Men Wielding Big Saws

Hello, friends! In case you didn’t guess from the title of this blog post, I’m talking about loggers today! In honor of my latest book featuring two hot loggers (and the lucky lady they please), I’d like to share some facts about the forestry industry.


Where I live, logging is a way of life. Generations of families are committed to harvesting lumber in order to give you things you probably don’t realize even comes from trees. Some of those things are:


1. Rosin–for the bows of stringed instruments, paints and varnishes

2. Cellulose–ever read this ingredient on a box of food? Yes, this is in Twinkies.

3. Dye

4. Ping pong balls

5. Shatterproof glass

6. Artificial vanilla flavoring

7. Vacuum Cleaner bags

8. Milk cartons

9. Sponges

10. Linoleum


And a million other products. So yes, we need this industry in our lives. If done properly, the earth can keep growing and harvesting trees. In my book FEVERED HEARTS, a huge problem is presented when a hillside is wrongly wiped out.


FeveredHearts72lg (2)

Here’s a little excerpt:


Liam shook his head. His father had always been a kid at heart when it came to anything with wheels and a motor—run ’em fast and run ’em hard was his motto.

At one time, Liam had lived by that rule too.

He sighed.

“Sure you want to do this?”

“You don’t need the help?” Liam countered.

His dad glanced out of the corner of his eye. “You know I do. The paperwork is falling behind. Contracts to be worked on. And there’s a little problem with some bad PR…”

Liam looked at him sharply. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” he drawled, rubbing his jaw, “seems some idiot I hired to replant didn’t do his job.”

A hiss squeezed past Liam’s lips. “Fuck. I should have known that weasel Harrington would screw it up.”

His dad’s mouth turned down at the corners, cutting deep creases into his sun-leathered face. Years of hard work had worn down Ed’s body—years that Liam envied. If only he could get out there with a chainsaw, he’d take whatever wrinkles and crevices the sun gave him.

Liam grabbed the “holy shit” handle as his dad whipped around a ninety-degree bend. “Why did you take this road? It’s not the easiest route to the office.”

“I have my reasons.”

As his father was a man of few words, it was best for Liam to sit and wait. Whatever his dad planned to spring on him would be revealed in good time. All Liam had was time.

“How’s Ivy?”

Liam glanced away from the small track of rutted road, surprised. “She’s fine.”

“That all?”

The wheedling tone in his father’s voice had encouraged a naughty little boy to spill his guts, but Liam was beyond that. “What are you getting at?”

His father eyed him with a shrug. “Just wondered. She’s my daughter-in-law, but I never see her. Everything okay in that department?”

“Jesus, Dad!” Anger burned in Liam’s chest. His damn ribs creaked with it. If he were fit, he’d force his father to stop the SUV and jump out to walk the five miles back to his house. But that was impossible now, so he was stuck riding the rest of the way to the Mattson Hardwoods office with his father.

“Well, is it? I don’t see you climbing out of this pit of despair you’ve dug for yourself—”

“Myself? Did I ask that fucking branch to fall?”

“No, you did not, Liam, and you know I’d never lay blame for that accident on you. Any logger knows that we take a risk every time we set foot in the woods. What I’m saying,” his father said with a glare that made Liam’s mouth snap shut despite his age, “is you have to make the most of your situation, son. And I don’t see you doing that.”

Suddenly, the woods opened up, granting a bald view of the sky. The velvety blue stretched for miles. The sight vanquished any retaliation he was about to make.

“Who clear-cut this?” he asked, his voice rough.

His father stopped the vehicle and put it in park. For a long minute, the only sound was the idling of the engine. Finally, his dad swept the air with a hand. “All gone. The bastards didn’t leave a single sapling.”

It wasn’t their way in this backwoods area of western Pennsylvania to strip the land. They always gave back, which was why Mattson Hardwoods was getting bad press about not replanting in areas where they’d logged.

“Who?” Liam breathed.

His father met his gaze. “Bose.”

The name was a hot knife slicing through Liam’s chest. He huffed out the breath he’d been holding. That name meant a lot to him—too much, in fact. But his father didn’t mean—

“Ward Bose plans to take over the business.”

There it was—the other lead brick hitting Liam’s gut. He fought to keep himself from folding over and holding that burning, amazingly bittersweet pain inside.

“I hope to hell your old buddy plans to stop the tree genocide.”



When faced with a challenge, it’s best to pool your resources.

Liam Mattson used to play his wife’s body like a fine violin. Until a logging accident dampened his fine motor skills and rendered his legs—and the most important part of his below-the-waist playground—useless.

If only Liam would throw himself into therapy with the same vigor he used to throw her into bed, Ivy is sure he’d fully recover. But lately she’s felt adrift, while he’s stuck in self-pity and pre-occupation with a serious threat to his logging business.

When Ward Bose returns from the backwoods, Liam isn’t blind to the heated, guilty glances between his best friend and his wife. And he takes a step he never could have taken if his legs were working—ask Ward to service Ivy in bed.

The moment the three come together, Ward’s heartstrings are tied in knots, and Liam holds them in his fist. But secrets they’re each keeping could tear them all apart…unless they can find a way to share their burdens as easily as they share their love.

Warning: Men who wield big saws know how to take care of business—in bed and out.


***I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about these special men in my book, who are based on real men who risk their lives daily to bring us things like toilet paper. Thank you for reading!**

Buy FEVERED HEARTS in ebook or paperback!






Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



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