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Xmas in July! Rhonda Lee Carver

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Smooth as Hell

Jayde Wells, owner of Flips by Chics, knows her way around a power tool, but when it comes to love, not so much. On the tail of another bad decision, she’s more than happy to take some time at Cross House, the beach house she inherited from her best friend. Pounding nails since pigtails, she loves turning pit holes into gems, so renovating the house takes her to a place of comfort, but one weekend at Bodie Island will hand her more than a project to flip.

Dr. Merf Cross can’t believe his brother is gone, and why would he leave the Cross House to Jayde and Merf together? A bear and lion would get along better. Sure, they’d shared one night together years ago, but since, she treats him like a raw pimple on her behind. He’ll amuse her by helping with renovations, but he’s never seen anything sexier than a hammer-wielding, slick-skinned beauty who can handle herself around a tool. Temperatures aren’t the only thing rising on the island.

Will these two find the Cross House, and a second chance at love, a flip or a flop?



She swiped a drop of her own sweat from her forehead as she continued to stare at Merf, consumed in his work. Her tongue moistened her lips as she imagined sashaying her way across the grassy short distance that separated them and licking a moist trail on his body from chest to waist. The bark scratched her arm as she leaned against it to keep herself from fainting in need.

Sliding her palm along her sweaty neck, down her chest, she brushed her fingers over one beaded nipple under the thin tank top. While she worked, she never wore a bra and the cotton fabric only made her more sensitive. Gliding her hand lower over her flat stomach, she paused at the waist of shorts, craving to touch herself as she admired Merf. He dropped the hammer and reached for a bottle from the cooler. She expected him to drink thirstily, but instead he lifted the bottle above his head and tipped it, spilling water over his head, down his shoulders and back.

No longer able to deny herself, she slipped her fingers to the hem of her shorts where tingles erupted over her flesh. Skimming one finger inside, she touched her trembling lace covered slit, mesmerized that she was hot and wet so fast by just watching.

Her gasp busted her.

His head came around, straight on her.

Jerking her hand up, she believed she was fast enough, but the teasing grin that lifted one corner of his heavenly lips told her he suspected what she’d been doing which only made things hotter. No matter what though, she couldn’t indulge in her fantasies, even if she’d give an eyetooth to have him inside of her right here, right now.

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New Release! 1.99! Rhonda Lee Carver

18+ ONLY!

Dirty as Hell (book 2, Studs in Scrubs)

Established in her career and perfectly seasoned, she finds she’s weak for one stud in scrubs…
Sex therapist, Jenn Cove, helps couples, but when it comes to her own relationship, she’s a failure.
Dr. Bridge Cove is handsome, skilled and is considered a catch…except to his wife who wants him for one thing. Tragedy had ripped her emotionally from his arms, but an unexpected second chance brings them together again. Responsibility lands her back in his arms, and his bed, but can she eradicate the guilt and learn to trust him again?

At the threshold of the great room, he waited, allowing his eyes to adjust in the moonlight streaming through the large window. A slender silhouette was the only thing out of place. One step brought him to the sofa table and he turned on the lamp, the golden glow illuminated the room and pale, satin skin. He took in the sight before him and swallowed against the constriction in his throat. “Did you forget that you don’t live here any longer?”

Jenn stepped closer, giving him a better view of her beautiful, shapely body that was adorned with a red ‘lick-my-tits’ bra and matching panties. Her long, white blonde hair cascaded in soft coils down one shoulder. He couldn’t count how many times he’d had the lush locks in his fists as he rode her wildly. She always liked things wild…even a little rough, and he’d been glad to oblige. But times had changed. People had changed. Yet, the way his cock shot up at the sight of her never did. His body had a mind of its own when it came to her.

“Did you forget that we had plans?” The raspy tone of her voice only tented his pants more.

“That was twelve hours and a premature baby delivery ago. I got stuck at the hospital. Have you been here all this time?” He dropped his keycard onto the coffee table and squinted. There was something else different about the place. “Where’d all my junk go?” He scanned the clean room.

“Your ‘junk’ is either put away or in the trashcan.”

“You’re not supposed to clean my place. It’s my stuff,” he practically growled the words. “And my things to do with how I want.”

“Oh, so you wanted to keep the old pizza boxes and empty water bottles?” One thin brow shot up. “Is that a new bachelor décor that I’m not aware of?”

He scrubbed his jaw, realizing he hadn’t shaved in a few weeks. Maybe he’d let it grow a while longer. After all, the reward of being separated was that he had no one to please. “You know what I’m saying.”

“I needed something to do while I waited besides eating a bag of Twizzlers and expired cereal. You really need to buy groceries. And…you could have been a sweetie and at least texted to let me know you would be late.”

“I forgot. That’s what happens when I’m a casual fling.”

One corner of her mouth plunged into a frown. “Bad day at the hospital?”

He plopped down on the sofa, immediately feeling his muscles relax, although the Italian leather couch had never been his idea of comfortable. He was going to toss it out, right along with the other shit he no longer needed.

Jenn sashayed the five feet between them, each sway of her delectable hips like a pendulum hypnotizing him. Time only made her more beautiful, and his cock weaker. Just when he thought he couldn’t get any harder, she climbed on top of him, her knees on either side of his hips and her pussy directly above the part of him craving the stress relief that only a good fuck could achieve. She smelled so good, and looked even better—knew she tasted like heaven. It was easy to forget the hurdles and arguments between them—almost. Hard to forget when he’d become her booty call and not her husband.

“Is this really what you want?” he asked. Why did she have to be so damn beautiful? So enticing? From her ice blue eyes surrounded by thick, ebony lashes that never needed mascara, to her cute nose with the lifted tip and her plump lips that were the same color of pink as her nipples. The bottom was slightly bigger than the top so she always had a sensual pout. He knew just how easy those lips could take him to ecstasy and back with a little bit of attention.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.”


“Don’t believe me?”

“It’s dirty as hell when a woman can have divorce papers delivered to a man in the morning and fuck him that evening. All in a day’s work I suppose.”

“In my defense, we were supposed to fuck last night.”


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