Sneak Peek! Rhonda Lee Carver

Cowboys Forgive (#8, Cowboys of Nirvana)

Okay, I’ve announced that this book will be the final addition to Cowboys of Nirvana. I’ve received lots of messages from readers asking me to continue the series, telling me they’re sad over this announcement, and they want another Cowboy…

So far though, I’m feeling that Jace’s story will be the finale. It just feels like it’s time to sail the ship in a new direction. However, the positive side, for those readers who wait until a series is finished to grab all the treasures at once, well, your time is coming to get all the sexiness in one swoop. 

Stop over to my blog and enter to win free stuff! 

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In the meantime, how about I tease you a bit?


Cowboys Forgive is available for pre-order, releasing in June. So, go ahead, click and have him stroll right into your kindle.

Pre-order here!


Taking a dirt bath off a bull lands Jace Jackson into the hands of beautiful, smart, sexy country singer Jessa Garvey. In pain and loopy on pain meds, he has no clue he’s flirting with her, and making a big damn fool of himself. Back in high school she rejected him, and although years have passed, sometimes a cowboy can’t forget. When Miss Priss invades his space at Nirvana, he decides to give her a dose of her own medicine and puts her to work mucking stalls. That’ll teach her…
Or will it?
Trading her guitar for a shovel, Jessa is out to prove to Jace that she isn’t the same person she was as a teenager. As far as she’s concerned, he’ll forgive her even if it kills her, or lands her hot and willing in bed with the dangerously handsome cowboy.
She’s in deep.
Forgiveness is granted, but she isn’t prepared for the choices she must make. Has she changed enough? Does the sliver of selfishness remain?


Unedited Excerpt:

“Look,” he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the cot, making her roll back to give him space. “We both know I haven’t suffered a concussion. I could read you the ABCs backward and walk a straight line if necessary. After a good nap, I’ll be as good as new.”

Standing, she sighed. “Okay.” She nibbled her bottom lip.


“Under the circumstances, I think you’re pretty hot. I mean…cleared to leave.” Was she forgetting that she had no medical training?

He smiled and his eyes lit. “’Bout time.”

“Just follow instructions.” She winked.

He stared a good five seconds. “Do I know you?”

She twirled a piece of her hair and her chuckle sounded more like a cat barfing. “I have that kind of face.”

Standing on his feet, he wobbled. “I think I know you.”

“Jace, I don’t think you should be standing.” He leaned sideways and she quickly moved forward, pressing her palms against his brick-hard chest. If he went down she knew she’d be no resistance.

Damn. He smelled good—a combination between leather and spice.

“I’m getting my pants back on. I’m feeling a draft.” He searched the room and found his clothes neatly stacked on the table. As he stepped over to grab them his gown opened in the back, showing off a pair of blue striped boxers. She stifled a giggle. Good thing he wasn’t naked, but good for who exactly? She wouldn’t have minded. Tight asses were hard to find.

“Damn!” He gave his head a quick shake. She noticed that he was having some difficulty with managing sliding one foot into the leg of his jeans. Busted ribs didn’t make it any easier.

“Here, I’ll help.”

She heard his gasp as she knelt down before him. She went to work helping him slide one leg in, once that was done, she smiled. “That’s wasn’t too hard.” She looked up and she was eye-level with his crotch—his bulging crotch.

His eyes fell to her mouth and he didn’t need to say a word for her to realize where his thoughts headed. She couldn’t help herself as her own thoughts stumbled down the same direction. 

Clearing her throat, she wasn’t sure where to go from here.

As if he couldn’t help himself, he closed his eyes. Could he be trying to control his thoughts? Things only got worse—or harder. The tip of his erection poked out of the hole in his underwear. He opened his eyes and groaned in humiliation.

Jeans scrunched at his ankles, he made the mistake of taking a step back, He lost his balance and fell back onto the floor, hitting his head on the metal table.







street team





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