mailbox. Then I branched out. Let me tell you, fear became my constant companion all over again. But I forced myself to feel the fear then do it anyway.

Now here I am…twelve years later. I rarely fear things because I did that enough for ten lifetimes during those two years. I won’t say that I feel no fear because that would be an outright lie. I’m still scared of spiders and heights. I still fear the big things in life, the things everyone fears. But, and that is a big but, I can now feel the fear without panicking. I can experience fear without having to hide from what I feel. I no longer seek shelter in my home for weeks at a time. I can drive and go wherever I want. I am who I am. I am who I want to be. And I’m grateful for that.

Sometimes I think about how much fear controlled my life, and it breaks my heart to know that I wasted so much time. Other times, I think about how much fear changed my life, how much it taught me, and how much it transformed me and my life path. So I have to say that in an insanely twisted way fear is my friend. Strange, I know. But guess what, I’m a very strange girl.

Have a happy Tuesday, 69ers! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,


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Mmmmm…Warm Apple Pie

Happy Monday 69ers! It’s that time again…Mia time. Now before you get the wrong impression, I’m not going to take a page out of MC Hammer’s book. Funny as it may seem, I won’t be doing the Running Man, and I certainly won’t be wearing Hammer Pants. Actually, Mia time involves warm apple pie. Yum. But it’s not just any apple pie. It’s American Pie.


(Yep, it’s a shameless ploy to get a good laugh.)

This month’s theme here at 69 Shades is ‘going back to school.’ Well, as a teen during the late ’90s, nothing shouts school to me more than American Pie. Why is that? Well, it could be that this particular movie was infamous while I was in my junior year. Or it could be the fact that this movie was funny, naughty, and totally relate-able.  But nope, those aren’t the reason why.

My reason comes in the form of my favorite movie line of all time. So you might be asking what line it is? Well, I’m sure you can imagine. But if not, check out the clip below.

(I might have chosen to use this clip for nefarious purpose. It was a fabulous excuse to giggle like a loon.)

Why in the world would I find, “And this one time at band camp, I stuck a flute up my pussy,” funny? Well, first of all, that line is just flipping hilarious. But more than that, I have a confession to make, a confession I’m quite proud of. So, I’m just going to get on with it. No beating around the bushes, no foreplay. Just the cold, hard facts. I, Mia Ashlinn, was a complete and total band geek in high school!

Now be nice. I can hear you guys whispering already.



“Holy smokes!”

“I cannot believe it.”

“That Mia chick was a what?!?

Okay, okay. I might be getting a bit dramatic. Shoot, there’s no okay to it. I’m totally being dramatic. But hey, it’s me. If I’m not being dramatic, something or someone has invaded my body, and you should call for back up. Hmmm…I’m thinking firefighters. No, police men. No, doctors. Ah, who cares? Just get hot help. I mean good help. (wink, wink)

Oopsie, I’m getting side tracked. American Pie to Band Camp to Pussies to Men in Uniform? Well, I’m not quite as blog ADD as I usually am. Go me!

But anyway, I was a band geek in high school. I spent all my time with the other band geeks. We worked together. By work, I mean practiced. We played together. By play, I mean instruments…and other things. (snickers) That is my story, and I’m sticking to it. I was the good girl, but I know plenty of people who were naughty enough for me!

During those beautiful band days, I was at the happiest point of my school years. So whenever August rolls around, I think of band camp which leads me to this movie…and warm apple pie.

So now’s your turn, what is the happiest point of your school years?

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You Might Be A Pervert If…

Happy Sunday, 69ers! It’s that time again…time to play with me. “You Might Be a Pervert If,” that is. So let’s get right up on that pervert stick and play. Why yes, you might be a pervert if you thought dirty thoughts about what I just said. Wink, wink.

  • You might be a pervert if…a friend of yours went horseback riding and then told you that she “was only riding an hour before her ass started to hurt.” And you think, “What was his name?”
  • You might be a pervert if…you and your friends made up an alternative adult alphabet. (Think – ‘A is for Anal’ rather than “A is for Apple’)
  • You might be a pervert if…you open your e-mail and have five or more catalogs from adult stores.
  • You might be a pervert if…you can name the majority of the porn stars in the adult video store.
  • You might be a pervert if…you walk into a house with a realtor and think to yourself, “Wow, this would make a great room for a porn scene.” Or even better, you walk into a house and ask the realtor, “Wow, was this the house in the porn flick Riding the Rails? It looks awfully familiar.
  • You might be a pervert if…you walk into a friend’s basement and think, “You know, a St. Andrew’s Cross would set off that corner perfectly.” (Hmm, Wonder if Vern Yip would be willing….Oh! That brings me to the next one.)
  • You might be a pervert if…you have written in to HGTV for help with building the perfect dungeon.
  • You might be a pervert if…you went to an autograph signing at an adult store. (I was so bummed when I missed that event.)
  • You might be a pervert if…you look for one of the following “board” games in a chain store: Gay or Straight; Boxers, Briefs, or Commando; Top or Bottom.
  • You might be a pervert if…you know of at least three things to do with ginger that involves your body, and only one of them can include ingestion.
  • You might be a pervert if…you see red and blue lights behind you and think to yourself, “God, I hope he has his handcuffs out.”
  • You might be a pervert if…you see a state trooper and think of the song “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”
  • You might be a pervert if…you read or hear the word ‘violet’ and think of a wand.
  • You might be a pervert if…you watch Pirates of the Caribbean and fantasize about Johnny and Orlando in a major lip lock. (Preferably on a bed without a stitch of clothes. Um, where was I?)
  • You might be a pervert if…you go to get your oil changed and giggle when the hot mechanic asks you if you want a lube job. (No one would blame you if you said yes…)
  • You might be a pervert if…you see a group of three people and immediately think to yourself, “Wonder if they’re in a ménage?”
  • You might be a pervert if…you request extra studs in your ceiling when you’re building your house. (Safety first. Sturdiness is essential when hanging a sex swing).
  • You might be a pervert if…you pervert a stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear (Think Bondage Bear, baby!).
  • You might be a pervert if…you have to call the firemen to get handcuffs cut off. (That is an awfully convenient – I mean good – reason for a visit from the fine firemen of Fire House 69)
  • You might be a pervert if…you married a sailor only because he is good with knots. (And he looks rather dishy in his uniform, too!)
  • You might be a pervert if…your hottie closet is bigger than your actual closet.
  • You might be a pervert if…you are actually reading this blog!

