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Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ in Paperback now TANTRA

Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ trilogy in PAPERBACK ‘TANTRA’

_Fifty Shades of Love Erotica cover union Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy LAUNCHES all three PAPERBACKS now..
WHAT makes this Fifty so UNIQUE and Different? ONE WORD…’TANTRA’ Gabriella and Tristan have an extraordinary type of sexual chemistry attraction. Sexual Tantra is something he is aware of and she just happens to be experiencing through this steamy erotica relationship that breaks boundaries of what is of the INDIAN Temples of intimacy that moves them both into higher realms of Awakening. When the Kunalini is active in one or both partners and sexuality is shared ONLY WITH THE ONE, there begins to occur a beautiful exchange of what is TERMED Divine Sexuality. The books takes you the reader through their experience of discovering this and moments in chapters described that will catalyze your own curiosity about this kind of Sacred energy RISING. YOU WILL FEEL this in the chapters of these moments they are together and as Gabriella is discovering how different this kind of lovemaking is. Tristan discovers he has finally met his partner that is his match and from there this TANTRA takes them both.
tantra two lap
NOTE: They never make love the same way twice as when one enters the experience of the Kundalini Awakened, one begins to FLOW and FREES up this Sacred energy so that each time this couple is together they find new movements to exchange this DIVINE TANTRA.
Sacred Tantra is only Experience or TAUGHT in ORAL TRADITIONS by one that is of TANTRA. R.M.Simone is such a teacher and Reiki Master and Healer. Energy is FELT through her books and writing and transmissions for those that are ‘sensitive or other souls that aspire for this kind of Tantra’.
Fifty Shades of Love
Fifty Shades of Love – PASSION
Fifty Shades of Love – GRATITUDE
ARC Samples to the Fifty TRILOGY by R.M.Simone are always
FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited
Fifty Shades of Love Earl GREY Morning
Fifty Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS
Fifty Shades of Love BOUND
Fifty Shades of Love Tristan’s NEW YEAR’S Surprise
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Norian Masters book #1 only 99 cents! by Anna Lund

With a brand new, gorgeous cover and an updated title, Binding Hanna, book #1 in my new Norian Masters series with Blushing Books, is available for only 99 cents!  Isn’t the cover beautiful!?

Binding Hanna


Hanna does not hesitate in her duty to protect her princess when they are captured by slave traders. Despite fighting for her freedom, she is overcome and finds herself bound and chained on a spaceship headed for the sex planet Noria, fated to become sex slave to the king.

A mercenary for hire, her sexy, dominant captor Jarrod’s job is to deliver her to the king – and to keep his hands off her. But soon the pull of desire to both rescue and enslave her is as powerful as the chains that bind Hanna. Although their passion is forbidden, he can’t resist showing her the erotic ways of master and slave, pain and pleasure, spankings and strict obedience.

Hanna vows to find a way to make the best of her new situation, but when she falls for Jarrod, how could any other master ever be enough? And now that Jarrod is as much a captive to the feisty Hanna as she is to him, he knows he has to find a way to break her free.


Her eyes were shadowed now. His words had burned out the hope that had started to kindle within her. He refused to feel guilty. She needed to know the truth.

But perhaps he could give her another kind of hope.

Before he could talk himself out of it, he reached out to test the weight of one of her fine breasts. She stared at him as it rested heavy in his palm. He swept his thumb across the sunberry-red nipple and it beaded tightly from his touch. “It is not a bad life, Princess. You will surely receive your share of pleasure.”

“It will be no pleasure if I am chained and at my Master’s mercy.”

“No?” There was no cloth as a barrier this time as Jarrod kneaded the firm flesh of her breast. No excuse to touch her but his own raging need. He told himself that he wasn’t really enjoying this slave without permission. He wouldn’t take any pleasure from it. He was simply instructing her. The king would thank him if he knew.

He pinched her nipple and rolled it with his fingers. She gasped and arched into his grasp. She had a responsive body. That would help. “This is not a pleasure? Or this?” He slid his other hand across her stomach and down to the patch of curls between her thighs. The folds of her sex were not too slick, but as he played with the sensitive flesh, her moisture flowed. “Ah, but your body recognizes pleasure. In this life, Princess, you must learn to take your pleasure where you can find it.”

