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Hi, y’all. Rhonda Lee Carver here!

Several days ago I stopped at a friend’s house to drop off a pan of lasagna I made for her and her family. Her father, Bill, has recently moved in with her because he has  Alzheimer’s Disease. I sat down with him and talked.”I have a story that you should write about.” he said. Now, I’m going to throw this out there…if I had a dime for every time I’ve been told this I’d be in Bora Bora enjoying the ocean drinking a Mai Tai. However, when a seventy-year old tells you this, it’s wise to sit up and listen. So I did. And this is the story he told me, and I think it’s book-worthy.

He was fifteen when he met the love of his life, Clara. He was from the poor side of town and her family was wealthy. Yet, as he said, “Love doesn’t see dollar signs”. Her parents, a strict attorney and a stay-at-home mom, disliked him from the beginning. They warned Clara that if she didn’t stop seeing Bill they’d send her away to an aunt’s house for the summer. But love was strong…

When the strict father realized his narrow tactics weren’t working, he decided to try something different. He invited Bill for dinner and by the end of the day, they were out on the porch talking. Clara’s father said, “If you really want to see my daughter, then you must pass the test.” This ‘test’ consisted of keeping a candle lit from midnight to sunrise. Bill agreed. He sat outside on the porch, with a lit candle, knowing if the flame died, so would his chances with Clara. He refused to allow that to happen.

Some time later, the flame had gone out. Bill freaked out. He was willing to do whatever it took to get the candle lit again. He walked across town in a storm, in the middle of the night, to his house where he grabbed a full book of matches. He made it back to Clara’s farm, lit the candle…over and over again. Sunrise was nearing and he had one match left, but because it had rained most of the night it was damp. The candle’s flame died and that one match didn’t work. So, when the sun came up, the candle was out.

Saddened, Bill faced Clara’s father, expecting the worst. “The flame went out,” Bill confessed.

“Where did you get the matches?”

“I walked home and came back. I stayed up all night. I used every match I had, but in the end it didn’t work.”

The father said, “Son, I have a confession. I gave you a trick candle. It isn’t meant to stay lit. The true test was in how far you would go for the love of my daughter. You thought outside of the box, which you must always do when it comes to marriage. You were willing to stay up all night, sometimes an argument doesn’t end when we’re tired. You also used up every last means you had until there was nothing left to keep the candle lit, and you still didn’t walk away. You don’t give up. That tells me you’ll be in this relationship  until you take your last breath.”

Clara and Bill married a year later. We can’t be sure if the father used a trick candle, but one thing is for sure. They were married for fifty years until she passed away.

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Before she reached the door, he was upon her, dragging her back against his wide, linebacker chest. She swore she could feel the heavy beating of his heart in her shoulders, but maybe it was a combination of both of theirs. He snaked a hand around her waist, flattened his palm against her stomach and pressed her against him. She could feel the lean, muscular solid line of his body, but the thick bulge pushing into her bottom made her womb spasm and her clit throb. She couldn’t fall victim to his passion again, but she wasn’t sure she could resist the temptation.

“You need taken care of, bella,” he whispered next to her ear. “The dark circles under your eyes tell me you don’t sleep, never had. You’re too skinny. Your hair, although smelling like Georgia peaches, needs cut. Your fingernails are broken and the polish chipped. You’re not asking for the money to grab a pedicure and a new wardrobe.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled them back from her neck. His breath was warm against her skin and tingles shot through her body, nestling like beads of heat in her core. Oh, she could easily let her body go, ease back into him and allow human nature to take its natural progression. “Tell me, sweetheart. Why?”

“I told you, I can’t tell you why I need the money,” she whimpered, wishing her pussy would stop pulsating.

“No. Why did you not come back?” He inhaled deeply and he dropped his hand to her breast, gently squeezing.

She gasped and her knees weakened. She had no choice but to lean into him. Her voice wouldn’t work.

“I took care of your every need.” The hand he had on her stomach slid downward, slowly, lower on her thigh. She barely registered that he tugged the hem of her skirt higher until she felt his touch on her quivering inner thigh. Her heart raced and goosebumps scattered her flesh. “I would have continued to take care of you.” His long fingers were at the elastic of her panties and he slid the material aside, gliding his warm fingers along the seam of her body. “Still groomed and soft like the wings of a butterfly. I’ve sucked your quivering, juicy flesh until you begged me to fuck you hard. A man can never forget such a thing. Never would I want to.”

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4 thoughts on “Book worthy–Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Teresa Forduce

    awesome story


  2. Angie M

    What a beautiful love story! Thanks to you both for sharing it!


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