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A Taste of Domestic Discipline…A Moment with Cassandre Dayne

Do you know what domestic discipline is? I do a lot of blogging on my blog about this as well as spanking. I garner so much interest from the very topic. People are not just curious, they are hungering to learn more. Hmmm… As many of you know, I write in several genres covering various sometimes kinky topics from BDSM to figging. One I’ve been drawn to lately is the practice of domestic discipline. For those of you who might not know what lifestyle entails, this is usually where a man is considered the head of household. Now this can be in same sex couples of course, but for the sake of this blog and my upcoming book, we’re talking a traditional marriage. The man is indeed in charge and the woman Decision_Cover-smallhas to follow certain rules. This may or may not be like a D/s couple, but generally this is about a couple who struggles with the power and control in a family. What the difficulties tend to lead to are regular arguments and both the man and the woman being extremely unhappy.

Now what does it mean when she breaks the rules – as in lies, doesn’t follows directions, back talks, refuses to do chores and many others tailored for the couple? Corporate punishment is generally used. For the lay person, this means she is disciplined with various methods from corner time, soap in the mouth and yes – being spanked. Some couples use a very traditional over the knee hand spanking, some use various implements such as a wood brush, a wooden spoon, or a paddle. Others use something a bit harsher including a belt or a switch. This varies. Some couples have her spanked only when she misbehaves while others practice maintenance spankings. They are simply given on a more regular basis to keep her in line and to also at times to help ease her tension.

Power exchange and making certain she realizes he is in charge does take time. I’ve heard of situations where couples get into the lifestyle (and keep in mind this doesn’t happen over night (time, communication and self discovery is involved) where every morning for an extended period of time she gets a spanking before anything else. This is to simply say – “I’m in charge”. That might seem a bit extreme but you as a couple determine what is needed and remember, it takes time to break bad habits. If you’re used to yelling or snapping back at him, I dare say it’s going to take you a few whippings and perhaps soap in the mouth along with a few hours spent in the corner to break that habit. Don’t roll her eyes. Think about the last fight you had. Who was winning? Was anyone? Did you find yourself merely arguing for argument’s sake? I bet I know the answer.

Some of you know that I do feel men have been very emasculated in our society over the past few decades. I think the push for everyone to be equal has aided the very fact the divorce rate is so high. Think of the scenario above. What if she back talked and instantly knew what was going to happen? She finally stopped short and waited for his directions. He might tell her to get undressed and wait in the corner. Then when he was ready he’d take her hand, explain to her what she’d done so wrong and ease her over his lap. After the spanking he’d wipe her tears and hold her, explaining again why he won’t tolerate bad behavior. Primitive? It’s very Christian and becoming increasingly popular.

Well to each their own and you as a couple have to decide what’s important to you but I honestly believe corporal punishment is a highly effective method of bringing a couple back together and much Undoing His Beltcloser. I have my second domestic discipline piece coming out on the September 3rd. I was really surprised the first one did as well as it did. I think there are a lot of people interested in the concept of the man taking charge. The trilogy is taking a couple through all phases of deciding to enter into the lifestyle. It’s poignant and sexy and I’m so pleased people seem to enjoy.

IN honor I thought I’d give you a sexy flash this morning to “wet” your appetite and give you some thoughts. Could you have the courage to talk to your husband or your wife about making the change and practicing this?




The slamming door told her so many things. Dani Fuller set her pocketbook down on the entrance table and peeked around the corner. Mark was fuming all right. Well finding out at brunch, a lovely scheduled event with their best friends, about not one but two blatant lies was bad enough. Allowing her a chance to explain and yet issuing another lie was unforgiveable. The look of disappointment in his eyes had chilled her to the bone. Mark had casually leaned over, keeping a smile plastered to his face, and whispered exactly what was going to happen when they arrived home.

Dani glanced out the door at the gorgeous spring day, one they should merely be enjoying together, and cringed. Why had he disobeyed him then lied? And lied again? God! She brushed her shaking hand through her hair as she walked into the kitchen and stood quietly, watching his swallow but controlled breathing. There was nothing left to say.

“I’m very disappointed in you,” Mark said quietly.

“I know and I’m sorry.”

“The sad thing is I’m not certain you are sorry. I honestly think you believed you could get away with lying. That’s what frustrates me.” He turned around to face her, sadness in his eyes. “I truly thought we were making headway, getting closer and now this. Why? Can you tell me why?”

The question was tougher than she had imagined. Dani had no clue why. Was she trying to see what she could get away with or merely balking his every command? She looked away and sighed. “I don’t know why. I really don’t.”

“Well, that’s the most honest thing out of your mouth today.”

When he hesitated, merely looking at her, she fidgeted and swayed back and forth like a kid. “I’m sorry. I know I hurt you and I won’t let it happen again.”

“I know you’re have some difficulties at work and you’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve been trying to figure out what might help. I think that for the next month we’re going to include maintenance spankings, two or three a week when I decide to help ease your tension. In addition, no Facebook and I’m going to limit your Internet time altogether. You’ve been spending far too much time chatting and I think that’s not helping your stress levels.”

Dani opened her mouth to object, then nodded. He was right. “Yes, sir.”

“All right. Let’s make you feel better and help you understand that I won’t tolerate lying period. Get undressed and wait in the corner. I’ll be back later to give you a much needed spanking. After that, I’m white-shirtsorry to say, but I’m going to wash out your mouth.”

Oh God! She hated the soap more than anything. Lying. Why in the hell did she lie? She watched him walk out of the room and her entire body drooped, the anticipation killing her. When Mark was this calm and collected, the spanking was going to be severe. She deserved nothing less. She scanned the perimeter of the kitchen, the wide open kitchen with lots of windows, and sucked in her breath. Their neighbors weren’t that close but if they were outside, enjoying the lovely weather, all they had to do was look over and possibly see what was happening. Now she was shaking.

Fumbling, she managed to yank off her dress, bra and panties, carefully laying them on top of the kitchen table. She’d never felt so naked in all her life. Easing into the corner, she closed her eyes and lowered her head to wait. And wait. And wait.

A full thirty minutes had to have passed before Mark came back into the room. Dani gulped as she heard the chair being dragged across the kitchen tile. Her legs were quivering, her mouth dry. The anticipation was much worse than the punishment. Well usually. Somehow she had a feeling she wasn’t going to be sitting comfortably for a few days. When she heard him clear his throat she knew the time was approaching. Be a big girl and don’t cry, don’t fight it. Right. She always cried, wailed and kicked out. He sometimes had to tie her down.

“Dani. It’s time.”

No one would ever know what the three little words meant and how they affected her. Shaking, she turned and moved toward him, self conscious about being naked. Siting in the hardback chair, he studied her as she approached. The look on his face was one of peace, not anger. Yep. He was pissed. When she was merely a few inches from him she stopped, closing her eyes briefly, but not before seeing the dreaded hairbrush on the counter next to him. Shit. Shit.

Mark leaned forward and took both of her hands into his. “I love you very much and adore everything about our marriage, which is why this pains me so much to have to punish you severely. I know you want to be a better woman, as well as an obedient wife, and that’s why I’m hard on your. I want you to do well in all things. I know you crave following the rules and I am so proud of you when you do so. When you disobey and disrespect me like this? I’m just floored.”

“I know. I’m so sorry.”