“I can’t!” she cried, but she gasped when he plunged a finger deep into her core.

“Yes, you can.” The chains rattled as he slid between her and the wall. “I’ll show you.” He wrapped his arms around her, nestling her ass against his throbbing cock. He reminded himself that this time was not for his pleasure. All he wanted to do was give this new slave some hope for tomorrow.

She struggled briefly, but stilled as he began to stroke her soft skin. He wrapped one arm around her waist and with the other he began to explore her body. Her skin was softer than any he’d ever touched. The women he’d taken pleasure with had lived lives as hard as he had. He’d never held a soft, pampered, innocent woman in his arms before.

“You have a body made for pleasure,” he whispered, brushing his face against her silky hair. He slid his hand along her abdomen, heading again for that soft patch of curls. She moaned and leaned back, draping her body over his. Her head dropped back, her long hair flowing over his shoulder and brushing against his bare back. He’d never felt anything like it.  

If you love bondage stories or spanking stories or erotic love stories in a sci-fi world where there are new rules for man and woman, master and slave, love and sex, you might want to give Binding Hanna a try. At 99 cents you don’t have much to lose. And if then you want more of the Norian Masters world, you don’t have to wait for book #2! Taming Serena is available  now too! (and I can’t resist sharing the beautiful cover for this one too!)

Taming Serena

Binding Hanna is a sexy emotional erotic science fiction romance with bondage and spanking. And it’s only 99 cents. Find Binding Hanna here!


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Happy Easter, GIVEAWAY! Rhonda Lee Carver

Hello, my good friends! How are you celebrating today? With friends and family? With a good book? Working? Watching a spectacular movie? Whatever it is that may have your attention, I want to thank you for letting me share the day with you.

I’m soooooo excited! Pride &Pleasure (The KNIGHT Brothers, Book 1) is releasing tomorrow. This series is full of loss, triumph, desire, tragedy and sexy brothers who will touch your life with their charming, sweet, mystical ways.



Avary Pine plays the cello like an angel.

One evening she is attacked outside of the theater after a performance and is left without the use of her hand.

Fast forward two years. After grueling physical therapy and living and breathing the cello, Avary is determined to become the musician she once was. Her music coach encourages her to start playing in the public again, but the mind doesn’t heal as fast as the body. Each time Avary closes her eyes she is filled with memories of the attack.

Living with her sister, out of money and in a career rut, Avary accepts an offer to play at a dinner party at the illustrious Knight Estate. Baby steps back into the musical world didn’t include a luxurious weekend at a vineyard, but does she have a choice?

Reserved, intimidating, rich Victor Knight reluctantly invites unworldly, mousy Avary to his estate–but he’s in for a shock. Nothing about her is mousy. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a sweet, free-spirited cellist, but why can’t he resist? She cramps his bachelor lifestyle, and he’s never been happier. But he can’t lose someone again…

Can they leave the baggage at the door and learn to trust? Or will their past poison their future?


“I have half a mind to strip you naked and bend you over my knee.” He took a tendril of her hair and wrapped it around his finger. “A good swat on that nice ass would do you a bit of good.”

She exhaled. “How dare you!”

He let the wisp of hair drop. “How dare I? Come now, sweetheart. You can’t hide the glint of curiosity filling your pale blues. I think it’s you who can’t decide if you’re the innocent cellist or the naughty musician. Admit the truth. You’d like my touch on your bottom, and other delicate places.” He subtly ran his fingers down her bare arm and clasped her slender wrist.  “I’d like to run my fingers over every soft curve and explore you with my lips and tongue.” He lifted his hand, brushing his fingers along her cheek, not caring if people saw. “I’d spank you into submission and you’d beg me for more.”

“Never,” her voice trembled, but she leaned into him.

