Can We Do It?-Time Management

Many of you know that I’m now pursuing my Masters in Creative Writing. This has been something I’ve wanted to do, but was tired of school. Well it’s a lot of work. Add moving, babysitting, a new job AND my own writing and it’s a wonder that I have time to sleep.

I’m somewhat of an insomniac so I don’t get much sleep. The only way I get anything done is time management. My little munchkin is fussing at his toys while I type this. He’s sleepy and doesn’t want to go to sleep. Reading assignments are plentiful and I do those while he sleeps or anytime throughout the day. As for my new job. I accepted a position as a ghostwriter and so far so good. I love the flexibility and the deadlines. Let’s not forget my own writing. I’m in the middle of edits for Take the Cake. Remember that story? A cake decorator whose cakes predict the longevity of a marriage? Loose Id accepted it and there are some great additional scenes. Look for it in June. Also Secret Cravings picked up The Contractor’s Baby and that will release in July.

I think I need more Cherry Coke and M&M’s.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires.

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