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Smooth as Hell

Jayde Wells, owner of Flips by Chics, knows her way around a power tool, but when it comes to love, not so much. On the tail of another bad decision, she’s more than happy to take some time at Cross House, the beach house she inherited from her best friend. Pounding nails since pigtails, she loves turning pit holes into gems, so renovating the house takes her to a place of comfort, but one weekend at Bodie Island will hand her more than a project to flip.

Dr. Merf Cross can’t believe his brother is gone, and why would he leave the Cross House to Jayde and Merf together? A bear and lion would get along better. Sure, they’d shared one night together years ago, but since, she treats him like a raw pimple on her behind. He’ll amuse her by helping with renovations, but he’s never seen anything sexier than a hammer-wielding, slick-skinned beauty who can handle herself around a tool. Temperatures aren’t the only thing rising on the island.

Will these two find the Cross House, and a second chance at love, a flip or a flop?



She swiped a drop of her own sweat from her forehead as she continued to stare at Merf, consumed in his work. Her tongue moistened her lips as she imagined sashaying her way across the grassy short distance that separated them and licking a moist trail on his body from chest to waist. The bark scratched her arm as she leaned against it to keep herself from fainting in need.

Sliding her palm along her sweaty neck, down her chest, she brushed her fingers over one beaded nipple under the thin tank top. While she worked, she never wore a bra and the cotton fabric only made her more sensitive. Gliding her hand lower over her flat stomach, she paused at the waist of shorts, craving to touch herself as she admired Merf. He dropped the hammer and reached for a bottle from the cooler. She expected him to drink thirstily, but instead he lifted the bottle above his head and tipped it, spilling water over his head, down his shoulders and back.

No longer able to deny herself, she slipped her fingers to the hem of her shorts where tingles erupted over her flesh. Skimming one finger inside, she touched her trembling lace covered slit, mesmerized that she was hot and wet so fast by just watching.

Her gasp busted her.

His head came around, straight on her.

Jerking her hand up, she believed she was fast enough, but the teasing grin that lifted one corner of his heavenly lips told her he suspected what she’d been doing which only made things hotter. No matter what though, she couldn’t indulge in her fantasies, even if she’d give an eyetooth to have him inside of her right here, right now.

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