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Writer ~ Author ~ Roshandra ....R.M.Simone' Now fully LAUNCHED my SHADES OF LOVE Fifty Shades of Love Fifty Shades of Love - Passion Fifty Shades of Love - Gratitude the first set trilogy is done and four Arc reads too. ALL the ARCS are free Kindle Unlimited reads. A modern love story set in NYC and amidst a backdrop of the FSOG talk and the couple meets on a photo shoot set for Tristan's man of the Year cover spread. Gabriella is a stand in model for her friend Shelly and ELECTRICITY occurs between the two meant to meet. What follows is a rare relationship and fast paced exchange of Cinderella and the shoes he insists on buying for her from the ad shoot. From there things become very intriguing as 'he had dreams' of seeing her coming into his life. She had no idea she would meet Mr. Right and a knight so perfect. Tantra is part of what happens in this couples strong attraction and sacred sexuality rising. ******************** Writing is my PASSION and my current Project is my “”"BOOK V”"” This has LAUNCHED also with the following ... THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN. three beautiful novels on this Vampire France mansion KISMET Love story of a Swan Masquerade BALL in Paris mid 1700's. Star crossed lovers and what follows is a history that goes into the PAST into Atlantis and into the modern day now Future. also two novellas with this beautiful story written in ENGLISH PROSE literary style. Music to these books also is original. Current BOOK Series...Gothic Gates, Gothic Gates Venice, Gothic Gates Switzerland is available on and 'e books' Alchemy, The Gold Ring Twin Loves Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by r.m.simone' The worlds ‘i’ create takes the ‘reader’ on a journey into the landscape of feelings and romance and of the Soul. Love lingers on and moves ‘the heart’ to where we all remember times when life was highly romantic and not of ‘this world’… As a ‘writer’ my works present a world to those that go beyond Fairy Tales. Our times now are filled with so much change going on and yet we hope for and wish for the TRUE LOVE connections of Soulmates and in some rare Love moments…TWIN LOVES. All my Books and Stories are around this ‘Theme’. My gifts though actually present to the reader to Experience the story and characters as beings of such presence that you the reader FEEL the energy behind how this Unfolds and with those Characters lives. Years ago i began ‘writing’. My work was in design and environments and seeing ‘spaces’ through the eyes of the Energy realms and interior design and feng shui. As i began to ‘write’ an article for a ‘real estate’ agent, the readers found my article TOOK them into the world of FEELING the Haunted Restaurant and its History. Sort of like a walking docent tour through the energy of the building. I found then when i ‘wrote words or described’ what i was feeling and seeing that the reader was experiencing it directly and the Visions of how i worked Opened up the Psychic realms or other Dimensions. Since childhood i have had a ‘gift’ of medium abilities and seeing things others do not. People that have passed over to the ‘other side is easy to receive contact from. Also since childhood ‘seeing Angels’ and feeling Architecture of vibration and geomancy. Those ‘gifts’ i seem to use when i am writing. How the Written WORD creates and can set a portal of entrance to the reader. Through ‘my eyes’ and words…the reader is taken along on a journey ‘with me’… Highly romantic times where Avalon and Camelot merge. Courtly times of Ladies and Knights. Times when we all moved from the Heart and with Sweet prose and poetry and Virtue of this Love. My ‘gifts’ i share and this passion and my Love for the Romance Fiction Novel and the exchange of the Love with the Beloved. May you all enjoy my Books and the Worlds of Love ‘i’ share and present to you all. Roshanda, warmly writing on…. MY AUTHOR CENTRAL On Amazon for all my 'e books' MY BLOG on Word PRESS: BLOG on Romance and Reviews BLOG on ABOUT LANDING PAGE for all LINKS

GUISE’trilogy Menage A Trois’ by R.M.Simone’ The man with the GREEN EYES


GUISE’ man With Green Eyes…  GUISE’ pronounced ( gheez) French
THOSE GREEN Eyes…what was it about his eyes? Something played behind those eyes that drew me into the colors of the waters of Caribbean blues with aquamarine greens. It was his SOUL that drew me. But those eyes…ah, those green eyes.

GUISE’ trilogy by R.M.Simone; Soul Mate of the PAST.

