69 Shades of Remodeling–Em Petrova

Everyone says New Year, New You. I think that’s bullshit, excuse my ladylike language! You don’t change because the calendar rolls over and the ball drops off a building. Besides, I don’t need to change myself, just tweak some things. Like how I prefer Hershey Kisses over roasted broccoli.


I do jump on the “get your surroundings in order” bandwagon, though. And since my divorce got rolling, I am determined to make this house totally mine in every way. Yes, that means finding some gorgeous man and having sweaty-hot animal sex in every single corner. But since that hasn’t yet happened…


I’m channeling HGTV and ripping things up. So I thought I’d share with ya’ll what I’ve been doing in my “down-time” between writing a crazy hot rodeo menage!






*involves lots of bitching and swearing, as well as a ninja yell. Must perfect the ninja yell for ripping up the massive spikes buried deep in the tack strip*




3. There was dated 90s tile on the front of these steps, so I ran to the lumber store and gave them cute smiles and batted my lashes when I asked for them to cut me some thin wood for over my risers. Sure, they charged me for it, but the flirting is always a bonus. It’s like perfecting that ninja yell–I’m getting in practice to find that guy to have hot monkey sex in every room.




4. This is the LAST time I ever paint this stairwell. It was a m*therf*cker. No, I didn’t use scaffolding or weird ladder systems you buy at 3 am off a TV infomercial. I used a 20 ft long pole purchased at Lowes and a corner paint pad and a roller. If you do this, plan on never doing it again.



The result! It looks bright and like a stairway to heaven. Or just a clean spot before the boys put their grubby hands all over it.




And finally, I painted one tread to see how I like it. I do! Now to find the time to finish…


I *did* finish my sexy-hot rodeo menage though! Read on for a little peek…

“Oh fuck no.”

Quint looked up to see Carter beside him, his face mottled red with fury. Following Carter’s gaze, he felt his throat close around the beer he’d just swallowed. A violent cough erupted from him as he set eyes on Bella right at the head of the line.

In skin-tight jeans and a plaid top knotted at her midriff, she was striking. Add that sliver of tanned belly and a hint of cleavage and she was walking sex.

And she was about to compete. Every man in the joint would be drooling over her, but that couldn’t happen. Quint didn’t have enough stamina to beat the shit out of every man here.

I’ll give it the old cowboy try, though.

He set his beer on a table behind him and folded his arms across his chest. Carter issued a low growl. “Dammit, this can’t end well,” his friend said.

No, it would end very well, with Bella riding the bull with all the sex appeal of an exotic dancer. Which of course was the real problem. She was targeted enough without exploiting herself.

When she tossed her hair, laughing, Quint narrowed his eyes at her. She was a little too flushed, her eyes a little too bright.

“Is she drunk?”

“Tipsy, I’d say. Son of a bitch.” Carter’s jaw muscle worked as he looked on.

The muscles all the way down Quint’s spine tightened. If Bella wasn’t a hundred-percent in possession of her wits, she’d be hit on by more creeps than he’d be able to fend off.

But Carter looked more than willing to take on a few.

“Our first rider is Miss Bella Roberts! This championship barrel racer has been known to ride a bull or two in her lifetime. Ready, Bella?”

She nodded, her hair tumbling around her shoulders. When she raised a hand to wave at the crowd gathered around the bull, her top pulled tight across her breasts, revealing a small opening big enough for Quint to slip his finger inside.

His cock hardened at the thought of all that warmth radiating off her skin. He tried to catch her eyes, but she wasn’t paying attention to anything but the bull. With a sexy flip of her leg, she straddled the beast.

“Fucking hell,” Carter groaned.

I know the feeling. Quint’s jeans were suddenly two sizes too small. His balls started to throb.

When she wiggled her fine little ass to situate herself on the back, Quint felt his eyes roll back in his head. If he looked around, he’d see every man in the same state. Well, except maybe Asher, who was married with two kids. But a man would have to be dead not to notice Bella.

She shimmied down toward the neck, which pointed sharply to the floor. Around the bull a bunch of foam cubes would cushion her fall, but he’d seen her ride a flesh and blood, pissed-off bull. She’d have to be a lot drunker to land in the foam.

The music started with the first whip of the bull. It swung backward, she compensated with one arm waving in the air. Her breasts pushed out. Her fucking thighs gripping the sides like a champion.

Quint’s need compounded, and he found himself grinding his teeth. The bull started whipping her, and Bella kept her seat, rocking up and down. Hell, an eighty-year-old woman would look sexy on a mechanical bull. The action was sexy as hell. But since it was Bella, every man—and probably a few women—were riveted on her.

Carter nudged his fly, adjusting his own boner. Fuck, this was bad. Real bad.

Quint’s vocal chords ached to yell for the charade to stop, but Bella rode out her full eight seconds. Ten. Twelve.

“Time’s up!” he hollered.

Someone elbowed him in the back. “Hey, buddy, don’t make them stop her.”

He turned to glare at the guy but had no idea which man in the sea of faces had struck him. Twisting back around, he welcomed the blare of the buzzer. Bella’s hair trickled into her eyes, and she tossed it back like a fucking porn star.

To dismount, she lay back on the bull and made a show of rolling into the foam. A half dozen men rushed forward to offer her a hand up, but Quint and Carter were there first, hauling her bodily out of the foam pit and dragging her several feet away.

She focused on Quint and then Carter. “You guys better keep your distance.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to ask why, but then the buzzer sounded and another woman was in the spotlight. She didn’t ooze sex appeal like Bella or even stay on very long. When she was tossed into the foam, only one man was there to pick her up. Another took her place.

“How’d I do, boys?” Bella had another drink in her hand. Where had she gotten it?

Quint’s protective instincts were suddenly a wild animal, pacing back and forth in front of her. He stared down a man, daring him to try anything. When he glanced over at Carter, he saw him standing bodyguard too.

At least he had backup. The strangeness of the situation hit him—they both wanted Bella but in protecting her, they were a solid wall no one could breach. That familiar sense of camaraderie flooded Quint.




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3 thoughts on “69 Shades of Remodeling–Em Petrova

  1. Tanya Brown

    You are doing a wonderful job on your house! It’s all looking good 🙂 I can’t wait to read this book as I love all your stories!!


  2. girlfromwva

    love all the pictures of your house re-do! the excerpt is delicious!!!


  3. Hi loved the sharing and honesty…lol i shared your book link on TWITTER, PINTEREST, GOOGLE + nd LIKED Roshandra warmly writing on author R.M.Simone’…


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