“Don’t worry, sweet Avary. I’d never physically hurt you, in bed or out. I only offer you pleasure. I offer you heaven.” She jerked back and some of the wine sloshed out over the rim of her glass, landing on her fingers. “I’d like to lick the wine from your hand but imagine the rumors. I don’t want to cause too much of a stir, considering the evidence of my attraction for you is already obvious by the tenting of my slacks.”

“You’re—you’re…” Her lashes came down to sweep across the top of her cheeks.

“What, baby? Spit it out. Unless you want me to forego propriety and suckle your fingers amongst all of these fine people.”

Her cheeks were almost as colorful as the wine in her glass. She opened her mouth but a loud ding made her snap it close.

“Saved by the bell.” He smiled and saluted her with his glass. Seeing her flush only made him want her more.



COWBOY PARADISE (Book 1, Cowboys of Nirvana) is on AUDIO! BUY HERE

Cowboy Paradise Audio

I want to give away one free audio of Cowboy Paradise to ONE lucky winner! Here’s all you have to do to enter to win. Choose one (or choose them all).

  1. “LIKE” my Facebook Author Page.
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Then come back and leave a comment, letting me know you linked with me. Winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday at 1:00 PM EST.

Read all of the Nirvana Cowboys… Book 5, coming May 2nd. Pre-order here




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Welcome OLIVIA NIGHT–Guest Blogger!



Reviews for Seduction in Seville are in!


Nerd Girl Official:

“We are taken on a wild ride and I loved every minute of it. I like to read books that have action and move at a fast pace and this one was just what I wanted. I look forward to reading more from this author. “

Seduction in Seville (The Men of FTI, Book #2)

Author: Olivia Night


In a hospital in Seville, Spain, Patrick Kane lies in a coma. Ambushed and shot while protecting someone important to him, he fights to survive.

She never thought she would see him again. Patrick, the man who’d brought her back.

Eight years ago, Patrick Kane, a joint partner in Fairlane Trade International, descended into a basement of horrors. That horrible day he rescued many women, but one he would always remember. Her beautiful doe eyes filled his dreams and haunted his nightmares.

Madison Lockwood, a nurse, has struggled to put her past behind her, trying to forget the time she spent in captivity. But she recognizes the man who rescued her and brought her out of that terrifying reality. She owes him her life. Patrick is gravely injured, and Madison vows to see him through.

When Patrick opens his eyes, he instantly knows that he made a mistake leaving Madison after freeing her from the clutches of a human trafficking ring. She is meant to be his. As Patrick tries to win over a wary Madison, the past they both thought was gone for good comes back with a vengeance. One by one, the survivors of the horrific ordeal are being murdered. Patrick knows that Madison will be next if he doesn’t protect her.

Together they must fight for their survival. Seduction In Seville, book two in the Men of FTI series, is a tale of redemption, murder, new beginnings, and love that takes the reader on a wild, exotic ride.

Add to your Goodreads TBR

NOW Available on:

Liquid Silver Books | 

Amazon | 



iBooks | Barnes and Noble






Excerpt from Seduction in Seville, The Men of FTI Book Two


He was struggling internally, she could feel it. She knew why, and so did he.


“I’ve been on my own for a long time now.”


He tensed, his fingers flexing on her hips. Whoops, wrong thing to say.


“I know that, Madison.” She opened her mouth to speak. “You’re not anymore.”


She opened her mouth again.


“Not ever again,” he added.


He turned her then and looked down at her with determination in his eyes. Daring her to negate his statement. “Patrick—”


“I found you again. Or you found me. Whichever. But never again, Madison.”


She was silent for a beat, and then she felt her heart begin to thunder. Oh God, she was going to hyperventilate.


She shook her head and then asked the question that had been on her mind for a month. “What are you doing?” It came out a bit like an accusation. She looked up at him and watched him grind his jaw, his hands on her hips using the same rhythm.


“What am I doing?”




“What I should have done eight years ago.”


She glanced over his shoulder, thinking back to those eight years. She had woken up to her parents, and as much as she’d hated it, she’d wanted him there, too “What do you mean?”