So are you a pervert? Goodness knows that I am. And let me tell you, I wear the badge proudly. I hope you do, too!



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A Luscious Road Trip!

Hi all you fabulous 69ers out there. Hmm…that’s a little odd rolling off the fingertips. Fabulous 69ers? It makes me think of naughty talents rather than smutty people. Ah, well. You’re all of those things—naughty, talented, and smutty—so no use crying over silly semantics. We have much better things to reserve our voices for, like say…moaning, groaning, and gabbing.

Obviously, you won’t be doing all three with me. Gabbing, yes. Moaning and groaning, probably not. Well that is, unless you’re moaning and groaning over the men in Luscious while riding in my Lamborghini Reventon. Now that could happen. Those men know how to get my drool flowing, my heart racing, and my head spinning. And I might make more than one naughty noise when they talk to me.

Hey, in my defense, the Luscious men are all that and a bag of cherry-flavored Jelly Beans. Let me tell you, that’s saying something because I have the look but no touch syndrome with them. They’re into men, and I’m not a man. See the problem?

But hold on…wait just a second. There is some good news. I have an avid imagination. I know you all do, too. Great minds think alike and all that. So we can sit back and watch them in their naughty glory. My inner voyeur totally digs that. Man on man on man action is H-O-T. And by now, I’m sure you know how much I love hot things.

Seriously, I might be a sweet, innocent woman who writes about fluffy bunnies and cotton candy. But I like to eat spicy food. Tabasco is a staple at my house. Okay, okay, I give up. You got me. I’m not sweet or innocent. And my version of fluffy bunnies are vibrating toys that you…well, you know…and my cotton candy comes in the liquid form. Wink, wink. Cotton candy lube is yummy.

But I digress…

It’s time to get this show on the road. Are you in for a risqué ride? Do you want to come with me? On a road trip, I mean. If so, let’s get going…

Travel Log

Date: August 24, 2012

Description or Purpose: Naughty good times

Odometer Start: 6969

Odometer End: 7038

Total Miles: 69 miles

I, Mia Ashlinn, began a road trip back on August 9th with a car full of smutty ladies and wicked gentleman. We were looking for a naughty good time, and we found it in Kinky, Kansas. But after a run-in at the local BDSM club with a seriously smoking Dom, I was in dire need of something cold. So I rounded up my posse and headed in the direction of Luscious, Kansas, only to find that the knocking I heard was coming from the engine block and not the pounding in my heart. Poor Casanova.

A phone call later, I handed over the keys of my precious car to Serenity’s resident auto shop hotties, Shane and Landon. With a hug and a kiss to Casanova, they drove him off into the sunset. It took fifteen days and a butt load of money for auto parts to get back on the road. But here we are, riding in my badass Italian baby, on our way to Luscious.

The sixty-nine miles it takes to get from Serenity to Luscious flies by as we chatter about anything, everything, and nothing at all. When we pull into town, I slow my car to a crawl and roll down the road. At the rate I’m moving, the cops are going to pull me over at any second. Like that’s a bad thing.

Going silent, we all gawk out the windows like a bunch of tourists. Mmhmm. We’re those kinds of travelers…especially since we’re scoping out the Luscious men. And boy, do we find them. They abound all around us. Sinfully sexy male bodies are moving from one beatnik place to the next. They’re stepping into the bohemian bookstore. They’re stepping out of the cool café. They’re shopping in the eclectic boutiques, and they’re pointing at the offbeat organic store with the crazy sign out front.

As I near the edge of town, I pick up speed. Someone fusses that I should find somewhere to park so we can explore this radical new place. I shake my head and keep going. I have plans to visit the place that started it all—the saloon and brothel owned by the town’s notorious Madame Luscious. And I’m not about to stop now.

A short time later, I pull to a stop in front of an old storefront bar. The worn building looks rather plain and unassuming. But I knew I was in the right place because it was the only thing in sight. Besides, Google Earth told me this was where I was supposed to be. And goodness knows that Google Earth is never wrong.

I glance at the others and ask if they want to come in with me. They all shake their heads, looking at me like I’d lost my mind. Which I probably have. This place looks deserted. I shrug then get out and start to snoop. I don’t make it halfway around the building before I notice another car. Scanning the area, I also spot two men—two very big, insanely hot men.

“Deke? Adam?” I ask incredulously. “What are you doing here?”

The two men turn to me then stalk forward. Their sensual prowl has me ready to fall to my knees and beg for their mercy—both of them, at the same time. Oh yeah. Mmhmm….I could handle that. Clearing my throat, I take a deep breath and attempt to calm my racing heart. But of course, I fail. Hello? They are freaking hot.

Nearing me, Adam flashes a charming smile. Dropping to my knees is sounding better and better. But not as much as bending over and being taken from behind. “Mia?” he asks. “Are you looking to buy this place, too?”

As Adam’s twinkling baby blue eyes meet mine, I lose my train of thought. Huh? What? Shoot. Did he say something?

Coming up beside Adam, Deke narrows his dark eyes on me, and I squirm under his scrutiny. Hot or not. His Dom stare is unnerving. If it wasn’t turning me on as much as it was freaking me out, I would run like hell—all the way back to town. But shit, Dom’s do it for me. So I stay put.

“She’s not buying this place,” Deke states knowingly. “She’s just being nosy.”

At first, I wonder where he’s heard that. Then the truth dawns on me. “You talked to Sarah.”

Rather than answering me, Deke gives a noncommittal shrug. “It’s a nice place,” he informs me as though I’d asked. “We’re thinking of investing, but the man who runs the town’s historical society is rather difficult.”

