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New Cover–Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi, y’all. Rhonda Lee Carver here.

I want to show off my new cover for His Weekend Wife (The Knight Brothers, Book 2).


Unedited excerpt:

“Yes, I think I’d like to.” A wave of warmth came over her, burning her cheeks. She would have turned to run if her sister’s image didn’t pop up in her brain as a reminder why she was doing this in the first place. She started to place the purse on the table, but he took it from her and their fingers brushed. Unprepared for the sudden onset of scorching heat spiraling through her body, she jerked, dropping the purse to the floor. The latch popped open and the contents spilled out around her feet, a tube of lipstick rolled one way while a tampon rolled the opposite direction. Instantly, she went to her hands and knees, gathering her items and shoving them back into the handbag.

“I see you’re always equipped for the unexpected.”

His husky voice brought her chin up and they came face-to-face. My God, he’s a beautiful man. Taken by his pensive gaze, it took her a good five seconds to realize he had her extra panties dangling from his forefinger, an amused smile lifting the corner of his perfect mouth.

“Thank you.” She practically tore the lace from his finger and quickly deposited them back in the case. “One never knows when they might need an extra pair.”

“Were you planning on spending the night?” His laughing eyes drilled into her, seeping honey straight into her bloodstream.

“No, of course not.” Latching the purse closed, she stood, trying not to think too hard on the fact that he’d held her intimate garment in his hand and the pair of panties she had on were turning moist. She knew without a doubt that he worked fast in turning her inside out, but she wasn’t the type to move much faster than a turtle when it came to sex. The very reason why they waited until after marriage before they made love. She’d wanted special, and that was exactly what he’d given her. And probably why she hadn’t gotten anywhere close to allowing another man to touch her in a sexual way. Once a woman has known a distinctive emotion, that certain feeling that spins magic from her roots to her toes, she couldn’t imagine it happening a second time in a lifetime with another man.

Watch for it releasing soon!

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Don’t Judge – Anna Lund

Have we always been so judgmental? Or is it just social media that has brought it out into the open? I see so many posts of Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc. Even overheard conversations:

“I don’t know how anyone would want to read about BDSM. Or be aroused by spanking. Or think about male/male. Or imagine age play. Etc. Etc. Etc.” Underneath these statements slithers a thread of judgement which really means, “I think there’s something wrong with that. Wrong with a person who thinks that. Feels like that. Fantasizes like that.”

I’m sure that some of the things arousing to me would turn other people off immediately.  And vice versa. To each his own, as the saying goes. I don’t happen to like mushrooms but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with those who do.

And honestly, I don’t know if we really have control over our fantasies. The same things turn me on now that did from when I was old enough to have fantasies. And for a long time I thought I was alone in those fantasies, and I did think there was something wrong with me. I’m so grateful for erotic romance because I discovered that other people had all sorts of arousing fantasies too, and I could read about them and I could write about them. And I knew it was all right.

So I would never judge anyone else for their fantasies.I write spanking romances because I think they’re fun. And they turn me on. I don’t happen to care for age-play, but that’s okay.Lots of people do. I just leave those books to the ones who do.So why does judging have to come into it?

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here on this blog. Our readers are a pretty open-minded bunch. Do the people shooting off those snarky comments do it on purpose, or do they not even think about it?

Just the rambling thoughts I had on my walk this morning…




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Karma pooping bird! Rhonda Lee Carver

Summer is on its way out the door.

To get in one last walk before the leaves are gone and there’s a distinct chill to the air, my dog and I took off for the park. While we were there we sat down on a bench and watched the ducks being fed by the pond. Along comes a mother with her two young children, a preschooler boy and an infant in a stroller. They were strolling along and the boy was dropping pieces of bread in his path and the ducks were happily grabbing them as fast as they were given. Then the bread ran out…

The boy was still being followed by the relentless ducks. Without bread he must have felt threatened. Or cornered. Or just simply tired of entertaining them.

He picks up a handful of rocks and begins tossing them at the ducks’ heads. The mother told him to stop, but she was preoccupied with the baby who was crying. The boy continued to use the ducks as target practice with bigger rocks, and then came the kicking.

Suddenly, a loud squawking sound was heard and the boy stopped and frowned. From where I sat the ooey, blue/purplish wetness could be seen splattered on his head. He started screaming, “A bird pooped on my head.”

No, I didn’t laugh, but I wonder where I can get one of those karma pooping birds?

Have you grabbed your copy of Roman’s Choice yet?


This is what reviewers are saying…

“This book was rocking!!! If you are a fan of cowboys, girls with attitude who know how to put their man in his place, and Vegas, then what are you waiting for????? Grab this book up and find out how these things come together to grab your heart and steal your soul!!! Its beauty wrapped in words!!!”