Somehow in that first meeting his eyes spoke volumes to me and it was his soul. It was a business meeting in London for my new publisher and this threw me a curve. Now the VISIONS I was having and dreams made more sense. COMING ATTRACTIONS. I saw, felt and was submerged into an ocean of water around me with those green eyes of his starring into my soul. One word came to mind…ATLANTIS.…/…/ref=asap_bc…



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Erotica, steamy, hot and sensual… author R.M.Simone’

  What TURNS YOU ON?   Is it sexual encounters of meet one time and never see again that liberates the sexual excitement and unknown parts of yourself going PRIMAL?   Feral love making is intense, basic needs and holds nothing back.

On the OTHER Hand…do you hope for a Relationship after a ONE NIGHT STAND that could be a forever more ‘keeper’?

Is CHEATING what set it in motion and now you are stuck with never having this the WAY you really wanted it to become?

What motivates you to go into a BOOK that is about EROTICA with steamy pages as you turn them with bated breath?   FANTASY…pure and simple and it’s all in the MIND.  Well, it’s also SAFE this way and allows you to explore all kinds of forbidden sexual encounters that will leave your panties ‘wet’ and you breathing heavy.   This is WHY WE WRITE EROTICA and let our Deeper Fantasies play out for you the reader to enjoy and yes, be TURNED ON BY.

As an author, I SMILE…

Deliciously so and warmly erotically writing on R.M.Simone’

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy and arcs   TANTRA takes Erotica writing to a whole new level

GUISE’ a Menage A Trois trilogy.  Can BUSINESS and Sexual Attraction work out? Blurred Lines and Career Pathway meeting.

GOTHIC GATES series is Alchemy in motion and True love transforming one into maybe becoming Immortal?

BBW His Kisses is about a vampire drawing her in her dreams to him in Paris and two simple erotica words.  “NIPPLE PLAY”

JUST a few titles of R.M.Simone’s and Erotica books…

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Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’ — The Owl Lady

BOOK V Saga Kismet love story and novels. How much does love PAIN when it happens and then it is GONE?…/book-v-saga-the-k…/ BBW series is a VOYEUR journey into Black Stardust with a vampire lover waiting just for them in Paris. Scarlett signs the ladies up.…/…/ref=asap_bc… Beauty of a Man is a single novel […]

via Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’ — The Owl Lady

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Vampires…books, looks, vibes and feelings. What is author R.M.Simone’ up to for August 2016?

Hi everyone. Author R.M.Simone…so my UPDATES NEWS
August is my MONTH TO WRITE yeahhh VAMPIRES are calling me………….indeed……..
I am going to be working with three models and actors that are here at my Starbucks and my CLUB concierge;.these three young actors that are so unique I am going to put together
Donatelli……….a vampire good knight slayer and Scotsman and Patrick is going to read and act out an EXCERPT for this BOOK on a vampire story not yet published.
A teaser… my other two budding actors i have some delicious things coming. One is with the VOYEUR story series of my BBW and the other is with the SCI FI story of DOMINATRIX
I have two Fan Fiction books i am going to turn into regular books and new names to them and LAUNCH ONE KISS and also The Forest of his Mind. a Dear friend of mine in England that does my Music for my books stay tuned on this. HE wants me to FINISH ‘VELVET’ and GIRL WITH GREEN EYES a vampire RIO story about a Jaguar born tribe of vampires in South America and a cross over species of two vampire races.
so stay tuned.
Vampires coming LOTS of good story lines..
and I am working on the other books in GUISE’ trilogy now and BBW another book to add to this series and GOTHIC GATES, more coming too
AUGUST is my month to WRITE ON
thank you everyone…Roshandra warmly writing on and sharing …
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GUISE’ trilogy Menage A Trois’ Arc sample launches by R.M.Simone’

Guise collage   from author R.M.Simone. GUISE” trilogy..

An American new author is flying to London to meet with and sign her new publishing contract… Setting is at the Iconic GHERKIN building in London”s financial district… What begins to play out is more than a business book meeting. A future franchise marketing investor is present sizing up this author. She is smart, savvy on her feet and beautiful. She comes with her own enterprising strategies with far reaching future potentials on how to market her books. She brands and designs everything around those creative projects she conceives. One man sees her potential and there is some more in that first business meeting…

It is highly Charged in Chemistry between them. Besides the fact the GHERKIN building is an Occult magical broadcasting Masonic architectural design. She can consciously use that to her advantage.

