Summer Breeze – Lynn Chantale

I’m fresh off vacation and still basking in the glow of graduation. Michigan is great in the summer time, but there’s nothing like Florida’s summer sunshine. A warm, sinuous embrace that welcomed me with open arms.

I’m furiously working on a sweet little menage, I hope to release at the end of July. The working title is ‘Cassie’s Birthday Wish,’ and did I mention it’s my first attempt at a cowboy story?

Here’s a bit about the book

Cassie loves loves Seth and cherishes her relationship with the sexy rancher, but her heart also yearns for, Cole, the ranch manager.

Seth has held Cassie’s heart for a very long time, and will do anything to keep her happy. But will a threesome with Cole be too much?

And here’s a snippet,

On her way to the desk, she caught a glimpse of Seth from out the window. The man was just too sexy for his own good. Rugged, lean and with a great sense of humor, he was a perfect foil to Cole’s more serious and rigid manner. She glanced at Cole from beneath her lashes. He was just as handsome, and just as lean. He kept his dark hair short. With deep set dark green eyes, full lips and a square jaw, Cole was a fantasy incarnate.  And, well, she supposed Cole had to be serious and rigid when he was in charge of the ranch. When not only his future, but her future depended on him keeping a level head.

“What are you doing?”

Cassie let the curtain drop, then  sat at her desk, reorganizing the stack of receipts and invoices. “Uh. Nothing.”

Cole flicked a glance at her, and then at the window she’d just abandoned. “Nothing has you flustered and blushing?”

Cassie looked at him, then flashed a smile. “Well, anytime you walk into the room I get all flustered and blushing.” She left her chair, closed the distance between them, then rose on tiptoe to link her arms around his neck. That much was true.

He wrapped an arm around her waist, grabbed a handful of her ample behind, and hauled her against his long hard frame. His erection pressed against her thigh and she wiggled her pelvis in an effort to bring him closer.

Cole slapped her on the ass and she yelped. “Hey. What was that for?”

He threaded his fingers through her thick mane of curly blonde hair and slowly tilted her head back as he lowered his.

“Because you’re fibbin’ to me, Cassie girl and that’s enough to make me take you over my knee.”

Desire moistened her pussy and puckered her nipples. “Did you ever think I may want you to spank me?”

Have a wonderful Hump Day and don’t forget to Indulge Your Inner Desires.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Breeze – Lynn Chantale

  1. This sounds awesome. Thank you for sharing.


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