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He did that?Free book–Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, y’all! Here in Ohio we’re having a heatwave. Yes, I’m serious. Yesterday, the temp rose to 70, and today…well…I walked outside  in my short sleeves (and you know I’m cold-blooded). Crazy, huh? Of course, I’m anticipating Mother Nature dumping a monumental-sized amount of snow right on our heads any day now. That’ll teach us.

One of my closest friends is single, has been since she and her husband divorced a while back. She decided to jump into the dating scene again and it’s a scary world. Not all of her dates have been terrible, but a few have been worthy of a comedy. Last week, she called me and said, “I think I’ve just had the most awkward date ever.” Here’s what happened…

She was set up on a blind date with Ted (not his real name). They met at a restaurant and had a fairly decent time, and then he tells my friend, “I have a condition where I don’t like to be touched. So, no hugs at the end of the evening, please.” She searched his expression for any signs of humor and couldn’t quite gather whether he was teasing or not.

The next phase of their date was the movie theater. They had gotten there early and had over an hour to spare. Ted told her he’d be back in a few minutes and he left. She stood in the lobby in her heels for almost fifteen minutes and she was wondering if Ted had simply left. Thirsty and tired, she decided to stay because she wanted to see the movie. She ordered a drink, reached for her card  and the girl at the counter told  her the machine was down and could only take cash.

No drink. No sign of Ted. But at least the movie was about to start.

And then Ted reappeared, carrying a shopping bag in one hand and a drink in the other. Apparently, Ted doesn’t like waiting in crowds so he’d decided to do some shopping for a shirt and grab himself a drink. How do you think my friend responded…?

Now, let’s talk smut.

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Welcome to Nirvana–your wish is a cowboy’s command

Exhausted with carrying around the weight of a damaged past, Cara is ready to take the ultimate step in finding her old self, before she met and married her evil husband. She needs to get away from the small town where rumors are spinning and people know her. When she visits Nirvana Ranch, an R&R, she realizes life isn’t as bleak as she thought.

Ben is missing something. He doesn’t feel the excitement he once did as a ranch hand at Nirvana, until he meets a guest that turns his world upside down. He has a connection with her that he can’t brush off or deny. Getting to know her breaks every rule in his book, but he is willing to take the risk.

Cara didn’t expect her life to change the moment sexy and rugged Ben walks in. Parts of her are flaming hot for cowboy, and she has an opportunity to break the rules, something her husband never allowed. Ben triggers her every fantasy and every desire. She’s on the ride of her life and it doesn’t require a saddle.
What started as a strong urge to take Cara to a new level of passion becomes much, much more for Ben. Cara’s touch destroys the boundaries he’d built—exposing a secret of his own, a past of heartache and guilt.

Warning: Read at your own risk of falling for a cowboy.

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Cowboy Paradise

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Welcome to Nirvana. Your wish is a cowboy’s command.

Not getting any younger and wanting to leave her cheating ex-husband in the past, Moon Novak decides she wants a child, even if she must do it alone. Well…as alone as Mother Nature will allow her.

She’s lacking a key factor—a man.

Dr. Cam Parker isn’t quite ready to jump into the saddle after losing his wife to cancer, but he isn’t against getting his feet wet with the stunning, brazen cowgirl ranch hand at Nirvana.

What he didn’t expect is to become a perfect cowboy daddy. Or that he would fall for the raven-haired beauty.

Nirvana Ranch is steamier than ever. There’s lust between the sheets. Secrets. Conflict. Hot cowboys. And a maniac on the loose who wields a deadly club and has a taste for revenge.


A thought struck her like a slap to the back of the head. If she got pregnant soon, she could say buh-bye to any sexual pleasure that didn’t require batteries for the next year, or two, maybe even three. Her parents had told her that their sex life had been put on the back burner until she went away to college. Eighteen years was a long dry spell.

Moon gulped and her chest tightened. Maybe she needed to rethink this whole plan. Not the insemination, that she was sure of, but the idea of not making sex a top priority. This could be her one and only chance before she concentrated on a baby.

