They were Summer Lovers by Anna Lund

He’s a city boy and she’d never leave her cottage on the lake. Summer Lover is a reunion romance. A spanking romance. A sexy and emotional romance, with enough smut for all our 69 Shades readers. And it’s available now!

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Ethan and Hayley were summer lovers until the year Ethan didn’t come back to the lake. Now, after a health scare, the workaholic CEO has returned for the weekend, under orders to relax. He thought the trip was going to be a waste of time until he sees Hayley again. He soon realizes she’s what’s been missing from his life.

Hayley never stopped loving Ethan. They pick up where they left off, kissing, bantering and enjoying fun spankings that lead to hot sex. But he’s a city boy and she’d never leave her cottage by the lake. Ethan has a plan that might give them both what they want – or break them up forever.

Summer Lover


Ethan dropped a kiss onto that little heart-shaped mole he still saw in his dreams. God, she was perfect. How could he have stayed away from her for so long? He gathered her beautiful, plump breasts, savoring the weight, the shape in his hands. Then he skimmed his thumbs over her nipples just to hear that catch in the back of her throat.

Hayley grasped his shoulders and leaned away, dropping her head back. “Yes, Ethan! Oh, that’s so good!”

“Is this what you want, sweetheart? Are you ready to do it now?”

“Yes, Ethan.” She gasped again. “Now.”

Thank goodness for their private little cove.

Somehow they managed to strip the shorts and underwear from their bodies without ever completely losing contact. Hands, legs, lips remained touching at one point or another through all the desperate undressing. Ethan noticed Hayley’s breathing was just as ragged as his. Her movements just as frantic.

How could he have ever thought he could see Hayley again and not end up making love with her? Or had he known it from the moment he saw her last night? He should have had her in this bed last night instead of just thinking about her all night long.

It didn’t matter now. Once they were both naked, he spread his shirt over the soft grass and then pulled her back onto his lap, facing him. One testing finger told him she was wet and ready for him, but he wanted her squirming first. He lowered his head and took one of her succulent nipples into his mouth. Years ago, she’d loved for him to play with her sensitive nipples, had loved the attention he’d paid to her breasts. And if he hadn’t remembered, the fact that she grasped his head and held him down, left him with no doubt.

While his mouth was occupied with her tender nipples, he slid a hand between her thighs. She opened wider for him and then he slid two fingers into her slick heat. Hayley pushed against him, rubbing her wet sex against his hand. Her musky scent overwhelmed him. His cock throbbed with need. He couldn’t wait much longer or he’d explode.

He reached for his shorts to grab a condom out of the pocket. The fact that he’d slipped one in there this morning was proof that he’d known, or at least hoped, they’d end up like this. When his hand touched nothing but decking, he reluctantly stopped suckling her and looked around for the shorts.


Hayley opened her eyes. “What?”

“Can you reach my shorts? Somehow they ended up behind you.”

She twisted around to look for them. “Sure.” She evidently didn’t want to move from the point of delicious friction either, for she only took one hand off his shoulder and stretched behind her to reach his shorts, never stopping the pulsing of her hips as she rocked against him. She snagged them with her fingers and dangled the khaki shorts in front of him.

She cocked her head. “You need these right now?”

He raised a brow. “I need what’s in the pocket.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll get it.” It only took her a moment to find it and rip it open. “Allow me to take care of this for you.”

His cock jumped at her words. She slid back only far enough to let his erection spring free from beneath her. “Ooh, he looks eager.” She glanced up at Ethan, mischief in her eyes.

She was such a refreshing change from the serious women he’d dated in the city. He’d forgotten how much fun Hayley was. How she made him laugh when they were together. How his heart beat faster and all his senses seemed to go into overdrive just being around her.

She leaned over and placed a sloppy kiss on the head of his penis before she started to slowly roll the condom over his sensitive flesh. “Nice boy,” she crooned as she stroked it over his erection a fraction of an inch at a time. It was sweet torture. He wanted to scream at her to hurry or he’d never make it into her creamy heat, but she was having such a good time playing with him that he couldn’t help but smile.

Her fingers danced along the length of him as he felt the need swirling inside him. The pressure built with each teasing touch. Ethan closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing until she finally finished covering him.

He let out his breath with a shaky groan and grasped her by the waist. Without a word, he lifted her up and then lowered her onto his waiting shaft. It was heaven. Finally, she was surrounding him. Finally, he was buried inside her again.

Some might say that reality never matched up to a man’s dreams, but the reality of being sheathed in Hayley’s sweet body was sweeter than any dream he might have had over the past few years. Sweeter than any of his memories.

I hope you’ll give Summer Lover a try and I’m happy to announce that I’ll have a new release with Blushing Books on July 1st!




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