“Mmm… I believe you are starting to be very sorry. Today I’m going to spank you multiple times and in between each is going to be some corner time for you to reflect. Do you understand?”

Multiple times? Oh God. “Yes, sir.” Dani was already sniveling. Sweet Jesus her ass was going to be on fire.

“Good girl. Now over my knee and I’m going to spank you with my hand first.”

The moment she was pulled over his lap her heart began to race. She palmed the floor and clenched her eyes shut. Dani was terrified but could feel the tension already draining from her body. This was exactly what she needed.

Mark rubbed her naked ass several times before stroking her back. “I love you.”


What do you think? Could domestic discipline work for you and in your marriage? Something to think about. Anticipation is the first in the trilogy coming from Rebel Ink Press. I hope you’ll consider indulging in learning more about the lifestyle.

Kisses   xxx


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Craving a Good Smut Story?


That’s a very good question. What do you like to see in your smut? What is smut you ask? Well, it’s kinky writing of course and I am proud to say I’m a smut writer. Kinda makes you think of a Beatle’s song, doesn’t it? Yep, I’m gonna admit it. For any of you who are easily offended, turn away now lest you be burned at the stake. But for the rest of you, if you like raw sex, scintillating passion, the kind of kink to stretch every boundary as HOT stories, then my books are for you. It’s funny, I’ve been noticing lately that either the sensuous sweet, alluding to sex sells or the raunchy kicks up the heat. And I’m talking raw, edgy and for some disgusting kind of sex. Yep, allow your imagination to run away with you. Some people think there’s something wrong with writing smut, yet they read voraciously.

What drives me a bit nuts is that certain vendors went through a spell where they decided to be Big Brother Abram with Tireand crack down on smut, or affectionately called erotica. They added key word searches and flagged books with questionable titles or words in the synopsis. They banned certain books that were perceived to have things like rape, abuse themes, forced sex, beasitablity (including were-creatures) and assorted other categories. Many an author has been required to prove (including MUAH) that certain scenes were justified. In addition book covers have been yanked for showing too much skin.

Have you looked at Amazon or All Romance E-books lately? Have you seen some of the categories like Lactation Heaven or Her Taking (forced rough sex with aliens, beating, group sex) or maybe Sex with her Daddy’s Best Friend? I mean really? And yes, these kinds of titles do exist. I sometimes scratch my head. My writing is somewhere in the middle. You might ask, what do I write about? Well, ménage, BDSM, Domination and submission, Domestic Discipline, group sex, kink clubs, same sex, vampires and were-creatures and yes aliens are indeed thrown into the mix. And trust me ladies, a particular thick part of their body is well…delicious.

Don’t laugh! Who doesn’t want hot sex with a tasty vampire? The concept of becoming immortal is really just a perk, right?

I was thinking as I was answering questions to an upcoming interview, why did I actually start writing erotic romance or tasty smut? Because I loved reading about hot men and the very concept of the fantasies that were always so strong within me. Since I learned about sex, not going to lie, I have had sensual dreams about hot men whisking me away to some tropical island, tying me up and having their way with me. I started reading voraciously over the years, gravitating to the erotic. Since I had fantasies every night, I thought why not put my kinky desires on display. Oops, is that too telling? In order for me to write the perfect smut I need the perfect hot guy – well I personally need more than one, but that’s just me. My heroes don’t necessarily have any particular stereotype. I like my men in all flavors, sizes and shapes. I don’t care if they another harley hottieare geeky looking guys in two thousand dollar suits or the rugged cowboy with a three day stubble and bedroom hair. There is something about all men that’s desirable to me. The perfect escape book has to have men, hot and sweaty men ready to fulfill every craving you’ve ever had.

Okay ladies, I need to hear from you. What kind of man do you prefer?

RUGGED AND WELL WORN – you know the type. He’s the construction worker or the cowboy who looks best if faded blue jeans, his muscles all hard bodied from serious physical labor. He usually had the perfect golden tan and the stubble scrapes against your cheek every time he whispers in your ear. Mmm…

MILITARY, POLICE AND FIREMEN – He protects and serves, laying his life down on the line. He’s rigid and follows the rules by day, the perfect gentleman. But by night he wants nothing more than unbridled passion, fueled by his need to be top man, taking you, tasting you every way he wants.

DOMINATING AND CONTROLLING – he’s an enigma, so well dressed with a subtle demeanor to all who knows him. He commands respect no matter where he goes. Well dressed and very passionate, he will command your obedience.

THE GEEK – The clothes are questionable, the look slightly disheveled. He may wear a pocket protector and be able to spout numbers or scientific formulas, but at night he becomes a tiger in bed. He has a knack of knowing you inside and out – finding all your dirty little secrets.

THE DANGEROUS MAN – my favorite – a Harley ridin’, danger loving hunk who always fights against the rules. He’s rough-hewn and opinionated, hot heated and a wild man in bed. He’s the kind of guy you can never take home to mama, but then why would you? She’d simply want to share.

MR. SOPHISTICATED – He’s all suave and well educated, has money and the kinds of toys we can only dream about. He takes you to the finest places, buys you trinkets of diamonds and gold. But is he as powerful in bed as he is in real life? Hmmm…

So which will it be ladies? What, you want more than one? I don’t disagree. Let’s go for a ménage.

Well the perfect smut book is filled with many attributes but for me it all starts with the hot guy. The rest is simply…icing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


The synopsis of my latest – which is a menage…


Parker Jameson was on the fast track to the White House. Being one of the youngest Senators on the Congress floor, he had his share of supporters, men and women hanging on his high-profile coattail. He also had those determined to see his demise. Constantly under a microscope, he lived a clean life, a completely honorable man. Or so he liked everyone around him to believe. Little did they know what damning secrets he’d been harboring for years. His relationship with a prominent male businessman waDLSThePolitician_Cover-small only half of the mystery enshrouding his life. After a nasty confrontation during an important press conference, a media expert was hired.

Briana Porter was known for her assertive methods in handling politicians who seemed hell bent on destroying their careers. A sizable offer was on the table. Working with what had to be the most difficult man in Congress, she questioned her ability. In her opinion Parker was far too arrogant to tame, yet she knew she had to try. When sparks flew and a line was drawn in the sand, she set her sights on more than just taming the savage beast. Confronted with the one secret she had no idea how to handle, Briana ran away from the man she was falling in love with. There was no way she could handle being a third. That is until one steamy night…




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Seducing a Third

Mmm – isn’t that a delicious thought? I haven’t posted in a while and shame on me – life has been very nuts. But sex, sex and more SEX is never far from my mind. How could it be? I have this sexy piece coming out that so explores a menage in all the right and wrong ways.

Mmm… Doesn’t the thought evoke all kinds of raging emotions and hormones within you? I know it does me. What is it that just seems so darn tasty about the concept? For me it’s about the allowance of being menagecompletely uninhibited with the assurance from my significant other that I don’t have to worry about my behavior. I’ve talked a lot in the last year or so about alternative lifestyles and one of these of course includes a polyamory situation in which you have a third or even more in your every day life sharing everything together form the workload of the house to care of the children. For this piece, that’s not what I’m talking about but… I have a sexy piece coming out in a few days which oh so challenges the need and/or concept of being with two men in this story at least. This is a decision and one that can be tough for some. Hmmm… Could you? Do you hunger? Imagine a sexy moment when you indulge in two men. Yum. Right?

