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New Release from Alice Gaines


For years, Mora has studied the ancient art of sex in the literature and history of her planet, Vesta. Now she’s been assigned to visit Earth to discover, hands-on, how sex is performed so she can re-teach the pleasures of the flesh to her people. Unfortunately, she’s been paired with an aristocratic prig who prides himself on tight control of his emotions and denial of any sensual pleasure. Thank the Universe he’s a handsome devil, or the job would be impossible.

Laer has spent his life in pursuit of the intellectual over the carnal. Unfortunately, he scores high on Mora’s so-called tests of sensuality. Now he’s been assigned to a mission to Earth to study how to give and receive sexual pleasure. Watching a pair of Earthers make love opens up a new reality for him, but what follows between him and Mora in the bedroom steals not only his dignity but his heart.

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And now, for an Excerpt.  (Adult content to follow)


He went to the bathroom door and paused on the threshold. Not far from where he stood, she sat in the huge, sunken tub as water gushed from the whirlpool jets, creating swirling currents around her. She straightened and stilled. Sensing his presence? He hadn’t made a sound.

“As the Earthers say,” she said. “Come on in. The water’s fine.”

“Did you really need to bathe in the middle of the night?” he said.

“I wanted to.” She looked over her shoulder at him, and her gaze fell to his erection and stayed there. “My, my, Laer. What have you been doing?”

“Imagining you.” He went to the tub and sat on the edge with his feet in the water. It was, indeed, heavenly. “And our mission.”

She gave him a smile full of sin. “Ready to experience something new?”

“What did you have in mind?”

She floated toward him, eased his legs apart, and crouched looking up at him, her face near his stiff rod. She gripped him by the base. “I could practice giving a man pleasure by playing with this.”

Vesta, what her touch did to him. All the sensations from his dream came crashing back into his consciousness. “Would that give you pleasure, too?”

“It would be fun.” She stroked him from the root to the tip.

“Then please proceed,” he said.

She bent and closed her lips around the head of his cock, and he nearly jumped out of his skin. So much more powerful than he’d thought possible, even in his dream. He closed his eyes to concentrate on it fully. The heat, the pressure as she sucked and slid her lips downward over his shaft. The throbbing grew more intense, as if he’d burst. Of course, he would if he allowed her to continue. He’d climax, shooting his essence into her mouth. No, he’d stop her before he lost complete control. So much sweeter to lose himself inside her body. But for now, he’d allow her to give him this sort of pleasure, and at some point, he’d do the same for her.

He opened his eyes to watch, although they didn’t focus completely, and her image came to him wrapped in a haze of lust. She moved her head up and down, her cheeks working to create suction. His skin gave off the glow of arousal, and so did hers, although less intense. Giving him oral sex aroused her, too. Interesting.

“It’s good.” He groaned. “Vesta, so good.”

She removed his rod from her mouth and held it against her cheek. The deep, deep blue of it showed how close he’d come to orgasm, and she’d have to notice the fact.

“I want to be inside you when I come,” he said.

She grinned at him. “You will be.”

“Then, now.”

“In a little bit.” She went back to caressing him with her mouth. Gritting his teeth in an effort for some control, he allowed her to continue. Just a few seconds more. He could hold on, take what she offered, and still fend off his orgasm.

He could, that was, until she reached between his legs and softly brushed his sac with the tips of her fingers. The action came as a total shock, and his body stiffened, ready to surrender to the inevitable.

No, he would not be so selfish. “Stop, Mora. Take me inside you while I touch the place you like so much.”

She released him, and when he lowered himself into the tub, she came toward him, ready to part her legs in welcome.

“Turn around,” he said. “Your back toward my front.”

She did as he’d instructed, and now he could grip his sex by the base to direct the tip to the lips of her sex. As she sank down onto him, she arched her back and placed her hands over her breasts.

“I’ll do that.” It was his place to touch her to give her pleasure, after all. When she didn’t have him with her, she could do what she wanted, but with his sex fully embedded in hers, he’d made her body his.

A possessive thought, but so very right under the circumstances. He pushed her hands aside and cupped her breasts, rubbing the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Softly, the way she liked.

“Oh, Laer,” she crooned. “Such a quick learner.”

“All credit to my teacher.” Just because he could, he nipped at the soft skin where her neck met her shoulder.

“And an animal, too.”

“To your credit as well.”

“How you fill me,” she said. “Did you get bigger?”


“And to think our race gave this up.” Then she began to move, pushing herself upward and then lowering herself again. Her muscles gripped him with every motion. Squeezing. He’d approached climax earlier, and she’d have him there again soon. Before his control slipped, he smoothed his hand downward, over her belly to the hair covering her sex. When he reached the spot where her lips had parted to take him inside, he found her clit. Already hard, the bud awaited his touch, and he obliged, rubbing her and pressing.

“Vesta!” she cried. “Oh, beloved home, that’s exactly it.”

“And this?” He flicked his finger over her clit.

This time, she didn’t answer with words but with a cry. He’d brought her close, and now they could come together. He thrust up into her, barely aware of the water sloshing all around them. His lust-addled brain did register the glow of her skin, now fully as bright as his own. And the more they moved, the tighter the grip of her sex around his. He couldn’t last, but he had to. He had to make her come and soon.

He continued moving inside her while he used his finger to stroke her bud, as fast and hard as he could manage. His mind blanked out to everything but the desire to please her and the sensations of her walls milking him.

