Embracing New Things

Greetings from Southwest Florida. I’m so very excited to have left the cold for warmer climates. I’m already thinking of the homey touches I want to add to our new home. Later today I hope to grab coffee and doughnuts from my favorite place, Bennet’s. They have a maple bacon doughnut that’s divine. And the glazed is even better.

I accepted a contract from Loose Id for Because of You, a light-hearted erotic romantic short storyl. I’m still waiting on word from another submission, but in the meantime I’m thinking of sending off a proposal for a series to one of my other pubs.

Embracing change hasn’t always been easy and sometimes it’s downright painful, but the change can be extremely rewarding. In this case, I get to leave the cold winters of Michigan behind and enjoy sunshine all year round. Palm tree lined streets continue to give me the impression of a tropical paradise and I get to wake up to this everyday.

Yeah. I’m very blessed to be me right now. Even in hard times, it’s still a blessing to be me.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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4 thoughts on “Embracing New Things

  1. Welcome to sunny Florida! I moved here in mid August of 2001. You can’t even buy an ice scaper for the car’s windshield at Walmart now. LOL.

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  2. Welcome to my home state! 🙂 I’m a multi-generational native Floridian, and frankly, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Ever. 🙂 We’re quirky, but every blizzard you’ll be watching on TV and saying, “I’m SOOOOO glad I live HERE.” LOL

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    • Thanks, Tymber. When I visited a few years ago, I had a sense of coming home. Believe me, I’m excited about no more cold, but I will miss the snow.


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