There are some very uninhibited couples, who enjoy a little playtime and are secure enough in their relationship to allow something a little kinky to be introduced. What am I talking about? A threesome. As an author of erotic pieces, I get to explore every kind of heat level with regard to romance, passion and sex and from what I can tell, the idea of having a threesome or ménage is still one of the hottest aspects and discussions out there. We love the thought of being allowed to taste either someone we’ve pined away for or a complete stranger who together you and your partner select.

Let’s take the concept of making sure you’re engaging in safe sex off the table completely. Okay? I never want to allude to the thought that you should practice in any kind of dangerous behavior but… There are times you know a person, perhaps a friend or you certainly know about an acquaintance’s behavior that would allow you to partake in something very sensual, or even sexual. This is indeed something many couples relish together. I have talked with many couples, who every once in a while do engage in something wicked. They have talked and feel very secure in their togetherness and know the petty jealousy has to be left off the table. They’ve also completely discussed what type of person, including the sex, they are both comfortable with.

Guys, don’t shy away here. We all know the true fantasy of pretty much every red blooded male is to be hot lick on nippleallowed to have another woman in their bed but you also have to understand a woman would enjoy another male. In certain D/s situations the D generally practices in this quite often. I’ve talked to many a Dom who would allow the woman to have a male in their bed, but often they don’t want another strong male. They’d prefer a submissive one. That might mean both are enjoying the other male or perhaps just the sub is. Every relationship is different. But what’s so wrong with the concept?

Let’s just take this as more of a vanilla relationship situation. You’ve decided together you want to enjoy a night of passion with a particular lovely lady and she’s very much on board with sharing. You perhaps meet her out one night at a snazzy nightclub and dance the night away. For me there is nothing more sensual than a heated bar, wicked dance music and dancing close together in a crowd of people who are already jazzed and ready for almost anything. Both women have a sexy dress on with too much skin showing and the man is very happy to be sandwiched between them. The dancing turns into kissing and touching and perhaps a little playtime in one of the bathrooms. You know how I enjoy a bit of public display and for me there’s nothing that can turn me on any faster.

Now, the situation can be reversed and I know ladies the thought of having another man touching you and pressing wet kisses along the back of your neck as his hands roam the length of your body is a huge turn on. I’m getting a little hot and bothered just thinking about it. So the night ends with going home to your bed and a long time of exploring each other’s bodies. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you know what’ll happen in the morning. Then again, maybe this will become a regular practice in your house. You never know. If you as a couple are very confident and comfortable with your life together, why not engage in something to keep the passion sizzling?

For me the couples who can not only share what they want, discuss the concept openly and then perhaps DLSThePolitician_Cover-smallease into trying something are the ones who are going to stay together. Let’s face it – a lot of traditional marriages simply aren’t working. We could spend days talking about why but I honestly think so much boils down to communication or the lack there of as you grow together – so many grow apart because they’re concerned they can’t tell the other something they crave. Give it some thought. Isn’t there something you’d like to tell your partner you’d like to try? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I have this sexy collection called Dirty Little Secrets and isn’t hungering for more than one just that? Mmm – I can only imagine two men filling me – er sorry. I can’t help myself.

Aren’t you hungry to try something a bit kinky? You know you are. Just remember that if you can talk to your partner you might add some sexy spice in a brand new way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, do you? Purr babies.


Parker Jameson was on the fast track to the White House. Being one of the youngest Senators on the Congress floor, he had his share of supporters, men and women hanging on his high-profile coattail. He also had those determined to see his demise. Constantly under a microscope, he lived a clean life, a completely honorable man. Or so he liked everyone around him to believe. Little did they know what damning secrets he’d been harboring for years. His relationship with a prominent male businessman was only half of the mystery enshrouding his life. After a nasty confrontation during an important press conference, a media expert was hired.

Briana Porter was known for her assertive methods in handling politicians who seemed hell bent on destroying their careers. A sizable offer was on the table. Working with what had to be the most difficult man in Congress, she questioned her ability. In her opinion Parker was far too arrogant to tame, yet she knew she had to try. When sparks flew and a line was drawn in the sand, she set her sights on more than just taming the savage beast. Confronted with the one secret she had no idea how to handle, Briana ran away from the man she was falling in love with. There was no way she could handle being a third. That is until one steamy night…

Are you ready to be a very bad girl yet? 

Kisses   xxx 




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A Sensuous Bite…


Mmm… Doesn’t that sound delicious right about now? 

Do you love to take a bite out of your man? Close you eyes for me and imagine a moment of passion that you’re sharing together  – just you and your man perhaps lounging by the pool or perhaps in front of a roaring fire. Don’t you love to inhale the rich scent of your man and love the musky fragrance of his body? I love to lick across the seam of his mouth before nibbling down his chin to his neck and licking all…the…way down and…well, you get the saucy idea. Have you ever kicked up the heat and used something perhaps to make him even tastier? Now I’m not talking about all those luscious edible treats you can buy in a sex shop.

Who needs edible undies when you can slather your lover with something truly delicious, completely edible and oh so sexy? The question is would you prefer champagne or chocolate? Jam or Honey? Have you ever thought about a setting up a delicious night where you leave all caution to the wind? Perhaps you will start out lounging in front of a roaring fire with a lovely glass of wine, a basket of toys and romantic or primal music playing as an appetizer. Maybe you can offer your partner a sensual relaxing massage and light some candles. Whispering a soft poem or reading a naughty passage from your favorite erotic writer, you can tell when he or she is ready for a wicked adventure.

Then the real fun can begin! I love to think of creative ways of using food and beverages and perhaps some very normal household items you wouldn’t necessarily think of as the perfect erotic toy and incorporating them into my stories. I write very sexual and sometimes downright kinky treats about fantasies and we all have them. You never know what might become a brand new yummy toy unless you try it out, using that wicked and sinful part of your imagination. I must admit that two of my favorite items I use both in stories and out are a bit of bubbly and melted, gooey, dark chocolate. Getting a bit thirsty are you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of using food and drink as a festive aphrodisiac.

Champagne – it’s frothy and cold and the effervescent bubbles can give you a perfect little kick inside your mouth, leaving that taste that lingers perfectly. Now, close your eyes and just imagine what effects it can have on your partner. Intrigued? Without getting into anything too graphic, envision taking a huge gulp and then leaning over your man, pressing your lips across his and forcing them open slightly. As the feel of hot and cold slice into his system, you can imagine that single whimper that leaves his mouth as he wraps his hands around your waist and draws you in so tightly that you are left breathless and desperately hungry to taste more of him.

Then just think about another long sip and edging down the length of his chest, inching toward…nirvana. Okay, I know, is it getting hot in here? I can tell you that the effects are invigorating and delicious on both a man and a woman by the way. Now reverse the situation until you are lying on your back and he is pressing kisses down the length of your body,,,pulsing his tongue across the heat of her tender flesh until your hand flutters down to grip his hair, longing to yank him to that sinful place you need. I can tell you ladies that the feeling is truly scintillating.

Champagne is tasty and refreshing and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. It is also not particularly messy and can be controlled. That is…if you want to. Let’s look at molten chocolate.