Just when he couldn’t take another moment and he would explode, she signaled her orgasm with a shout. Her inner muscles tightened even more around him, and he pounded into her as his climax claimed him. He came with a rush, and then she was spasming around him, pushing him even higher. He released his essence into her in powerful waves, crashing over each other, and both their voices echoed off the walls.


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Hot Excerpt, The Sixth Lover by Alice Gaines

I just spent a crazy six weeks revising a book and writing a new novella.  What a way to enter Spring.  There’ll be much more about them in the coming months.  This month, I thought I’d treat you to an X-rated excerpt from one of my older books, The Sixth Lover


Images of Pete’s rigid member haunted Carole’s dream. He was so huge, and her body craved him. No matter how hard she tried to take him inside her, his cock eluded her—always moving away at the last moment. She woke up in a state of excitement too powerful to ignore. So, as Thomas had instructed in his letter from months ago, she slipped her hand under the covers and pulled the hem of her nightgown up so that she could touch her mound. She gasped at the contact. Not what she’d sought in her dream, but the best she could do until one of the men could relieve the ache—assuming she found the audacity to ask one of them outright to fuck her. She had only met them the day before, after all.


As she let her mind drift back into the dream, a small sound penetrated the fog of arousal. Someone walking on the terrace just below her open window. Someone close enough to be listening to what went on in her room.


She walked to the window and looked out. Sure enough, Jean-Paul was standing on the terrace, staring over the wall at the garden and the vineyards in the distance. The moon shone brightly enough to show the black of his hair and the rigid set of his back. As she watched, he turned slowly and gazed up at her. Somehow, he’d known about her restlessness. Somehow, he’d guessed that she’d look out and find him. He wore the same half-amused expression on his face—as if he could read inside her and realize the height of her need for a lover.


No, not a lover with him. Something more complex. And yet, he was a man and had a cock. He’d watched her fellate his friend to orgasm. He had to have become aroused himself, no matter how much he’d try to hide it. Unless he’d had some relief since dinner, he’d fell the need for coupling as bad as she did. He did nothing to beckon her, though, but simply turned and gave her his back


Not bothering with a robe or slippers, she let herself out of her room and padded down the stairs. She had to go down a series of unfamiliar hallways, using her best sense of direction to find her way to the spot below her bedroom. A tall door stood ajar at a promising spot, so she let herself out through it. Yes, the terrace. Jean-Paul leaned against the stone wall a few yards away, so she went to him and took a spot beside him.


“You should sleep in the nude while you’re here,” he said without moving his stare from the distance. “We might want to visit you.”


“Isn’t this a visit?”


“I couldn’t sleep,” he answered.


“I couldn’t, either.” She moved closer to him so that her shoulder nearly met his. “I imagine we’re both restless for the same reason.”


He shrugged.  “Pete’s probably sleeping soundly. He always does.”


“And the staff?”


“Safe in their own quarters.” He moved finally, stepping behind her. Still not touching her, he reached around and rested his hands on the wall. Until then, the night air had felt warm enough, but now his body heat seeped into her skin. Denied until now, her poor sex moistened in anticipation. He breathed deeply as if he could smell her musk, the evidence that she wanted him.


“Have you ever watched cats mate?” he asked.


“I never kept pets.”


“They don’t look as if they’re enjoying it,” he said. “You’d think they were fighting except for the way the female lifts her ass into the air to tempt him.”


Finally, he did touch her, putting his palms on her buttocks. Not unlike the way he’d touched her when she’d come down for dinner, but now he kneaded the flesh. “You’ve been tempting me with this since you came into the house.”


“You’re the one who left that dress on the bed.”


His hands went lower, still squeezing. His fingers slipped between her thighs. Even from behind like this, they neared her sex enough to squeeze the lips and put pressure on her clitoris. More wetness seeped from her, dampening the cloth of her gown enough that he’d have to feel it.


“Damned clothing,” he muttered. He fumbled with the tie of his robe and then gathered up the skirt of her gown in his fists.


Yes. Now, he’d do something. He’d either touch her or fuck her. She’d come either way. Finally, his cock pressed against her bare skin. Not as large as Pete’s, but rock hard and hot enough to sear its imprint into her flesh. She whimpered with need. Just like in her dream—the hardness so close but not inside her.


“The male cat holds his female down, covering her with his body. She accepts his roughness. It excites her.” He parted her legs, stepped between them, and drove his rod up into her. No tenderness. No caresses. No soft words. Just what she wanted. She didn’t even have to look at him. She could just take and take and take.


Without breaking their union, he pressed her hands against the rocks of the wall and covered them with his own. His cock went right on moving inside her. Harder and deeper. Like the cat, she arched her back to offer him maximum penetration. He whispered a string of French as he kept shoving himself inside her. No translation necessary, the meaning came through. Soft, sweet, and nasty, the words told the story of males and females in heat. Coming together in the most primitive way possible.


As his thrusts grew more savage, he pushed on her hands so hard that the stones pressed into the flesh of her palms. She wouldn’t complain, though. She wouldn’t do anything to slow him. The climax was too close—coiling deep in her belly. She clenched her sex down on him, seeking more friction. In response, he grunted and ground himself against her with each thrust.


“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Please, don’t stop.”


He bit her shoulder, right through her gown. Truly animal now. Both of them.


“Come,” he whispered.




He let out a growl and continued thrusting. To steady herself, she kept her palm firm against the stones of the wall. “Fuck me.”


