Traveling in Paris and London oops my Blog Roshandra R.M.Simone’ surrounded by Vampires

Hi everyone…oops on my BLOG posting date and just been traveling and returned and catching up on my BOOK EVENTS and BOOK excerpt sharing.  So much to say and so little TIME. Lol.  First PARIS was beyond amazing and also stayed at a Chateau and did it all FIRST CLASS.  The feelings and experience I had inspired me into more writing of course.  SO let’s share this.  VAMPIRES. Oh yes, not only did I SENSE them, but in both PARIS and in LONDON I actually saw some in person.   Often when i am writing I experience DIMENSIONAL beings or characters that SPEAK to me so clearly that there is no other explanation other than they are REAL.   Other AUTHORS have had similar experiences such as HARRY POTTER and ANNE RICE to name a few book authors.

For me it is Edear VALLEN Le Toussaint Athanase’  from my BOOK V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN.  He is always very present in my psyche and touches my heart and soul when i write his story and my coming BOOK VI saga the Next GENERATION.  This is the modern times of this Athanase Mansion France family of BORN Vampire immortals.  WINTER WINE will be the next new Launch from the existing Saga and FIVE BOOKS now available.   Hope you explore this Kismet Romance and how this group of BORN Vampires came into being and the Atlantis history and the current lifetimes they are living in PARIS.

Book V three books ad

Book V

I also had the NEW Vampire CHARACTER visit me in LONDON at the Kensington area of the Palace there and at my hotel the first night.  He is a DARK Vampire and writing this REVELANT book one The Shadows opened a door into two types of harvested vampires that were used for hybrids during the dark period of ATLANTIS before her third Fall.  This vampire intrigues me as he is  trapped here on Earth for this SOJOURN and he is INDESTRUCTIBLE .   He is captured and the jailers THINK they will Break him.  Instead for the breeding program to harvest his DNA cross over to the lead female scientist of this program he turns swiftly on her and ends up  Marking her, Changing her, and Turning her into his beyond BDSM sex toy.  Oh, yes, he gets her pregnant too.   Stay TUNED this launches in a month.

vampire revelant


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