What also awaits her is a Menage A Trois. Two will compete for her Heart. Two Loves…

Guise’ Arc Sample by R.M.Simone’  FREE


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Traveling in Paris and London oops my Blog Roshandra R.M.Simone’ surrounded by Vampires

Hi everyone…oops on my BLOG posting date and just been traveling and returned and catching up on my BOOK EVENTS and BOOK excerpt sharing.  So much to say and so little TIME. Lol.  First PARIS was beyond amazing and also stayed at a Chateau and did it all FIRST CLASS.  The feelings and experience I had inspired me into more writing of course.  SO let’s share this.  VAMPIRES. Oh yes, not only did I SENSE them, but in both PARIS and in LONDON I actually saw some in person.   Often when i am writing I experience DIMENSIONAL beings or characters that SPEAK to me so clearly that there is no other explanation other than they are REAL.   Other AUTHORS have had similar experiences such as HARRY POTTER and ANNE RICE to name a few book authors.

For me it is Edear VALLEN Le Toussaint Athanase’  from my BOOK V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN.  He is always very present in my psyche and touches my heart and soul when i write his story and my coming BOOK VI saga the Next GENERATION.  This is the modern times of this Athanase Mansion France family of BORN Vampire immortals.  WINTER WINE will be the next new Launch from the existing Saga and FIVE BOOKS now available.   Hope you explore this Kismet Romance and how this group of BORN Vampires came into being and the Atlantis history and the current lifetimes they are living in PARIS.

Book V three books ad

Book V

I also had the NEW Vampire CHARACTER visit me in LONDON at the Kensington area of the Palace there and at my hotel the first night.  He is a DARK Vampire and writing this REVELANT book one The Shadows opened a door into two types of harvested vampires that were used for hybrids during the dark period of ATLANTIS before her third Fall.  This vampire intrigues me as he is  trapped here on Earth for this SOJOURN and he is INDESTRUCTIBLE .   He is captured and the jailers THINK they will Break him.  Instead for the breeding program to harvest his DNA cross over to the lead female scientist of this program he turns swiftly on her and ends up  Marking her, Changing her, and Turning her into his beyond BDSM sex toy.  Oh, yes, he gets her pregnant too.   Stay TUNED this launches in a month.

vampire revelant


Author R.M.Simone ‘e books’ on Amazon

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Roshandra, warmly writing on


Roshandra May 2016 Paris, May 2016, St.James Relais Chateau

my Writing Library  room downstairs in my Suite.

Paris St.James Chateau




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Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ in Paperback now TANTRA

Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ trilogy in PAPERBACK ‘TANTRA’

_Fifty Shades of Love Erotica cover union Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy LAUNCHES all three PAPERBACKS now..
WHAT makes this Fifty so UNIQUE and Different? ONE WORD…’TANTRA’ Gabriella and Tristan have an extraordinary type of sexual chemistry attraction. Sexual Tantra is something he is aware of and she just happens to be experiencing through this steamy erotica relationship that breaks boundaries of what is of the INDIAN Temples of intimacy that moves them both into higher realms of Awakening. When the Kunalini is active in one or both partners and sexuality is shared ONLY WITH THE ONE, there begins to occur a beautiful exchange of what is TERMED Divine Sexuality. The books takes you the reader through their experience of discovering this and moments in chapters described that will catalyze your own curiosity about this kind of Sacred energy RISING. YOU WILL FEEL this in the chapters of these moments they are together and as Gabriella is discovering how different this kind of lovemaking is. Tristan discovers he has finally met his partner that is his match and from there this TANTRA takes them both.
tantra two lap
NOTE: They never make love the same way twice as when one enters the experience of the Kundalini Awakened, one begins to FLOW and FREES up this Sacred energy so that each time this couple is together they find new movements to exchange this DIVINE TANTRA.
Sacred Tantra is only Experience or TAUGHT in ORAL TRADITIONS by one that is of TANTRA. R.M.Simone is such a teacher and Reiki Master and Healer. Energy is FELT through her books and writing and transmissions for those that are ‘sensitive or other souls that aspire for this kind of Tantra’.
Fifty Shades of Love
Fifty Shades of Love – PASSION
Fifty Shades of Love – GRATITUDE
ARC Samples to the Fifty TRILOGY by R.M.Simone are always
FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited
Fifty Shades of Love Earl GREY Morning
Fifty Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS
Fifty Shades of Love BOUND
Fifty Shades of Love Tristan’s NEW YEAR’S Surprise
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Fifty Shades of Love launches Paperbacks Author R.M.Simone’


SO THE DEBUT for the EVENT are these three books of the first trilogy NOW into paperback… i so love my covers I hope you explore the ‘e books’ or order the PAPERBACKS… _Fifty Shades of Love Erotica cover union Trilogy

THE RIDE OF FIFTY Shades has kicked open a phenomenon
FIFTY SHADES OF LOVE is part of a trilogy that takes the reader to NYC and the life of a budding author, Gabriella Savannah Trudeau. A beautiful 25 year old with a clear head on her shoulders and focused on her goals as a writer and publishing dreams. She is the complete package of a young woman set for career goals and aspirations fueled by an amazing drive to go for her visions. She meets Mr.Perfect 29 year old Tristan…here is what happens,

When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model girlfriend and you see it is staged like a movie set of FIFTY Shades and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT…
He was standing there WAITING for this, for you, and grabs you.

