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Author R.M.Simone’ ~ writings, books, and thoughts by Roshandra

Saturday Morning and just ‘wrapped’ from my BOOK EVENT, Casanova VENETIAN Gothic Gates Masquerade celebrating CARNIVAL and Venice theme with FUN.  As an ‘author’ the visual and art gives me tremendous inspiration and it MUSES me into my writing.  Events though, allow the author to promote and engage with new readers of your work and ‘get to know you a little’.   I love this and the intimacy of exchange stimulating discussion about your ‘books’ and the characters you love to create around.   Roshandra 2014 light

So as today is my FIRST BLOG on 69 Shades of Smut, I decided to share a little to a lot about my books and this adrenaline high i am riding since yesterdays day long event.

Oh, one important point, my PA (personal assistant) is Alicia.  I am a woman that loves to have her ‘hand’ on all parts of this enterprising Iam doing and creative work and art.  It is having a personal assistant that aids me on this juggling schedules and life and friendship.  Since I LOVE doing most of all this work myself, this PA part to how this happens is having a beautiful friendship with an inside friend that is aiding you, pulling the team together in this endeavor and keeps it all moving smoothly.  The outside world sees this She is a Taurus woman doing all her work off a smartphone and iPad while I zigzag and zoom around Facebook and the internet posting.   I am a Taurus too.  She LOVES my books and writing and is a key fan.  Finding how we must work in creative projects takes ‘hands’ and fast internet skills.  As a writer WE TYPE FAST naturally as our FLOW of thought radiates out down through our fingertips.  It is true in this work and PR you must type fast, load fast and broadcast in the right spots and often.  Social MEDIA Is a GODSEND.  LOL  I love it.

As to this BLOG. LOL… Well, I will share my two ACES.  Actually I have four Aces, but I am keeping myself focused on two of them for my broadcasting strategy for this spring.

_ad Gothic Gates interviewGothic Gates was MUSED into being by a fan reader of mine that was suggested to me one day this idea.  Had i considered doing a GOTH Romance?   I had not, but instantly a name popped into my head of ‘DANTE’.  Often a character will begin speaking to an author and for me i go with the RIDE and see where this takes me.   This one opened a GATE for me and i walked onto and in the property of this world that became this story line.  I am so glad i did  What i found was this man, an immortal by way of Alchemy and his story of love, working in the shadows against the dark world cabal and a man of a philosopher esoteric depth showing me only glimpses of him. The stage was ‘set’ of his living in two worlds.  In France, intelligently he set his business as Gothic Enterprises having elaborate themed parties for the elite that became members of his club.   This afforded him a lifestyle that let him live mysteriously on his OWN TERMS in the wealthy world today and socially play out his hidden agenda.   This backstory goes into classic NOIR Literature and his history connected through small snipets of his past life through time.   He has a love that has come to Paris that destiny brings her to him.  The rest he orchestrates, which she is not aware of as she has no idea who he is to her.  He knows, from the moment he saw her in the courier office.   It weaves a powerful attraction of this man to his love and their intimacy of Tantra is part of this.  Most would term this just very erotic lovemaking.  It is far more then that as it is about an Alchemical Rising for both of them.

This entire story revolves around Masquerades, Masks, and Mansions in Gothic traditions and travel.  These are event soirees and well appointed.  It is also about intrigue and love that is beyond romantic.  _Book cover VENICE alternative-page-0011 Falling into Love GOTHIC GATES VENICE is book 2 in this series and is a stand alone romance novel on its own.  Not to be missed.   The pleasure of falling into ‘love’ and remember our past life with someone in the most romantic city in the world, Venice, is where the book takes the reader.  It invites you to enter their journey and come along with them discovering what occurs.  It is a flower of the heart opening to the other while being on the waterways of canals in gondolas with him.   How could she not remember and fall in love for the first time.        “Sometimes Love Happens this Way.”


FIFTY SHADES Of LOVE is my other Ace story series.  How did this come to happen?

Well, i began writing on Fan Fiction as TWILIGHT seemed to ‘turn me on’ to my own gifts and skills of writing.  It’s the Romeo Juliet love story thing that grabs my interest and so i merely wrote.  All my life I have written, but only did articles and never a book.  I sat down and wrote four books off the first ‘go’ at this in 2008 finishing those which I NEVER PUBLISHED as of yet, on my birthday a year later, May 8th.  I sat back thinking that was enough when a character from book 2 chapter 2 in those books began speaking to me.  This gave me a SAGA.  BOOK V Saga and novellas with it.  A vampire KISMET story i the mid 1700’s in Paris.  I put that to the side till 2010 when i realized i had written nearly 900 pages which was suggested to break that down into three consecutive NOVELS.

I did do that and launched the one HUGE Novel as three books.

as THE KISS, THE MIST and THE REBORN and the two novellas to date.  _Flower Banner III cube
It is a romance across time and a history of the vampires that in some families are carriers of bloodlines that make them born that way and immortal.   It maps from Atlantis into now time of mansion families that are currently living what appears contemporary lives in the world and society.  Bloodlines and being born this way is key to this saga and coming 2016 will be the modern immortals of BOOK V I saga.

Vampires are real.  Be assured of that.

_fifty shades of love Banner GOTHIC Vintage 6511232-vintage-background-floral-antique-card-victorian-silver-

Fifty Shades of Love came about from Fan Fiction. I decided to write a story off the original TWILIGHT canon and MOTU (Master of the Universe which became Fifty Shades of Grey originally off TWILIGHT)   I began in this book of mine explaining the phenomenon on where this came from.  Hungry adult Twilight fans were primed for this kind of story with a lot of sex.  BUT, what i did differently is take this to a WHOLE DIFFERENT stage or level.  I wanted to take my idea and see where it lead me.

