Are you ready for…NO PERFECT PRINCESS?

Secrets of Stone #3 is ALMOST HERE! On March 31, you’ll have the first half of Michael and Margaux’s story.

Who’s up for a naughty little snippet? *Grin*


“Forgive me…sir,” —she flung out the word as a deliberate taunt—“but I simply want to respect—what’s the word they use?—proper “protocol”? After all, you are in charge here, Mr. P. I’d never think of seizing the upper hand. Errrm, pardon the pun.”

Not pardoned.” I growled the words but smirked my lips, making sure I focused long enough on her face to lock her stare to mine. “And believe me, little brat, you’ll pay handsomely for it.”

“Oh, no.” She pushed out a mock gasp. “Not payment for the pun!”

I chuckled harder. Goddamn, what a handful she could be. And would I want it any other way? Or her?

The question answered itself—with stunning brilliance. Had someone asked me to sit down and write a wish list for my ideal woman, I doubted half of the descriptors for Miss Margaux Asher would make the list. But I couldn’t imagine my life now without any of them.

Forestsex3Headstrong. Histrionic.

Unstoppable. Unapologetic.

Astonishing. Amazing.

And utterly, totally, the new guiding beacon of my heart.

“I think your payment will being right now,” I drawled, pulling at her hair. “Suck me, sugar. Let me feel your lips tight around my cock.”

Her eyes glittered bright with her approval of that plan—right before she lowered her beautiful mouth over my erection.

NO PERFECT PRINCESS will be available on March 31 on ALL MAJOR E-BOOK RETAILERS, and in paperback on CreateSpace. The book is is available for pre-order right now on Amazon: No_perfect_princess_LAYOUT_blank

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