She mentally shook herself. She might be surrounded by some of the best looking cowboys in Wyoming, but when they looked at her they didn’t see breasts, soft curves and vagina. They saw ‘one of the guys’. Sure, she didn’t help the situation any. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten dolled up or applied makeup—or spritzed herself with her favorite perfume. She found herself reaching for the cotton granny panties in her drawer more often than the lacy, satin lingerie she used to love to wear for Art. Wedgies and working the land didn’t mix. These days, it was all about flannel and jeans, ponytails and Bag Balm. She’d always been a tomboy, loved getting her hands dirty, but she enjoyed being a lady too, feeling wanted and desired. Enjoyed driving a man wild between the sheets.

Since walking in on Art fucking Tracey, a lot had changed. The sight of him and her sprawled across the couch, grunting and thrusting, was tattooed on the back of her eyelids. It wasn’t the pain of his cheating that left her cold now. The fact that her life had been thrown for a loop left her bitter. She needed to take a plunging step forward, and that’s what having a baby would do for her. Push her onto the next rung of the ladder.

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Baby, it’s cold…Rhonda Lee Carver

Winter is officially here. I dislike the cold weather. And you see, I didn’t say “I dislike winter.” There are many things I love. The snow is beautiful. Sledding. Fires in the fireplace. Candles lit on the mantel. Boots (oh how I love boots). When it’s snowing, a lot, and you’re outside, listen to everything around you. That’s right, there’s not much to hear. The snow is similar to being in a sound-proof room.

Okay, I know y’all are expecting ‘smut’, but it’s Christmas time. I want to talk traditions. My family and I have several that I look forward to, even more than opening presents. We all gather in the car with our hot chocolates, listening to holiday music and go Christmas-lights cruising. Honestly, it’s not just for the light show. During this time I get all of my kids together in one spot and we’re not all racing around and phones are off limits. We actually talk.

Then there’s the tradition of our shopping adventures. This is fairly new because just over the last few years my kids have started enjoying shopping and buying for others. This year we visited Barnes & Noble and stayed entirely too long. I couldn’t complain. My kids could live surrounded by books. That makes me one proud momma. Then we walked around Easton and looked at all of the lights set up around the marketplace. Salivated over all of the expensive shops. Good thing our fingers and toes were freezing off and cut our trip short or we would have walked away without a dime to our names.

One of my favorite traditions is the ‘sharing’. Now that my kids are old enough, we each write a letter, a poem, story, or draw a picture that reflects on what we’re grateful for. Last year, my youngest gave me a small tree and attached to it were scraps of paper. Each piece held a small note describing something positive, like “You’re beautiful” “I love you” “You’re the best mom in the world”. Each day I was to read one note. Let me tell you folks, best present ever! This year, my oldest daughter wrote me a letter. She mailed it from school and when I received it I was surprised. In it she wrote how much she loved me, how grateful she was that I help her as much as I do and that she probably will never be able to show me how much she appreciates me. I cried. And cried more. It will go down as also being the best present ever!

Do you have any holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about them.

Okay, I need to sell some books 🙂

Here is my recent release…

HIS WEEKEND WIFE (The KNIGHT Brothers, Book 2)


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As a girl, Ash James wanted a knight in shining armor to carry her away and together they would live happily-ever-after.

And then she grew up and waiting tables at a greasy diner blemished her fairy tales.

Her idea of a perfect prince matured and she had an appetite for alpha: sexy, muscled and scintillating. Declan Knight was everything she wanted—everything she found mysterious. When he walked—no, strutted—into her life she was ready to throw uncertainty, and her apron, out the window.

Her knight put a ring on her finger and whisked her away to the ‘castle’ where she settled in nicely, until she soon realized every prince can turn into a toad. Before long she was back wearing a faded uniform, living on tips and scrimping to get by. And keeping her sister out of trouble. Sometimes deadly trouble.

Fate has a plan and her name is Angelina Knight. How will Declan’s late sister play the role of fairy godmother? How will Declan save Ash from someone who is out to harm her?

Will Ash see that sometimes a toad just needs a kiss…a touch…and endless nights of passion to turn him back into a prince?

Also, my newest cowboy of Nirvana, A Perfect Cowboy Daddy (Book 7), will be released in January. You can pre-order it now!

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Welcome to Nirvana. Your wish is a cowboy’s command.