It lead me to my seeing New York City as the setting for my characters.  _Fifty Shades of Love Gratitude  AA Fifty Shades of Grey modeling shoot for a cover for an entrepreneur magazine for the man in question.  My characters are Gabriella Savannah Trudeau.   He is Tristan Green Montgomery.  What immediately plays out is a cosmic moment of electrical Tesla like energy.  Attraction so pronounced everyone around this ‘feels’ it.  Leaving Gabriella ready to bolt and run. Leaving Tristan fully aware the woman in his dreams had just entered the room.  He is not going to let her go.   What follows is highly explosive; relationship on an adult level fueled by sexual Tantra and unfolding into a challenging love story of two strong independent individuals with career paths for success in their creative work.   It is a relationship driven story that will give the reader so many pearls to cherish, that you will find it is unique and nothing like FSOG.  It took my breath away too as i continue to write and work on my trilogies to this series.   I thought it would be one set trilogy and instead it is going to be four sets of trilogies with the Arc Samples that will also become full stand alone NOVELS.

Fifty Shades of LOVE ~ Fifty Shades of Love PASSION ~ Fifty Shades of Love GRATITUDE

It also has a secondary story as she is an author too and her pen name group of books produces the Fifty Shades of Love BOUND series.  Her look at BDSM.

_fifty shades of love BOUND erotica bdsm ribbon ARC sample

Just a ‘taste and sample’ of my writings, ramblings and artwork as an author and this is something coming to share too.  BOOKS and WRITING is my PASSION, Roshandra, warmly writing on.

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Black Ties…coming soon

_ad tease black ties collage 1




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Time to Write-Lynn Chantale

Happy New Year and all that jazz. This year started off well enough. Already our family is dealing with the death of a couple of beloved family members. That’s the bad news. The good news — yes, there’s good news — is I’m writing again.

I’ve a few projects to finish. A really cool thing that’s happening is I’m writing for a Web series slated to debut in March. While I’m taking the next six weeks off from school. I plan to make good use of that time. I managed a day job. I’m a blogger now. Pretty cool and not the direction I saw my writing career going.

However, I haven’t forgotten my roots. Romance is in my blood, even if I’m not romantic. So I got to poking around my laptop and realized I had a Valentine’s story waiting to be re-released. Remember The Designer’s Bride? It’s okay if you don’t. It was in an anthology a few years ago and the publisher closed that same year. Anyway, it’s up on Amazon for pre-order and I was able to add back the paragraph that was cut because it was too erotic.

Here’s a little snippet of The Designer’s Bride.

Jordan has planned the perfect wedding, only one catch, the bride hasn’t said yes.

Pre-Order Link: Amazon


Jordan Carlisle wore a groove in the oak floor, the glossy finish scuffing each time he rocked back on his heels to change directions or paused to mutter. He frowned, turning his attention to the outdoors and away from the small box in his hand. A perpetual flow of white poured from the sky. The crisp, clean scent of winter air drifted through the open window and a few flakes settled on the sill. He hoped Elisabeth wasn’t out in this weather. But he couldn’t wait to see her.

The past two weeks of missing the love of his life had been sheer hell. Even with the numerous fashion shows, gathering samples, or being interviewed by various media outlets, he still felt the pang of her absence. Emails and video-conferencing couldn’t diminish the ache of loneliness. Traveling was part of being a successful clothing designer, but what he really wanted was to hold Elisabeth close to his heart, and whisper how much he loved her in her ear. Of course, if she was naked and beneath him, all the better.

Jordan had sent her flowers this morning. She had yet to let him know if she received them. If anything, he hoped she remembered the last time he gave her roses. A smile creased his lips. He couldn’t wait to see her…which brought him back to the box in his hand. This evening needed to be special. No matter what else happened, their time together had to be perfect. Maybe once he proposed and Elisabeth accepted, her father would leave her alone.

He drew in a breath. “Women are to be cherished and respected.  Pampered and pleased.  Never made to cry and above all else, loved beyond any rational belief.” He ran his agitated fingers over his close-cropped curls, sighing. Those words were so lame.

The hinge creaked when he opened the lid and stared at the three-stone, Asscher-cut diamond. Tiny baguettes framed the center jewel, making the brilliance and fire of the ring much more potent. Elisabeth made him feel like this ring, endless, classy, and rich. He closed the lid with a snap and resumed pacing. He loved her. He knew from the first time he laid eyes on her, but would she still love him after she learned the truth?

Pre-Order Link: Amazon

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

Lynn Chantale


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Spanking Romances – Anna Lund

At first, I didn’t think I could write “spanking romances.” I didn’t think I wanted to write “spanking romances.” I mean, I had written spanking often in the erotic romances I wrote under my other pen name. But just a “spanking romance”-  why would I want to write that?

But that’s when I realized that a spanking romance isn’t just about spanking. It’s a story about characters falling in love, like any other romance. It’s about a firm hand applied to a backside which impacts the relationship (pun intended).

As I delved further into the sub-genre, I discovered that there are a couple of different angles the spanking can take. First, there is the theme of Domestic Discipline. In these stories, the couples develop what might be considered an “old-fashioned” relationship, where the man steers the attitude of the woman, or punishes misbehaving or dangerous behavior, with a good hard spanking. While some modern women may take offense to this activity, it is clear that for this couple, in this story, it is what these people need. The woman may need some convincing, but in the end she agrees it is what she need, and the acknowledgement solidifies their relationship. Whether you enjoy reading stories of domestic discipline or not, don’t judge those who don’t agree with your opinion.

