Name Nirvana’s new cowboy! Rhonda Lee Carver


I’m writing book 2 of Cowboys of Nirvana, Ropin’ Trouble. In book 1, Cowboy Paradise, you met all of the characters, but now that Ben has left we have an opening at the Nirvana R&R. Actually, several openings, but one is a secret. You’ll have to read Ropin’ Trouble to find out the big news. I need your help in creating a character. He must be a cowboy…or at least turned cowboy. He must have a special flaw. And an awesome skill (besides in bed). Can you help? Here’s what I’ll need…

  1. A name for our new cowboy.
  2. Some interesting personality traits of this fellow.
  3. Feel free to post a pic of a sexy man who fits this character. I won’t complain.

And this is what you need to do…

  1. Post all of the information below.
  2. And check back for a winner. I’ll choose which one I like best! (I might have to tweak the character a bit to fit the story).

This is what you’ll get if your cowboy is chosen…

  1. Bragging rights.
  2. A $5 Amazon GC.

So, get to crackin’. I need my new cowboy by October 15th. Good luck and best wishes!

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12 thoughts on “Name Nirvana’s new cowboy! Rhonda Lee Carver

  1. Eileen McCall

    I love the name Tucker. I think Tucker should be new again to the Cowboy world – grew up on a ranch, but went to college and worked in the financial world IT then financial until he got his heart broken. So, his special skill is he is a financial and computer genius, Passing time at Nirvana until he can figure out what he wants to do with his life. Hard work and not putting his heart into it is giving him time to work out his issues. Money is not his problem.


  2. Ezekiel (aka Zeke) is a former Navy SEAL, honorably discharged after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He goes to the ranch to heal because the work is repetitive and he can do repetitive. He has no memories of his last mission and doesn’t realize the danger he brings to the ranch and anyone close to him. As his memory starts to flash events of the mission, the hackles on the back of his neck raise. Bits and pieces of his last mission start to come together. Was it friend or foe that caused the mission to go sideways?


  3. Therese Lopez

    I think a good name is Ryder and he could be good with ropes and leather work. He is very dominant and hard at first, but with the right woman he looses some of that roughness. He was a loner and he doesn’t want to be like that anymore. He doesn’t trust women, but when the right one comes along she knocks him off his feet. He’s very wealthy but he doesn’t want people to know that about him because he’s been used because of it, he wants to just be excepted for who he is not his money.


  4. I love the name Matthew, since he was raised in an orphanage, he has a hard time trusting people. He is usually real quiet but loves horses and has worked with them his whole life. He got a chance to get a job on a ranch as a teenager and he becomes a horse whisperer, seems he can talk to the horses with his mind and can control even the wildest bronc. It is going to take a very special woman to break down his walls but I know you will write one for him, 🙂 my pic


  5. Dax. His special skill is a high IQ. Not necessarily looking for someone brilliant but deep. He’s quiet, a thinker and great listener. Women think he is bored with them but he is actually figuring out a solution to their problem. Wealthy but not advertising that fact. Grew up on a ranch but lived in the city. Back to ranching for some peace before burning out. Of course, hotter than sin, great in bed but most important he makes the women jealous of her, wanting to be in her place.


  6. Good Day Everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for participating and the winner has benn chosen. Congratulations to Christine LaCombe…please PM me directly toclain your $5 Amazon GC

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