“Like this?” he said as he drove himself deeper inside her.


“Yes, damn it. More.” Just a little more. Close, so close. She tensed as every nerve caught fire. She would come now. “Keep fucking me.”


He did. Hard. Her sex exploded in violent orgasm, clamping down on him in waves. She screamed as the power of it stole her consciousness of anything but her pussy and the hard male flesh that plunged into it. He roared as he came with her and thrust so hard he nearly pounded her into the wall. Savage and sublime at the same time.


It left her aching when it ended—physically and mentally. Her palms hurt from scraping against stone. Her shoulder stung from Jean-Paul’s bite. Her pussy felt sore even as it continued sending aftershocks around his softening cock. Most of all, her mind screamed that she shouldn’t have enjoyed that.


Jean-Paul had shown her no tenderness.  He still didn’t. He slumped against her, breathing hard. Not a sweet word or a gentle touch. He’d truly fucked her the way animals rutted, and yet, he’d given her the most powerful orgasm of her life. How could she not want more of the same? Sex like that could become an opiate.


After a bit, he sighed and pulled out of her, leaving her sex empty and wet with juices from both of them. He didn’t move away but stood with his hands on her shoulders. Now, they both looked out over the land that had been in his family for generations. The dark garden and the rows of grape vines that had heard their cries of release.


“Ah, bien,” he whispered. “You did well, cherie.”


“I did?”


“Yes.” He kissed the spot he’d bitten. “The mousse au chocolat. Very creative.”


“You mean with Pete.” She looked over her shoulder, but his face lay in darkness too deep for her to read his expression.


“I could tell he enjoyed it tremendously.”


She turned her face away from him. He might as well have just slapped her with that “compliment.” Only a moment ago, he’d climaxed inside her, and he only praised her performance with his friend.


Bastard. He had climaxed, and he’d shouted loudly enough to wake up the dead. Maybe Pete had heard. Maybe the servants had. He could give her the back of his hand with his words, but his animal roar told the truth. He’d come as hard as she had.  He only wanted to deny it for some reason.


She smoothed her hair and walked away from him without a word.

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How to keep the sexual tension high, by Alice Gaines

All of us here love hot, hot romance, full of luscious love scenes.  Realistically, if you’re writing an erotic romance, your characters can’t be frolicking in the sack the entire time.  The difference between erotica and erotic romance is that the latter has three-dimensional characters and things actually happen in the story.

Still, you want to keep the sexual tension as close to the simmer point as possible.  This is especially true at the beginning of the story.  Unless you have a plot where the h/h already know each other and the action begins with them in bed, they’ll have to meet and become attracted to each other before they get to the really hot stuff.  So, how do you maintain sexual tension when the characters aren’t actually having sex?

Last month, I discussed the sexy or erotic premise.  This month, let me share some tips on creating sexual tension outside of the love scenes.

The first encounter
Beginning writers often make the mistake of having their characters drooling all over each other from the first time they meet. Even in erotic romance, a character seldom goes from neutral to sexual excitement when an intriguing new person enters the room.

Time stops briefly while the two people become aware of each other for the first time. What you need is a beat while their “eyes met across a crowded room.” (Note: Eyes don’t fly out of people’s heads.) Now, notice one thing or two maximum about the other character.

Continue the scene, dropping in more details as you go along. When the two characters interact, make clear that the non POV character has also noticed things about the POV character. Does he focus on parts of her body? Does he comment on her personal attributes in his dialogue? (“I’ve never seen you here before.” “Do you smile like that at every man?”)

Indicate interest with eye contact. The classic indicator of feminine interest is for the woman to make eye contact, look down or away (perhaps smiling or biting her lip), and then make eye contact again. That should tell your reader that she’ll welcome a man into her personal space. It’ll get a man’s attention, for sure.

Men are probably more forthright in expressing interest with eye contact. If the non-POV man does this, it may fluster the POV woman in a pleasant way. Her skin may grow warm, and she’ll almost certainly look away.

Next step – personal space
Shortly after the attraction between h/h is formed, one is certainly likely to enter into the other’s personal space. In historical romance, this often takes the form of a dance at a ball. This is a socially acceptable way for the two people to embrace, but that doesn’t mean it’s a trivial matter for either of them. Again, one or both of them may experience a flush of excitement, although it won’t be felt as truly sexual. All the senses may be heightened. Your character may notice the rustle of skirts, light and shadow in the hall, and various smells.

Dance or no, once the characters are up close and personal, they’re literally within breathing space of each other. That is, if their faces are pointed toward each other, they’ll be able to feel each other’s breath. Naturally, they can smell each other. One hopes, they smell good, whether that’s historically accurate for your book or not. Soap, shampoo, cologne, skin lotion come up often. Leather works for a horsewoman/man. If she’s wearing flowers, he’ll be aware of their scent.

H/h will be aware of each other’s height relative to his/her own. A man might note where the woman’s nose reaches on his body. Does it come up to his shoulder? To his chin? Especially if he’s much taller, he may feel protective of her, which can be frustrating if she insists on maintaining independence. She may feel a bit overwhelmed by his height and the breadth of his shoulders. If she’s always felt ungainly, she may enjoy the feeling of being petite next to him. They very likely will be aware of each other’s body heat.

You can play with physical proximity. If she’s bent over the craps table at a casino, he could reach for the dice, bringing his body close to hers. She can duck under him to help him find a file in the file cabinet. Either can reach past the other to push the elevator button. They can be stuck in a carriage or a cab together.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this position with someone who isn’t a lover or good friend, you know how awkward it feels if you’re not attracted to them or how exciting it feels if you are.