“I like difficult,” Adam remarks. “It makes life more interesting.”

I shake my head. “You’re just saying that.”

Adam smiles at me crookedly, showing off his perfect, pearly white teeth. “Actually, I like this place. It’s quirky, like the town.”

“That it is,” I agree with a smile. “I wouldn’t mind living here.”

“I hear that’s in the cards,” Deke comments with a half smirk. “Or at least, that’s what Sarah says.”

I notice how Deke’s dark eyes melt like ooey-gooey milk chocolate as he says Sarah’s name. But I don’t comment. I don’t even ask how she is. Probably because I talked to her yesterday, and she was fine.

I give a noncommittal shrug like Deke had only moments before and say, “You never know.”

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A Kinky Road Trip!


Welcome 69ers! It looks like a beautiful day to take a road trip. Then again, it’s me talking. I think every day is a perfect time to hit the road, roll those windows down, and let the music rip. So, why don’t you jump in my shiny, spectacular Lamborghini Reventon with me, and we’ll burn rubber?

If you misbehave, I’ll even let you call shotgun…

Oh, I might want to mention that my Lamborghini looks more like a sedan and less like a sports car. Its sunny yellow color isn’t so bright. It kind of looks golden…as in the color of wheat. And hell, it says Subaru, not Lamborghini. But we probably shouldn’t get too technical. My mind screams Lamborghini…so we’ll pretend that’s what it is. We’ll have more fun that way.

Now, let’s go. Move it or lose it.


Date: August 9, 2012

Description or Purpose: Naughty good times

Odometer Start: 6900

Odometer End: 6969

Total Miles: 69 miles

I, Mia Ashlinn, started out in Serenity, Kansas with a car full of smutty ladies and wicked gentlemen who were looking for a naughty good time. And I was determined to give it to them.

(Shew, sorry. I had to pause there for a second. Saying smutty, ladies, wicked, and gentlemen in one line was hard. Those four words aren’t generally united in the same sentence. Like bitter, sweet, agony, and orgasm. Well, unless you say, “She craved the bittersweet agony of orgasm only he could give her.” or “Her orgasm rushed over her, the bittersweet agony sucking the air from her lungs as she screamed until her voice cracked.”

Okay, okay. If you can’t tell I’ve been writing love scenes today. You’ll have to watch me or I might start spouting a random scene filled with smoking hot sex on this blog. But you wouldn’t want that. Would you? Hey, don’t say that you would. I have plans, and I didn’t schedule in time to talk sexy times. How about later? You and me…a little book. You get the picture.)

Now back to the trip…

After entering my fan-freaking-tastic Lamborghini, we buckled up. Remember, ‘Safety First.’ Next, I flipped on the satellite radio, scanned through the channels until I found one that specialized in hard rock, and then headed away from the tiny town where life is anything but calm when love is involved. And goodness knows that love is always involved in the ménages there. But I digress…

I drove exactly 69 miles until the high-performance tires hit the edge of a town that we’d all only heard of. Do you know how we knew where we were? Because there was a brick building and a sign that told us so.

Curious as to what exactly The Edge of Kinky was like, I whipped into the crowded parking lot and found a space before I pulled in it. Whispering for every 69er to stay put, I hopped out of the car and skipped across the desolate street.

Interesting. From the vines growing up the wall to the grunge door to the simple sign that read The Edge, this place fascinated me. I raised an excitedly trembling hand to the door then rapped my fingers against the aged wood.

Surprisingly, the door immediately swung open and revealed the sexiest, dominant man I had seen in a while. He was absolutely, totally, mouth-wateringly delicious. Wow.

Quirking his eyebrow, Mr. No Name inquired, “You are?”

“I am…” Wait, what was my name again? Shoot, Crap, Son of a gun. It rhymes with Tia, Lia…Oh yeah, I remember. “Mia. M­—m—my name is Mia Ashlinn.”

“Lovely name,” he replied in a clipped voice, “but you are not supposed to be here. This is a private club. Members only.”

Darting my eyes around nervously, I’m not sure what to say to this man. He had me as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof. Between his good looks and his badass attitude, I’m all aflutter. “So…what kind of club is this?”

He smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

“Well, I must admit that I have an inkling about what kind of club this is and what kind of man you are,” I confessed, blushing so furiously that my cheeks actually hurt. “See, I write a series called Sweet Serenity, and the people there talk about this place—a lot.”

Mr. No Name obviously didn’t like my answer. He frowned then crossed his arms across his big, beefy chest. “Then why did you ask, if you already knew the answer?”


“Not a good response,” he retorted, but I could see his lips twitching behind his controlled expression. He apparently found my discomfort amusing.

“All righty then. I think I’ll go now.”

“You do that,” Mr. No Name replied. “Next time you come, give me a call. I’ll set you up with a tour.”

Yeah baby yeah. “You might live to regret telling me that, Mr—”

Uncrossing his arms, he flashed a dazzling smile and extended his hand to me. “Wyatt Thorpe.”

I reached out and took his masculine hand in my feminine one. Shaking vigorously, I smiled at him. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.”

“I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of you,” I tell him. Although, I don’t add what I want to say so badly—that I have a series coming to this town soon. How could I share that one of the two Sweet Serenity spin-offs is a series titled, The Doms of Kinky, Kansas? He is a handsome stranger after all.

Eyeing me carefully, he nodded. “I have the same feeling.”

With the admission of my future Kinky, Kansas plans on the tip of my tongue, I spin around and practically run to the car to keep from spilling the proverbial beans. Flinging open the door, I duck inside. “Anyone have a drink? I need ice cream or ice water or something seriously cold. And I needed it five minutes ago.”

When no one had anything to cool me and my hormones down, I started the engine of the Lamborghini and took off. “I think I know just the place to go. There is plenty of water…I just hope the men there don’t do this to me, too. Otherwise, I’m going to have to leave Kansas to keep from going up in flames.”