He looked at her for more than a few seconds, his gaze searching hers, and then he just seemed to look into her. “I knew your eyes the second I opened mine,” he said as if it were some sort of explanation. Goosebumps erupted all over her arms. “I could never forget them. Ever.” Still, she said nothing. “I saw them all the time. Every day for eight years.”


She looked down. Their waists were almost touching. He had done that before. Careful not to connect them there. She leaned her lower half into him. Another first. And then he pulled her closer. She looked back up.


“I should have never walked out of that hospital, Madison.” He sounded so sure.


“Patrick…” She shook her head. “It’s okay that you did.”


“No. It’s not.” He said it with finality. “I knew it was wrong then. I just ignored what I knew or maybe thought that I couldn’t be right. That I was misidentifying the feeling. That it was inappropriate for me to have those feelings then.”


What was he talking about? “What feelings?” she asked.


But he ignored her and kept going. “You were so scared. I didn’t know you, and I wanted to take it all away. All the time you spent there. Clear it from your mind.” His gaze was now over her shoulder, staring out the window.


“And you needed me. You leaned on me, slept on me. Held my hand when we got to the hospital. I should have never left. At first, I told myself it was the right thing to do. You didn’t know me. You didn’t need me. I convinced myself that I was making it up. That what I was feeling was to make me feel better. I couldn’t save them all. I saved you. So, I told myself that this was all just me trying to take away my guilt…and that you really didn’t need me. But then, after time had passed and I saw your face more clearly…the way you had looked up at me in that basement. The way you looked at me in the Jeep. In the hospital. I knew leaving was a mistake. You did need me.”


Madison was silent through it all. His explanation, though disjointed, was perfectly clear. She continued to look up at him. She had no clue what to say, so she didn’t say anything.


“And then I realized it wasn’t just about what you needed. It was about what I needed. I needed you and to be there for you. To see you through it. And I could’ve found you, but…I didn’t. I stayed away.”


“Why?” she whispered.


He looked down at her then. “Because I knew Madison. I knew.” As if this were an entirely understandable explanation.


“You knew what, Patrick?”


He stared at her, unblinking, and then said, “That you were mine.”


Give Away



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Other titles by this author: Seduction in Sierra Leone, The Men of FTI Book One



Want to know what started it all?

In the mangroves of Sierra Leone, two strangers raised a world apart find themselves inextricably connected. Seduction in Sierra Leone, the first in a series of three novels, is a fast-paced tale of murder, lust, and love that transports the reader to a foreign and mysterious world of danger.

Aislinn Salameh, an American relief worker, is searching for purpose in her self- imposed lonely world. The stranger who enters her village on a blistering hot day seems more animal than human. She knows she should stay far away but can’t stop herself from being drawn to the mysterious man.

Brandt Fairlane is haunted by the sins of his past. Detached from others, Brandt has spent his life alone. His line of work is too dangerous for the luxuries of love and family.

When Brandt sees Aislinn and her haunting eyes, he knows he must possess her. But when Brandt’s past comes back from the dead and Aislinn is caught in the crossfire, it is up to him to keep her safe. In order to survive, they must learn to rely on one another. As they run for their lives, the heat between them becomes undeniable. Now, Brandt must not only protect Aislinn from a madman committed to stealing her away, but he also must protect her from himself. Because if Brandt steals her body and her heart, he’ll never let her go.

Reviews for Seduction in Sierra Leone, The Men of FTI Book 1
Night Owl Reviews
“Seduction in Sierra Leone has a great combination of action and romance. This book is well written and fast paced. There is enough hot sex to keep you reading and cheering on the couple. I recommend this book to all suspense and military romance readers. I’m looking forward to next book.”

Seduction in Sierra Leone, The Men of FTI Book 1

Buy Links

Liquid Silver Books | 

Amazon | 



iBooks | Barnes and Noble


Author Bio:

Olivia Night, a fictional character herself, has always been an avid reader and writer. She found the romance genre in college and has never been able to get enough. One sleepless night, the main characters of Book One in her Men of FTI series sprang from her head fully formed. They demanded she tell their story; so she did. As they revealed themselves, so did two other intriguing characters. Those characters convinced her to give them their own books because their stories were worth telling too. And so Olivia suddenly became a romance author. When Olivia is not writing, she has the best job in the world, which, too, will remain a secret. In her free time, she reads, write, drinks wine, or is, most likely, out emulating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Olivia lives in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the U.S.—Baltimore. She lives with her cat, which she is convinced was a gladiator in his past life. Olivia plans to continue being awesome at this thing called life. Really, that’s her only goal.