Not getting any younger and wanting to leave her cheating ex-husband in the past, Moon Novak decides she wants a child, even if she must do it alone. Well…as alone as Mother Nature will allow her.

She’s lacking a key factor—a man.

Dr. Cam Parker isn’t quite ready to jump into the saddle after losing his wife to cancer, but he isn’t against getting his feet wet with the stunning, brazen cowgirl ranch hand at Nirvana.

What he didn’t expect is to become a perfect cowboy daddy. Or that he would fall for the raven-haired beauty.

Nirvana Ranch is steamier than ever. There’s lust between the sheets. Secrets. Conflict. Hot cowboys. And a maniac on the loose who wields a deadly club and has a taste for revenge.









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Book worthy–Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, y’all. Rhonda Lee Carver here!

Several days ago I stopped at a friend’s house to drop off a pan of lasagna I made for her and her family. Her father, Bill, has recently moved in with her because he has  Alzheimer’s Disease. I sat down with him and talked.”I have a story that you should write about.” he said. Now, I’m going to throw this out there…if I had a dime for every time I’ve been told this I’d be in Bora Bora enjoying the ocean drinking a Mai Tai. However, when a seventy-year old tells you this, it’s wise to sit up and listen. So I did. And this is the story he told me, and I think it’s book-worthy.

He was fifteen when he met the love of his life, Clara. He was from the poor side of town and her family was wealthy. Yet, as he said, “Love doesn’t see dollar signs”. Her parents, a strict attorney and a stay-at-home mom, disliked him from the beginning. They warned Clara that if she didn’t stop seeing Bill they’d send her away to an aunt’s house for the summer. But love was strong…

When the strict father realized his narrow tactics weren’t working, he decided to try something different. He invited Bill for dinner and by the end of the day, they were out on the porch talking. Clara’s father said, “If you really want to see my daughter, then you must pass the test.” This ‘test’ consisted of keeping a candle lit from midnight to sunrise. Bill agreed. He sat outside on the porch, with a lit candle, knowing if the flame died, so would his chances with Clara. He refused to allow that to happen.

Some time later, the flame had gone out. Bill freaked out. He was willing to do whatever it took to get the candle lit again. He walked across town in a storm, in the middle of the night, to his house where he grabbed a full book of matches. He made it back to Clara’s farm, lit the candle…over and over again. Sunrise was nearing and he had one match left, but because it had rained most of the night it was damp. The candle’s flame died and that one match didn’t work. So, when the sun came up, the candle was out.

Saddened, Bill faced Clara’s father, expecting the worst. “The flame went out,” Bill confessed.

“Where did you get the matches?”

“I walked home and came back. I stayed up all night. I used every match I had, but in the end it didn’t work.”

The father said, “Son, I have a confession. I gave you a trick candle. It isn’t meant to stay lit. The true test was in how far you would go for the love of my daughter. You thought outside of the box, which you must always do when it comes to marriage. You were willing to stay up all night, sometimes an argument doesn’t end when we’re tired. You also used up every last means you had until there was nothing left to keep the candle lit, and you still didn’t walk away. You don’t give up. That tells me you’ll be in this relationship  until you take your last breath.”

Clara and Bill married a year later. We can’t be sure if the father used a trick candle, but one thing is for sure. They were married for fifty years until she passed away.

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Before she reached the door, he was upon her, dragging her back against his wide, linebacker chest. She swore she could feel the heavy beating of his heart in her shoulders, but maybe it was a combination of both of theirs. He snaked a hand around her waist, flattened his palm against her stomach and pressed her against him. She could feel the lean, muscular solid line of his body, but the thick bulge pushing into her bottom made her womb spasm and her clit throb. She couldn’t fall victim to his passion again, but she wasn’t sure she could resist the temptation.

“You need taken care of, bella,” he whispered next to her ear. “The dark circles under your eyes tell me you don’t sleep, never had. You’re too skinny. Your hair, although smelling like Georgia peaches, needs cut. Your fingernails are broken and the polish chipped. You’re not asking for the money to grab a pedicure and a new wardrobe.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled them back from her neck. His breath was warm against her skin and tingles shot through her body, nestling like beads of heat in her core. Oh, she could easily let her body go, ease back into him and allow human nature to take its natural progression. “Tell me, sweetheart. Why?”