I learned long ago not to judge. As long as the activity is mutually consensual, it’s fine with me!

I write erotic romances where the spankings enhance a sexual relationship. Often, the spanking may begin as a punishment (always for good reason!) but the pain soon turns to pleasure and the woman is aroused and the man is turned on and all sorts of fun takes place. I did this often before I heard the term “spanking romance” and before I discovered Blushing Books. I just contracted my second romance with Blushing Books. They are the first two of a series. Stay tuned here to find out more about the series.

Spanking may be involved!





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Release Day! Rhonda Lee Carver

by Rhonda Lee Carver



I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “Behind every good man is a better woman.” Or, “Behind every great cover is a greater story.” Well, I believe behind every piece of antique furniture is a story that is yearning to be told. Lately, I’ve become an antique nerd. I’ve bought several pieces, but I have a favorite.

This is a wash basin vanity/dresser that I can date back to the early 1900’s. I saw it, fell in love with it and brought it home to use as a vanity. It’s much prettier in person. Do you have a favorite piece of antique furniture, or even a modern piece, that you feel speaks to you?




Today is release day!!!!!!!!!

Smoke. Fire. Cowboy. (Cowboys of Nirvana, Book 3) is now available! 

Welcome to Nirvana—your wish is a cowboy’s command.

Cowboy Paradise (Book 1) Ben and Cara
Ropin’ Trouble (Book 2) Chase and Kaycee
Smoke. Fire. Cowboy (Book 3) Jared and Sofie

A cowboy can always dream that a woman like Sophie Drake would turn his way, but from the second she came to work at Nirvana Ranch she’s treated Jared like spoiled milk. His reputation as a rebel and a womanizer doesn’t weigh in his favor, but he never really cared what people thought of him, until Sofie. Wanting her is enough to make a man go crazy. One night she shows up with a wine bottle and a lonely heart, and Jared is more than willing to help a lady out. What would any other red-blooded man do?

Yet, with the sweet comes the sour.

One night with Sofie leaves Jared hungry for more, but when he learns that she’s in love with the boss things might come to a skidding halt. This suddenly becomes a wicked triangle entwined with secrets, surprises and a sultry love affair.

Here’s a little teaser…

“Is it true you have a bull tattoo on your bottom and that each woman you’ve—,” she cleared her throat delicately, “you know, you get a slash on the bull’s bicep for each woman you’ve slept with?”

“I didn’t see you as the sort who participated in rumors, sweetheart.”

“How about the tattoo?” she asked.

“There’s only one way for you to find out.” He kept his gaze glued to hers. “Can you handle it?”

She was mute for the longest time, long enough that he thought she’d pull away, but then she saucily flipped her hair over one shoulder and turned her chin in a determined tilt. “I can handle it.”

He stood, gazes still locked, the color of her skin turning brighter as he undid the buckle. The metal loosened and clanked loudly. Slowly and deliberately, he pulled the leather strap out from the loops, his body growing harder.

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69 Shades of Remodeling–Em Petrova

Everyone says New Year, New You. I think that’s bullshit, excuse my ladylike language! You don’t change because the calendar rolls over and the ball drops off a building. Besides, I don’t need to change myself, just tweak some things. Like how I prefer Hershey Kisses over roasted broccoli.


I do jump on the “get your surroundings in order” bandwagon, though. And since my divorce got rolling, I am determined to make this house totally mine in every way. Yes, that means finding some gorgeous man and having sweaty-hot animal sex in every single corner. But since that hasn’t yet happened…


I’m channeling HGTV and ripping things up. So I thought I’d share with ya’ll what I’ve been doing in my “down-time” between writing a crazy hot rodeo menage!






*involves lots of bitching and swearing, as well as a ninja yell. Must perfect the ninja yell for ripping up the massive spikes buried deep in the tack strip*




3. There was dated 90s tile on the front of these steps, so I ran to the lumber store and gave them cute smiles and batted my lashes when I asked for them to cut me some thin wood for over my risers. Sure, they charged me for it, but the flirting is always a bonus. It’s like perfecting that ninja yell–I’m getting in practice to find that guy to have hot monkey sex in every room.




4. This is the LAST time I ever paint this stairwell. It was a m*therf*cker. No, I didn’t use scaffolding or weird ladder systems you buy at 3 am off a TV infomercial. I used a 20 ft long pole purchased at Lowes and a corner paint pad and a roller. If you do this, plan on never doing it again.



The result! It looks bright and like a stairway to heaven. Or just a clean spot before the boys put their grubby hands all over it.




And finally, I painted one tread to see how I like it. I do! Now to find the time to finish…


I *did* finish my sexy-hot rodeo menage though! Read on for a little peek…

“Oh fuck no.”

Quint looked up to see Carter beside him, his face mottled red with fury. Following Carter’s gaze, he felt his throat close around the beer he’d just swallowed. A violent cough erupted from him as he set eyes on Bella right at the head of the line.

In skin-tight jeans and a plaid top knotted at her midriff, she was striking. Add that sliver of tanned belly and a hint of cleavage and she was walking sex.

And she was about to compete. Every man in the joint would be drooling over her, but that couldn’t happen. Quint didn’t have enough stamina to beat the shit out of every man here.

I’ll give it the old cowboy try, though.

He set his beer on a table behind him and folded his arms across his chest. Carter issued a low growl. “Dammit, this can’t end well,” his friend said.