To be continued on August 24th when I take a Luscious Road Trip…dum, dum, dum!

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Satisfying My Sweet Tooth…

Happy Tuesday, all you smutty 69ers out there! It’s my day to rock this blog. So look out world, here I come…

Actually, I’m not really going after the world. Nope, not me. I’m too busy for that—at least, for the time being. Muahahaha. I shall make no guarantees for tomorrow or the next day or even the one after that. Divulging my wicked plot for world domination and global naughtification would only impede me. And we can’t have that, now can we?

All teasing aside, I’m hanging out in Serenity, Kansas today with the lovely Katie-Anne Blakemore. Why don’t you wander over to Lou’s Café and eat with us? There are milkshakes, salty French fries, and more than one greasy hamburger to be devoured…Mmm-mm-mmm. Who could turn that down? Certainly not me.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the café also has a variety healthy foods for the nutrition conscious and meatless foods for the vegetarian diners. But don’t tell Lou…Nikki has to sneak them in the side door so that the owner and resident Drama King doesn’t blow a freaking gasket.

So come on! Goodness know that we love to have company when we get down to the nitty, gritty, naughty business…

(I enter Lou’s Café, my eyes immediately are drawn to the corner booth where the girls always sit. Of course, Katie-Anne is already there, waiting on me. I mosey across the black-and-white checkered floor then take a seat across the table from Katie-Anne in the worn-out red booth.)

Mia: “Hey woman!”

Katie-Anne: “Mia, my dear. You made it.” (slides a supersized chocolate milkshake toward me)

Mia: (smiles and takes the sweet treat from Katie-Anne) “Of course, I did.” (takes a sip of the ice cold concoction and moans softly before returning it to the table) “Wait a minute, you sound shocked.”

Katie-Anne: (smirks) “Not hardly. You’re too nosy to stay away.”

Mia: “Moi?”

Katie-Anne: “Yes, you. I swear, you might be worse than my best friend, Shannon Roberts.”

Mia: (arches eyebrow)

Katie-Anne: “Then again, maybe not.”

Mia: “That’s what I thought.”

Katie-Anne: “I’m not backing down because I am scared of you if that is what you are thinking. I just don’t think that anyone could be nosier than Shannon—not even you.”

Mia: “I would never.”

Katie-Anne: (snorts) “Yes, you would. And you know it.”

Mia: “There might be a teeny-weenie inkling of truth to your statement.” (whispers) “But if you tell anyone I will deny it until my dying day.”

Katie-Anne: (nods solemnly then crosses her finger across her chest) “It’ll be our little secret.”

Mia: (rolls eyes) “Until you see Jaycee and Shannon. Then you will squawk like a canary.”

Katie-Anne: “They are my best friends, and we don’t keep secrets from each other.”

Mia: “Anymore.”

Katie-Anne: (nods then frowns) “Yeah, we try to tell each other everything now.” (sighs) “I shouldn’t have hidden so many things from the people I love, just like Shannon shouldn’t have. We’ve all learned our lessons. We’re more committed than ever to our relationship.”

Mia: “You do realize that you sound like the three of you are…”

Katie-Anne: “Fucking each other’s brains out?” (lifts her drink and takes a dainty sip then sits it back down) “We have a freaky friendship ménage going on but no sex. They aren’t my type.”

Mia: (laughs) “That’s probably a good thing since I know of seven men who would be put out with the three of you over that.”

Katie-Anne: “Touché.”

Mia: “So…how’s it going? It seems like we haven’t chatted in…forever.”

Katie-Anne: “I know. You have been a busy writer.”

Mia: “And you have had your hands full.”

Katie-Anne: (grins) “You have no idea.”

Mia: “Oh, but I do. Remember? I wrote all about you, Shane, and Landon…I know everything.”

Katie-Anne: “That’s what they all say. But you must never judge a book by its cover.”

Mia: “Seriously? You just had to bring in a book metaphor.”

Katie-Anne: “You can thank me later.”

Mia: “Smartass.”

Katie-Anne: “Aw, thank you, Mia. I love when you compliment me.”

Mia: “Bite me.”

Katie-Anne: “No thank you. If I refuse to bite Shannon, I should probably avoid biting you. I would hate for my best friend to get jealous.”

Mia: “Somehow I don’t see that happening.”

Katie-Anne: “Probably not.”

Mia: “So how are Shannon and Jaycee?”

Katie-Anne: “The same as ever—naughty little hellions.”

Mia: “Pot meet kettle.”

Katie-Anne: “I’m the good one.”

Mia: “Says the girl who probably had her ass spanked last night.”

Katie-Anne: “That doesn’t mean anything. I get my ass spanked almost every night.”

Mia: “Almost? That is surprising to hear. I figured you would get it every night.”

Katie-Anne: “Oh I get it every night…but sometimes my ass needs a break.”

Mia: “I’ll just bet it does.”

Katie-Anne: “I resent that.”

Mia: “Sure you do.”

Katie-Anne: (sits up straight) “I do.”

Mia: (nods) “Mmhhmm. I totally believe you…Not.”

Katie-Anne: (huffs) “Fine, believe what you want.”

Mia: “I will.”

Katie-Anne: (drinks half of her chocolate milkshake)

Mia: “You are going to get brain freeze.”

(Out of nowhere, two big, broad men—one light haired hottie and one dark haired devil—appear by our table.)

Landon: “That is what we tell her all the time, but she doesn’t listen.”

Katie-Anne: (shrugs) “Wouldn’t be the first time. Won’t be that last.”

Shane: “We know that, little one. We just worry about you.”

Katie-Anne: (smiles) “I know, Shane. You two take good care of me.”

Mia: (sighs) “I love to see you guys like this.”

Shane: “We have you to thank, Mia.”

Landon: (nods) “If you need anything…”

Mia: “I just want you guys to be happy. You deserve it.”

Katie-Anne: (grasps my hand in hers) “Thank you…for everything.”

Mia: (clears throat) “Ah, it was nothing.”

Shane: “No, you gave me everything.”