Sexual banter
The main form of sexual tension in dialogue falls under the category of sexual banter. This can range from quite innocent to quite explicit.

She stared out over the ocean. “What a beautiful view.”
“It certainly is,” he answered.
“But, you’re not looking at the ocean,” she said.
He gazed into her eyes. “There’s an ocean nearby?”

Less innocent:
“What have you heard of me?” he asked.
“That you’re a terrible rake.”
He laughed. “Then, I’ll do my best to be a better rake.”

Even less innocent:
She yawned.
“Late night?” he asked.
“Coffee, please.”
“Who’s the lucky guy?”
She stared at him. “William Shakespeare.”
“When he needs a stand-in, let me know.”

Quite explicit. There’s an amazing scene in The Taming of the Shrew where Katharine and Petruchio first meet. There’s a lot of great banter in there, but one of his lines is amazing. They’ve been going back and forth about tongues and telling tales. When she tells him she’s done and she’s leaving, he answers, “What, with my tongue in your tail?” I first heard that about 45 years ago and have never forgotten it.

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What makes a story erotic? By Alice Gaines

What makes a story erotic?  Lots of hot-hot love scenes?  Well, sure, you need to have those.  But what separates the really sexy from the truly erotic is the erotic premise.

The erotic premise is the backbone of the story that threads sex throughout every scene and every page.  An erotic premise ensures that the entire story is about sex.  It’s an idea or concept that makes your story revolve around the sexual relationships with the characters.  Let me give you some examples:

You could write a story about a woman who needs a man to escort her to a family wedding weekend.  They could find themselves sharing a room by mistake and they could have fantastic sex.  Good sexy story.

Now make the woman a reporter who wants to attend a Get to Know Your Sexuality weekend and has to have a partner.  Can you see how the sexual tension will be high from beginning to end, even if the characters are reluctant to have sex at the beginning?

Another example:  You could have a man who comes to a woman in her dreams.  Or, instead, you could write about a creature who feeds off the energy of a woman’s erotic dreams.  The second is definitely more erotic.

Here are a few erotic premises I’ve used.

A young and inexperienced person approaches a more sophisticated person and asks to be taught how to be good in bed.  I’ve done this with both an inexperienced woman and with an inexperienced man paired with an older woman.tutored lover


In another story, my hero pretends to be a worker in an exclusive sex club for women in order to win back the ex-wife he never stopped loving.


I enjoyed that setting so much, I wrote a whole series of novellas in a women’s sex club.






In Heat Rises, two people who almost became lovers find themselves confined to a small, mountain cabin in a snow storm.  The idea of people cooped up with their desires became the series Cabin Fever.

heat rises

Thinking up sexual premises is great fun.  Do it some day when you need some inspiration for a story!

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Happy New Year by Alice Gaines

We’ve opened all the presents and thrown out the wrapping paper.  The ham are turkey are eaten.  If you still have left-overs, you might want to consider throwing them out.  At least give them a good sniff and heat them up before eating.  (If anyone asks, you didn’t get that advice from me.)  All that’s left is New Year’s Resolutions.  I was watching a segment of a television show yesterday that covered the most common New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them.  Let me give you my take on the subject.

Most common resolution #3:  Give up smoking.  I gave it up years and years ago.  Here’s how I did it.  I was working as a temporary office worker, and just about everywhere I went I wasn’t allowed to smoke except on breaks and during lunch hour.  I learned to go for hours without a cigarette.  After a while, I figured if I could do that, I could limit my smoking to five per day.  That way, I always knew there was a cigarette coming, and I could cope with that.  Coincidentally, I switched doctors, and the new one yelled at me for a full five minutes.  I figured if I was going to keep him, I’d have to try to quit.  I told myself that if, after 30 days, I just couldn’t cope, I’d go back to smoking.

After 30 days, most of the cravings were gone, and I could call myself a non-smoker.  The cravings didn’t fully go away for years.  One would sneak up on me every once in a while.  The thing about the cravings is that, as terrible as they are, they don’t last very long.  I’d time the intervals between cravings.  As I saw the intervals increase in length, I knew I was making progress.  Everyone has their own way of dealing with this problem, so mine may not work for you.  But remember millions of people have done this.  You can, too.  And take the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something wonderful.  Or go on to the next resolution.

Most common resolution #2:  Save money.  I’m not good at this one.  I’ve had long periods in my life when I just barely scraped by with necessities.  People who think saving is easy—just cut down on lattes—need to talk to people who honestly cannot afford lattes and cut them out years ago.  Fortunately, I’m not in that position any longer.

The television show had a great idea I’m going to try.  I’m a huge internet shopper.  The show suggested putting all the stuff you want in your shopping cart and leaving it there for 24 hours.  They said many companies will then send you coupons for the things in your cart.  Instant savings.  Plus, you may discover after a day that you don’t want that stuff, after all.

Most common New Year’s Resolution #1:  Lose weight.  I’ve had a weight problem all my life.  I’ve been as low as 120 pounds (way too little for me.  I actually had a mild case of anorexia.) to 275.  A few years ago, I’d gotten back up to 240.  I knew what I had to do to lose weight.  Sorry to say, no magic.  Exercise and limiting calories.

