Erotica, steamy, hot and sensual… author R.M.Simone’

  What TURNS YOU ON?   Is it sexual encounters of meet one time and never see again that liberates the sexual excitement and unknown parts of yourself going PRIMAL?   Feral love making is intense, basic needs and holds nothing back.

On the OTHER Hand…do you hope for a Relationship after a ONE NIGHT STAND that could be a forever more ‘keeper’?

Is CHEATING what set it in motion and now you are stuck with never having this the WAY you really wanted it to become?

What motivates you to go into a BOOK that is about EROTICA with steamy pages as you turn them with bated breath?   FANTASY…pure and simple and it’s all in the MIND.  Well, it’s also SAFE this way and allows you to explore all kinds of forbidden sexual encounters that will leave your panties ‘wet’ and you breathing heavy.   This is WHY WE WRITE EROTICA and let our Deeper Fantasies play out for you the reader to enjoy and yes, be TURNED ON BY.

As an author, I SMILE…

Deliciously so and warmly erotically writing on R.M.Simone’

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy and arcs   TANTRA takes Erotica writing to a whole new level

GUISE’ a Menage A Trois trilogy.  Can BUSINESS and Sexual Attraction work out? Blurred Lines and Career Pathway meeting.

GOTHIC GATES series is Alchemy in motion and True love transforming one into maybe becoming Immortal?

BBW His Kisses is about a vampire drawing her in her dreams to him in Paris and two simple erotica words.  “NIPPLE PLAY”

JUST a few titles of R.M.Simone’s and Erotica books…

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