No, it would end very well, with Bella riding the bull with all the sex appeal of an exotic dancer. Which of course was the real problem. She was targeted enough without exploiting herself.

When she tossed her hair, laughing, Quint narrowed his eyes at her. She was a little too flushed, her eyes a little too bright.

“Is she drunk?”

“Tipsy, I’d say. Son of a bitch.” Carter’s jaw muscle worked as he looked on.

The muscles all the way down Quint’s spine tightened. If Bella wasn’t a hundred-percent in possession of her wits, she’d be hit on by more creeps than he’d be able to fend off.

But Carter looked more than willing to take on a few.

“Our first rider is Miss Bella Roberts! This championship barrel racer has been known to ride a bull or two in her lifetime. Ready, Bella?”

She nodded, her hair tumbling around her shoulders. When she raised a hand to wave at the crowd gathered around the bull, her top pulled tight across her breasts, revealing a small opening big enough for Quint to slip his finger inside.

His cock hardened at the thought of all that warmth radiating off her skin. He tried to catch her eyes, but she wasn’t paying attention to anything but the bull. With a sexy flip of her leg, she straddled the beast.

“Fucking hell,” Carter groaned.

I know the feeling. Quint’s jeans were suddenly two sizes too small. His balls started to throb.

When she wiggled her fine little ass to situate herself on the back, Quint felt his eyes roll back in his head. If he looked around, he’d see every man in the same state. Well, except maybe Asher, who was married with two kids. But a man would have to be dead not to notice Bella.

She shimmied down toward the neck, which pointed sharply to the floor. Around the bull a bunch of foam cubes would cushion her fall, but he’d seen her ride a flesh and blood, pissed-off bull. She’d have to be a lot drunker to land in the foam.

The music started with the first whip of the bull. It swung backward, she compensated with one arm waving in the air. Her breasts pushed out. Her fucking thighs gripping the sides like a champion.

Quint’s need compounded, and he found himself grinding his teeth. The bull started whipping her, and Bella kept her seat, rocking up and down. Hell, an eighty-year-old woman would look sexy on a mechanical bull. The action was sexy as hell. But since it was Bella, every man—and probably a few women—were riveted on her.

Carter nudged his fly, adjusting his own boner. Fuck, this was bad. Real bad.

Quint’s vocal chords ached to yell for the charade to stop, but Bella rode out her full eight seconds. Ten. Twelve.

“Time’s up!” he hollered.

Someone elbowed him in the back. “Hey, buddy, don’t make them stop her.”

He turned to glare at the guy but had no idea which man in the sea of faces had struck him. Twisting back around, he welcomed the blare of the buzzer. Bella’s hair trickled into her eyes, and she tossed it back like a fucking porn star.

To dismount, she lay back on the bull and made a show of rolling into the foam. A half dozen men rushed forward to offer her a hand up, but Quint and Carter were there first, hauling her bodily out of the foam pit and dragging her several feet away.

She focused on Quint and then Carter. “You guys better keep your distance.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to ask why, but then the buzzer sounded and another woman was in the spotlight. She didn’t ooze sex appeal like Bella or even stay on very long. When she was tossed into the foam, only one man was there to pick her up. Another took her place.

“How’d I do, boys?” Bella had another drink in her hand. Where had she gotten it?

Quint’s protective instincts were suddenly a wild animal, pacing back and forth in front of her. He stared down a man, daring him to try anything. When he glanced over at Carter, he saw him standing bodyguard too.

At least he had backup. The strangeness of the situation hit him—they both wanted Bella but in protecting her, they were a solid wall no one could breach. That familiar sense of camaraderie flooded Quint.




BUY LIPSTICK ‘N LEAD and read on Jan 29!


Thanks for reading and I hope everyone enjoyed my post today. Please follow me at the links below!


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Gag Gift–Rhonda Lee Carver

The holiday is over but the memories remain, especially the humiliation of a gag gift gone wrong.

It never fails, my best friend gives me a gag gift every Christmas. Last year it was fuzzy handcuffs, the year before penis pops. So, I decided if I couldn’t fight it, I’d try it. I wrapped my gifts, packed them up and joined her family for a Christmas get-together with all of her extended family. When it was time to open gifts we all sat around the livingroom and my friend handed out each person’s gift. I couldn’t wait for her mother to open the thick towels, and my friend to open her big surprise. I had even warned her to be prepared. Basking in my gift of, yet again, edible undies, I hear my friend say, “How prepared did I need to be for this?” I look up and she’s waving the expensive white towel in her hand–or rather, her mother’s gift.  I raced to figure out how the mix up happened. If my friend had the towels, that would mean her mother had…oh sh**!

Before I could react, her mother had her package open. “Look, dear, something I’m always glad to get.” She’s speaking to her husband whose smile faded and his eyes widened.

He told her, “Honey, did you read the package?”

Because she can barely see without her reading glasses, it took her a good twenty seconds to read the  details as everyone watched quietly. Her cheeks turned rosy and she smiled. “Chocolate penises.”

At this point, I was dying. I wanted the chair to engulf me.

Then something fabulous happened. She opened the package, took one out and bit into the chocolate. “So this is what they’re supposed to taste like.” Everyone burst out into laughter, my humiliation passed and we continued on.  I learned a valuable lesson…when wrapping presents be sure to glue nametags on securely so that they don’t fall off.