I’m a huge believer in exercise for everyone.  It’s the best thing you can do for your health along with giving up smoking.  Find something that gets your heart going but is comfortable for you.  In the last several years, we’ve learned that interval training is extremely efficient.  Do what you do at full speed for 40 seconds and follow that with 20 seconds of a moderate rate.  I do about five minutes of intervals and intersperse some weight lifting.  I repeat the process for 35 minutes.  You’ll get a full work out in a small amount of time.

Limiting calories actually is best done by changing the types of food you eat.  Ditch the soda, or as my coworker calls it “diabetes in a can.”  Eliminate as much sugar as you can.  Discover how delicious vegetables are.  Really.  Grow your own, if you can, for maximum flavor.  A homegrown tomato is the most delicious food in the world.

Then get yourself a weight loss app.  I use Lose It.  It’s free at  You tell it your height, weight, and how much you want to lose.  It tells you how many calories you can have.  You get extra credit for exercise.  They have hundreds of foods and the calorie and nutrition content, and you can add foods of your own.  Input your exercise and food every day, make friends, enter challenges, and watch the weight come off.  There are other apps, too.  Find one you like and use it religiously.

Oh, and allow yourself to go off the wagon and splurge from time to time.  Life without dessert would be too bleak to consider.  Just get back to your regular routine.  I now weigh 180.  I’m not a fashion model, but I look good in clothes, and I’m happy with myself.

My New Year’s Resolution?  Clean my house.  Until last January, I had a day job.  In my off time, I could either clean house or write.  You can guess what I chose.  My house got so bad, I had what I’ve heard called CHAOS—Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.  With any luck, I can make major progress on that this year.

Whatever your resolutions are, face this new year with a sense of joy and accomplishment.  You’re worth it.


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New Release from Changeling Press by Alice Gaines

Out December 17 – a hot, hot erotic romance novella titled Aisle 6.

Aisle6FinalCover (2)


Can Trish save a human species by having fantastic sex with the hot guy from the supermarket?

Trish Swanson is doing her usual thing—checking out a man she calls The Bod at the supermarket when she discovers a weird anomaly in Aisle 6.  After she approaches it, she finds herself transported to another time and place, and The Bod is waiting for her, dressed as a desert sheik.  He wants to help her work out her sexual fantasies.  On the fun scale, it sure beats her job in the IT department.

Read on for an excerpt.  Also, to celebrate the release I’ll be raffling off another of my hand knitted cowls to someone on my mailing list.    To sign up, visit my blog  I’ll draw the winner’s name on December 20.  It’ll make a nice post-Christmas present.


Now for an X-rated excerpt, read on…





The role-play thing was cute. She would never have dared to suggest it herself. Now that he’d freed her from the constrictions of everyday life, she could explore it at will. Their agreement had said all acts between them were consensual. If she told him not to do something, he’d stop. They could engage in all kinds of things she’d normally never consider.

“Are you going to ravish me now?” she asked.

“Ravish?” He stared at her as if he didn’t understand the word.

“You know… you abducted me from the harem of the evil sultan so you could have me for yourself,” she said. “You must have planned on ravishing me.”

His expression cleared. “But of course. You aroused such passion in me I stole you away for my own voluptuous purposes.”

Laying it on a little thick again, but the pure hokeyness made the pretending all the more fun.

“I live to serve my master,” she said. If they kept this going, she’d end up giggling, and that would spoil the mood. So instead of any more conversation, she pressed her palm to the front of his robes. As she’d suspected, she found a very impressive bulge there. Long and thick. Her mystery researcher was endowed with more than beauty, it seemed.

He sucked in a breath and groaned.

“You had some of that wine, too, huh?” she said.

“When you arrived. I’ve been waiting to make you ready since.”

“I’m ready.”

He pushed her hand away. “Not quite.”

Before his meaning could register, he turned her onto her back on the couch. Because it was the style the Romans had used to dine from, it had no back, and he was able to part her legs, leaving them to dangle over the sides. In the next second, he covered her with his body and kissed her, taking possession of her mouth in a clear prelude to much, much more.

Running her arms around his neck, she answered. She was his, at least for now. He’d already given her one stupendous climax, and the main act wouldn’t disappoint. He seemed eager to please, and he had all the right equipment. This would be one glorious fuck.

What, the F word? She never used that, not even in her fantasies.

All worries about profanity flew out of her head as he moved lower along her body. Neither of them had removed their clothing, but hers was so sheer it hardly counted. He easily closed his mouth around her nipple, teasing it through the fabric.

How sweet and forbidden. As if he couldn’t stop long enough to get her naked. He’d made sure nothing covered her pussy, though. Smart man. She probably wouldn’t have the patience to disrobe, either.

He didn’t stop at her breasts, but continued lower, his hot breath laying a trail over her belly and below. Oh, my, he was going to do $that. A few lovers had tried with her, but she’d usually frozen so badly she couldn’t enjoy it.

Only, this wasn’t the real world. She’d had the spiked wine, and the make-believe had freed her to try whatever she wanted. And though her mind might have some reservations about oral sex, her pussy thought it was a wonderful idea. Already the fires were burning there, not having completely extinguished from his earlier loving. This man could make silly dialogue sound good. He could work magic with her most intimate flesh.

So when he arrived there, eased her thighs farther apart and placed his mouth on her lips, she sank back into the cushions and let him do exactly what he wanted.

When his tongue brushed her clit, she nearly exploded out of her skin. The slight rasp was like nothing she’d ever felt before. He created magic with her body, turning her into a creature so carnal she hardly recognized herself.

