Cowboy, Nirvana, handcuffs, oh my–Rhonda Lee Carver

by Rhonda Lee Carver

I’m putting the last touches on my newest cowboy, Dodge. He is the hero of Cowboy is Mine, Book 5 of Cowboys of Nirvana.

Krista shows up at Nirvana, not for vacation, for a divorce. Yet when she sees her husband for the first time in ten years, she can’t think of dissolution papers and freedom. She wants to saddle the cowboy and ride down memory lane with her stud.

Dodge has no intention of signing those papers–at least not at the moment. Krista is as hot as a pot of oil over a fire and he plans to show her that he has as much endurance and amazing moves as a cowboy as he had when he was a pro football player. His wife has a thing for role playing and she’s looking for  ideas for a new book. He’ll be more than happy to make his bedroom their stage.

When a bombshell guest wants to sink her claws into Dodge’s back, Krista makes it clear, “Cowboy is Mine”– at least temporarily. If she’s jealous, that means she cares…and Dodge’ll take what he can get. He has something up his sleeve that’ll create a twist in their relationship and put all of his NFL moves to shame.


Watch for Dodge and Krista this spring!

Also, I have a few other things in the works…

PRIDE & PLEASURE is up for Pre-order! Releasing March 28th.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Go ahead, make an excuse, but I think you care, not only for Danni, but for Max too. No doubt, you have a tremendous amount of love for your sister. Now, I know you want me—”

“More than you can imagine, sweetheart.” His cock twitched. “It’s obvious you want me too.”

“That’s not what I was going to say,” she huffed. “Wow, some imagination you have. I’ll admit that I did want you, but upstairs, earlier, I wanted nothing more but for you to leave me alone,” she said through tight lips.

Lowering his head, he was within an inch of her ear when he whispered, “This’ll be the second time I’ve asked you not to lie to me. You’re not good at it, love.” He could see her bottom lip tremble.

“And if I lie again, what will you do? Fire me? I’m here for Angelina, remember? Or will you try to bully me with your heavy handed ways? You did say once that you always get what you want, but you should understand that I can’t be bought.” She turned, meeting his gaze head on. Her heated expression made his cock come fully alive.

“When have I ever tried using money to influence you, my dear? If it’s such a heart break to accept the money offered for your service, then kindly deny it.” He smiled.

“I won’t sleep with you,” she whispered, but the sparkle in her eye told him she didn’t quite believe her own words. “I’m sure Selena will gladly work her magic.”

“I have half a mind to strip you naked and bend you over my knee.” He took a tendril of her hair and wrapped it around his finger. “A good swat on that nice ass would do you a bit of good.”

She exhaled. “How dare you!”

He let the wisp of hair drop. “How dare I? Come now, sweetheart. You can’t hide the glint of curiosity filling your pale blues. I think it’s you who can’t decide if you’re the innocent cellist or the naughty musician. Admit the truth. You’d like my touch on your bottom, and other delicate places.” He subtly ran his fingers down her bare arm and clasped her slender wrist.  “I’d like to run my fingers over every soft curve and explore you with my lips and tongue.” He lifted his hand, brushing his fingers along her cheek, not caring if people saw. “I’d spank you into submission and you’d beg me for more.”




Do you have long commutes? Growing tired of the same songs on the radio being played over and over until you can’t stand hearing it again? This is for you…

Cowboy Paradise, Book 1 of Cowboys of Nirvana, will be available in audio very soon! Watch for Ben’s story. The others will follow…


Cowboy Paradise Audio

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6 thoughts on “Cowboy, Nirvana, handcuffs, oh my–Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Therese

    I can’t wait to go back to Nirvana!! I love those cowboys. I need my own Nirvana cowboy. I also can’t wait to read Pride and Pleasure. Love your reads so much!!!


  2. ekk52281

    Ooh! These are both gonna be good!


  3. OH MY, Another Nirvana Cowboy, how exciting!! Pride and Pleasure sounds sooo’ good too. Can’t wait to read them both.


  4. Dianne

    These books look great looking forward to reading these when they are available!


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