Mia: “Okay, okay. We are not going to get all sappy now.”

Landon: (reaches over to the next table and gets a napkin then hands it to Katie-Anne) “Just in case, kitten.”

Katie-Anne: “Sorry. I get all weepy anymore.”

Mia: “I understand completely. I’ve been there before.” (grins) “I know how to make it all better…”

Shane: “So do I.” (winks at me then scoops Katie-Anne and holds her close to his chest) “I’m going to kiss them all away.”

Landon: “That isn’t all you’ll do.”

Shane: (gives Landon his delicious Dom stare) “Behave.”

Landon: (shrugs irreverently) “Just saying.”

Shane: “Say goodbye, Katie-Anne.”

Katie-Anne: (pecks a kiss to Shane’s cheek) “Who says I was done, my love?”

(Shane, Landon, and I all speak at the same time.)

Shane: “I did.”

Landon: “We did.”

Mia: “I totally did.”

Katie-Anne: (snuggles into Shane’s embrace) “Oh, well. Looks like I’m outvoted.”

Mia: “Poor you.”

Katie-Anne: “My life is hard…”

Shane: (With a growl, he heads for the door with Landon in tow.) “I’ll show you hard.”

Katie-Anne: “See you later, Mia! Love you!”

Mia: “Love you too!”

(Left alone with one and a half milkshakes…I start drinking.)

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our little milkshake break at Lou’s Café. Next Friday, August 3rd, Katie-Anne’s story will be released by Siren Publishing. I promise that there will be a lot more milkshakes where this came from in her story, It Takes Three to Fly.

Until next time…Have a great Tuesday!

Love and cherries,


 Katie-Anne’s Story (Sweet Serenity 3) – Coming Soon!


p.s. If you’re in the mood for Lou’s deliciously decadent chocolate shake, here’s his secret recipe…or so he tells me. I think the little devil is hiding his secret ingredient. What do you think?


  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream
  • ¼ cup of ice-cold whole milk
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup


  1. Pour the whole milk into a blender.
  2. Drizzle the chocolate syrup on top of the milk.
  3. Using the proper lid, cover the blender then mix the milk and syrup on high for two to three seconds.
  4. Once the milk and chocolate syrup appear to have combined evenly, turn off the blender and remove the lid carefully.
  5. Add the ice cream to the milk/syrup mixture then cover the blender again.
  6. Using the lowest setting, blend the ice cream, milk, and syrup until smooth.*
  7. Serve immediately.

*Note: Add milk and/or ice cream as needed to reach the correct consistency. Use milk to thin the texture or use ice cream to thicken it up.

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Sharing a Popped Cherry and a Hot Throbbing Banana With Shannon from Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome…

Hmm…A Popped Cherry…and a Hot Throbbing Banana. I’ll bet that got your attention. I know it grabbed mine. But, then again, anything with a cherry has my undivided attention. And, goodness knows, that I adore anything that includes the words ‘hot’ and ‘throbbing’. Put them together, and I am all over it like a bee on honey.

Now, as some of you may know, this is the beginning of the week leading up to my release of Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome. (Yay!) So I thought it would be fun to go to one of my favorite towns and have a drink with one of my favorite characters…who just happens to be the leading lady in that book. Ruh-roh. Don’t tell her I called her a lady. She might get a little testy with me, and I can’t have that. I’m a lover, not a fighter—especially when it come to the characters in my book.

Well, how about it? Are you feeling up to taking a little trip with me? I’m heading to Her Majesty’s Pleasure today. Handsome men and delicious drinks, I’m there. I hope you will be too!

(Walking in the front door of Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Shannon Roberts scans the room. When she spots me, she grins and heads my way.)

Shannon: “I should have known I would find you sitting at the bar.”

Mia: “Ha! You talk as though I drink a lot. You should know better than that.”

Shannon: “Now, now, my friend. I never said that you were drinking at the bar. I said you were sitting at it, and I know you. The only reason you are over here is because you are totally checking out the eye candy.”

Mia: (grins) “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Shannon: (sits down next to me) “Riiiggghhht.”

Mia: (huffs) “I don’t.”

(The yummylicious bartender, Sam Carrington, swaggers up with a crooked grin and a cocky attitude.)

Sam: “Hey girls. What can I get for you?”

Mia: (bites her bottom lip to keep from saying something naughty to the luscious Sam) “Um…I would like a…ugh…Popped Cherry.”

Shannon: (laughs) “I think that would be more appropriate for me, but I am going to go with the Hot Throbbing Banana.”

Sam: “Good choices. I’ll be back in just a few minutes. Don’t get in trouble while I’m gone.”

Shannon: (snorts) “Moi? I am an angel. I would never do anything bad.”

Mia: (coughs) “Bullshit.”

Sam: “Sure you wouldn’t, Shannon. Just don’t pull a stunt that will make me call those big men of yours in here.”

Shannon: “Oh, those three. They are nothing but big ole teddy bears.”

Mia: (glances at Sam) “I can’t believe she said that with a straight face. How about you?”

Sam: “No shit. I think I am going to make a run for it before I get struck by lightning. It is raining after all.”

Mia: “Might be a good idea. I am just glad I wore my boots.”

Sam: “Mmm…I left all of mine in the closet at home.” (shrugs) “Oh well. I’ll survive.” (grins) “Be right back.”

Shannon: “You guys suck. I wasn’t lying.”

Mia: “Says the girl who torments the hell out of her men just so she can get a spanking.”

Shannon: “Hmmm…I do love to feel their hands on my ass.”

Mia: “Shit. You love a lot more than that.”

Shannon: “Oh, are we going to talk dirty? If we are, I need to give Jaycee and Katie-Anne a call. They won’t want to miss the good stuff.”

Mia: “By all means. The more, the merrier.”

Shannon: (giggles) “I see you have been talking to Ella.”

Mia: “Maybe…”

Shannon: “That girl is a hoot.” (snatches out her cell phone and calls Jaycee and Katie-Anne, but neither of them answer) “Damn it. They are going to be so bummed they missed out.”

