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Drinks With Drea

Hey everyone. I’m not really a beer lover. I know some love the taste but I just can’t get past the bitter taste. In fact I hate to taste my alcohol so the fruiterer the drink the better.

So I am going to give you the most simple yet fruity drink.

Dole makes a juice combo of pineapple-orange-banana that tastes amazing. Add in some Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and you have a great summer drink on a budget.

I made this drink for some friends at RAGT and they all loved it.

Sorry that I couldn’t be more of a drink condisor but I am a stay at home mother of three little ones so I don’t get out much.

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Speed Date With My Hero Phillip Whitman from True Fireworks Never Fade

Okay - off to lie down for a while now!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my very compelling interview the Hottie that is Phillip Whitman.

Drea: Hey, Phil! How are you doing?

Phillip: Not to bad. I would be way better if the weather outside wasn’t so freaking scorching. If someone had fore warned me that Ohio was so hot this time a year I would have used my powers of persuasion to lure Melissa somewhere less humid.

Drea: Your preaching to the choir honey.  Us Ohioans live for the AC this time of year.

Phillip: The AC only does so much. I find myself forced to walk around practically neekid in order to keep from sweating my ass of.

Drea: I fail to see the problem in this *raises eyebrow*

Phillip: Either does Melissa *sexy smirk*

Drea: Okay well lets get down to business so you can go and cool down. So how work going?

Phillip: Not to bad. I”ve found myself lessing the acting gigs so I can spend some more time at home with Melissa and Tyson. I missed to many years of their life I wanna make up for it.

Drea: Are you planning on having any more children?

Phillip: God I hope so! In the mean time I like to practice A LOT!

Drea: *giggles* So how have the ladies reacted now that you are off the market?

Phillip: Who cares I have Melissa and that is all that matters.

Drea: Good answer.

Phillip: *evil smirk*

Drea: Okay now we get down to the nitty gritty.

Phillip: Okay hit me!

Drea: Boxers or briefs?

Phillip: Camando. Next question

Drea: *swoons* Missionary or doggie style?

Phillip: Both and then some. Why limit yourself when there are so many damn fine positions in the world

Drea: Favorite Holiday?

Phillip: The 4th Of July I used to hate it but now I’ve grown kinda fond of it.

Drea: Well it’s right around the corner. Any plans?

Phillip: Take my family to see the fireworks and then make love to my wife until the sun comes up.

Drea: Well that’s all the time we have for today I want to thank you for taking a minute out of your busy schedule to talk with me today.

Phillip: You’re more than welcome. Any time beautiful.

If you would like to read Phillip, Melissa, and Tysons story you can find it in my short story True Fireworks Never Fade.


Word Count: 10,099
Heat Index   


Through with the fourth of July, Melissa has resigned herself to spend every year hidden in the privacy of her own home hating the holiday. Close to a decade of hatred and remorse was washed away with one sight of the man she loved for so very long.

Phillip Whitman is one of the highest paid actors in the business. When his friend Tom suggested they take a trip to Ohio, on the one holiday he hates the most, he agrees not knowing why. One trip, to one bar, has changed his life forever. Making him an instant family man, whether he wanted to be or not.


After blinking his eyes a few times to adjust to the light, all he could do was stare. Back in the day, she was too thin for his liking, but now she filled out in all the right places. Dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail at the base of her neck, bringing attention to her beautiful jaw line and flawless skin. Although her figure had changed quite a bit since he last laid eyes on it, her face still looked the same. Beautiful.

“I wanted the element of surprise.” Putting the glass up to his lips, he gulped the rest of his drink. Putting it down on the table, he looked into her shocked eyes. Her skin still flushed with fear and eyes sparkling with anger.

“Well you got my surprise. And you’re lucky you didn’t get a ball bat to the face. Wouldn’t want to mess up the multi-million dollar mug of yours.” With a smile, she turned and headed out of the room.

Standing, he groaned as his muscles stretched. Sitting in the same spot in the dark sounded like a good idea at the time, but his muscles were still a bit sore from the last stunt mishap a week before.

Crossing the room, he followed the sound of the cabinets opening and being forcefully shut in loud bangs. Oh, I pissed her off. Good!

“Still feisty I see.”

Turning, she gave him a death glare then went back to putting her groceries away. Stopping, she looked into the trashcan and just shook her head, no doubt seeing the empty bottle of cheap whiskey from her cabinet that he emptied while waiting for her to get home. Once finished, she set a glass on the counter, filled it with ice, and added just a little bit ofCherry Coke. Pulling a Jack bottle from the brown bag, she removed the cap and poured the amber liquid into her glass.

“Want a little Coke with that Jack?” With a chuckle, he sat down on the stool and let out a sigh. “Can I possibly have one of those?”

With a nod, she grabbed a glass from the strainer beside the sink and made him the same drink, then slid it across the counter. Leaning her back against the refrigerator, she put the glass to her lips and took three quick gulps. Lowering her glass, she shuddered and made a face, drawing a chuckle from Phillip.

“Man, that’s nasty.”

“Then why drink it?”

“Gets me wasted faster then wine.” With a shrug, she gulped the rest of the drink and made another. After the second glass was gone, she set it down and slid to the floor.

Concerned, he abandoned his post at the opposite side of the room and came to sit beside her on the floor. Face resting on her knees, her shoulders shook in sobs. Whatever anger he built up over the time he sat waiting for her to get home dissipated as if never there.

Raising his arm, ignoring his sore muscles, he encircled her shoulders and pulled her to his side. Coming willingly, she tucked herself into his side and cried against his chest. Running his hands up and down her back, he rode out the heart breaking sobs, minute by agonizing minute.

Raising her head, she brought the end of her shirt to her nose and blew.

“Oh, now that’s sexy.” Winking at her, he earned a smile in response.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a small whisper as she looked into his eyes.

“For what?”

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Drea Becraft is in the hizouse!

Hey everyone it’s Drea Becraft here for your viewing pleasure…Okay maybe not viewing since I am not about to post nekkid pictures of myself. Trust me no one wants to see that lol.

I honestly have no freaking clue what to write about for this thing. To tell you the truth I have been on a sort of writing/blogging/computer hiatus for the past few months due to having no time. (If there ever comes a cloning program I am so going to stand at the beginning of that line because I could really use it.) This week is the last week of school for my girls, I have three Novalee (8), Katelynn (5), and Scarlett (3 {who is autistic}), so for the past three months it has been appointment, school drop off and pick-up, and well every thing else a full time parent has to deal with.

My hopes are that once my girls are out of school, which cuts down my drive and car time TONS, and once Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together is over that I will get back into the grove of things and maybe get a few books out before the end of the year. Maybe then I will feel less like a slacker lol.

I can’t wait for next weekend which is the RAGT! Not only do I get a three day vaca from mommy duties but I also get to see all my friends and just hang out and have fun. I’ve bought some really interesting promo to carry around with me and hand out. But I think what I am SO looking forward to is meeting some of my favorite authors. (I write books yes but I am also a avid reader and reviewer,)

I ordered these ducks (only about 50) to carry around and give away as promo while I am there. So if you’re going you totally need to find me early so that I can give you a vamp duck and a hug. Yeah I am a hugger so sue me lol.

I’m so happy I was given the chance to join such a talented group of authors and I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the future for all of us.


Don’t forget to comment below and you could win an opportunity to win a book off of my backlist…or one off of the other wonderful authors backlist as well. Can’t go wrong with a free book!


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