At this point I am thinking about the chocolate fondue. Imagine that perfect crackling fire again and this time you have a snazzy bottle of merlot, Kenny G on the stereo and fruits and cheeses on a silver platter just waiting to be consumed. Take a tasty nip and savor the flavor in the back of your mouth. It’s rich and warm with that incredible hint of raspberry or hazelnut. You dip the succulent strawberry inside and wait as he watches you for…long…wicked…seconds…until…you consume…the luscious…fruit. Lick! You heated up yet?

Envision taking your finger, dipping into the gooey warmth and easing it out, finally slathering it across the seam of his mouth before you capture his lips, pressing your tongue inside to combine the rich tastes of his masculinity and the luscious treat. Tip his head back as you trace your finger down and across his chin, nibbling all the way as you go further down until…

Hmmm…tough choice. What do you guys think? Succulent and sweet or tangy and ripe? I am having a hard time deciding. Granted one is messier than the next, but… I would love to hear from you. What is your choice and tell me why? And…have you used something else to tempt and taunt. Perhaps a little bit of honey or a taste of raspberry cream? There are endless possibilities.

Jam – think about dripping homemade strawberry jam down from his neck in a zigzag line of pure lust. He’ll be all stick and sweet and hot for you. Straddle his body and take a nibble or two. Honey is just as incredible of an aphrodisiac for me as it’s thick enough not to trickle in the places you don’t want it to and yet so tasty. One more luscious thought happens to be a Popsicle. Remember when we were kids and ran after the ice cream man or perhaps when mom came home in the summer with a box full of frozen treats? Didn’t you want to lick the delicious frozen creation until it dripping all over the kitchen floor? Why don’t you buy a boy and share it this weekend? There are many ways of using the treat. Mmm… I know what you’re thinking – a sticky mess. Is there anything wrong with taking a hot shower together afterwards? Perhaps a massage would be in order after that…just thinking!

I hope I’ve given you some delicious ideas and you can always invent a new and very wicked treat of your own. The next time you step in front of the fridge or your pantry, imagine the possibilities! Do you have some very sexy ideas? I hope so…

Kisses   xxx






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How Do You Like Your Sex?

Cassandre Dayne

Yeah, I know. That’s a loaded question, isn’t it but for those of you how know me, that’s exactly the kinds of questions I’m going to ask. And trust me, I’m not looking for the characters you read in books either. No, I’m talking heart pumping, lick smacking, body pounding, wild and wooly sex. Sheets, sex toys, peanut butter and body lotion is up to you entirely. Okay, you might be asking, why am I asking this question? Well, blame in on a Facebook friend of mind who over the weekend talked about needing a peanut butter milkshake the size of one of his very legs. (And I’ve met him at a conference and trust me he his legs are LONG, babies). So you know me, I had to go – I’m thinking about other slippery things, perhaps including the use of peanut butter in an entirely different way.

Intrigued or turned on yet? I started thinking about just how much I love sex, crave it and need to experience a kinky moment pretty much at least once or ten times a day. NEED and GET are two entirely different things, but I’m working on that. Sometimes a rousing sexual moment can be something as tasty as a hot, wet kiss that leads to something oh so tempting like nips on the earlobes and squeezes of body parts and then maybe an unplanned romp on the kitchen island, spoons used for spanking included. What? Don’t tell me you haven’t done this kind of thing before! Then again, if you haven’t, shame on you. Variety and plain common kink is not just the spice of life, allowing your unbridled desire to race to the surface might keep your relationship together.

So I’m asking my own kind of wild and wicked questions today, Cassandre style. What’s your favorite way of having sex? Let’s talk basics.

Morning or nighttime? I think a lot of women would say nighttime because they get to be all dolled up, perhaps in a slinky little bit of nothing and then may do a little sexy tease for him just moments before you crawl onto bed and offer to give him a blowjob as an appetizer. What man in his right mind wouldn’t enjoy that? Then you can ease out of your tiny thong panties, pitch them aside and proceed to ride the wild stallion. Sleep couldn’t be better after that, right?

What’s wrong with morning, guys and gals? For me there’s nothing better than waking up snuggled all next to your man, your arms and legs entwined. From the heat of his body to simply hearing his breath sounds and inhaling the rich scent that is all male, there’s honestly nothing better to me. Now close your eyes ladies and imagine sliding your hand down to wake him up properly, rubbing and caressing, perhaps giving him a backrub and then he simply rolls you over and thrusts deep inside of you. Wrap your legs around his waist and imagine the sounds of the bed clanging against the wall. Yummy. I think I could wake up that way every morning. Don’t you?

By the way…do you both sleep naked or do you wear flannel pj’s while he wears something akin to hunter’s garb? That might tell you the state of your sexual morning or night routine.

Let’s talk positions. Now don’t get all weirded out here. I know it’s very personal but you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to. But I am pretty convincing. Do you like the traditional missionary style or do you like to ride ‘em like a cowboy would, girls? Then again, do you like being taken from behind doggy style, his balls flapping against your ass? How flexible are you? A personal favorite of mine – since I have VERY long legs – is to put my legs up over his shoulders as he’s driving deep inside of me. Mmmm… I’ve been told by men that most women can’t take it that deeply – or as I’ve heard it called, balls to the walls – but I love it. What do you think ladies? Then there’s the sexy little having him on a chair and you are also on top. Women have a bit more leverage this way since they can use their leg muscles. And imagine doing this say in front of your picture window… I know, a bit kinky but so what?

Guys? What gives you the most pleasure and do you like to be more in control or having the ladies doing most of the work? Have you ever had a woman squeeze her pussy muscles around your cock? I can tell you I can make a man cum in an instant if I want to. Getting a little hot myself. How about you?

Okay then what about very weird and sinful places to make a little make out session? We’ve all done the dazzling deed in the back of a car, but what about on the hood of a car in just the right location where someone MIGHT be able to see you? There’s that little hint of danger with your wanton needs to spice up the event. Now this one might be a little tricky, but what about the beach? You have a couple of huge blankets and you are nuzzled together under one, covering at least all the naughty bits with the other and you proceed to touch and lick, taste and play before you spoon each other, he’s behind you and then he can very easily slide his dick inside. Give you any thoughts?

One of my personal favorites is under a waterfall. There’s something about the way the water cascades down over your heated bodies that boosts the incredible sensations for me. Then again you’re usually on some fantastic trip so the entire mood is sultry and uninhibited anyway. What about a darkened movie theater? Come on! You’ve sat in the back row and placed your hand on his cock just lightly stroking as the lights dim and if the place is thinly seated you slip onto his lap. It’s certainly easier if you aren’t wearing any panties of course. Purr…

One other place I absolutely love is a crowded restaurant. Yes, you really need one with tablecloths so you can touch and play and don’t have to worry about kiddies possibly looking, but imagine the possibilities. This is another time ladies panties are a no-no. He gets to tease you, sliding his hand up your thigh and pressing the tip just inside your very wet heat and all the while you’re chatting and drinking wine. Now think about the look on his face as he slips his wet finger into his mouth? Oh my. If you’re truly adventurous you’ll make a date in the bathroom and whether it’s a single stall or more, you can certainly figure out a way to “get it on”. Can you just hear the men in the other stalls as you bump and grind?

Well, I do hope I’ve gotten you all hot and bothered. Here are the questions again and I do want you to answer for me…

What’s your favorite time to have sex, daytime or nighttime?