Connect with Olivia Night:

Facebook | Goodreads | Website | Amazon | Twitter












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#AmazonGiveaway for A Cowboy’s Pleasure by @AnitaPhilmar


A Cowboy’s Pleasure

Naked Bluff, Texas series

Book 5

 Giveaway link


Having traveled across the country to escape the war between the states, John Bristol Smith needs a job, any job.

Told of a potential job, he arrives at the interview with high expectation. Nothing, however, in his life prepared him for the nature of this assignment. Tess Van Pelt wants excitement and she means to have it.

Her husband is more than willing to pay for whatever she wants and she wants John.

Is this a job or a fantasy?



Excerpt :

“Oh, no, I plan to keep that sweet mouth of hers busy.” Gab dropped to his knees, putting him at the perfect height beside her. He feed his thick cock to her. “Lick me, baby, I want John to see how good you are a pleasing a man.”

She leered at John and spread her legs, giving him a bull’s eye view of her moist pussy. “Now, Gab, you know he’s not interested in me sucking on his cock. He only wants to fuck my twat.”

John had to agree. The erotic pleasure of kissing her intimate lips had him forgetting his duty of removing her shoes. Instead, he dove for the decadent treat of feeding on her wet folds. He wrapped his hands around her thighs and dropped his head between her legs. The alluring scent of her sex drew him in like a lure, robbing him of the desire to do anything other than cover her weeping entrance with his mouth. The succulent heat excited his taste buds. He licked her slit, driving his tongue deep into the captivating center.

Tess groaned and rocked her hips.

Find for only 99cents at




Barnes & Noble




Character Interview: John Bristol Smith

Please give a warm welcome to John Bristol Smith from A Cowboy’s Pleasure by Anita Philmar today as we sit down and see what makes him tick.


Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?


Oh, Anita, she fell in love with me while writing A Country Doctor’s Bride, which is not out yet because she stopped to write A Cowboy’s Pleasure. You see she liked the idea of me a bad boy. In truth, I was simply looking for a job. Can I help it if that job is to give a woman pleasure?


Q: What was it that drew you to your mate?  Don’t have a mate. Don’t want one at the moment, but I sure could fall for someone like Tess Van Pelt. Luck for me her husband doesn’t mind sharing so we can have some real fun.


Q: What’s your favorite type of naughty fun?  Before meeting the Van Pelts, I would have said taking my love outside in an open field, but the Van Pelts have shown me how much fun a threesome can be. Can’t wait until I’m invited back to do it again.



Q: Boxers, briefs or Commando on a man? commando – boxers and brief were really used much in the 1860s and being rather on the poor side of the fence. I usually go without.

Q: If a woman wants to seduce you, what’s one sure fire trick they can do to seduce you? Just reach for the buttons of her dress and show me the sweet swell of her breasts. I want to release my holy poker and nail her right then and there.


Q: What is the one place on a woman’s body that you know will drive them wild-in and out of bed?  Oh, women are very sensual beings. I love kissing them from tip of their nose to the toes, with a few detours along the way. I enjoy sucking on their nipples, clit and tasting their sweet cream.


Q: What was one of the most embarrassing things your author did to you in A Cowboy’s Pleasure?  Had me rush the moment with Tess. I mean with the lady lying in front of me naked, how could I not dive for a taste of her pussy and lick her moist center.


Hope you enjoy,


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Cowboy, Nirvana, handcuffs, oh my–Rhonda Lee Carver

by Rhonda Lee Carver

I’m putting the last touches on my newest cowboy, Dodge. He is the hero of Cowboy is Mine, Book 5 of Cowboys of Nirvana.