But even this served as prelude. He had more to give her, and she’d have him. Now.

Out of her mind with need, she groped for his head and touched his face. “I’m ready.”

He raised his head. “You’re sure?”

“God, yes,” she said. “Do I have to beg?”

“Never.” He sat up and tugged at his robes. The heavy top one went first, flying across the room when he threw it. Beneath that, he wore a caftan of a softer cotton. He nearly tore it in his hurry to get naked. When he’d finally removed that, nothing blocked her vision of his body. Just as magnificent as she’d imagined when she’d dubbed him The Bod. Firm and sleekly muscled. And at the base of his torso stood his cock. Stiff and ruddy with arousal. He had, indeed, waited a long time for satisfaction. She’d give it to him now.

With no further discussion, he took his place between her legs and drove his sex into hers in one thrust. His size would have proved difficult had he not excited her so completely. Wet and eager for him, her pussy closed around him. Neither of them moved or spoke, but the expression of wonder on his face echoed her own sense of perfection.

Then he closed his remarkable blue eyes and began to move. Slowly, at first. Deep thrusts. Exploring. Finding his way inside her.

Now, the universe contracted to contain only them. The heat of his body as it moved over hers. The sounds he made as he plundered her and her answering sighs. The friction of his hardness against her inner walls. She surrendered to all of it, allowing herself to drown in the sensations.

She’d climax again, with him inside her. Her muscles would grasp at his flesh. Already, the tension built. With each thrust, he drove her closer.

With a groan, he increased the pace. Pushing harder and deeper. As if he couldn’t get enough of her. He’d reached the end of his patience and would come soon. So would she. He’d made her ready, and now he’d finish them both.

The orgasm came suddenly, engulfing her entire being. She cried out again as her hips rose to meet him. Then the spasms — strong and regular. His voice joined hers in a shout as he stiffened. They clung to each other as the ecstasy played out.

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Cooking tips for the holidays by Alice Gaines

People who try to do the holidays “just right” often find themselves stressed out by all the work.  That’s such a shame for a time of the year that’s supposed to be merry.  Because so much of holiday cheer revolves around food, it’s helpful to have tips to deal with common problems.  Let me share a few that I’ve gleaned from my cooking over the years.

 The holiday turkey.  Thanksgiving dinner revolves around this difficult bird.  Why difficult?  Because it’s basically two kinds of meat that cook at different speeds.  The white meat gets done before the dark meat, and when turkey breast gets overdone, you might as well be eating sawdust.  The only way to choke it down is to douse it in gravy.  But if you don’t cook the turkey long enough, the dark meat isn’t safe to eat.  What to do?

Cooks Country has come up with a marvelous way around this problem.  Cut the turkey into three parts:  two legs and one huge breast portion.  You can roast them separated in the same pan, but now, the leg pieces are so much smaller than the breast piece, they cook at relatively the same amount of time.  You could also pull one out of the oven and keep it covered with foil while the other pieces continue to cook.  You can check out the recipe here.  (You can get a free trial subscription if you’re not a member.)  I tested this recipe for them, and the house smelled wonderful!

Pie crust.  Pie crust is the bane of a cook’s existence!  To make it flaky and tender, you’re told Thou Must Not use more water than whatever the recipe states.  When I used to try to stick with this commandment, I invariably ended up with something that broke apart when I rolled it out, and the best I could do was make a patchwork of dough on the pie plate.  Finally, I gave up and only made pies with crumb crusts.

The problem is you need enough liquid to keep the crust together for rolling, but adding more water develops the gluten in the four, and that keeps the finished product from being tender.  (Gluten is the protein in wheat that develops strands as you work it.  Great for bread, bad for pie crust.)  Again the folks at Cooks Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Country have come up with a solution.  Instead of water, use a 1 to 1 ratio of vodka to water.  Vodka is only partly water, with the rest being alcohol.  Alcohol doesn’t develop gluten, so you can use more liquid in your crust.  The alcohol burns off during cooking.  Now, sprinkle that on your crust until you have something you can work with.

Hollandaise.  Hollandaise isn’t traditional at the holidays, but it’s very elegant and delicious.  Besides, it sounds like holiday, doesn’t it?  The problem is getting the egg yolks to thicken the sauce without scrambling them.  You do this by whisking in the melted butter in a slow stream.  There are a few tricks you can us to make sure the yolks don’t get too hot and curdle the sauce.  I used to use a double boiler, but it’s hard to get the whisk into the corners.  Instead, I read somewhere (I think The Joy of Cooking) that you can set a bowl over boiling water in a pan.  Now not only do you have the water as insulation from the heat of the burner, but you have no corners to try to get into.  Another tip, from the wonderful Julia Child—cut a tablespoon of butter into tiny pieces and put it into the egg yolks at the beginning of the cooking.  This evens out the temperature as the butter melts.

I don’t have any tips on keeping hollandaise once you’ve made it, though.  Serve it immediately, and enjoy the holidays!


DSCN0488By the way, I’m raffling off this scarf to someone on my newsletter mailing list to celebrate my birthday on November 15.  If you’d like to enter to win, sign up for my newsletter at my blog:

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Learning to Love Football Season by Alice Gaines

NFL football season is back.  This year, there are games on Thursday nights as well as all day Sunday and Monday night.  And this is going to go on into February.  Lots of women, including me, enjoy the game, which has correctly been described as outdoor chess disguised as warfare.  But that’s not true for many of us.

