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New Releases! Rhonda Lee Carver



18+ ONLY!

Studs in Scrubs Series

Three established, smart, confident women and the studs in scrubs they crave. Who said life ended at forty?

Hot as Hell (Book 1) 99 cents Maturity, career and responsibility have kept her tame for too long. Her vanilla cage is about to explode…



Dirty as Hell (Book 2) Preorder. Releasing 7/11. Established in her career and perfectly seasoned, she finds she’s weak for one stud in scrubs…

Sex therapist, Jenn Cove, helps couples, but when it comes to her own relationship, she’s a failure.




Smooth as Hell (Book 3) Coming in July!

Excerpt for Hot as Hell!

“SORRY TO BOTHER you doctor, but I have a serious problem.”

“And what’s the problem, Miss?” Sam Saxour looked at the beautiful brunette with bright blue eyes who was relishing a lollipop. She was leaning against the doorjamb, one foot propped against the frame.

“I have a little fever.” She pulled the lolli from her plush lips with a smacking sound and fanned her face dramatically.

His body tingled and the hairs on his neck shot up, just like another part of him.

“Come, have a seat.” Sam patted the end of the bed, still untidy from last night. He skimmed his gaze down her red tank top and black yoga pants to her slender ankles where the remnants of finger bruises were evident on her pale skin. “How are the ankles?” Guilt slithered through him.

“Amazingly sore, like the rest of me.” She flushed.

She must have just come from her beach class because her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and the damp top clung to her ample breasts. Her hard nipples pressing against the fabric made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. He barely kept his tongue from falling out of his mouth as he took in her hour-glass hips down to her legs that went on for miles as she sashayed her way to the bed. He had a feeling she put an extra dose of sexy in each step.

“Right here, doc?’ She pointed at the end of the bed, smiling.

“Yes, there.”

“Looks like someone forgot to make his bed.”

“I dragged myself out just before you showed up. I was…,” he grinned. “kept up most of the night.” Literally.

Lolita, as the pretty brunette called herself, sat down and slightly parted her knees. He quite envied the seam of her pants. She rolled her tongue around the ball of the sucker, then popped it back into her mouth only to remove it again. Damn. He’d never enjoyed watching a woman suck candy more. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he couldn’t blame it on the Florida heat, although he could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Hell, he could fry an egg on Lolita’s hot ass.

“Yoga was great this morning. All the stretches and moves smoothed out the kinks,” she said in a soft, sensual tone.

Sam knew exactly how athletic she was because he’d had the pleasure of examining her closely over the last week, every stunning curve and dip. Her five-foot-five, luscious body had him in knots. He opened his black, medical bag, took out the stethoscope and went to her, kneeling on one knee. “I’ll listen.” He pressed the chest piece against the area over her heart, his knuckles brushing one firm breast.

“Am I okay, doc?” Her eyes twinkled.

“Better than okay.” He winked and rubbed a hand down his stubbled cheek.

For six days, they’d had sex, tried every sexual position…christened secret places on the private vacation resort. Although he’d learned her variety of moans, whimpers, and passion-filled moves, he knew there was so much more to explore about this mystical woman. His body quickly agreed and he became rock-hard.

Lolita paused in her sucking, holding his eyes as she seductively dragged the stick from between her pink, moist lips. His jeans grew tighter as he tried to concentrate on the beats of her heart through the stethoscope.

With a twirl of the stick between her fingers, her smile spoke erotic poetry. “I have a suggestion,” she said in a low, alluring tone that vibrated his balls.

“What’s that?” His own voice shook. Lowering the chest piece, Sam no longer cared about his doctorly duties.

“I could use a dose of the medicine you gave me last night. The salty cream remedy.” Her eyes danced as she rolled her tongue along her top lip, making things even harder.

Sam blew out a breath.

Coming to the luxurious resort to get away from the city, he hadn’t planned to get caught up in an exciting affair, yet when he’d spotted her sitting under an umbrella on the white sandy beach, he couldn’t help himself but ask what she was reading. Lolita. He’d been intrigued.


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