Sexy is What’s Inside

Everyone has a different idea of what defines “sexy” on the outside. Really, it’s what’s inside that counts. Here, let me prove my point:



Um, no, not really. Unless you have a big green felt fetish, in which case, my apologies. No judgment here.

How about this one?


Hell yes he’s sexy, but…this is a pumpkin. Again, if that’s your fetish, no judgment.

How about this nerd?


Um, that’s a dog. Judgment gets a little thin on this one. Then again, I have a shocking pic of a Guinea Pig that I could have used, but last time I posted it, I heard gasps from around the world.

How about this hottie?


This would be Stud. See? Bwahahahaha!



Yes. Inside and out, no question.

Back to Gumby. Why is he listed? Flexibility? I apparently have a thing for the color green? Nope. Look what’s inside:





Have I made my point?

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