Better Late Than Never–Em Petrova

Hello Dear Friends! It’s the 4th of July here in the US and I celebrated with a family party. I’m just sitting down to write this blog post (yes, better late than never).

While I’ve procrastinated in the writing of this post, I’ve actually thought a lot about what I’d write. What I’ll share with you today is…

The Writing Process

Other authors and readers always ask about my writing process. They want to know if I light some incense and perform a ritual. If I watch p*rn. Do I wear house slippers? Is it the stroke of midnight when I type my first word of the day?

I also get asked–do I plot? Where do my characters come from, and so much more. I’ll try to share a little of this today, but feel free to ask questions if I leave out anything!

1. A spark–I might hear a word, see a photo or a moment in time, and that’s the spark. A whole book can web from 1 tiny second. Or I might have to work harder to unearth the entire tale.

2. The characters–some are very apparent to me. Stowe, the Dom from Down Under, in my next Boot Knockers Ranch book, ROPE BURN, was crystal clear and strong in my mind from the very beginning. Other characters I fight to get to know because they are stubborn asses. Kade Dalton is that man. I argued with him in the shower, in the car, and while watching TV. Finally, he broke down and I got to know him, but I really had to grill him.


For me, characters are the biggest part of the process. As soon as they break down, I know what their stories are. All the plot twists and conflicts fall into place in my head.

3. Come late to the party and leave early–This motto very much applies to writing as much as real life. Jump late into the scene, leave the reader gagging for more. I try to adhere to this idea, but often it happens organically. I don’t need to go back and cut beginnings and endings.

4. Inspiration–Books, movies, music, visuals. Ohhhh myyyy, the visuals! You know what I’m talking about!


(photo purchased from Hot Damn Stock. Please don’t copy)

5. Sitting down–I don’t wear a bathrobe but I do wear a beanie. My daughter calls it my writing beanie, and she knows when I’m wearing it to tread with caution and do not interrupt! However, the beanie isn’t a red flag to my sons, who parade through my office every 2 minutes with some problem/conflict/hunger pang/disease/cut/question. Thus…

6. When I write–I always got the kids on the bus and wrote in the mornings. In summers, the rule was you’re on your own until lunch, when I’ll stop and pay attention to you. But now that they’re older, the 4 kiddos are more helpless. So I was getting 0 words written. The only solution is to write when the lovely little angels are asleep, which means at 11 pm, I’m wearing my beanie.

7. A plot–I know what I’m writing for the whole book. If not the whole book, for that day. Often I write a synopsis as a guide, but I don’t freak out if I don’t stick to it. The best part of the process is letting characters hijack their story. This is a teaser from one scene where that happened with COWBOY RUSH, Kade’s story.


8. Good earbuds are a must–I prefer these cheap Memorex ones. They stay in my ears and have good sound.

9. Random parts of writing process–

Coffee–a must, black please

Bedtime toast for my Labradoodle–Daisy stares at me until I go get her a piece of buttery toast. Then she has to go out, come in, go out, and she’ll need a drink. Only then should I bother hitting the keys!


(get me toast!)

There you have it–all the glamor, folks! If you pictured me sitting on a yacht in the South Seas, you’re just a pinch off. But I do love the silence of the house at night and a good Vance Joy album. And if I need outside inspiration, all I need is a trip to the country store to see hot construction workers, loggers and plenty of sexy men in cowboy hats  driving trucks.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my post this beautiful July 4th!


Em Petrova



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One thought on “Better Late Than Never–Em Petrova

  1. girlfromwva

    so good to read a new post from you Em and always great to see Daisy!


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