Smoke.Fire. Cowboy


Let’s talk cowboy…

I have a release coming January 27th. Smoke.Fire. Cowboy (Book 3, Cowboys of Nirvana) is up for pre-order. Here’s a little teaser to entice you…

“Come on, Jared. Tell me you don’t feel something between us. A mesmerizing draw, an emotion? If you say you don’t feel it, then I’m a bigger fool than I first believed.” Her deepest, darkest fears came to the surface. She hungered for him, but for more than just sex. She craved to have his arms wrapped around her, comforting her when times were tough. Hear sweet nothings whispered into her ear. She ached to feel his love encompassing her. Have him make love to her every night.

It was a fantasy. One that she wanted to turn into reality.

He moved closer, his face within inches of hers. “You’re going to be the death of me, sweetheart,” he whispered.

“That wouldn’t help either of us.”

“It definitely won’t hurt us either.” He reached into his pocket and withdrew something. He held up the item, dangling her bracelet from his forefinger.

“Where did you find that?”

“Under my bed. You must have dropped it.” He took her hand and laid it on his thigh as he placed the chain across her wrist, hooking it. “This…I haven’t seen the charm on here before.” He tapped the cowboy hat.

She nodded. “I found it while I was in town. Did you read the inscription?”

He swallowed. “I did.”

“I only attach charms to this bracelet that mean something to me.” She touched the chain. “Things that have made me who I am today.”

He blew out a long breath and his mouth came down on hers, hard and desperate. His tongue forced her lips open to allow him entrance. She obliged and wrapped her arms around his neck as he dipped in and out of the recesses of her mouth. Nerves awakened, new ones, and she wondered how that was possible. Oh, she knew exactly how. She’d crossed an invisible boundary within herself. She’d gone from wanting to screw Jared, to caring for him…and then falling in love. The knowledge sparked eagerness. She let her tongue glide along his, dueling, matching his need.

His hands threaded into her hair, tugging her face back to allow him deeper access. He pulled away and lowered his mouth to her neck, licking the sensitive skin, leaving a moist trail to the pulse in the dip at her neck. She succumbed to him, every fiber of her yielded to him. All links to her past were freed. She tangled her fingers into his hair, rolling them along his scalp, pulling him, determined to never let the moment end.

“Aww, baby, you taste so good—smell like a field of wildflowers after a heavy rain.”

“Yes! Keep doing that,” she whispered.

His fingers slid along her bare leg, higher to the apex of her thighs. He sucked in a deep breath. “My God, woman. Please never put on a pair of panties again.”

She chuckled. “I swear, I didn’t plan to have your hand up my dress tonight.”

“Where else would my hand be?” he muttered.


Amazon pre-order


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I love my book boyfriend! Event


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Cover Reveal! Makin’ It Right by Dalton Diaz

Yes, I finally have a new book coming out! Makin’ it Right will be available to the public after March 1, 2016. Prior to that, it will be available at the Wild Wicked Weekend book signing Feb. 27th  at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, 2:30 – 5 pm. The book signing is open to the public. If you’re in the area, come on down!

More details on Makin’ It Right to follow, when edits are complete. For now…perf5.000x8.000.indd

Also lurking on the horizon, deets on 3 books that will revert to me on Feb. 18! 2016 is starting out with a bang!

Dalton Diaz

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Exclusive First Chapter of Lucan by Kim Black – Reckless Anthology

Hey All! I have been dying to share my piece for the Reckless Anthology and I am so happy to be able to give you all a pre-view!

This piece is completely different from anything I’ve written before.

I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.




“Day one hundred and thirty six,” I mumble to myself as I gingerly cross from the bedroom into the bathroom. That is the number of days I have been in remission since beginning my new treatment plan with my doctors.

It has been a long road, but somehow—through much research, tears and groveling to the big guy upstairs—I have finally found a way to keep my condition in check. Or, at least, somewhat in check.

Remission for me dO’t mean that I didn’t still get the occasional lump here and there, but for the most part I have gotten my HS in control. Who would have thought?

My secret? Stress free living and a new diet regimen that seems to be keeping whatever triggers that had plagued me for years at bay. It’s a tough route to take and many HS sufferers don’t even consider doing what I do, but I have made the choice to try this plan. So far, it’s been beneficial, although I am so dying for a slice of pizza or my favorite… Vanilla bean ice cream.

The change of my diet has been the roughest on me. I have always been a very picky eater, but nonetheless, I am a foodie through and through. There is nothing like a good bacon cheeseburger or the right Caribbean style bake macaroni and cheese. All my absolute favs, but I can’t have any of it.

Why? Because of fucking HS.

Many people aren’t even familiar with the disease and those who suffer from it tend to be a bit embarrassed by it. I happen to be one of those people. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a huge abscess like golf ball between your legs or under your arm. Or when it’s so bad that you can’t even close your legs and walk.

How the hell do you explain it to people? I can’t really say, ‘Oh, I’m walking like this because there is a huge baseball sized lump in between my legs, right next to my lady bits.’ Yeah, right!

I don’t bother explaining anymore. I just ignore the stares when I get a flare up and silently curse them out because they are all normal and have never dealt with such a debilitating disease that shows no signs of ever being cured. No, I am not going to explain any of it to anyone anymore.

I even stopped dating a few years ago. Really, what the hell is the point? What man would want to deal with the fact that you can’t always have sex and that you are in pain all the time? That’s way too much to ask of anyone. So, I have decided to just remain single.

It’s not so bad, really. I mean, it would be nice to have someone that understands all that I am going through while fighting this disease. But after my ex broke up with me and specifically told me that he just couldn’t handle my being sick all the time, I figured I’d better cut my loses and fit myself for a chastity belt made of reinforced steel.

