Spring has Finally Hit New England!

Spring is in the air! The weather has warmed up at last, the days bright and sunny, the nights cool enough to snuggle up together under the blankets.

It’s also the time of year, every year, when I tell myself I’m going to clean out my closets, drawers, etc. It pretty much lasts until I actually start to do it, and it almost immediately becomes overwhelming. By the end of the year, I’ve inevitably accumulated more crap than I’ve been able to throw away.

This year is going to be different. Seriously. I’m going to plow through it all and come out on top. Less paper, less crap, more organization of the stuff that’s not crap.

There are two very important reasons for this organization to happen. When my dad died and my mom became incapacitated, I was left to sift through years and years of paperwork, family info, and pictures of people who may at this point end up unidentified. They were major packrats. I don’t want to do that to my kids, and I want our grandkids, their kids, and their grandkids to know a bit about their history.

But before I hit that personal stuff, I want to organize my writing life. This includes handouts, papers (we’re talking napkins, ripped out sheets, whatever was available when my Muse paid a visit), and three (or is it four?) complete stories that have cohabited with dust bunnies for well over a decade. I’ve narrowed it down, and I’m convinced my Muse is being held hostage by those dust bunnies. It wouldn’t be hard for that to happen if they combined forces and ate the printed pages.


Wish me luck. I’ve already begun, and I’m not overwhelmed yet. Pretty sure I hear snorting laughter coming from under the bed at night, though.


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