Mia: “Yeah, right. Like I’m not going to come back and chat with them.”

Shannon: “So true. You visit a lot. If I didn’t know better, I would think you like us and this town.”

Mia: “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.”

Shannon: “You know you do”

Mia: (winks) “How have things been going with the Dalton triplets?”

Shannon: “Oh you know how they are. Jared is always doing sweet things to make me feel special and treasured. He knows just how to turn me all gooey and mushy inside. Drew is constantly watching over me and protecting me, making sure that I am coddled and well taken care of. And, of course, Randy is just a handful. I swear, that man knows just how to keep a girl on the brink of insanity.”

Mia: “Is he doing zany stuff again?”

Shannon: “It’s not what he does. It’s what he says.”

Mia: “Like…”

Shannon: “I don’t know. All kinds of things.”

(Sam saunters up with two drinks and sits them down in front of us)

Sam: “Enjoy.”

Mia: “Thanks Sam.”

Shannon: “Yeah, thanks, Sam.”

Sam: (nods) “You’re welcome.” (walks away)

Shannon: “Now that man is why you sat down at the bar.”

Mia: “He is hot.”

Shannon: “He may be hot, but he has a lot on his plate right now.”

Mia: “Is your mama bear making an appearance?”

Shannon: “Always.”

Mia: “You and your protective instincts…”

Shannon: “Blah, blah, blah. I have heard all about it from my men—more than once.”

Mia: “How is it going with three papa bears and one mama bear?”

Shannon: “Good. They let me be all protective over them, and I let them be all protective over me. It is the perfect solution for all parties involved.”

Mia: “I’ll just bet. You like being the protector, but you love being the protected. Admit it.”

Shannon: (avoids eye contact and stares at her drink then at mine) “I like your drink better.”

Mia: “What?”

Shannon: (points at my Popped Cherry) “Want to trade?”

Mia: “You want my drink?”

Shannon: (nods) “Pretty much yeah. Your Popped Cherry is prettier than my Hot Throbbing Banana.”

Mia: (shakes head then pushes the Popped Cherry to Shannon) “Whatever.”

Shannon: (slides the Hot Throbbing Banana to me) “Hey, I’m a chef-in-training. I have a thing for food and drinks that are pleasing to the eye.”

Mia: “Oh yeah. How is your cooking going?”

Shannon: (takes a sip of her drink) “Mmm, this is delicious.” (takes several more drinks before sitting the glass down) “It is going great. Stellina is the best teacher ever.”

Mia: “I can imagine so. She is quite lovely, and her food is divine.”

Shannon: “God yes. I practically orgasm when I taste her food.”

Mia: (snorts) “Like that is a shock. You are turning in to the Orgasm Queen. From what I hear, you’re a regular over at The G Spot. At this rate, you should just buy a share in it.”

Shannon: “I prefer the Cumming Queen or the Godess of the Big O, and Ella would never sell a share of her store. It is her baby.”

Mia: (laughs) “I like your ideas. I will tuck them away for future reference.”

Shannon: “Of course, you like them. We think a lot alike.”

Mia: “That is an understatement.”

Shannon: “Yep, Jaycee tells me that you and I are cosmic soul sisters.”

Mia: “Jaycee has been spending too much time with Svetlana.”

Shannon: “No joke. She has a surrogate mom in Svetlana.”

Mia: “Oh yeah? I guess that would make sense. Jaycee and Svetlana’s daughter, Brooklyn, are close in age.”

Shannon: (nods) “Their birthdays are only a few months apart.”

Mia: “I have noticed that you, Jaycee, and Katie-Anne are adding to your inner circle.”

Shannon: “Just a bit.” (laughs) “It is rather inevitable for us to grow and expand. Honestly, I’m rather surprised it hasn’t happened before now. In a small town like Serenity, it seems like everyone is friends with everyone else.”

Mia: “Well, you three have had your reasons for staying in a close knit trio.” (takes a hesitant sip) “Damn, this is good. Now I’m glad that we switched.” (takes a second drink) “Hell, I think that I got the better end of the stick.”

Shannon: “I doubt that.” (wiggles eyebrows suggestively) “I always go for the best end of the stick.”

Mia: “So do I. But that doesn’t matter. I’m just happy that we switched.”

Shannon: “Me too. I am all about popping cherries. Or, at least, getting cherries popped.”

Mia: “Mmmhmm…I remember.”

Shannon: (winks) “No more cherries for me…unless I am eating or drinking them.”

Mia: “Shannon!”

Shannon: (looks innocent as she bats her eyelashes) “What?”

Mia: “Nothing.”

Shannon: “So…”

Mia: “So…”

Shannon: “What have you been up to? Writing anything good?”

Mia: “Shannon, we are not here to talk about me. We’re here to talk about you.

Shannon: “Aw, why not?”

Mia: “Because you have a big mouth.”

Shannon: “Like you don’t.”

Mia: “Touche.”

(Shannon’s cell phone rings. Picking it up, her voice drops into a sultry purr. After a few minutes of whispered seductive words, she hangs up.)

Mia: “One of your men?”

Shannon: (grins wickedly) “All three. Actually, I need to go. I’m so sorry.”

Mia: “No, you’re not, and I don’t blame you. I would totally ditch me in your shoes. Three sexy-as-hell men or an author friend? Talk about your no brainer.”

Shannon: “Thanks!” (reaches for her purse and gets out her wallet then tosses down a small wad of cash) “It’s on me.”

Mia: “Aren’t you sweet.”

Shannon: “Oh, no. Don’t tell anyone. That would ruin my reputation around here.”

Mia: (rolls eyes) “Just go and tell your men I said hello.”

Shannon: “I’ll do that. Now I love you to death, but you need to get to writing. From what I hear, your next heroine is getting mighty impatient.”

Mia: “That girl is going to give me gray hairs before all is said and done.”

Shannon: “Yes she will, but they will be worth every damn one.”

Mia: (laughs) “Bye Shan!”