HE IS NOT letting you go…

What plays out in this story will captivate and fascinate you and break open your Dreams that a STORY like this can happen and when it does, it just may be the END ALL






Trilogy first set LOVE – PASSION – GRATITUDE

ARCS – Free with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon
Fifty Shades of Love Earl GREY MORNING
Fifty Shades of love THE HAMPTONS
Fifty Shades of Love BOUND ( this becomes Savannah Trudeau’s books)
Fifty Shades of Love TRISTAN”S NEW YEAR’S Surprise

Fifty Shades of Love Cover FINAL-page-001



Fifty Shades of Love PASSION 18495756_cover FULL Back-page-001


Fifty Shades of Love Gratitude 18504947_cover-page-001



Fifty Shades Of Love ‘e book’ by R.M.Simone’

Amazon AUTHOR R.M.Simone’ ‘e books’

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Author R.M.Simone’ ~ writings, books, and thoughts by Roshandra

Saturday Morning and just ‘wrapped’ from my BOOK EVENT, Casanova VENETIAN Gothic Gates Masquerade celebrating CARNIVAL and Venice theme with FUN.  As an ‘author’ the visual and art gives me tremendous inspiration and it MUSES me into my writing.  Events though, allow the author to promote and engage with new readers of your work and ‘get to know you a little’.   I love this and the intimacy of exchange stimulating discussion about your ‘books’ and the characters you love to create around.   Roshandra 2014 light

So as today is my FIRST BLOG on 69 Shades of Smut, I decided to share a little to a lot about my books and this adrenaline high i am riding since yesterdays day long event.

Oh, one important point, my PA (personal assistant) is Alicia.  I am a woman that loves to have her ‘hand’ on all parts of this enterprising Iam doing and creative work and art.  It is having a personal assistant that aids me on this juggling schedules and life and friendship.  Since I LOVE doing most of all this work myself, this PA part to how this happens is having a beautiful friendship with an inside friend that is aiding you, pulling the team together in this endeavor and keeps it all moving smoothly.  The outside world sees this She is a Taurus woman doing all her work off a smartphone and iPad while I zigzag and zoom around Facebook and the internet posting.   I am a Taurus too.  She LOVES my books and writing and is a key fan.  Finding how we must work in creative projects takes ‘hands’ and fast internet skills.  As a writer WE TYPE FAST naturally as our FLOW of thought radiates out down through our fingertips.  It is true in this work and PR you must type fast, load fast and broadcast in the right spots and often.  Social MEDIA Is a GODSEND.  LOL  I love it.

As to this BLOG. LOL… Well, I will share my two ACES.  Actually I have four Aces, but I am keeping myself focused on two of them for my broadcasting strategy for this spring.

_ad Gothic Gates interviewGothic Gates was MUSED into being by a fan reader of mine that was suggested to me one day this idea.  Had i considered doing a GOTH Romance?   I had not, but instantly a name popped into my head of ‘DANTE’.  Often a character will begin speaking to an author and for me i go with the RIDE and see where this takes me.   This one opened a GATE for me and i walked onto and in the property of this world that became this story line.  I am so glad i did  What i found was this man, an immortal by way of Alchemy and his story of love, working in the shadows against the dark world cabal and a man of a philosopher esoteric depth showing me only glimpses of him. The stage was ‘set’ of his living in two worlds.  In France, intelligently he set his business as Gothic Enterprises having elaborate themed parties for the elite that became members of his club.   This afforded him a lifestyle that let him live mysteriously on his OWN TERMS in the wealthy world today and socially play out his hidden agenda.   This backstory goes into classic NOIR Literature and his history connected through small snipets of his past life through time.   He has a love that has come to Paris that destiny brings her to him.  The rest he orchestrates, which she is not aware of as she has no idea who he is to her.  He knows, from the moment he saw her in the courier office.   It weaves a powerful attraction of this man to his love and their intimacy of Tantra is part of this.  Most would term this just very erotic lovemaking.  It is far more then that as it is about an Alchemical Rising for both of them.