What’s your favorite position?

What’s the kinkiest place you’ve ever gotten it on?

Come on now, remember, I only bite when requested so come play with me.

Kisses   xxx


Don’t forget I’m all over the place



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WTF Question of the Day #3

“Free image courtesy of”

Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, my name is Benjamin T. Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our group Blog. I have what I hope is an interesting proposition for you today.  I’ve got another WTF question I believe will have you scratching your head and seconding guessing your answer. In addition, the WTF-Genie and a “special guest” drop by to give me some inspiration.

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All-righty then, let’s rock and roll.  About two weeks ago, right after I posted my last WTF Question #2(Click on the embedded link to read it), I found myself undecided as to how I would answer my own WTF question.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I know what I want, what my choice would be, but I couldn’t stop myself from asking why can’t I have it all.

I popped the cork on a bottle of Moscato and poured my first glass of the evening. My iPod was playing my favorite playlist, Benji’s Favorites and I was in a very reflective mood.  Music can transport you into past memories or stir visions of a future still to come. Prince, Boyz II Men, Taylor Swift and the Black Eyed Peas, to name a few, entertained me.  Benji’s Favorites is an extensive playlist and I was on my second glass of wine when one of my ALL time favorite songs began to play.

A song by the late, great Phyllis Hyman – Loving You, Losing You.  ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’  The words to that song are so soulful, even more so – because Ms. Hyman committed suicide not too long after its release. According to the news reports, she was heartbroken and tired of being lonely – even when she wasn’t alone.  I hope that everyone understands the difference.

I stared off into space, lost in the quagmire of my own mind, as the words to that song careened around in my head. I hit the continuous play button and sang along with Ms Hyman as I pondered my own WTF question.  Acceptance, Trust, Devotion or Sex.  If I could only have one, which one would I choose.  I’ve had varying degrees of three of the choices, but the fourth I’ve never experienced. On some levels, I’ve often questioned whether the fourth was even in the realm of possibility for someone like me.

‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

I don’t know when I drifted off to sleep, still sitting in my recliner. It wasn’t the first night I’d fallen asleep with my hand on my crotch.  Something warm and wet slithered into my consciousness. I didn’t want to wake up. I was dancing with an Angel in the pale moonlight and it was glorious.  ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

“Benji, wake up – we need to talk,” said a silken female voice in my ear.

My eyes snapped open, but I didn’t move a muscle or a say a word. This has to be a dream, but just in case.  It was pitch-dark in the room and I couldn’t see crap.

Something bit my nipple through my shirt and this time I spoke. “WTF, that feels good – can you do it again,” I said.

“Benji, stop fooling around, we need to talk.”  Shit – I recognized her voice.

I growled. “WTF-Genie, damn – you have got to stop sneaking up on me in the middle of the night. What the hell are you doing here and what do you want this time?”

A small lamp next to my chair came on.  It took a second for my eyes to adjust and then there she stood in all her mystical glory. The last time I saw her she was buck-ass naked. Tonight she wore a silver sheath of a dress that hugged all her generous curves.  Eddies of magic swirled around her, one moment she looked like Angelina, the next moment she looked like J-Lo and when I blinked – she looked like Halle Berry.

She smiled. “Benji, I can be whoever you want me to be, after all – this is your fantasy.”

“Grrrrghr, well if this is my fantasy, why do you have clothes on for this visit?”

“Considering the gravity of the situation, I thought it would best if I were clothed, so not to distract you. Benjamin, I’m worried about you,” she said in a voice muted with worry.

Welcome to the club, I’m worried about me too. “Listen WTF-Genie, I truly love mentally masturbating when you’re in the room, but there are better ways for you to coax a wet dream out of me. Why don’t you come back in the morning when I’m awake?”

A rustle of cloth and movement in the dark corner of the room caught my attention. Out of the shadows stepped a tall, willowy figure. As she got closer, a groan tickled the back of my throat at the sight of her sheer beauty.  OMG – she was freaking gorgeous. Her hips sang when she walked – a sensual tune of wanton sexuality. Waves of pheromones wafted around her and my cock stirred in my pants.  I closed my eyes to calm my breathing and when I opened them again, she had dropped to her knees directly in front of me. Her coal black eyes locked with mine.

I sat rooted in my chair. “Who – who are you?” I croaked.  Fuck, let’s try that again. I cleared my throat and spoke louder. “There is something familiar about you, but I can’t quite place it.”

The WTG-Genie kneeled on the floor beside me and took my hand. “Look closer Benji. Don’t you recognize her?”

My eyes hurt she was so damn pretty. “Stand up and turn around so I can see your ass and legs.”

She flowed to her feet like water and took two steps backwards. She did a pirouette and presented me with a scrumptious rear view of her womanly charms.  Her long auburn hair reached halfway down her back.  She wore an ultra-short skirt, seamed hose – the seam ran down the back of her legs and a pair of four inch cum-lick-me heels.  A kernel of memory began to grown in my mind, but when she popped open a red and black parasol and perched it jauntily on her shoulder – that sealed the deal.

I shook my head in disbelief and awe. “Charisma.  WTF – now I know I’m dreaming. Savannah Chase and I conjured you up for one of our flash fiction stories in the Six Degrees of Passion Anthology.  Ok, somebody needs to tell me what’s going on.”

The WTF-Genie squeezed my hand. “Benji-Baby, as you know, since you and Savannah created her, Charisma is a witch, a very powerful witch. I felt I needed her assistance to give me a magic boost, so we could help you with your WTF Question.  I know how it important it is for you to present your WTF posts to the 69 Shades of Smut Blog readers.”

A magic needle pricked my palm and I turned to see Charisma on her knees again, clasping my other hand.  She hadn’t spoken since she stepped out of the shadows. The look of hunger in her eyes sent an adrenaline surge through my veins.

I winked at her. “So, how is your vampire Dom Victor doing, have you gotten him out of that tomb yet?’

Her eyes bled from charcoal to blood red as the blood lust reared inside her and in a blink, her inner-monster took control.  I squeezed the WTF-Fuck Genie’s hand – hard.

“Benji, I’m here as a favor to Genie and I also like you. After all, I do owe you, since it was your fertile Muse who created me. However, don’t press your luck.”

I sighed. “Ok, I love you too.  Now, what is today’s WTF question?” The single light in the room went out. Oh-Oh.

In utter darkness, the WTF-Genie and Charisma spoke in unison, two melodious voices blended as one. “Benji, close your eyes and when you wake-up.  You will have your WTF Question and maybe your readers will help you find some answers.”

I closed my eyes and the last thing I heard was – ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

Wow, well Ladies and Gents here is the WTF question of the day –

For the first time, we have eliminated the multiple-choice answers; today’s WTF question requires a simple Yes or No.

The WTF-Genie and Charisma told me I could have it all. I could have Acceptance, Trust, Devotion and fantastic Sex all rolled together in a nice neat package. They promised me a life of total bliss.  Happiness and rapture would fill each day.  My life would be so complete that I would jump in the air every morning, click my heels and shout my joy to the world.  Every aspect of my life would improve – personal, business and even my health. However, there was one catch. Yeah, of course there would be a catch, that’s why it’s called a WTF Question.