“I have never read a book by Rhonda that has disappointed me and this one was possibly the best one yet! I absolutely loved this story and couldn’t put it down. My day job sure got in the way of my reading!! Pippa and Roman’s story was a love at first site and was amazingly written. I loved how the story showed their love developing and how they grew together!

I CANNOT wait to the other brother’s stories come out! I have a feeling this series might end up being my favorite!! Write faster Rhonda!!!”

“This is such an amazing story. Roman and his brothers are so funny, and Pippa and Brie were so cute with their “makeovers”!! I couldn’t stop laughing at the line: “Sweetheart, it looks like a makeup bag vomited on your face.” Roman and Pippa meet in Vegas and it is immediate attraction. Hot, mind blowing sex and a semi drunk wedding proposal and marriage in a chapel with Elvis. Catch your attention yet? You know the saying: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, I promise you that this time it doesn’t. This is going to be a great new series by Rhonda. Lots of laughs, lots of hot steamy sex, and a few tears. I can’t to read more of Roman’s brothers.”

Buy here!

“But your dressed the part. That’s a plus.” He skimmed his gaze over her, stopping at her aching breasts and staying even longer at the apex of her thighs before he lifted his curious gaze back to hers.

“These old things?” She tugged at the jeans and gave the toe of her polished boot a kick across the planks of the porch. “I just had this laying around in my closet.”

“I doubt that’s true, but I’m not complaining. I always love when a woman wears her thoughts on her T-shirt. What does this one say?”

She slipped off her flannel and tied it at her waist, showing off the tank she wore underneath. “Free hugs. Can’t beat ‘em.”

“I’d take the offering, but I have a feeling I might want to hear what you have to say first.”

“This might take a while, cowboy. Do you invite girls into your home?”

“Safety first. Can you be trusted?” He lifted a teasing brow.

“Honestly, it depends on the boy. One as sexy as you I might just misbehave.”

He pulled open the screen door and motioned her in. “Then by all means.” His smile was trophy-worthy.

She had one foot over the threshold when he caught her by the shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. He leaned in, bringing his wide chest so close to her nipples that his heat was like a magnet, making the buds swell and throb. His spicy scent swirled around her nostrils, teasing her, intoxicating her. Would he kiss her? Oh how she hoped he would.

He plucked something from her hair and held it out for her view. “A piece of straw. You’re turning into a country girl.” He laughed, causing her libido to stir like a witch’s brew.

“I’ve been called far worse, trust me.” She continued into the foyer where the AC was cranked up. The cool air made her nipples tighten. She must not have worn a thick enough bra because his interested gaze settled on her breasts and she swore she saw “Can I lick” written on his irises. She’d almost be willing to pull her shirt off, right here and now, just to have his hands on her.

He pulled his eyes to her face and she saw his jaw tighten.

She took a step back, then turned on her heel, standing in the doorway to the living room and taking in the décor. Bare white walls. A dark leather couch, matching chair, and a beige area rug that covered the polished wooden floor. The curtains on the large window were open to allow the sliver of light remaining in the day to flow in. It was nice, but functional.

“I see you shop at Bachelors-R-Us,” she teased.

He laughed. “I own half the stock.”

She scrolled to the fireplace where the only touch of personality was in a row of framed pictures. The first one was of five teen boys, all disheveled haired, thin bodies and smiles, some showing off braces. They looked so similar they had to be brothers.

“My brothers.” He must have read her mind. “Back when we were kids.”

“The similarity is unmistakable.” She found him standing in the middle of the room, deep dimples bracketing that gorgeous smile.

“Know which is me?”

She scanned the young men in the reflection and pointed to the one on the end. His hair was long, touching his ears and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. He certainly had grown and widened in many areas. She smiled at the thought.

“Very good,” he said.

The next picture was of an older couple. Roman had the man’s facial features and the woman’s eyes. “This your mom and dad?”


“Have you told them they have a daughter-in-law?” She laughed.

“They’re both gone.”

She shot him an apologetic look over her shoulder, her throat constricting at her error. “I’m sorry, Roman.”





Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers






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New release by Alice Gaines


New release from Entangled Lovestruck.  Just One Week.  Out September 12.

“Alice Gaines will tantalize your romance taste buds with a book you can’t put down until the very last page.” NYT bestselling author Jasmine Haynes

Her brother’s best friend is not only the hottest man Michelle Dennis has ever seen, he’s the one man she hopes to avoid after leaving town eight years ago. Of course he’s the one waiting at the airport. Worse, he made sure they’re staying in the same house.