This entire story revolves around Masquerades, Masks, and Mansions in Gothic traditions and travel.  These are event soirees and well appointed.  It is also about intrigue and love that is beyond romantic.  _Book cover VENICE alternative-page-0011 Falling into Love GOTHIC GATES VENICE is book 2 in this series and is a stand alone romance novel on its own.  Not to be missed.   The pleasure of falling into ‘love’ and remember our past life with someone in the most romantic city in the world, Venice, is where the book takes the reader.  It invites you to enter their journey and come along with them discovering what occurs.  It is a flower of the heart opening to the other while being on the waterways of canals in gondolas with him.   How could she not remember and fall in love for the first time.        “Sometimes Love Happens this Way.”


FIFTY SHADES Of LOVE is my other Ace story series.  How did this come to happen?

Well, i began writing on Fan Fiction as TWILIGHT seemed to ‘turn me on’ to my own gifts and skills of writing.  It’s the Romeo Juliet love story thing that grabs my interest and so i merely wrote.  All my life I have written, but only did articles and never a book.  I sat down and wrote four books off the first ‘go’ at this in 2008 finishing those which I NEVER PUBLISHED as of yet, on my birthday a year later, May 8th.  I sat back thinking that was enough when a character from book 2 chapter 2 in those books began speaking to me.  This gave me a SAGA.  BOOK V Saga and novellas with it.  A vampire KISMET story i the mid 1700’s in Paris.  I put that to the side till 2010 when i realized i had written nearly 900 pages which was suggested to break that down into three consecutive NOVELS.

I did do that and launched the one HUGE Novel as three books.

as THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN and the two novellas to date.  _Flower Banner III cube
It is a romance across time and a history of the vampires that in some families are carriers of bloodlines that make them born that way and immortal.   It maps from Atlantis into now time of mansion families that are currently living what appears contemporary lives in the world and society.  Bloodlines and being born this way is key to this saga and coming 2016 will be the modern immortals of BOOK V I saga.

Vampires are real.  Be assured of that.

_fifty shades of love Banner GOTHIC Vintage 6511232-vintage-background-floral-antique-card-victorian-silver-

Fifty Shades of Love came about from Fan Fiction. I decided to write a story off the original TWILIGHT canon and MOTU (Master of the Universe which became Fifty Shades of Grey originally off TWILIGHT)   I began in this book of mine explaining the phenomenon on where this came from.  Hungry adult Twilight fans were primed for this kind of story with a lot of sex.  BUT, what i did differently is take this to a WHOLE DIFFERENT stage or level.  I wanted to take my idea and see where it lead me.

It lead me to my seeing New York City as the setting for my characters.  _Fifty Shades of Love Gratitude  AA Fifty Shades of Grey modeling shoot for a cover for an entrepreneur magazine for the man in question.  My characters are Gabriella Savannah Trudeau.   He is Tristan Green Montgomery.  What immediately plays out is a cosmic moment of electrical Tesla like energy.  Attraction so pronounced everyone around this ‘feels’ it.  Leaving Gabriella ready to bolt and run. Leaving Tristan fully aware the woman in his dreams had just entered the room.  He is not going to let her go.   What follows is highly explosive; relationship on an adult level fueled by sexual Tantra and unfolding into a challenging love story of two strong independent individuals with career paths for success in their creative work.   It is a relationship driven story that will give the reader so many pearls to cherish, that you will find it is unique and nothing like FSOG.  It took my breath away too as i continue to write and work on my trilogies to this series.   I thought it would be one set trilogy and instead it is going to be four sets of trilogies with the Arc Samples that will also become full stand alone NOVELS.

Fifty Shades of LOVE ~ Fifty Shades of Love PASSION ~ Fifty Shades of Love GRATITUDE

It also has a secondary story as she is an author too and her pen name group of books produces the Fifty Shades of Love BOUND series.  Her look at BDSM.

_fifty shades of love BOUND erotica bdsm ribbon ARC sample

Just a ‘taste and sample’ of my writings, ramblings and artwork as an author and this is something coming to share too.  BOOKS and WRITING is my PASSION, Roshandra, warmly writing on.

Follow me on Amazon, Twitter and BLOGS.  You can also connect with me VIA Facebook.

 R.M.Simone’ ‘e book’ Amazon links

Blog and Excerpts and Book links


Gothic Gates Facebook page

Black Ties…coming soon

_ad tease black ties collage 1




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