This life of total nirvana would only last for one year. At the end of those 365 days, it would all crash and burn.  It would be sudden and unexpected. I’d never see it coming, because before they bestowed the happiness on me, they’d wipe my memory of their existence. I’d be flying dumb, blind and in love. I’d be devastated by the loss and my spirit crushed.  The memories of my lost happiness would haunt me for the rest of my life.

Ah, but those memories wouldn’t just haunt me, they’d warm my heart and nourish my soul forever.  What would you do, what would be your answer – Yes or No – would you do it? Would you say Yes, to have something you’d probably never experience otherwise?  Yes or No‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

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WTF Question of the Day #2

Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, my name is Benjamin T. Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our Blog. I have what I hope is an interesting proposition for you today. A WTF question I believe you will find to be both interesting and thought provoking.

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Ok, let’s get this show on the road. A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and I just couldn’t go back to sleep. In and of itself, that’s not unusual – because my Muse often interrupts my sleep by caressing my mind with the wet heat of her fertile imagination. On this particular night, it wasn’t my muse, Jezebel, who woke me from a sound, albeit all too brief slumber – it was the demon of uncertainty who roused me out bed. That S.O.B. pops up at the most inopportune times, but that’s the subject of another post.

Anyway, on this night I decided to get up and watch a movie. Surely, there must be some informmercials that would bore me back to sleep. Well, thanks to the miracle of satellite TV, I actually found a good movie on. One of personal favorites – “What Women Want”, starring Mel Gibson – before he became a bad guy.  I think it’s technically classified as a chick-flick and before you ask, I am already on record for admitting that I do watch chick-flicks.

In case you haven’t seen it, the premise of this movie is that somehow Mel Gibson acquires the power to know what women are thinking, what they want.  WTF – how cool is that?

There are all these comic book super hero movies out now and the hero has these fantastic super powers. There is super strength, super speed, the cape, shield, suit of armor, ability to crawl up walls, even a big ass enchanted hammer. But WTF, being able to know what a woman wants, hot damn – now that is a real super power. Crap, half the time I don’t even know what I want, hence one of the reasons I was up watching Mel Gibson that night.  WTF, do women even know what they want?  Oops, that is clearly another post.

Well, since I’d seen it 69 times before, the movie put me to sleep or maybe it was the last swig of wine in the bottle I cradled in my arms as I drifted off. In my sleep, I dreamed of what I’d do with the super power to know what women wanted and I started stroking my – wine bottle. It was hard, wet and in my dazed state, it became the focus of my mental energy.

Ok, so here is where it gets a little weird. In a puff of smoke, a genie appeared. She was blonde, nude – sexy as hell and damn she reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put a name to her face, maybe because I hardly looked at her face.

“WTF, who the heck are you,” I exclaimed.

She straddled my lap and licked my lips. “I am the WTF-Genie and you have summoned me by stroking your – bottle. I am here to give you insight into the WTF question on your mind and oh by the way, I think it will make a great 69 Shades of Smut Blog post. I really love that site. I’ve read everything by every writer who is a part of that group. You guys rock.”

I shifted in my chair and tried to make sure my ‘bottle’ was properly aligned. “Ok WTF-Genie, tell me what’s on your mind.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the WTF Question of the Day –

If you could ask the WTF-Genie to endow your Mate, SO, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or whatever, with one of the following qualities – which one would you chose?

I know some of you will want to cheat and try to create a hybrid, some combination of the qualities listed, but that’s not how this WTF question works. Just One, you can only pick one quality to have infused into the very DNA of the person you chose. Think long and hard about what you want, the WTF-Genie is watching.

  1. Acceptance – Absolutely and complete acceptance of all of you. Every wrinkle, bad habit and any other quirks you might have. When this quality is instilled into a person, not only will he/she accept you and all your faults, they will also “get” you too. They will understand you in ways you don’t even understand. You can read more on the power and allure of Acceptance, by clicking on the embedded link in my author friend Cassandre Dayne’s name and checking out one of her more intriguing blog posts.
  2. Devotion – Utter and complete devotion. Making you happy makes them happy. They will put your wants and needs before their own. Nothing is more important to them than seeing a smile on your face and doing anything they can possibly do to give you joy.
  3. Trust – I’m stealing this definition from my author friend E. R. Pierce, you can click on the embedded link in her name to read a very interesting blog post that she did on the subject of trust. The WTF-Genie can give your other what’s need for you to have identity-based trust in him/her. Identity based trust is the deepest and most intimate level of trust. You share your hopes, dreams and fears with another, and hope to fuck they don’t squander your heart. You allow yourself to become vulnerable and you know in your heart, soul and mind the other person won’t take advantage of you or hurt you on purpose. This doesn’t mean the other person accepts you and your issues, but you trust them not to betray you.
  4. Sex – OMG, you can look at this other person and have an orgasm. Sex with this person exceeds your wildest fantasies. There is absolutely nothing this person can’t or won’t do to get you off. When you’re having sex with this person, it is a physical and emotional connection that rocks your world EVERY TIME.

Ok Smut Lovers – please leave your comments and help me answer the WTF Question.  Can you guess what quality I’d want to have the WTF-Genie trickle down the throat of the person I chose? What about you, what do you want?

Thanks again for stopping by and As Always, We Thank You for Your Support.  Please be sure to LIKE our 69 Shades of Smut Fan page on FaceBook. Just click on the embedded link in the name 69 Shades of Smut.

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Hmmm… Well you know me. I do like to talk about sex quite a bit – both in and out of my books. We’re no strangers to sex but sometimes people get a little embarrassed with even the notion. Why? Okay so I know I talk about kinky sex like bondage and voyeurism and perhaps flogging and handcuffs, not to mention sex clubs and “X’ crosses and Dom’s and sub’s but what’s wrong with that anyway? Okay so I write highly erotic books but I do enjoy passion in all things you know.

It’s funny when I get in a room full of people and they all kind of look at me funny as if they really want to ask me questions but are terrified of the answers. I make no bones about the fact of what I write and the research I do and you know this wicked girl likes to leave them hanging and wanting more – so much more. Oh and this includes…sex in all tastes and flavors.
I recently attended a conference in Louisville for Fandomfest and I was on several panels and of course discussing all aspects of writing erotic fiction. It’s amazing what people want to think they do know in comparison. It’s always fun to give them a little shocker or five. But that’s just me. Truthfully I enjoy trying to show people that sex and passion is natural and beautiful, no matter what you’re into. I enjoy taking my characters and/or their situations out on a kinky ride of adventure, allowing them to live vicariously through aspects I would enjoy – yes I said it – I WOULD ENJOY. Oh don’t shoot the messenger. You know I truly enjoy being a little wild and wooly around the edges.

You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t like to experience a sexy ménage or perhaps engage in a taste of Hedonism. If it’s safe and sexy at the same time, what’s the harm? Whether you try something a little vanilla laced bit of kink with handcuffs and perhaps a snazzy flogger, or you go a little bit more extreme with allowing a true taste of BDSM into your life, it’s all a wonderful experience. Yes, do trust me on this. There are clubs specializing in every fantasy you can imagine no matter how dark or indulgent.

So I am writing more same sex pieces now and my guys are usually very down to earth and gritty as it gets. I also love writing about character flaws and all that goes with them so I thought I’d introduce you to one of my characters today – he’s my musician hero from Like a River. Dusty Walker is a handsome rugged man who wears his jeans worn and his hair long. An accomplished guitar player, he’s been in the music industry for longer than he cares to think about and enjoys a hard cold brew or two. He is in love with all things big guy related like scuba diving, fast cars and playing football with his buddies. He has a penchant for sex – just for the same sex but he’s down on his luck both with playing music and with a relationship.

