Check Out My New Website – by Dalton Diaz

As usual, there’s a story behind the action. I think it’s pretty well established at this point that I’m not the best when it comes to technology. I’m not the worst in my circles, but it does take me awhile to catch on. It doesn’t help that these days, technology is like buying a new car. Blink twice and there’s something bigger and better whizzing by while I’m still trying to merge into the slow lane of the information highway.


Case in point: the electronics junk drawer.

Sometimes, though, it works out that bigger and better means everything slides right into place.

To be honest, I had never been very happy with my website. It was functional, and I could make changes – by crashing my computer a few times, lots of prayer, a few tears, and a whole lot of cursing. When Yahoo sold off their site builder to a company that stated they won’t support adult content, I still wondered if I could slide under the radar. Anything was better than going through the hell of building another site. That’s pretty much when Brenna Zinn threatened to kick my ass (or worse, not drive me to the In N Out Burger in TX this Feb!) if I didn’t get with the program. I had no choice but to comply.

Mmmmmm, Double Double with fries…sorry, my mind drifted. Give me a minute.

My first step, as always, was research. A number of people suggested using Wix to build the site, and deeper research showed that it worked well with a Mac. I bit the bullet and gave it a shot. Lo and behold, even I could figure it out! The tools did what they were supposed to do, it all played nicely with my Mac, and they even offered a mobile view. I would highly recommend Wix to anyone.

I am now the proud owner of a new website, and I’m a happy camper. Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter. It will go out once a month at absolute most.

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