Summer Romance by Anna Lund

Ahhh, summer romance. First loves. Young love. I always think of Sandy and Danny singing Summer Lovin’ in Grease. Or Johnny and Baby doing that lift in Dirty Dancing.

It was the kind of love you wrote about in your diary but more often than not, your life and his take different paths and you never see each other again. Over the years, you think about that bittersweet time occasionally and wonder about him. That’s what happened to Hayley in my newest release, Summer Lover. Ethan has been gone for five years and she’s learned to live without him.

Then he comes back.

Summer Lover

But Ethan’s also moved on and his life is full of responsibilities now. He’s glad to see Hayley again – but he’s only here for the weekend.


He grasped her soft shoulders and for one crazy moment he wanted to pull her into his arms and take up where they’d left off all those years ago. Wanted to taste her tempting lips and lick the fat water droplets that still clung to her smooth skin. Wanted to rub his palm over the ass she’d mooned him with. And more than almost anything he wanted to grab the edge of the towel where it was tucked between her breasts and strip it from her body.

But Ethan let go of her and stepped back, away from her soft skin, away from the ever widening puddle of water. Just because they’d had a thing going for a few summers when they were younger didn’t mean they should pick up where they’d left off.

Although at the moment, after her soft breath had caressed his face and her hands had brushed against his body, he couldn’t come up with a single reason why not.

He wasn’t staying at Barden Lake long enough to pick up anything. That was reason enough.

But of course, they can’t resist picking up where they left off:

He reached for his shorts to grab a condom out of the pocket. The fact that he’d slipped one in there this morning was proof that he’d known, or at least hoped, they’d end up like this. When his hand touched nothing but decking, he reluctantly stopped suckling her and looked around for the shorts.


Hayley opened her eyes. “What?”

“Can you reach my shorts? Somehow they ended up behind you.”

She twisted around to look for them. “Sure.” She evidently didn’t want to move from the point of delicious friction either, for she only took one hand off his shoulder and stretched behind her to reach his shorts, never stopping the pulsing of her hips as she rocked against him. She snagged them with her fingers and dangled the khaki shorts in front of him.

She cocked her head. “You need these right now?”

He raised a brow. “I need what’s in the pocket.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll get it.” It only took her a moment to find it and rip it open. “Allow me to take care of this for you.”

His cock jumped at her words. She slid back only far enough to let his erection spring free from beneath her. “Ooh, he looks eager.” She glanced up at Ethan, mischief in her eyes.

She was such a refreshing change from the serious women he’d dated in the city. He’d forgotten how much fun Hayley was. How she made him laugh when they were together. How his heart beat faster and all his senses seemed to go into overdrive just being around her.

She leaned over and placed a sloppy kiss on the head of his penis before she started to slowly roll the condom over his sensitive flesh. “Nice boy,” she crooned as she stroked it over his erection a fraction of an inch at a time. It was sweet torture. He wanted to scream at her to hurry or he’d never make it into her creamy heat, but she was having such a good time playing with him that he couldn’t help but smile.

Her fingers danced along the length of him as he felt the need swirling inside him. The pressure built with each teasing touch. Ethan closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing until she finally finished covering him.

He let out his breath with a shaky groan and grasped her by the waist. Without a word, he lifted her up and then lowered her onto his waiting shaft. It was heaven. Finally, she was surrounding him. Finally, he was buried inside her again.

Some might say that reality never matched up to a man’s dreams, but the reality of being sheathed in Hayley’s sweet body was sweeter than any dream he might have had over the past few years. Sweeter than any of his memories.

If you’re in the mood for a little summer reading, check out Summer Lover. Reviews call it hot and fun and emotional.

So did you have any summer lovers? Is there someone you look back on with fondness? Did you ever see him again?


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