A cowboy with troubles–Rhonda Lee Carver

WT_FinalOnce upon a time, Weston Jericho could have any woman he wanted, but these days he’s known as “daddy” and less “bachelor of the year”. His daughter and his ranch are his priority until country-girl-turned-city waltzes back into his average life. She’ll have him juggling daddy duties with the need to be near the one woman who stole his heart years ago.

Her father’s declining health leaves Sammie Tanner with no other choice but to come home to Colton, Texas and get things back in order on the ranch, and face those she left behind. From the second her boots cross the county line she finds nothing but trouble, especially with Weston who has her cursing like the backwoods country girl he remembers, and still desires.

Her heart wants the cowboy, but how does she reveal the true reason why she left him…left home? Will he look at her the same? Can she take the risk?



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One thought on “A cowboy with troubles–Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. ronnie c.

    sounds hot!


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