Pro football player Alex Stafford is expecting to pick up his friend’s kid sister, not a full-fledged bombshell. He was planning to apologize for their past, but the feelings he had years ago come roaring back…and this time, there’s no denying them.

Keeping his hands off is a test he’s bound to fail—especially when they’re stuck in close quarters. But falling in love with Michelle, living in her world, isn’t an option for a guy like him. And remembering that will save them both a lot of heartache…

Read below for an x-rated excerpt:  (Not work safe)

Michelle awoke from an incredibly erotic dream to discover the reason she’d become so hot and bothered. In her dreamscape, the man making love to her had Alex’s face and an incredibly huge erection. Something she’d never be able to enjoy in reality, but for sleep-induced fantasy, it worked just fine.

The actual cause of her arousal became clear as consciousness dawned. Alex had reached around her, and his fingers had parted the lips of her sex. One now toyed with her using the same amazing technique he’d done with his tongue the night before.

“What are you doing?” she said, her voice breathy with sexual excitement.

“Thought that would get your attention,” he answered.

Another reality penetrated the fog in her brain. He’d become erect, the outline of his hardness pressed against her ass. The texture of latex against her skin told her he’d managed to put on a condom without waking her.

He was going to give her sleepy sex—the kind you simply enjoyed and didn’t worry about your own response or your partner’s. Just for the hell of it, she let her mind drift back to her dream, and she was taking that huge instrument inside her and it was pushing her closer and closer to climax.

Just when things couldn’t get any more heavenly, he shifted, lifting her leg up and over his and positioning himself to enter her. Spread wide like this, she felt impaled on him as he filled her completely. Now, she had him stretching her while his fingers continued his magic on her most sensitive flesh.

Pleasure so absolute she couldn’t bear it, and yet it got even better as he moved inside her. If she’d thought the night before had been a fluke, she had to admit now that Alex could make her body respond in ways she’d never imagined. And she selfishly took all he was giving her with no thought to satisfying him. She’d pay him back. Oh yes, she would.

He was driving faster now, and he rubbed harder. As the arousal built to unimaginable levels, she gave in to the inevitable. The orgasm rushed through her, starting at the spot between her legs and radiating out to encompass her entire being. She shouted as the spasms started, and she gripped him again and again. So intense. So beautiful.

Behind her, he stiffened, and he let out a muffled roar against her shoulder. He’d be coming, too, making her climax all the more powerful.

After a minute, they lay together, both working for breath. He still held her against him as if he’d found a treasure.

“Morning, sunshine,” he said finally.

“You sure know how to wake a girl up.”

“Not just any girl. You.”

To celebrate the release, I’ll be raffling off this pair of hand-crocheted stole to someone on my mailing list.   multicolorshawl To join my mailing list, go to my blog:

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Erotica, steamy, hot and sensual… author R.M.Simone’

  What TURNS YOU ON?   Is it sexual encounters of meet one time and never see again that liberates the sexual excitement and unknown parts of yourself going PRIMAL?   Feral love making is intense, basic needs and holds nothing back.

On the OTHER Hand…do you hope for a Relationship after a ONE NIGHT STAND that could be a forever more ‘keeper’?

Is CHEATING what set it in motion and now you are stuck with never having this the WAY you really wanted it to become?

What motivates you to go into a BOOK that is about EROTICA with steamy pages as you turn them with bated breath?   FANTASY…pure and simple and it’s all in the MIND.  Well, it’s also SAFE this way and allows you to explore all kinds of forbidden sexual encounters that will leave your panties ‘wet’ and you breathing heavy.   This is WHY WE WRITE EROTICA and let our Deeper Fantasies play out for you the reader to enjoy and yes, be TURNED ON BY.

As an author, I SMILE…

Deliciously so and warmly erotically writing on R.M.Simone’

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy and arcs   TANTRA takes Erotica writing to a whole new level

GUISE’ a Menage A Trois trilogy.  Can BUSINESS and Sexual Attraction work out? Blurred Lines and Career Pathway meeting.

GOTHIC GATES series is Alchemy in motion and True love transforming one into maybe becoming Immortal?

BBW His Kisses is about a vampire drawing her in her dreams to him in Paris and two simple erotica words.  “NIPPLE PLAY”

JUST a few titles of R.M.Simone’s and Erotica books…

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Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’ — The Owl Lady

BOOK V Saga Kismet love story and novels. How much does love PAIN when it happens and then it is GONE?…/book-v-saga-the-k…/ BBW series is a VOYEUR journey into Black Stardust with a vampire lover waiting just for them in Paris. Scarlett signs the ladies up.…/…/ref=asap_bc… Beauty of a Man is a single novel […]

via Biting is allowed…VAMPIRE Saga and Stories by R.M.Simone’ — The Owl Lady

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