If you’re like millions of women who dread this time of year, I have words of hope—for those of us who look at a male body and see a potential playground, the picture is quite rosy if you look at it with the right perspective.  Let me put it this way:  Tight Pants.

Football players wear really, really tight pants.  Pants so tight you can see every sweet curve of their derrieres.  Pants so tight you can watch every muscle in their thighs twitch as they pound on down the field.  Lordy, nothing will put a sparkle in your eye or a spring in your step like the sight of a twenty-four year old athlete in peak condition wearing those tight, tight pants.

Don’t even tell me about other athletes.  Baseball players wear tight pants, too, but many of them are about as bright as dirt.  Besides, lots of them chew tobacco.  No, I don’t fantasize about kissing baseball players.  Basketball players used to wear snug short-shorts, but their uniform bottoms have gotten longer and longer over the years.  What’s up with that?

I’m going to give you some tips on watching American football with your significant other so you can derive the greatest enjoyment from those tight pants.  First, don’t gloat.  To try to even things out for your guy, colleges and the NFL have put female cheerleaders on the sidelines.  But the happy fact is that these females are so completely unimportant they only appear briefly and at unpredictable intervals, while you can watch #34’s rump on almost every down.  Don’t point this out to your SO.  No one likes a sore winner.

Second, although all the players’ pants are tight, all their butts are not created equal.  For some reason, probably related to the physiology of musculature, the fastest players have the nicest rumps.  These are the wide receivers and defensive backs.  Luckily, each passing play will involve at least one of each, giving you a glorious view in stereo.  For some reason, quarterbacks tend to have very beautiful faces but unimpressive, flat rear cheeks.  The beefy linemen have butts in the beefy range.  If that floats your boat, go for it.  Once you’ve figured out who to look for, you’ll find it has an unexpected benefit:  namely that learning who’s who on your team will also convince your guy that you know something about the game, when in fact, you don’t give a fig.

Third, although the traditional beverage consumed while watching football is beer, there’s no law against drinking a fine, red wine.  Just don’t fall prey to the female tendency to want to feed your man.  If you find yourself thinking, “It wouldn’t take much to roast a ham and make him some of those nice candied yams he likes with the tiny marshmallows, oh, and how about a seven layer bean dip to start,” stop immediately.  Delis sell hams, and your guy can get the bean dip at the supermarket before the game.  Football is your time for ogling, not for “Dinner with America’s Test Kitchen.”  Unless the tall guy in the apron is bringing the food.

So, take heart as the pre-pre-preseason approaches.  Somewhere out there in America’s heartland there are hundreds of healthy, young men preparing to do battle for the opportunity to showcase all their masculine charms for your personal enjoyment.  And when your SO starts talking playoffs, just repeat the magic words to yourself:  “Tight pants.”


A somewhat different version of the above was originally published in the on-line e-zine SnarkBite.  But that was back in the 90’s, and no one remembers anything that old.

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Free book by Alice Gaines

Alice Gaines_Kiss Frog_500x750For the next few weeks, my contemporary romance, Kiss the Frog is free at Amazon, Google Play, Apple, and Smashwords.  The book is the first in my Princes of Danislova series.


Pity sex with the shyest student in the lab?

That’s what Felice Larson’s friends have blackmailed her into. Dev VonRamsberg seems nice enough, if you can see past the hair that hangs in his face, the glasses, and the corduroy slacks. It’ll be embarrassing for her and possibly humiliating for him, but if Felice doesn’t follow through, the others will let their professor know she ditched on a critical research trip. So she borrows a key and lets herself into Dev’s apartment in the middle of the night and promptly gets the surprise of her life.

Christian Devlin Philippe Pascal VonRamsberg, Crown Prince, and Heir Apparent to the Throne of Danislova, has lusted after his co-student, Felice Larson, for months but hasn’t followed through because of his obligations back home. But now that she’s literally snuck into his bed, he takes full advantage, much to their mutual delight. Dev’s been hiding out in plain sight in the United States so he can get his graduate degree and enjoy a more or less normal life before he has to return to Danislova to fulfill his duties to his country. He never expected to fall for an American woman, but now that he has, how can he give her a happy ending?



The bedroom proved as unremarkable as the living room. Illumination also snuck in through the blinds here. The room held no more than a dresser, an end table, and a huge bed. For a guy’s place, it was all pretty tidy, as was the bathroom, at least from what she could see from a night light in there. The display of an alarm clock showed Dev himself lying face down against the sheet, the covers exposing a broad expanse of naked back. He slept in the nude? Interesting.

With no rational excuse to delay, she quickly kicked out of her shoes and removed her clothing. The air cooled her skin, setting up goose bumps along her arms. She shivered, although the air wasn’t really all that cold. Across the room, Dev’s soft breathing brought home the message. She’d soon cuddle up to his body. No matter how shy, he was still a man with a man’s anatomy and a man’s needs.

After pulling the strip of condoms from the pocket of her jeans, she approached the bed.

How had she never noticed Dev’s size before? Sure, he slumped, but she couldn’t have missed the fact that he was easily as tall as Ben. Though not as beefy as Ben, Dev nevertheless had shoulders as broad. The back she’d studied from across the room now appeared like an expanse of flesh, solid muscle with a furrow down the middle.

One of his hands lay splayed hear his head, the long fingers spread against the sheet. From this close, he didn’t resemble any kind of nerdling. dork, or geek she’d ever seen before. His hair had fallen back from his face, exposing a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a pair of lips sculpted for sin. Only his long eyelashes suggested innocence.