Shannon: “Bye Mia.” (with a hug, she leaves me alone in Her Majesty’s Pleasure with two drinks)

Mia: (picks up the Popped Cherry in one hand and the Throbbing Banana in the other) “Cheers!”

If you liked getting to know Shannon, her story will be released by Siren Publishing. Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome, the second book in the Sweet Serenity series, will be available at Bookstrand on Friday, July 13th. Swing by and get yourself a copy.

Love and cherries,


“You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairy tales, that fantasy of what your life would be, white dress, prince charming who would carry you away to a castle on a hill. You would lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, they were so close you could taste them, but eventually you grow up, one day you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is its hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely cause almost everyone has that smallest bit of hope, of faith, that one day they will open their eyes and it will come true.” –Mimi Schmir


How to Make a Hot Throbbing Banana


3/4 oz Vodka
3/4 oz Amaretto
3/4 oz Banana Liqueur
3/4 oz Coffee Liqueur
3/4 oz Grand Marnier
3/4 oz Irish Cream


Pour all ingredients into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

Garnish with a stemless maraschino cherry, and serve.

(Recipe courtesy of

How to Make a Popped Cherry

2 oz Vodka
2 oz Cherry Liqueur
4 oz Cranberry Juice
4 oz Orange Juice


Mix together and serve over ice in a tall glass with a popped cherry.

(Recipe courtesy of

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Three’s A Charm…With Mia Ashlinn and The Dalton Triplets!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is my day to go on a speed date with my hero.  As you can probably tell from the title, I couldn’t settle on just one man.  I’m indecisive like that.  So we will be joined by all three of the Dalton triplets from Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome.  These men constantly remind me why three is a charm…and one of my favorite numbers, too.

(A blond-haired man enters The G Spot, Serenity’s only adult store, with a cocky grin and a twinkle in his baby blue eyes.)

Randy:  “Hey Mia.” (Mmmm…that drawl.)  “You would pick the sex toy shop to meet at.”

Mia:  “Oh, well, you know.  I’m a perv like that.  Besides, you can help me peruse the good stuff.  We might come up with some ideas together while we conduct this interview.”

Randy:  (chuckles) “If my heart didn’t belong to Shannon Roberts, I would believe you were the woman for me.”

Mia:  (snorts) “You are just trying to butter me up.”

Randy:  “Nah, I wouldn’t do that.”

Mia:  (I’m not touching that load of horse crap.) “So where are your older brothers, Jared and Drew?”

Randy: “Those two boneheads are heading over in a minute.  I just wanted some alone time with my favorite author.”

Mia:  (Mmmhhmmm…Someone is really trying to butter me up.) “Oh really?”

Randy:  (walks to the right side of the store where the sexy toys are) “Yeah, really.”

(Two identical blond-haired, blue-eyed men enter The G Spot and head straight for them.  Mia does a double-take, as usual.  Jared, Drew, and Randy’s similarities never fail to stun her.)

Randy:  (mutters) “Impatient bastards.”

Mia:  (Pot meet kettle, hot stuff.)

Jared: “We should have known that he would already be here with Mia.”

Drew:  “No shit.”

Mia:  (Knowing how the three men are, I want to divert them before the typical brother bantering starts up and doesn’t stop.  I stroll over to Randy then pick up a butt plug from the shelf in front of him.) “Hey guys.  I’m doing a Speed Date with my Hero blog at 69 Shades of Smut.  I was hoping you three would help me out.”

Drew:  (eyes the sex toys in my hand) “Sure.”

Mia:  (gasps and drops the hunk of silicone) “Really? I figured the three of you would run for the hills.”

Drew:  (shrugs) “I’m feeling generous today.”

Jared:  (scoops up the plug and hands it to me) “Here you go, sweetheart.”

Mia:  “Thanks Jared.”

Jared:  “Welcome.”

Randy:  “I’m game for a little question and answer session.”

Drew:  “Hit us with the questions, Mia.”

Mia:  “Well, since we are in an adult store, I thought we would play the Favorites Game, only with a naughty twist.”

Randy:  “I’m all for that.  Any time a woman says naughty, I’m in.”

Drew:  (snorts) “Surprise, surprise, little brother.”

Jared:  “Leave him alone, Drew.  He’s just messing with Mia, and she knows it.”

Mia:  (nods) “I want you to answer with the first thing that pops into your mind.”

(All three men nod and murmur their assents.)

Mia:  “Good.  Favorite body part on Shannon?”

Drew:  “Ass.”

Jared:  “Breasts.”

Randy:  “Legs.  God, yes.  I love her legs.”

Mia:  (ignores Randy) “Favorite sex toy?”

Drew:  “Butt plug.”

Mia:  (laughs) “I’m seeing a pattern here, Drew.”

Randy: “You have no idea.  He has an ass fetish.”

Mia:  “That is obvious.”

Jared:  “Ginger.  Our woman loves ginger, and I love to give her what she wants.”

Mia:  “Oooh…We have a Figging man on our hands.”

Jared: (smirks then nods)

Mia:  “Randy? What is your favorite sex toy?”

Randy:  “Rope.”

Mia:  “Good choice.”

Randy:  “Or handcuffs.”

Mia:  “Hmm….let’s see.  Favorite form of foreplay?”

Jared:  “Long, slow, drugging kisses.”

Mia:  (sighs) “Me too.”

Randy:  “I don’t think I can say, if you are posting this on a blog.”

Mia:  (snickers) “How did I know that you were going to say something like that?”

Randy:  “Because you’re a smart lady.”

Drew:  “Because he’s cheesy.”

Jared:  “Because he’s predictable.”

Mia:  (snickers turn into laughs) “I wish I had a sibling.”

Drew:  (mutters) “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Randy:  “Aw, now, my feelings are hurt, Drew.”

Drew:  (flips Randy off)

Mia:  “Boys, boys.  We need to continue our interview.  Although, I want to switch gears and hit the cleaner stuff.”

Randy:  “Why?  I like talking about the dirty stuff.”

