9 cowboys/99cents!–Rhonda Lee Carver

The holidays are approaching fast. The leaves are changing just in time for Halloween. Have you carved your pumpkin yet? Once Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving sneaks up on us and then the busiest holiday of the year–Christmas. I haven’t bought one present–not one! Why do I do this to myself? Well, you see, I’ve been busy over the last few months preparing you a feast of hot, sexy cowboys to get you through the holidays. Love me yet? I sure hope so.

First up is Ropin’ Trouble (Book 2). This gorgeous hunk of desire in hat and worn boots will be available November 30. Chase Sever, owner of Nirvana Ranch, will make you forget that you ate too much turkey and sweet potatoes. You’ll be so engrossed in this cowboy you’ll forget there’s an extra pumpkin pie and whipped topping in the fridge with your name on it–unless you can come up with a calorie-free dessert to dollop that whipped cream on. I’m sure you have lots of ideas. Chase is up for pre-order, so grab him and it’ll come to your Kindle like a knight in shining hat and boots.


Welcome to Nirvana—your wish is a cowboy’s command.
Kaycee Darling has one thing on her mind…getting the juiciest, most provocative stories that will boost her career as a journalist. Setting her sights on Nirvana, Wyoming’s fastest-growing retreat for the high-society, she won’t stop until she’s proven the R&R is nothing more than a romanticized meat market for the lonely of heart.
Chase Sever believes he’s finally taken care of the journalist who has been breathing down his neck and can start concentrating on the expansion of his pride and joy—Nirvana Ranch. He doesn’t have time for romance, but when a sassy siren arrives at his ranch, he suddenly has a clear schedule. She’s smart, bubbly, and has a body that could make a cowboy melt in his boots, but he suspects there’s more to her than meets the eye. Is she really who she says she is?
She has Chase right where she wants him, but what she finds might change her beliefs on Nirvana, compassion and love…or she might have roped in more trouble than she can handle.


An elegantly dressed woman approached Chase and he acknowledged her with a smile, the charming one that rang Kaycee’s bells and blew her whistles. He slipped off his hat, pressing it against his chest, right over that part of him that was protected by a barrier of ice. He had a head full of wavy black hair threaded with silver strands at the temples. She guessed he was in his late thirties, maybe early forties, but he was in tiptop shape. Not an ounce of fat or middle-aged bulge could be found on his trim body. Her investigative side sure wanted to find out…

The pretty blonde touched his arm and they stepped to the side, partially out of the way from being shoved. Was the chic trying to pick him up? Kaycee sniffed in irritation. She’d lived here a long time and finding a date was  impossible. He was standing on the busy street all of ten minutes and he had women coming out of the woodwork–or rather concrete. Figures.

At thirty-four, Kaycee realized things weren’t as fair for women when it came to age. She worked out at the gym three times a week, took the stairs and walked to work, and if she ate one cupcake—chocolate mocha, her favorite—she’d gain five pounds. Her older brother worked out at the gym too, but could pile away an entire buffet and not gain an ounce.

Cowboy turned and she automatically dropped her gaze over his fine, rounded bottom. Of course he’d have a nice, tight riding ass. What cowboy didn’t? He probably spent most of his day riding in the saddle and bringing much pleasure to women who adored him. Sex was the trick! A few years ago, she’d written a story that every thirty minutes of sex burned off two-hundred calories. Maybe that was her real issue. No sex equaled more weight. Too bad that would be a problem not easily remedied.

He shifted and squinted in the morning sunlight. Aha! The man did have a flaw. The bump on his nose was proof that it’d been broken once or twice. From what she’d heard, he’d been dumped off a bull’s back quite a few times back in his rodeo days. So why didn’t that noticeable crook in the bridge of his nose take away from his prominent, high cheekbones and chiseled jaw sporting a hint of dark stubble? She’d bet he was one of those men who shaved every morning but by early afternoon he had a beard. He was just that manly.

She turned her head from side to side, narrowing her eyes. He looked a lot like someone—oh…yes…like Colin Farrell. His dark features and rugged appeal could make a woman think of all sorts of naughty, but fun, things. No wonder he was the bachelor of the year.


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No plans for New Year’s Eve? How about a date with NINE SEXY COWBOYS from some of your favorite cowboy authors? And because the New Year brings new beginnings and the bills from all of the holiday spending you’ll love that you can get all of these novellas for 99 cents!!!! Yes, that’s right. Grab Ring In A Cowboy now!


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Available for pre-order! Releasing December 28th for 99 cents!

And watch for my Valentine sweet treat…Kissed, Licked and Valentined (Book 3, Cowboys of Nirvana). Coming in early February. Just in time for Valentines Day!

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