She shivered again, although this time she didn’t try blaming it on the temperature in the room. He suddenly seemed so male and big and, well, desirable. A physical knowledge blossomed inside her body…the sort of communication that didn’t require words. Her sex clenched, grasping for something that it hadn’t had for months.

Wicked thoughts formed in her mind. What would those fingers feel like against her breasts, her nipples? Would he have a large tool? Would it stay hard for a good, long time before he came? Would she have the courage to show him how to make her climax?

Still clutching the strip of condoms, she lifted the covers and climbed into bed with him.


Christian Devlin Philippe Pascal VonRamsberg, the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent to the Throne of Danislova slept lightly. The trait had persisted in his family from centuries ago when missing the subtlest clues from one’s surroundings could mean death by any number of gruesome means. The threat no longer persisted, but vigilance still served him well. He’d realized the moment someone came into his room. The soft footfalls and the pitch to her breathing told him the intruder was a woman. Until she neared the bed, he hadn’t fixed her identity, but the moment he caught her scent, he recognized his visitor. Felice.

Fascinating. A woman only crept into a man’s bedroom for mischief, and with any luck, she’d come here with the best sort of naughtiness in mind. He’d held himself back from approaching this particular woman for months, and now she’d come to him.

Lying perfectly still, he allowed her to crawl into his bed and press her body against his. Her naked body. More and more fascinating. The perfume that belonged only to her surrounded him. Roses, with a hint of spice and musk. Whether it came from her soap or her cologne, the scent always drew him to her. And it always produced the same reaction. An embarrassing one for a classroom or the lab. It fit much better in his bed.

He’d already been half-hard from a dream that had evaporated the moment she woke him. Now, he swelled to full length and readiness. She could have only one reason to be here, obviously. He’d have to find out later why she’d taken it into her head to seduce him. He had more pressing matters to deal with now, namely, taking full advantage of what she offered. He’d do that, certainly. He’d give her a lot more than she’d bargained for.

Though he kept his eyes closed, he’d memorized her appearance well enough to picture how she looked lying next to him. Her straight, blonde hair would hang over her shoulders to the swell of the breasts that blue sweater of hers showed off to such good effect. In the dim light, the green of her eyes wouldn’t show, but he could imagine them glowing with the heat of arousal. And her pale skin would have flushed along her cheeks and throat. She always looked and smelled like a confection, one he’d finally get to enjoy, if only for tonight.

He smiled inwardly as she began some tentative explorations. Her breast nestled against his ribs, the nipple stiffening, as her hand wandered his back. Fingertips traced a path down the center to his waist and back up to the base of his skull. Her lips pressed against his shoulder and then traveled along the top to his neck. She had to stretch to reach his ear. Once there, she nibbled on his earlobe. Her breath went into his ear, and he let out an involuntary moan. Too late to pull it back. She must realize he was awake. He’d take over now.

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Writing the older hero by Alice Gaines

Alice Gaines_Kiss Frog_500x750I hadn’t gone too far into my first book in the Princes of Danislova series (Kiss the Frog) when one of the secondary characters started to demand his own story.  My hero is the crown prince and heir apparent for this small Eastern European country, and he took the heroine to his homeland to meet his family.  My critique partners fell in love with my hero’s father, Prince Royal Friedrich VonRamsberg, and I’ll admit I did, too.

Friedrich is old school in all the most positive ways.  He believes that his duty as a man is to cherish and protect the people in his care.  He did that for his beloved late wife, and now he’s doing it for his sons.  When he learns that my heroine’s parents aren’t taking care of her properly, he takes her under his wing as well.  Unfortunately, he also has a duty to his country and its people, and tradition dictates that his heir should marry a woman trained to be a princes and rule by his side.  As much as Friedrich comes to love my heroine, Felice, he knows he has to break her heart because his son must marry someone else.

Eventually, Friedrich chooses love over tradition, and my hero and heroine have their happy ending.

Okay, at this point, I’d totally fallen head over heels for Friedrich, and when readers started to ask me if I was going to write his story, I knew very well that I was.

I had to write the other two young princes’ books first, and Friedrich became a more and more complex character in each one.  When I’d finished them, I launched into Friedrich’s story.

How do you write a romance for a couple over sixty?  Pretty much the way you write for a younger pair.  I’m convinced that romantic love is romantic love at any age.  A more advanced age has a few unique problems, though.  Some are physiological, and I’ll leave those up to your imagination.  I hope I dwelt with them in a realistic but not un-romantic manner.  Others are psychological.  Specifically, insecurity about one’s body and whether the other person will find it attractive.

Can a man over sixty be sexy?  Absolutely.  Patrick Stewart as captain of the Enterprise always made my heart beat a little faster.  Cary Grant was a leading man long after his hair turned white.  In fact, I’d argue that the silver hair, paired with the twinkle in his eye, made him more alluring than when he was younger.

I like the wisdom that so often comes with maturity.  I like a man who has the patience to take his time and do things right in the bedroom.  I love the feeling that a man has spent decades learning his way around a woman’s body before he gets to mine.

Royal Affair is a novella, about half the length of the other books, so it costs 99 cents.  If you read it, let me know if you think a man in his sixties can make a good romance hero.



Royal Affair on Amazon

Royal Affair at Barnes and Noble

Royal Affair at Smashwords

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