Get ’em hot. Make ’em come!

As I finished up book 3 of Rhinestone Cowgirls, PRESSURE POINT, I realized my hero, Nash was a sensitive man. I remembered reading once, I do believe from another author, that a hero shouldn’t be sensitive. Shouldn’t have deep, emotional talks with his friends and family. Shouldn’t let the heroine have too much control. But for me, I like creating heroes who aren’t afraid to show his emotional side. Now, this isn’t to say that Nash doesn’t have balls, because he has a huge pair, of course. The heroine, Emerald “Em” isn’t sensitive. She’s a bit closed off. Aloof. She’s never met a man who can handle her, until Nash. And then, woo-whee, do things hit the fan. I hope you’ll love how these two collide and set off fireworks.

PRESSURE POINT is releasing April 30. It is now available at Amazon for pre-order.

I’m attaching an unedited excerpt. Hope you like!



Emerald ‘Em’ Stone wakes up in bed, but not the one she expected.

Lying next to her is a naked cowboy and she isn’t sure how he got there. Slipping back into her wrinkled bridesmaid dress, she starts her plan into action. She has somewhere to be and no time for a cowboy, even if he is wickedly sexy from head to toe.

Nash Walters is wearing only his hat and a five o’clock shadow when a disgruntled Em takes him hostage. She plans to steal a horse and he becomes her unwilling, and very naked, accomplice. The blanket he finds buried in the truck fits him like a skirt, but at least his jewels are covered.

He knew from the start the youngest Stone sister was nothin’ but trouble, and he has time to think it over when she lands him in jail. He isn’t sure if he wants to spread Em over his knee and spank her or kiss the hell out of her. She is the most infuriating woman he’s ever come across, and yet he can’t get enough.

Em is perfectly naughty and strong-willed, and has no plans of changing. She swore off men and relationships, simply because no man is capable of handling her—until Nash. He has life by the balls and he’s aiming to settle down, start a family, and when he sets his sights on Em, she isn’t sure if she should run far away or into his wide, accepting arms.

Can Nash tame the beautiful Stone sister? Or will she bring him to his knees?


They took the stairs together, Em holding his hand and guiding him. Her body heated and her head spun. A heated throb pounded her inner thighs and she needed Nash’s touch.

She looked at him, he smiled and her heart skipped a beat. How had she gotten here? On her way to the cabin not once had she thought she’d end up with these sweltering sensations rushing through her, filled with a desire to set the sheets on fire. Her attention focused on the intense sensation in the apex of her thighs. She couldn’t remember being so wet, so ready to take things to the next level.

They stepped onto the second floor and she led him down the small hallway and to the door of her bedroom.

None of the men compared to Nash and the feelings he erupted within her.

Now, upstairs in her bedroom, she stared at her bed. She’d never shared this room with a man.

She turned and laid her hands on Nash’s chest. He smiled, an expression that promised euphoria and bliss. She could only imagine where this man could take her…The possibilities were endless. This excited her.

Guilt had no place here. She had no reason to feel anything but elation. Nash wanted her, she wanted him. They could spend the weekend together and walk back into their lives come Sunday.

He wanted things she couldn’t give. He knew that, and he still wanted her—this.

And tonight, she wanted her sheets to be on fire. She pushed aside the doubt.

He lifted her chin, their gazes meeting. “You okay, darlin’?”

“I’m caught up in all of this–you,” she mumbled.

He chuckled deep from within his chest. “I know the feeling.”

When had any other man looked at her with such desire? Never. His hunger etched lines in his face and she swore she could hear his heart beating. She didn’t care about anything outside of these four walls. She wanted him, like she’d never wanted anything in her entire life.

She lifted a hand and touched his warm cheek, the pricks of his beard rasped her fingers, flooding her body with yearning, imagining what the scruff would feel like on her sensitive body.

The muscles in his neck tightened and she exhaled. She dropped her palm to his chest, sliding a finger along the top button of his shirt, opening it, smoothing the pad of her finger on his smooth, tanned chest. He moaned.

Because he was so tall, she had to stand on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck. She did, and pressed her body against his iron-hard length. The bulge in his zipper pushed against her stomach, where a pool of lust puddled.

“Will you still respect me in the morning” It was meant as a joke but came out as a whimpered request.

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2 thoughts on “Get ’em hot. Make ’em come!

  1. I love this series and can’t wait to read this 🙂


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