Inspirotica? by Alice Gaines

As you may have noticed from my blog last month, I’m a gardener. Not a good one, I’ll confess, but I was raised in a family who grew things. My mother authored three books on gardening, and I learned about plants at a very young age.begonias

When I grew up, I developed an intense interest in orchids. I still have lots of plants because, frankly, orchids are tough critters and refuse to die no matter how much I ignore them in favor of writing books.

So when Changeling Press asked me to write a novella, I decided I’d think up a story about erotic plants in a secret part of the garden center. Sounded like some light fun—garden, flowers, sex. And for the most part it is light and fun. And sexy.

garden of delight

However, when I got into the meat of the story, it started to take a different turn. What if my heroine were so filled with fury at her ex- that she decided to do the one thing she absolutely shouldn’t do in order to get her revenge on him? She knows it’s wrong, and the man who’s been guiding her through her path of self-discovery reminds her that her mission is to build her business, not to win over her ex-. She does it, anyway, betraying both him and the magical garden, with disastrous results.

I was writing this story during the period right before Easter, when thoughts of betrayal, death, resurrection, and redemption were foremost in my mind. It occurred to me that I was writing the Garden of Eden story. Only, at the end of Garden of Delights, the heroine’s error is forgiven and righteousness is restored.

A while back, I met a well-known agent who also writes erotic romance under a pseudonym. She and I agreed there was no reason erotic romance couldn’t be inspirational and vice versa. “Inspirotica,” she called it. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how that would work. With Garden of Delights, I think I might now understand.

If you’d like to read an X-rated excerpt from Garden of Delights, go here

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pink cowl

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