As I turn on the water in the bathroom, I sigh as I think back to how much Jason had hurt me. We’d only been going together for a few months, nothing too serious really so I wasn’t upset about it ending. It was the reasons behind the break up that messed me up. It still affects me till this day if I am to be very honest with myself.

But in the end, I realize now that he had done me a favor and made me see how selfish it is to take someone else down this journey through HS with me. It’s my disease, my broken body and I have to deal with it on my own.

Shortly after starting my new regimen, I quit my job. I loved being an accountant for one of the biggest banks in New York, but the stress of the job proves to be too much on my body. Often times, I would get three or four HS flare ups, making just getting out of the bed difficult. So, despite the fact that I had no means of making money doing anything else, I resigned.

Three months later, I began working from home as a virtual assistant for a few small businesses in the Brooklyn – Bedford Stuyvesant area. It isn’t as fast pace and hectic as my last job, but it pays the bills and that’s all I can ask for.

Stepping out of the shower, I make my way back to my bedroom, opening the top draw to my dresser and pull out my daytime pajama set. I chuckle as I throw it on, since it makes absolutely no sense to have two different levels of pajamas. But since I rarely leave the apartment, I feel the need to differentiate between the PJs I wear during the day while I worked and the ones I wear at night to go to bed. It’s silly, I know, but it works for me and that’s all that matters.

Strolling to the kitchen, I hit the button on the coffee machine and go through the process of starting up my computer. I have a lot of work ahead of me today and only eight hours to get it done. Two of the companies I work with have recently began increasing their revenues, which in turn mean more work for me, organizing all their documents and spreadsheets.

Once the computer is turned on, I head back to the retrieve my coffee as there is absolutely no way I can start my day without it—even if it’s the decaffeinated stuff. Freaking HS took that away from me too. Still, I pretend it’s the good stuff and need it just as much as I would the real deal.

Pouring the dark liquid into my ‘Hello Kitty’ cup, I mentally do a rundown of my to-do list, reorganizing in my mind what takes priority. Placing the glass coffee decanter back, I reach for the refrigerator to retrieve some vanilla soy milk. Looking on the both the top shelf and the side compartments of the door, I groan when I realize that I have run out.

Closing the refrigerator door, I eye the dark liquid in my cup suspiciously. I’d never been one to drink black coffee, but I wonder if my dislike for the taste will win over having to go to the grocery store.

I bring the cup closer to my face, smelling it and then blowing on it gently, all the while mentally preparing myself.

Just pretend it’s not black, I tell myself just as I bring the mug to my lips and tip it over only to immediately twirl around and spit it back up into the sink.

“Shit,” I grumble as I place the mug down on the kitchen island and make my way back to my bedroom.

Looks like I have to head to the store first before beginning my work day. Trust me, my employers will thank me for it. There is nothing worse than me without my morning Joe crunching numbers in excel.



The tension in the air intensifies as Petrov advances to the center of the room. His posture is straight, his steel blue eyes void of all emotion and his moves are purposeful.

Straightaway, Vladimir and his men are on high alert, standing around the dimly lit room awaiting to hear the purpose of this impromptu meeting. Each knows that Petrov is not a man to request your presence without cause, as speaking to anyone below the rank of Vladimir is beneath him and for the others to be called in meant the boss is not happy.

I look around the room, and take in the selected few before us. The air of the room is charged in anticipation and wariness. I know something isn’t right. From the second I was called in this morning, my stomach has been churning.

On the rare occasions Petrov has called a meeting, it has never ended well—almost always ending in bloodshed. So it isn’t a matter of what he has to say tonight. No, it’s a matter of who would die and why. But that isn’t what bothers me as I stand to the right of Petrov, and Alexandrov—aka Alexander, his brother, to his left.

I’ve spent the last ten years working for The Petrov Crime Family, one of the most ruthless Russian organizations in New York. I’d started as a Byki, a bodyguard under the Vor, Vladimir, a man as heartless as a stone. This is where Petrov started most men. Only with Vladimir’s seal of approval did you advance.

Swarm too much and you were killed. Seem too eager and you were also killed. He only picks the best of the best and after working under him for three years, I’d been advanced to a contractor. Lethal, brutal and the best. This earned me favor with Vladimir and then finally with Petrov.

Faithfully, I served Petrov until my talents and skills positioned me to where I am today—the place I’d set my sights on from the time I’d entered the family. As Petrov’s Councilor or the Sovietnik as the Russians calls it, I am his right hand man.

Standing beside Petrov as his second in command, despite the fact that I am not a full blown Russian—a transgression Alexander seems to hold against me at every cause—I am not in the position where a meeting is called without my knowledge. The fact that I too am left in the dark does not sit well with me, but of course this is of no concern to Petrov. And so, I keep my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open.

“Do you know why I have called this meeting?” Petrov asks once he’s situated behind his desk.

The room grows eerie quiet as all eyes are trained on the boss. Despite the fact that each one of us know the outcome of this meeting, not one of the men show a single sign of fear. They know better. Fear has no place in the presence of Petrov. He both detests it and thrives on it.

Petrov eyes each man penetratingly before continuing, “I received a phone call last night from my contact within the authorities. I am sure you all remember Andrei. It seems the FBI has been investigating our shipments and he has reason to believe that one of my men may be an informant.”

Petrov kept his voice devoid of emotion and calm even though I know he is anything but. If there is any sin one is capable of committing against the brotherhood that Petrov despises it would be a rat and I can’t help but swallow down the rise of panic in my chest.

I can’t deny that today’s meeting should have me worried, but I have done everything possible to remain fully infiltrated within the family. I’ve done every task asked of me, without question or hesitation. No, Petrov couldn’t have known, but that didn’t stop the bead of sweat from falling from my brow.

