Vampires…books, looks, vibes and feelings. What is author R.M.Simone’ up to for August 2016?

Hi everyone. Author R.M.Simone…so my UPDATES NEWS
August is my MONTH TO WRITE yeahhh VAMPIRES are calling me………….indeed……..
I am going to be working with three models and actors that are here at my Starbucks and my CLUB concierge;.these three young actors that are so unique I am going to put together
Donatelli……….a vampire good knight slayer and Scotsman and Patrick is going to read and act out an EXCERPT for this BOOK on a vampire story not yet published.
A teaser… my other two budding actors i have some delicious things coming. One is with the VOYEUR story series of my BBW and the other is with the SCI FI story of DOMINATRIX
I have two Fan Fiction books i am going to turn into regular books and new names to them and LAUNCH ONE KISS and also The Forest of his Mind. a Dear friend of mine in England that does my Music for my books stay tuned on this. HE wants me to FINISH ‘VELVET’ and GIRL WITH GREEN EYES a vampire RIO story about a Jaguar born tribe of vampires in South America and a cross over species of two vampire races.
so stay tuned.
Vampires coming LOTS of good story lines..
and I am working on the other books in GUISE’ trilogy now and BBW another book to add to this series and GOTHIC GATES, more coming too
AUGUST is my month to WRITE ON
thank you everyone…Roshandra warmly writing on and sharing …
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3 thoughts on “Vampires…books, looks, vibes and feelings. What is author R.M.Simone’ up to for August 2016?

  1. Fun, fun, fun!


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    More hot fun for hot summer nights – with a bite!


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