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Rhonda Lee Carver is the bestselling author of the series Second Chance Cowboys and the Cowboys of Nirvana. She has written more than 40 books and loves writing heroes who love to get their hands dirty and heroines who readers can relate to. Rhonda sprinkles her stories with a dash of reality, a teaspoon of heartbreak. a splattering of second chances and a heaping amount of romance.

From cowboys to military to lawmen to wolves…you’ll find your reason to fall in love.

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Summer is flying and I’m knocking out cowboys–not literally–but I’ve been hitting my keyboard fast and hard. I’m excited today because The Discreet Cowboy (#6, Cowboys of Nirvana) is available now! If you pre-ordered it, you should have it in your Kindle. If you didn’t, no worries. Grab it now! I’ll have the buy links below.

This story was one of my faves to write. Dade hit the dirt off a horse and was temporarily paralyzed. Docs told him he’d never walk again, but nothin’ keep a cowboy down. After grueling, long therapy, he’s walking again–but not quite as recovered as he’s hoped. Dade also has a few secrets that might shock you, or entice you, or maybe a bit of both. Warning: He’s the youngest cowboy I’ve written and the most naive.



Here’s a snippet. Enjoy!

Starting for the hem of her shirt, she stopped. One horse moved away from the others at a slow trot.

Narrowing her eyes, she focused. Is that a man sitting on top?

She swallowed.

Dade sat in the saddle. He was far enough away that she couldn’t make out the details of his face, but she’d recognize the black hat and broad shoulders anywhere. So he traded in his wheels for hooves? Blowing out a long breath, she tapped the toe of her shoe in frustration. How had he found her? Couldn’t he take a hint? Angry that he ruined her moment of tranquility, she had half a mind to stomp across the field and tell him to go jump off a cliff—with a parachute, of course.

Telling him anything about her frustration wouldn’t work. He’d just play stupid and pretend it was only a coincidence that she saw him everywhere she went.

Well, so be it! She stomped onto the dock, the wood creaking under her feet.

She wouldn’t let him deter her from enjoying herself. In fact, she’d show him!

Dragging her tank over her head and dropping it, next came her shorts. Her nipples budded and she wanted to believe that it was caused by the cool breeze, but the moisture building between her legs couldn’t be ignored or chalked up to weather. There was something insanely erotic about standing in the open, partially naked, with a handsome stranger watching her. Yeah, he’s watching me alright. His hand came up and rubbed his jaw, and he shifted in the saddle. The horse pranced from foot to foot, then clawed at the ground. Did the mare sense Dade’s irritation…or tension?

Her core pulsated and her skin warmed. She had only meant to prove a point, but instead she’d unleashed a fiery awareness inside of her, one she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Her nipples were now bunched and pressing against the lace of her bra, craving a hand or a mouth to put out the achiness.

Not sure what had come over her, she had no choice but to follow through. A good cooling off was exactly what she needed to drench the desire. Taking a step, her knees weak and trembling, she stood at the edge of the dock, then jumped into the water with a splash.

A second later, she surfaced to the top, squealing. “Holy fuck!” The water was frigid. She hadn’t thought this idea through very well. Her bottom lip quivered, her teeth chattered, and her toes were like ice cubes as she swam to the ladder of the deck. She climbed the rungs slowly as her blood started circulating again. Dripping wet and skin scattered with goosebumps, she hurried and pulled on her clothes in record time.

Feeling somewhat human again, she remembered why she’d done the stunt in the first place.

Scanning the field where Dade had been, he was gone. Disappointment slithered through her. She skimmed the line of trees and the fence where the horses were grazing, further in the distance where a group of deer munched on foliage along the edge of the brush. She hooded her eyes with her hand to protect them from the sun, which made everything appear blurred, as she looked toward the road. She caught a tiny glimpse of him riding away. Her stomach twisted as her core tingled.

Did he think she was completely out of control?

It didn’t matter what he thought.

Yeah, it sort of did. Ridiculous.

“The secret to getting rid of the cowboy was to strip naked.” She wasn’t sure why that bothered her. Wasn’t that what she wanted?

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