If Petrov has gotten wind that an informant has infiltrated the brotherhood then my time here is nearing an end and I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s true that my mission is to get as much information as I can about the brotherhood so that the FBI can build a strong case against us, but therein lies the problem. Somewhere along the way I have stopped referring to the brotherhood as them and more as us. The lines that divide good and evil are so blurred when you are made to do the thing I’ve been ordered to do.

I have killed, mercilessly. I’ve tortured the enemies of the brotherhood with no remorse and if I were to be completely truthful, I’d do it again. For them. For us.

“Lucan.” He calls my name as he turns his head to face me. Raising my sweat covered brow only slightly as my heart pounds violently against my chest, I regard him as well. “Has the brotherhood not treated you well?” he asks as he leans forward in his chair and claps his hands together on the desk.

I give him a curt nod, “Of course, Petrov. The brotherhood is my life.” My answer is sure, strong, but not defensive just as it should be. It is also true, but only partially since I am not completely sure where my loyalty lies.

I have trained for this mission for well over five years before infiltrating. I know all that there is to know about the Petrov Bratva and most importantly, I am the best liar in the bureau. Trained to pass any lie detector test both manually and electronically without worry, so I know he suspects nothing from my answer.

He nods his head and regards his brother next, “And you Alexandrov, have I not been well to you?”

Alexander jerks his head in confusion, turning to face his only brother before answering, “Of course, brother.”

Petrov turns to face Vladimir next and I can see a silent exchange between the two men. Most would miss it, but not me.

The eyes.

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes. Vladimir’s show acceptance and Petrov, understanding. Though I am not sure what their exchange is in regards to, I know it is not him who will fall before Petrov today.

Still, I force myself to remain stoical even though their exemption of me in this manner would be considered a slap in the face. I am the second in command and therefore should be made aware of what is going on.

Alexander is the next to speak, “Brother, what is all this? Are you going to hold us here all day while you ogle your men?” His annoyance is clear in his voice and his eyes, hold something I can’t quite place. Fear? Maybe…

I don’t understand it. I know for sure Alexander isn’t with the bureau, but his demeanor is questionable.

“All in good time, my brother.”

Petrov stands to his feet and rounds the desk. His movements are as sure as they always are when he stands in front of his safe, enters a code and pulls out his gun. I have seen that gun many times and still it puts me on edge each time he removes it from his safe.

The spravedlivost, justice. It’s what Petrov calls the steal in his hands—the gun a gift from his father before passing the Bratva over to him. Many of men have stared into the barrel of the stainless, prized weapon, begging for mercy. But mercy has no place in the brotherhood. Petrov doesn’t issue second chances and absolution to those he deems the enemy and anyone who crosses the brother is in fact an enemy.

“The brotherhood takes second place to nothing. I am the beginning and the end for all those who fall under my rule. You have no mother, no father, no sister—”

The sound of justice going off the second he turns around cuts him off and much to everyone’s surprise Alexander stumbles to the ground, blood pouring from his chest.

“And, no brother,” he finishes before turning swiftly and replacing the gun in the safe. “Lucan, be sure that his replacement is trust worthy, yeah?” is all he says before he exits the room.


I hope that you enjoyed the sneak peak!

You can pre-order this wonderful #99cents anthology now!



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Happy New Year by Alice Gaines

We’ve opened all the presents and thrown out the wrapping paper.  The ham are turkey are eaten.  If you still have left-overs, you might want to consider throwing them out.  At least give them a good sniff and heat them up before eating.  (If anyone asks, you didn’t get that advice from me.)  All that’s left is New Year’s Resolutions.  I was watching a segment of a television show yesterday that covered the most common New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them.  Let me give you my take on the subject.

Most common resolution #3:  Give up smoking.  I gave it up years and years ago.  Here’s how I did it.  I was working as a temporary office worker, and just about everywhere I went I wasn’t allowed to smoke except on breaks and during lunch hour.  I learned to go for hours without a cigarette.  After a while, I figured if I could do that, I could limit my smoking to five per day.  That way, I always knew there was a cigarette coming, and I could cope with that.  Coincidentally, I switched doctors, and the new one yelled at me for a full five minutes.  I figured if I was going to keep him, I’d have to try to quit.  I told myself that if, after 30 days, I just couldn’t cope, I’d go back to smoking.

After 30 days, most of the cravings were gone, and I could call myself a non-smoker.  The cravings didn’t fully go away for years.  One would sneak up on me every once in a while.  The thing about the cravings is that, as terrible as they are, they don’t last very long.  I’d time the intervals between cravings.  As I saw the intervals increase in length, I knew I was making progress.  Everyone has their own way of dealing with this problem, so mine may not work for you.  But remember millions of people have done this.  You can, too.  And take the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something wonderful.  Or go on to the next resolution.

Most common resolution #2:  Save money.  I’m not good at this one.  I’ve had long periods in my life when I just barely scraped by with necessities.  People who think saving is easy—just cut down on lattes—need to talk to people who honestly cannot afford lattes and cut them out years ago.  Fortunately, I’m not in that position any longer.

The television show had a great idea I’m going to try.  I’m a huge internet shopper.  The show suggested putting all the stuff you want in your shopping cart and leaving it there for 24 hours.  They said many companies will then send you coupons for the things in your cart.  Instant savings.  Plus, you may discover after a day that you don’t want that stuff, after all.