Drew: (smacks his brother on the back of the head) “Shut up, doofus.”

Jared:  “Go on Mia.”

Mia: (smiles at Jared) “Obviously, you were born and raised in Serenity.  Why didn’t you ever move away?”

Jared:  “It wasn’t an option for us.  We tried college, but our parent’s death brought us back home during our sophomore year.  We needed to help raise Jaycee and take care of things around here.  Besides, we love this unorthodox town.”

Mia:  “What is your favorite thing about Serenity?”

Jared:  “Shannon Roberts.”

Drew:  “Shannon.”

Randy:  “Shannon.”

Mia:  (rolls eyes) “I should have seen that one coming.”

Randy:  “Yep, you should have.”

Mia:  (sticks tongue out at Randy)

Drew:  “Don’t encourage him, Mia.”

Mia:  “I like encouraging him.  It’s fun.”

Randy:  “Encourage away, Mia.  I love to play.”

Mia:  “I’ll just bet you do.”

Drew:  (glances at his watch) “Mia, I hate to say this, but we need to get going.  We’re supposed to meet Shannon soon.  Do you have any more questions?”

Jared:  (looks at his watch, too) “Shit.  She’s probably already waiting for us.”

Mia:  “Only a million more, but I will settle for one—for now.”

Randy:  “Sounds good to me.  You can interview me any time.”

Mia:  “Shush Randy.”

Randy:  (pretends to zip lips and throw away the key with two of his fingers)

Mia: (rolls eyes) “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

Randy:  “Easy.  I’ll be with Shannon and these two boneheads.” (points toward his brothers)

Drew:  “I’ll have our children chasing me around the front yard, wearing my ass out on a daily basis.”

Jared:  “I’ll be living in Serenity, Kansas with my wife, my brothers, and our kids.”

Mia:  “Sounds like a sweet plan to me.  Now, go, boys.  I have a feeling that a certain redhead is getting impatient with the three of you…and me.”

(With hasty goodbyes, the three men shuffle out of The G Spot, leaving me deliciously alone in a room filled with all sorts of adult goodies.  Mmmhhmmm…Shopping spree!)

Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome, the second book in the Sweet Serenity series, will be released by Siren Publishing on July 13, 2012.  The first book in the series, Destined to be Three, is out now. Check it out at –





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A Cherry a Day…Keeps Mia Astray!

Alright, you got me.  A cherry a day doesn’t really keep me astray.  I do that all on my own.  But, hey, I love the phrase.  So what’s a girl to do?

First off, I want to say that I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of 69 Shades of Smut with all these über talented authors.  Smutting people up sounds like an excellent mission so here I am, preparing to take on the vanilla world with thirteen deliciously naughty people.  I’m a very lucky woman.

You might be asking, Who is that Mia Ashlinn woman?   Well…

  • I am a Tennessee girl, and I’m disgustingly proud of that fact.  As a native Tennessean, my blood does run orange.  “Go Vols” orange to be precise.  The song, Rocky Top, still has the power to get my heart pumping, my hands clapping, and my toes tapping.  I can sing it word for word, backward and forward, upside down and inside out.  Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit but you get the idea.
  • I am a sappy, hopeless romantic.  Just ask my husband.
  • I am a mother of one imaginative, artistic little girl who fills my life with vibrant colors—literally and figuratively.  She is an aspiring writer and illustrator.  Did I mention she hasn’t graduated from elementary school yet?
  • I am a high strung, Type A personality with a flair for the dramatic.  Or, if you would prefer, you can shorten that to a drama queen. (If the crown fits, wear it.)
  • I am an obsessive freak when it comes to organizing things.  I have a label-maker, and I know how to use it.  But I cannot keep my house spic-and-span to save my life.
  • I am an avid reader and a newbie writer.
  • I am a creative cook, but I tend to burn the kitchen down on a monthly basis.  So baking is more my style…and quite a bit safer!
  • I am a wordy wench.  As I am sure, you are rapidly figuring out.


You might also be asking, What exactly does this Mia person write?  Well, I write about love.  It is as simple as that.  Only it isn’t really simple.  But, then again, nothing in life is.  I write about…

  • People who are human.  They are as real as they are relatable.  My characters have flaws, and they have feelings.  They have strengths, and they have weaknesses.  They don’t always say the right thing or do the right thing.  They experience anger, hurt, and embarrassment.  Just as, they experience joy and laughter.  It is all a part of who and what they are.
  • Love that is messy.  It is imperfect, and it is complicated.  And, damn it, sometimes love is just plain hard.  People rarely meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  It sounds good, but it just doesn’t seem to happen that way.  There are bumps in the road, but true love can withstand anything.  It can weather the storm or, in some cases, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.  But, in the aftermath, love is still standing strong.  That is the kind of love I hold sacred.  That is the kind of love I want to experience in a story, whether I am writing it or reading it.
  • Sex.  Sex.  And did I mention sex?  The characters crave hot and kinky sex and, sometimes, they hunger for dirty and gritty sex.  Other times, they want it hard and fast or slow and sweet.  I give them what they want…and they give me what I want – scorching love scenes that leave my blood pumping, my heart pounding, and my skin sweating.
  • Oh…and I write about men who are excellent at sharing – often each other and always their women.


So that long-winded blog is me in a nutshell.  My book, Destined to be Three, is available now at Siren Bookstrand.  It is the first book in the Sweet Serenity series which is published by Siren.  The second book, Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome, is scheduled to release on Friday, July 13th (dum-da-dum), and I am working on the third installment which is tentatively titled, Three to Fly.

If you want to get to know me better or learn about my books, check out my website at, my Siren Author Page, or my personal blog , I’ve Got 69 Problems But A Kink Ain’t One.  Feel free to contact me via email at, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.  I love to chat!

Don’t forget, leave a comment for your chance to win one of fourteen books being given away by our authors. If your name is chosen, you’ll get your choice of an ebook from one author’s book list. Every comment you leave from now through midnight, PST, June 2 is another entry into the contest, so please come back again. Thank you!

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