See, he found his significant other in bed with someone else and this time it was a woman. You can imagine his heartbreak. So being the guy that he is he buried himself in a bottle for a few weeks hoping the solace would help. Sadly it simply almost ended his music career> He’s currently trying to jump start by seeking refuge helping out a friend in the beautiful countryside of Missoula Montana. Now, you can imagine that he does meet a sexy man in a honky tonk bar and sparks fly over drinks and sultry music.

He’s also a passionate soul who truly enjoys sharing good food and great times with friends and as you can imagine this includes having a cocktail or two. Dusty isn’t normally into fruity drinks either but he’s been known to indulge in a Stoplight or Electric Lemonade every once in while.

In his travel across the country playing for different bands, he happened upon a sizzling bar in the heart of Richmond Virginia where the drinks are plentiful, the men burly and the entertainment festive. The Flamingo Rustler (by the way an ongoing location in Dakotah Black’s books  – the PINKED series) is a happening spot ripe with lust and music and sin and fun. The snazzy ex marine bartender refused to take no for an answer and so he had a sip of his first Cranberry Cranium Crusher and was hooked. What’s in it? Let’s see…

Cranberry Cranium Crusher

2 oz cranberry vodka,

1 oz pomegranite liquor,

fill glass with cranberry juice

and a squeeze of fresh key lime juice

All served over ice

    It’s refreshing and perfect for the summer heat. The little fizzy action is now one of his favorites and I hope will be one of yours too. Enjoy and here’s a little taste of Like a River for you.


Dusty Walker’s country music career came to a screeching halt after the heart-wrenching breakup with the man he thought would be forever. Unfortunately his band was in jeopardy of losing their recording contract. Determined to help break Dusty’s writer’s block one of the band members suggested a change of scenery — cowboy country. Intrigued, Dusty booked a flight to Missoula Montana and was amazed at the sights and sounds of the stunning snow capped mountains. Hurting for money, fixing up the cabin nestled in the woods seemed like the perfect opportunity to boost his carpentry skills while penning several new songs. Hiding behind a new persona he worked hard to rebuild his career while his demons nipped at his heels.

Damon Shade was a smokejumper by trade. Wounded in Afghanistan he lost not only his innocence to the war but his pride as well. Anger burned within him and he couldn’t control his raging emotions as more than one secret threatened to derail everything he had left. When he met Dusty, he didn’t like the guy but little did he know they both held their past horrors at bay in an effort to begin a new life. As sparks flew and they began to open their hearts another tragedy intervened. Would their respective secrets stymy what was awakened in a secluded cabin in the woods?

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx








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She’s Bold & Opinionated and Jezebel is Owned…

Cassandre Dayne


Hello fellow smutsters and I’m on today with a sexy little character interview. It’s interesting. When I thought about just how many characters and types I’ve writing about this last year and a half, I had to go WHEW. I have gay and straight men and women, aliens, cowboys, vampires, were-tigers, Master Dom’s and submissives of both sexes. So in trying to figure out who I wanted to interview, you would think that my choice would be difficult, right? In truth I have one in mind and she’s a very complex character from a very emotional piece.

I write a lot about BDSM and the D/s lifestyle and we all know 50 Shades is so HOT. For writers in the genre, the aspect of the increasing popularity of BDSM is thrilling, but for those of us who delve deeper into the research of the lifestyle for writing or living, the presentation gives us pause. Why is that? Because the D/s lifestyle isn’t about whips, chains and being locked in some dungeon. It’s about trust and control and is very, very emotional for the majority of men and women who thoughtfully engage in the practice. In other words – changing your life to either accepting becoming a Dom/Domme or a sub is life altering and must be considered thoroughly or the entire shift will not work.

On Becoming His is not a BDSM piece per say. The book started for me as an exploration with poems and prose after researching and talking with several practicing Dom’s. Many of you who know me have heard me talk about how valuable the teachings have been and I continue to learn every day. Jezebel is my heroine in On Becoming His and the single book will be turned into a trilogy. She is an extremely complex character in that she is very opinionated, highly intelligent and on the upper echelon of business, is older and in a sense set in her ways and trust me – balls to the walls. She’d just as soon tell you off for pissing her off as anything else. BUT…she has another side and one almost no one knows about.

My male hero Luke, is also highly intelligent and charismatic, has had failed relationships for various reasons and is very attracted to her verve and spirit. When they connected there were sparks and yet something else. The second in the trilogy – On Becoming Her Sir, will show the POV and the intense emotional journey from the Dom’s perspective and will be co-written by the talented writer, Benjamin T. Russell. I think the unique perspective given by an actual male will truly give the reader a broader sense of just how emotional and life altering the consideration is. Engaging in D/s changes everything you know about what you think you believe in. Notice I use the word “think”.

Certain aspects are indeed vastly different than what you see on television and movies or read in the majority of books out there. Jessie is truly realizing just how much she has to break down the walls she’s had around her all her life and while the concept is freeing, it is certainly giving her angst. Or as Luke would say – she continues to be willful and he is having a difficult time figuring out how to be the best Dom she needs. Let’s talk with her…

Cassandre:  Thank you so much for going 69 Shades of Smut today, Jessie. I hope you can feel open here – we don’t bite unless requested.

Jessie: (laughs) You are quite welcome, but I enjoy a little nipping and licking now and again.

Cassandre:  Jessie, you’re a girl after my own heart. I know you and Luke have been together for a little while and are practicing a D/s relationship. So tell me about Luke. What did you find so attractive about him?

Jessie:  I was out with some girlfriends on night and I saw him in a dark bar. He simply was the most gorgeous man in the place. I watched him for a little while, from the way he carried himself to the quiet smile he seemed to give everyone around him, and I wanted to know more. No, I had to know more. Whew. He was like a chocolate dream with midnight eyes and a gorgeous smile and long legs and… I’m sorry, I’m just a little hot and horny today.

Cassandre:  Oh that doesn’t bother me. He is a sexy man. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. Did you connect that night?

Jessie: (sighs) No worries. I know he is. We talked and danced and I cannot tell a lie. I tried to seduce him that night. I might have a wicked side of me, but I’ve never done that before. The funny thing is he refused.

Cassandre:  Hmm – I know what I would have done in that situation but… So how did you start talking and getting closer?

Jessie: Quiet dinners and long talks over glasses of wine. Getting to know him was so easy and natural. We talked for hours about anything and nothing.

Cassandre:  And when did the thought about D/s come up?

Jessie:  (brushes her hand through her hair and grabs her glass of wine, allowing crimson drops to spill out over the edge) I don’t honestly remember how we talked about it the first time but I knew he had the side of him because I’d been exploring my submissive side for so long in my mind and in some research and I could see all the characteristics within him.

Cassandre:  You don’t have to be nervous with me. Seriously. I know this is something that is very emotional for you. Care to share the characteristics?