“I told you, I can’t tell you why I need the money,” she whimpered, wishing her pussy would stop pulsating.

“No. Why did you not come back?” He inhaled deeply and he dropped his hand to her breast, gently squeezing.

She gasped and her knees weakened. She had no choice but to lean into him. Her voice wouldn’t work.

“I took care of your every need.” The hand he had on her stomach slid downward, slowly, lower on her thigh. She barely registered that he tugged the hem of her skirt higher until she felt his touch on her quivering inner thigh. Her heart raced and goosebumps scattered her flesh. “I would have continued to take care of you.” His long fingers were at the elastic of her panties and he slid the material aside, gliding his warm fingers along the seam of her body. “Still groomed and soft like the wings of a butterfly. I’ve sucked your quivering, juicy flesh until you begged me to fuck you hard. A man can never forget such a thing. Never would I want to.”

And if you love a sexy cowboy…

A Perfect Cowboy Daddy (Cowboys of Nirvana Book 7) is up for pre-order!

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Releasing 1.17.17! Start your new year off right with a Nirvana cowboy!

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Thou shalt be merry…or else. By Alice Gaines

Call me Ebenezer.  The “holiday” season is not my favorite time of the year, and I suspect I’m not alone.  First of all, many of us simply don’t do well with short days.  We need sunlight to keep our spirits high.  (I swear if I were rich I’d have a house in the northern AND southern hemispheres so I could follow the sun.)  Then again, some of us have experienced loss around the holidays, and we just don’t feel like being merry.  Couple that with the conviction everyone else is having a glorious time and we should, too, whether we want to or not, and this time of year becomes a real bummer.

Having said all of the above, it’s still the case that I’m about the worst Pollyanna you’ll ever meet.  Happiness is my natural state.  So, this year, I thought I’d list a few small things that can bring a smile to my face and get me to singing to myself.

Number 1, and this one is truly simply.  Happiness is walking on the treadmill at the gym when an old Marvin Gaye song comes on my Pandora.  (For me, happiness is being at the gym, but I don’t expect I can make you feel the same way.)  So, here’s this wonderful music, and right in the middle of a song I’ve heard hundreds of time, some lyrics jump out at me:

“As long as you’re moving, there’s always a chance somebody watching might want to make romance.”

Is that lovely and profound, or what?  (Hint:  “what” is not the correct answer.)

Number 2.  Looking in the freezer for something else and finding pesto I’ve made over the summer.  Pesto tastes like summer.  It just does.  Furthermore, I make it from the basil I grow in my back yard.  Then, I package it in individual servings so when the weather is bleak and cold, I can put it on pasta and smile.  Occasionally, I forget about one of the bags of pesto servings, so when I discover it by chance, I’m a happy camper.  More on pasta…

Number 3.  Playing with my food.  I had an event cancel the other day and found myself with a couple of free hours.  I decided to make some pasta dough and play with shapes.  For an hour or so, I did my best imitation of orecchiette, which is Italian for little ears.  Here’s how they came out.


I’m sure an Italian nonna would laugh at my primitive attempts, but I had fun.  I imagine children would enjoy playing with shapes and then eating their creations.  BTW, here’s a simple pasta recipe for a food processor.  Put 1 cup flour and 1 tsp salt in the food processor.  With the motor running, add one egg.  Then add water in drops until the dough forms a ball on top of the blade.  Remove from processor and knead with more flour until the dough is no longer sticky.  Let the dough rest for 10 minutes, and then play.

Number 4.  Orchid bud!  I recently ordered a couple of mini-cattleya orchids from the wonderful folks at Carter and Holmes.  When they arrived, one of them already had a bud on it.  It’ll flower soon.


This picture is really fuzzy, but I imagine you can pick out the little bud.  Instant happiness, and lest you think I spent a lot of money, the plant cost under $20, including shipping.


So, when the holidays don’t live up to their publicity, remember they go away on their own on January 2.  You can’t say the same about car repairs or problems with the IRS.  Make your own happiness.  And in a while you’ll be rewarded by one of life’s greatest joys…seed catalogs.

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