Smoke.Fire.Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

I love this season. Love the lights twinkling from the rooftops. The smell of peppermint, hot cocoa and the promise of snowfall. The magic lingering in a child’s mind…Is Santa real or not? Festive music playing as we wrap the presents. Spreading good cheer and holiday spirit. These are just some of the things I look forward to during Christmas.

But with the sweet comes the sour.

Life is hectic for everyone during the holidays. Every store is filled with madness. People rushing to make deadlines before December 25th. The cool slips in dulling the joy we should be feeling. BAH HUMBUG!

There’s a solution. Read. And read more. And when you thought you’ve had enough, read, ReAd, READ!

I am finishing up the last minute details of Book 3 of Cowboys of Nirvana…Smoke. Fire. Cowboy. Couldn’t everyone use a sexy hero wearing a white hat and worn boots. Take a a vacation, visit Nirvana, a place where love is in the air and peace is in the heart. Here he is…Jared.

Smoke.Fire. Cowboy

Here’s an unedited excerpt:

“Yes, baby. Yes! You know I like it when you’re dirty.”

Luther’s ragged, throaty voice sent goosebumps scattering across Sofie’s trembling skin. She quivered under his perfectly manicured hands that braced her bare shoulders against the polished, mahogany desk top. His scent drifted under her nose and she inhaled deeply. He wasn’t wearing the expensive cologne she bought him for his birthday. Was he wearing Jasmine…?

“Sofie,” he whispered next to her ear. His fingers touched her knee, taking a slow, heated trail along her inner thigh, closer to the part of her that dripped wet with need. After seven years together, she still wanted her husband—still craved having him inside of her.

Being here, in his office, naked, and sprawled across his financial reports made her adrenaline pump faster. He always stirred her naughty side, awakening her inner temptress. The fear of being caught was at the forefront of her mind, but the risk made the act more delicious. Who could fault her for wanting to please her man? He liked taking things to the very edge—in business and in pleasure.

The tension in her muscles turned to an achy desire, pounding through her in waves, one after enchanting one. Need built like a raging inferno in her core, throbbing in her most sensitive part, sending her down a path of mindless yearning. Her whimper fell off her lips and she clung to him, pulling him in urgency. Lifting her knees higher, she spread them wide, barely registering that she’d knocked something off onto the sixteeth-century Cairene rug.  A stapler maybe? Hopefully not the cup of coffee. She stretched her neck to look past his shoulder, relief spread over her when she saw the cup on the corner, undisturbed. She knew how much he loved the antique rug.


Cowboy Paradise         Ropin’ Trouble


Also, who loves a good holiday story? Better yet, who loves a bundle of holiday stories?


Excerpt of A New Year’s Cowboy:

Charlie bit her bottom lip as Storm stepped into the small space of the bathroom. She was determined not to drop her gaze over his body or let it affect her when his arm brushed hers, the crisp, short hairs on his skin erupting tingles on her flesh. Warmth bled through her shoulders. And she definitely didn’t allow herself to think about why her nipples bunched and tingled. It’d been a long time since she’d experienced that feeling. So long that she could barely breathe. Turning to face the sink, pretending interest in looking through the first aid kit, she sucked in air. Lifting her chin, she saw his reflection and couldn’t deny herself a peek at his profile. He’d removed his hat and his longish, blonde hair laid in waves over his head. His eyes were deep and his prominent jaw was covered in dark stubble. She roved her eyes lower—to wide shoulders that stretched the black cotton, massive biceps, slender waist and large silver belt buckle down to…

Stop right there!

She wouldn’t allow herself to inspect his crotch. Nope. No way. Not going to happen.

Breathing in slowly, feeling somewhat in control, she turned and their knees touched. Why had she suggested mending him here and not in the spacious kitchen?

Heat came alive in the pit of her stomach and lowered, settling in her secret spot—a place she’d called off limits for years now. Here in the town of Palms, Tennessee, they didn’t see very many strangers, especially this good looking. In the town of four hundred people, everyone knew everyone and once in a while they got a stray vehicle lost off the interstate.

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Grab it now for ONLY 99 cents. Releasing December 28th.


Can we meet up?

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15 thoughts on “Smoke.Fire.Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Therese lopez

    I can’t wait for the third book in this awesome series!! I love them all. Sofies story is going to be a good one


  2. Jane Nelson

    Great cover! Love your books and can’t wait to read this one! 💜


  3. Definitely preordering….Merry Christmas to me!!! Thanks Rhonda!!!


  4. Deb Diem

    Fantastic cover!


  5. Diane Vice

    Irresistible! Can hardly wait to read!


  6. lacombejc

    Love Jared’s cover, can’t wait. already preordered anthology, can’t wait for that one too. 🙂


  7. I can’t wait for your books to come out!! You know I’ll have them!! Thanks for what you do! Have a Merry Christmas!!!


  8. Charmarie Dotson

    I can’t wait to read it!!!


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