Krista shows up at Nirvana, not for vacation, for a divorce. Yet when she sees her husband for the first time in ten years, she can’t think of dissolution papers and freedom. She wants to saddle the cowboy and ride down memory lane with her stud.

Dodge has no intention of signing those papers–at least not at the moment. Krista is as hot as a pot of oil over a fire and he plans to show her that he has as much endurance and amazing moves as a cowboy as he had when he was a pro football player. His wife has a thing for role playing and she’s looking for  ideas for a new book. He’ll be more than happy to make his bedroom their stage.

When a bombshell guest wants to sink her claws into Dodge’s back, Krista makes it clear, “Cowboy is Mine”– at least temporarily. If she’s jealous, that means she cares…and Dodge’ll take what he can get. He has something up his sleeve that’ll create a twist in their relationship and put all of his NFL moves to shame.


Watch for Dodge and Krista this spring!

Also, I have a few other things in the works…

PRIDE & PLEASURE is up for Pre-order! Releasing March 28th.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Go ahead, make an excuse, but I think you care, not only for Danni, but for Max too. No doubt, you have a tremendous amount of love for your sister. Now, I know you want me—”

“More than you can imagine, sweetheart.” His cock twitched. “It’s obvious you want me too.”

“That’s not what I was going to say,” she huffed. “Wow, some imagination you have. I’ll admit that I did want you, but upstairs, earlier, I wanted nothing more but for you to leave me alone,” she said through tight lips.

Lowering his head, he was within an inch of her ear when he whispered, “This’ll be the second time I’ve asked you not to lie to me. You’re not good at it, love.” He could see her bottom lip tremble.

“And if I lie again, what will you do? Fire me? I’m here for Angelina, remember? Or will you try to bully me with your heavy handed ways? You did say once that you always get what you want, but you should understand that I can’t be bought.” She turned, meeting his gaze head on. Her heated expression made his cock come fully alive.

“When have I ever tried using money to influence you, my dear? If it’s such a heart break to accept the money offered for your service, then kindly deny it.” He smiled.

“I won’t sleep with you,” she whispered, but the sparkle in her eye told him she didn’t quite believe her own words. “I’m sure Selena will gladly work her magic.”

“I have half a mind to strip you naked and bend you over my knee.” He took a tendril of her hair and wrapped it around his finger. “A good swat on that nice ass would do you a bit of good.”

She exhaled. “How dare you!”

He let the wisp of hair drop. “How dare I? Come now, sweetheart. You can’t hide the glint of curiosity filling your pale blues. I think it’s you who can’t decide if you’re the innocent cellist or the naughty musician. Admit the truth. You’d like my touch on your bottom, and other delicate places.” He subtly ran his fingers down her bare arm and clasped her slender wrist.  “I’d like to run my fingers over every soft curve and explore you with my lips and tongue.” He lifted his hand, brushing his fingers along her cheek, not caring if people saw. “I’d spank you into submission and you’d beg me for more.”




Do you have long commutes? Growing tired of the same songs on the radio being played over and over until you can’t stand hearing it again? This is for you…

Cowboy Paradise, Book 1 of Cowboys of Nirvana, will be available in audio very soon! Watch for Ben’s story. The others will follow…


Cowboy Paradise Audio

Let’s connect!

Website  Goodreads  Facebook  Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers  Newsletter  Twitter

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It’s Here! Makin’ It Right by Dalton Diaz

I’m excited to announce that Makin’ It Right, Book 1 in my Hotel Rendezvous series, is now available for 99 cents at all vendors. Woot!



Makin’ It Right
Hotel Rendezvous Book 1
by Dalton Diaz

Buy Links:    Amazon     ARE     B&N     Kobo

Welcome to the Menger Hotel. Where a Hotel Rendezvous isn’t always as it seems.

High School reunions are supposed to be about seeing how your classmates fared in the real world. For Jenn Bailey, it’s nothing more than good business for her beauty parlor.

Until it means her first love is coming back to town.