Most common New Year’s Resolution #1:  Lose weight.  I’ve had a weight problem all my life.  I’ve been as low as 120 pounds (way too little for me.  I actually had a mild case of anorexia.) to 275.  A few years ago, I’d gotten back up to 240.  I knew what I had to do to lose weight.  Sorry to say, no magic.  Exercise and limiting calories.

I’m a huge believer in exercise for everyone.  It’s the best thing you can do for your health along with giving up smoking.  Find something that gets your heart going but is comfortable for you.  In the last several years, we’ve learned that interval training is extremely efficient.  Do what you do at full speed for 40 seconds and follow that with 20 seconds of a moderate rate.  I do about five minutes of intervals and intersperse some weight lifting.  I repeat the process for 35 minutes.  You’ll get a full work out in a small amount of time.

Limiting calories actually is best done by changing the types of food you eat.  Ditch the soda, or as my coworker calls it “diabetes in a can.”  Eliminate as much sugar as you can.  Discover how delicious vegetables are.  Really.  Grow your own, if you can, for maximum flavor.  A homegrown tomato is the most delicious food in the world.

Then get yourself a weight loss app.  I use Lose It.  It’s free at  You tell it your height, weight, and how much you want to lose.  It tells you how many calories you can have.  You get extra credit for exercise.  They have hundreds of foods and the calorie and nutrition content, and you can add foods of your own.  Input your exercise and food every day, make friends, enter challenges, and watch the weight come off.  There are other apps, too.  Find one you like and use it religiously.

Oh, and allow yourself to go off the wagon and splurge from time to time.  Life without dessert would be too bleak to consider.  Just get back to your regular routine.  I now weigh 180.  I’m not a fashion model, but I look good in clothes, and I’m happy with myself.

My New Year’s Resolution?  Clean my house.  Until last January, I had a day job.  In my off time, I could either clean house or write.  You can guess what I chose.  My house got so bad, I had what I’ve heard called CHAOS—Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.  With any luck, I can make major progress on that this year.

Whatever your resolutions are, face this new year with a sense of joy and accomplishment.  You’re worth it.


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My website/blog is  You can sign up for my newsletter there.  I occasionally raffle off my hand-knitted and crocheted items to my subscribers.

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Charming the Alphas – An Exclusive Teaser : Talina Perkins

Four days into the new year and it’s already shaping up to be an exciting one! I’m wrapping up the final sexy words on Charming the Alphas and I can’t wait for you to meet my favorite of all the sisters from the hex my Heart series. Marabelle Winters is not your average earth witch. She’s found herself in the cross hairs of an ancient order and has lost her magical powers to their antiquated system of government over her people. But she’s not one to sit around and take their high handed treatment. With her lovers by her side, she’ll face down death, kick a few stones over that should have been left alone and discover that being mated to two alpha shifters has a lot of kinky benefits.

Exclusive to 69 Shades I have a small snippet for you guys followed up with the book synopsis and if you feel so inclined I’ve also provided the pre-order links so you don’t miss the release of Charming the Alphas! 😉

We step into the story where Marabelle is forced into some shady business that involves a black ski mask and some stealthy moves. Below is an unedited cut. Please excuse any mistakes.


Pressed flat against the floor to ceiling bookshelf, Marabelle peeled her back off the wood far enough to steal a peek around the corner, her new location half masked by the cart of library books she’d left in place before clocking out of work earlier that evening. Score one for the librarian.

A deep hum proceeded to fill the room before an army of tiny golden balls of light zoomed beneath the arched entryway and fanned out to cover the large chamber. No doubt all on the orders of a very pissed of warlock she’d ticked off between slipping out of the High Council’s secret vault and tripping the ward she somehow missed.

Which was a puzzle in itself. She never missed wards. They were her thing. That and healing potions and spell work.

Rookie move, Sweetpea! Her father’s words played across her mind.

One of the orbs drifted down the opposite aisle within feet of her position. She clung to the rapidly reducing amount of shadows. Ignoring the fact her lungs cried for a deep gulp of air, she froze. If luck had any say in tonight’s events, the nasty bugger would confuse her for one of the many statues scattered throughout the library. The magick may seem pretty on the outside, all sparkles and glitter. The truth of the matter, given the chance those things went off at the slightest twitch of movement and would send you on a nice long trip with the reaper. Despite her less than noble actions kicking the cauldron didn’t have a slot on her agenda of sticking it to the rat-faced Royals.



iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | ARe | Amazon (coming soon)

One’s own death isn’t the kind of thing a witch goes around planning, but after tonight, kicking the cauldron would be the easy way out.

Brutally stripped of her magick for helping a human friend with a love potion, Marabelle Winters has finally found a way to recover her preternatural powers. Tucked away in the pages of a centuries old tome in the High Council’s secret library, the spell calls for lethal and illegal ingredients that will reveal a secretive past and shed light on a future she never thought possible.

But first, she’ll have to die.

As pack enforcers Lucian and Zane’s first instinct is to protect their sassy witch. Their second is to claim her. But before they can take her as their life mate, both alpha shifters have vowed to help Marabelle reclaim her powers. But, when the time comes, all three soon discover not everything is as it seems in the world of Magick. Shadows of evil taint their unity and Marabelle’s destiny leads them into an unknown world where the ultimate battle between black magick, dragons, and shifters cross paths and could lead to another blood-drenched Witches and Weres war.

Hex My Heart, a werewolf erotic series, follows five coven sisters as they find true love through their misadventures with love spells gone wrong with a botched hex or two. Be warned, this series is smokin’ hot!

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram or visit my website at  I love chatting with readers, so don’t be shy!

Until next time, keep it sexy!

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