Jessie: (Licks the wine off the rim and gives Cassandre a saucy stare) His demeanor is completely at ease but all controlling. When he looks at me I can tell in his eyes when he’s happy or disappointed. When I was first getting to know him, he simply had an air about him of confidence and I knew. It was a woman’s instinct. I noticed a post he’d done on Facebook and asked him about it. When he admitted he has written the D/s piece I knew and we went from there.

Cassandre:  Now the big question and one I realize everyone wants to know is very personal so feel free to say what you want. You’re a very confident woman and you have success on so many levels. You’re considered powerful in business and you have everything you could ever want. I also notice you are very bold and dominating yourself. Why would you want to be a submissive and why Luke?

Jessie: (nibbles in her bottom lip and looks away briefly) I asked myself that for about two years. Why? The simple answer was and still is that I’ve never been happy. I’ve had mixed relationships over the years and nothing worked. I never got any satisfaction, including in bed, from any of them. I looked hard at myself and knew I needed a man to control me, nurture me and discipline me as necessary. I honestly had no idea what I was trying to find initially and that’s why I’ve done so much research. The why Luke answer is easy and yet complicated. I trusted him from moment one in all ways and without question.

Cassandre: (grins and shakes her head) oh no. There’s more. Spill the dirty and yummy details for me about him.

Jessie: (pouts and then breaks into a giggle) Oh no you don’t. If your readers want to know just how sexy he is then they have to read the book that was written about our journey. Maybe you’ve heard of it – On Becoming His.

Cassandre:  Party pooper, but I think I know the writer so I should be able to get a copy. (winks) All right then, you also used the word complicated as well. Why?

Jessie:  Luke the man is my best friend, my mentor, my lover and my mate. His is my patient and loving disciplinarian and the man who has my best interests at heart. He can be both understanding and demanding in his wants and needs and I have had difficulty being molded into what we both know is my needed role as a submissive.

Cassandre:  Interesting. In other words you are both still learning your roles and about each other?

Jessie: (leans forward and drags a wisp of stray hair from Cassandre’s face) Yes, sexy woman. This is a life long journey for both of us. When we finally accepted that as the simple truth our relationship began to soar. One tidbit of juicy gossip – yes sexually we excel as partners and he has every part of me. I have begun exploring all aspects of my sexuality because of how uninhibited I am. We share and enjoy partners together at his choosing and the joy of giving him that aspect is exhilarating.

Cassandre:  (shudders and realizes she is wet and hot all over. Licking her lips she tries to regain her composure) You are a beautiful woman and I am certain Luke is inspired.

Jessie:  (giggles and sips her wine) You could say that. He is powerful. We’ll leave it at that.

Cassandre: Whew. It’s hot in here. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers before you go?

Jessie:  I don’t want to make light of this. While we are a very sexual and passionate couple, he is my Sir. I am controlled and owned by him body and soul and choosing this lifestyle was my need as well as his. It is not for everyone. Choosing to become a Dom didn’t mean Luke wanted to be a sadist and whip me every day. Discipline is involved of course, and I take my punishment without question, but he is kind and loving and giving in ways no other man has been with me. This is not something to be entered into lightly. No matter what your penchant, dominant or submissive, you have to completely be honest with yourself, your partner and trust without a single question. And you must forgive yourself when you fail.

Cassandre:  Excellent advice. I have the link for your powerful book in case others want to read. Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate look at your relationship with Luke.

Jessie:  Anytime and um, Cassandre, we do enjoy a third remember…

Cassandre:  I think I need to talk with Luke.









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WTF Question of the Day

Benjamin T. Russell

Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, I’m Benjamin Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our Blog. I’ve gotta a feeling – that today is gonna be a good, good day, so let us rejoice and be glad in it. By the way, if you haven’t already done so, you can LIKE me on Facebook by clicking in the embedded link in my name.

Today I was supposed to do an interview with one of the characters from my book, but my muse Jezebel, decided she wanted to do something else. Jez and I have this very interesting relationship, when she speaks – I actually listen. You can learn more about Jezebel by clicking on the embedded link in her name. Anyway, we decided to flip the planned script for today and post a WTF Question of The Day. Have you ever had one of those WTF moments, when you just couldn’t come up with a suitable answer to an annoying question?

Well I need feedback from you our Smutty friends; to help me answer today’s WTF Question of The Day – Would you actually take back someone from your past, a former lover, significant other, whatever?

Yes, undoubtedly this happens multiple times a day, maybe even hundreds of times a day, all around the world, 365 days/year, but should it?

For real, is this true, do we all have that one person in our past – who we’d take back in a second, no matter how bad they hurt us? Oh My God – could that be true for me too? WTF – maybe?

Ok, I saw this picture/quote making the rounds on FaceBook and damn – it jumped up and smacked me in the head. I left a comment on the page of the person who shared it, but then it occurred to Jezebel and I that it might be a good blog topic. So, I’m going to throw some thoughts and/or opinions up in the air on this subject and then I invite you to shoot holes in anything I’ve said and/or just answer the question for yourself.

Well, I’ve always believed that Ex’s are Ex’s for a reason. That’s why my initial reaction to the WTF question was hell no. However, after a long talk with Jezebel and two bottles of Moscato, I’ve concluded that there ‘might’ be one someone I’d consider taking back – Suzana.

OMG, I was so crazy about Suzana I would have drank her bath water. Yep, that’s how smitten I was with her. I ‘thought’ she was my long lost Imzadi – The One. Notice the emphasis on the word ‘thought’.

Suzana and I had such great chemistry; we just clicked – in and out of bed. In bed we rocked, out of bed we rolled – it was the closest thing to heaven on Earth I could ever imagine.  So, what happened to this match made in Heaven?  Crap, that’s a damn good question and after all this time, I’m still not sure I have an answer. A dear friend told me recently that I’m multi layered, hard to love and easy to love all at the same time. I think she was trying to say I have issues. Jezebel, stop laughing.

Bottom-line, it didn’t work out for Suzana and I – she left me. She broke my heart into teeny-tiny pieces and she never looked back. She said it was too painful for her to stay in contact with me – she loved me too much. WTF? She stopped returning my calls, my emails, my texts and she even sent back the birthday card I mailed her. WTF? She cut off all communications with me as if I was a leper. *Sighs* – It hurt like hell.

However, what if the Universe gave Suzana and I a second chance; would I do it – would I take her back? WTF, I don’t know?

Well actually, I do know the answer, but I want to hear what you have to say. What would you do? How would you answer the WTF Question if The Universe gave you a second chance with someone from your past?

Ok Smut Lovers – please leave your comments and help me answer the WTF Question.

Oh, I almost forgot to promo my book. I have a book out that I co-authored with the lovely Sherry Palmer, a.k.a. Michelle Chatton. You can click on the embedded link in Sherry’s name to check out her blog.

The name of our book is – The Booty Call. The following is the book’s blurb and the buy link on Amazon –

So what is a strong-willed, Bi-BBW supposed to do when she decides she wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate her birthday? She makes a Booty Call to her bi-sexual male co-worker and her hot Dom ex-lover. Victoria Carter has finally broken free from a destructive relationship, now she wants to explore her sensuality and her sexuality to the fullest. Ready to meet the world head on, this is just the beginning of her sexual adventures.


Ok Smut Lovers, thanks again for stopping by and As Always, We Thank You for Your Support.  Please be sure to LIKE our 69 Shades of Smut Fan page on FaceBook. Just click on the embedded link in the name 69 Shades of Smut

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