Eric Somers is a man on a mission. His biggest regret is not manning up after an embarrassing first time in the sack. Heading back to San Antonio for his ten-year reunion is the perfect opportunity to apologize…and maybe show Jenn Bailey he’d learned a thing or two between the sheets.


The only thing that would feel better would be skin on skin. The chair was wide, and Jenn used it to her advantage by getting onto her knees, kicking off her heels in the process. It didn’t leave her as fully in his lap as before, but she had use of her hands. She went straight for the buttons of his dress shirt.

She’d seen his chest before, had felt every inch of it beneath her fingers. What was revealed with the release of each button was familiar yet different in subtle ways that made her ache to explore further. His breathing became more ragged, and he watched from lowered lids as she finally spread the open halves of his shirt.

His muscles were harder and more defined, his nipples slightly darker, tempting points. He had a bit more hair across his pecs than before, a smattering darker and thicker than that on his head.

This was a man’s chest. One she found very enticing.

The hair below his belly button was thicker and darker now, too. She followed that path with the tip of her finger until halted by his dress pants and belt.

“Oh shit,” he swore under his breath.

Jenn wasn’t sure he was aware he’d said it aloud as he let go of her waist and clutched the sides of the chair. She stopped moving in his lap, needing her concentration. There was so much to explore, and she didn’t want to miss a thing.

She pushed the shirt down to his wrists. “Leave it there,” she demanded before he could let go to remove it.

“Want your dress off,” he grated.

“Not yet.”

His eyes opened all the way, and he focused on her for a moment, then he closed them again on a groan as she began her exploration, starting at the hollow of his neck. She took her time over every inch, taking special care at his pecs, tracing the veins in his arms, his dark nipples. She loved making the muscles in his chest and arms flex with the varying strength of his grip on the chair. He trembled a few times and quickly brought it under control until she once more circled his bellybutton and traced the trail to his pants.

This time she didn’t stop at his belt buckle. She had it undone in two seconds flat, and he sucked in a sharp breath as she manipulated the button of his slacks.

Then she very carefully lowered his zipper.

“Jenn. Your dress,” he gasped between breaths. “I’m losing it. So pretty. Don’t want to…rip it.”

She looked up to find his eyes on her, the lust in his gaze making all five feet of her feel like a sexual Amazon. With a slow smile, she lowered the hidden zipper at her side and reached down to where the hem was bunched at her hips. Then she drew the dress over her head and tossed it to the floor.

He groaned and met and held her gaze like a lifeline. “I like this. I mean, I really like this, but I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. You have to come first.”

That didn’t make any sense. Unless he thought she wasn’t enjoying what she was doing? He couldn’t be more wrong. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No. God no! Just know that when I reach the end of my rope, I’m going to haul you over to that bed.”

“Well, that sounds good, too, but I am enjoying myself.” She ran her finger over the impressive, cloth-covered ridge that bulged between the open plackets of his slacks. “Honest.”

Oh fuck.” He looked away for a moment and took several deep breaths. “Please, Jenn. I don’t want to blow it with you again.”

Oh! He’d meant physically come first. The realization brought a warm bloom to her cheeks. She’d been so focused on her own success outside her comfort zone that she’d forgotten they were both trying to rewrite their history.

In his case, she had to come first.

“Understood,” she assured him. “But I want to keep going until the very last second you can stand it.”

He nodded his agreement. “I’m close, Jenn. Really close.”

“I like that. I mean, I really like that,” she said with a grin, throwing his words back at him.

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How to keep the sexual tension high, by Alice Gaines

All of us here love hot, hot romance, full of luscious love scenes.  Realistically, if you’re writing an erotic romance, your characters can’t be frolicking in the sack the entire time.  The difference between erotica and erotic romance is that the latter has three-dimensional characters and things actually happen in the story.

Still, you want to keep the sexual tension as close to the simmer point as possible.  This is especially true at the beginning of the story.  Unless you have a plot where the h/h already know each other and the action begins with them in bed, they’ll have to meet and become attracted to each other before they get to the really hot stuff.  So, how do you maintain sexual tension when the characters aren’t actually having sex?

Last month, I discussed the sexy or erotic premise.  This month, let me share some tips on creating sexual tension outside of the love scenes.

