Another new release by Alice Gaines

New from Changeling Press:  Earth Con, Mated


For the sake of her people, Princess Meriane must mate with an Earth man to bring more diversity into the gene pool. When she’s conceived a child, her mate will join the other males in the men’s colony. In this way, her culture has perpetuated itself in peace for generations after banning the hated Triani from their midst. Finding a proper bed partner shouldn’t be hard at Earth Con, should it?

Zarim has been sent to Earth Con to masquerade as an Earther in order to worm his way into Meriane’s bed and her heart. When he finds himself falling in love with the virginal but feisty princess, he has to discover a method to make peace between their peoples. Unfortunately, his very identity makes him an outcast on her planet.

Read an excerpt (not work safe).  At the bottom, you’ll see what I’m raffling off to someone on my newsletter list.

Before Meriane could change her mind, she dropped the blanket to the floor and stripped out of her underclothing.  Now naked, she grasped the shower curtain and pulled it back far enough for her to climb in.

“Welcome, Princess,” Zarim said.  “Let me wash your back.”

The water was, indeed, heavenly.  She let it run all over her body, the spray little pinpricks of pleasure.  True to his word, he lathered his hands and spread them over her shoulders and massaged the muscles.  With a sigh, she tipped her head to the side to give him better access.

“That’s it,” he said.  “Feel good?”

“My yes.”

“I can make you feel even better if you let me touch you all over.”

“I’m not sure I should.”  Yes, yes, yes.

“I won’t do anything your committee needs to hear about,” he said.  “You’ll still be a virgin.”

“You promise?”

“I haven’t lied to you yet, have I?”

Logical.  Granted, he hadn’t told her anything about himself, so he hadn’t had an opportunity to lie, but maybe that was being picky.  He could have taken advantage of her the night before and hadn’t.  He’d only helped her.

“I’d like that,” she said.

“Believe me, so would I.”  He tugged her back against him.  He must have lost his erection, or she’d feel it against her backside now.  He couldn’t take her virginity without one, so he had to be telling her the truth.  Now he wrapped his arms around her and lathered his hands in front of her.  After setting the soap aside, he cupped her breasts and worked the flesh with strong fingers.  Oh my, he’d been right about making her feel good.  She seemed to swell to fill his palms, and her nipples stiffened.  When he circled the peaks with his thumbs, something surged inside her.  The same excitement she’d felt since the beginning in his presence, but so much more intense.  For a moment, she forgot to breathe, and she had to work for air.  Other parts of her body responded as well, especially between her legs.  He hadn’t touched her there, but the sensitive flesh craved him, nevertheless.  This was dangerous and delicious, and she’d let him do exactly what he wanted.

Again, he soaped his hands.  This time, he wrapped an arm firmly around her, still cupping one breast.  Then he ran a palm over her belly toward her sex.

As if he knew about the ache between her thighs, his fingers went directly there, into the hairs covering her sex.  She shouldn’t let him touch her there.  It was forbidden territory except for her mate.  But she’d already granted him so much, and no one would know what happened in this place so far away from Phaena.  And he’d created such a need inside her.  Such a craving that if he didn’t do something to ease the throbbing she’d have to do it herself.

When he parted the lips there, he took away any power to tell him to stop.  She’d already consented by allowing him to go this far, and his touch felt so blessed good.

Then he found the exact spot — the little organ at the very center of her existence.  When he rubbed it, she whimpered and leaned back against him.

His arm still supported her, or she would have fallen.  She was melting from the inside out, her bones pliant.  All her concentration was focused on that one place.  As he rubbed and stroked it, she had to struggle for breath.  Yes, she’d touched herself before and understood the resulting pleasure.  This was so far out of her experience as to create a new world of sensation.

“You’re going to come for me, Princess,” he whispered into her ear.  Something else registered, too.  He’d grown hard again, and the length of his shaft pressed against her buttocks.  If they were to mate, he’d put the thing inside her.  Until that moment, she’d never understood how her body could accept something so large.  Now her sex commanded it.  Could he take her right here in the shower?  What position would work?

“Your sweet pussy is so wet,” he said.  Now he stroked the inside of the lips, and they swelled and grew heavy.  She was indeed moist, and not just from the shower still pelting her front.  Each stroke of his fingers drew more from her, and each time he landed on her clitoris, she rushed closer to completion and transformation.

“I want to hear you sing,” he said as he continued pressing her secret spot.  The storm built and built inside her.  She’d already given up on rational thought and even her other senses.  Nothing existed except the pressure against her most sensitive flesh.  She could only rest against him and let him finish what he’d started.  Any moment now.  Please, please…

Then the bonds holding her to reality snapped, and she soared into orgasm.  For a moment, it crushed the breath from her, and then she was crying out as her sex clenched and released rhythmically.  Unbelievable, although she couldn’t deny the voice bounding off the tiles was hers.  Nothing had ever felt like that.  She wouldn’t have believed it possible if anyone had told her she could respond so forcefully.

Eventually, it ended, and she remained cradled against his body as a sweet lethargy settled over her.

I’ll be raffling off this cowl to someone on my newsletter list.  To join the list, visit my blog at http://www.alicegaines.blogspot.comsmallponcho


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