The first encounter
Beginning writers often make the mistake of having their characters drooling all over each other from the first time they meet. Even in erotic romance, a character seldom goes from neutral to sexual excitement when an intriguing new person enters the room.

Time stops briefly while the two people become aware of each other for the first time. What you need is a beat while their “eyes met across a crowded room.” (Note: Eyes don’t fly out of people’s heads.) Now, notice one thing or two maximum about the other character.

Continue the scene, dropping in more details as you go along. When the two characters interact, make clear that the non POV character has also noticed things about the POV character. Does he focus on parts of her body? Does he comment on her personal attributes in his dialogue? (“I’ve never seen you here before.” “Do you smile like that at every man?”)

Indicate interest with eye contact. The classic indicator of feminine interest is for the woman to make eye contact, look down or away (perhaps smiling or biting her lip), and then make eye contact again. That should tell your reader that she’ll welcome a man into her personal space. It’ll get a man’s attention, for sure.

Men are probably more forthright in expressing interest with eye contact. If the non-POV man does this, it may fluster the POV woman in a pleasant way. Her skin may grow warm, and she’ll almost certainly look away.

Next step – personal space
Shortly after the attraction between h/h is formed, one is certainly likely to enter into the other’s personal space. In historical romance, this often takes the form of a dance at a ball. This is a socially acceptable way for the two people to embrace, but that doesn’t mean it’s a trivial matter for either of them. Again, one or both of them may experience a flush of excitement, although it won’t be felt as truly sexual. All the senses may be heightened. Your character may notice the rustle of skirts, light and shadow in the hall, and various smells.

Dance or no, once the characters are up close and personal, they’re literally within breathing space of each other. That is, if their faces are pointed toward each other, they’ll be able to feel each other’s breath. Naturally, they can smell each other. One hopes, they smell good, whether that’s historically accurate for your book or not. Soap, shampoo, cologne, skin lotion come up often. Leather works for a horsewoman/man. If she’s wearing flowers, he’ll be aware of their scent.

H/h will be aware of each other’s height relative to his/her own. A man might note where the woman’s nose reaches on his body. Does it come up to his shoulder? To his chin? Especially if he’s much taller, he may feel protective of her, which can be frustrating if she insists on maintaining independence. She may feel a bit overwhelmed by his height and the breadth of his shoulders. If she’s always felt ungainly, she may enjoy the feeling of being petite next to him. They very likely will be aware of each other’s body heat.

You can play with physical proximity. If she’s bent over the craps table at a casino, he could reach for the dice, bringing his body close to hers. She can duck under him to help him find a file in the file cabinet. Either can reach past the other to push the elevator button. They can be stuck in a carriage or a cab together.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this position with someone who isn’t a lover or good friend, you know how awkward it feels if you’re not attracted to them or how exciting it feels if you are.

Sexual banter
The main form of sexual tension in dialogue falls under the category of sexual banter. This can range from quite innocent to quite explicit.

She stared out over the ocean. “What a beautiful view.”
“It certainly is,” he answered.
“But, you’re not looking at the ocean,” she said.
He gazed into her eyes. “There’s an ocean nearby?”

Less innocent:
“What have you heard of me?” he asked.
“That you’re a terrible rake.”
He laughed. “Then, I’ll do my best to be a better rake.”

Even less innocent:
She yawned.
“Late night?” he asked.
“Coffee, please.”
“Who’s the lucky guy?”
She stared at him. “William Shakespeare.”
“When he needs a stand-in, let me know.”

Quite explicit. There’s an amazing scene in The Taming of the Shrew where Katharine and Petruchio first meet. There’s a lot of great banter in there, but one of his lines is amazing. They’ve been going back and forth about tongues and telling tales. When she tells him she’s done and she’s leaving, he answers, “What, with my tongue in your tail?” I first heard that about 45 years ago and have never forgotten it.

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Fifty Shades of Love launches Paperbacks Author R.M.Simone’


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When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model girlfriend and you see it is staged like a movie set of FIFTY Shades and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT…
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