Harleys and bikers up close and personal

The things authors will do in the name of research.

Let’s face it, we’re all a little spoiled. We have a whole world at our fingertips. Curious what the temperature is in Kamalame City, Bahamas? Or what is the top nude beach in the world? And who makes the best chocolate?  All of these answers can be found at Google. By the way, it’s 83 (I want to go). Little Beach, Maui (It’s illegal, but they don’t keep watch). Godiva is rated one of the tops, but it’s subjective. Some might say Teuscher is the best. Any way…you see what I mean.

When I started my first MC book, pretty much all I knew was that pipes of a Harley went Vroom! Vroom! and a man in a leather cut, with lots of tattoos, and a goatee is pretty hot. I started researching and called a friend who is in a MC and he delightfully answered lots of my questions, as strange as some of them were. There are just some things though that we need to see for ourselves. When he invited me to come hang out with him and his buddies, I eagerly accepted.

This day out was  different than any other. I stood in front of my closet and pondered what I should wear, being that I’d never hung out at a club before. I went for simple–jeans and a black top. But the completion was my tall, black, leather boots. I mean, very seldom do I get to wear these bad-boys and it’s no fair to let everyone else wear leather and I don’t get to partake.

I walked into the club, immediately aware of the loud music and burly men in leather and beards…lots of them. Oh, and tattoos of course. That’s where my preconception ended. I was treated with hospitality the second I entered. Not once did I feel out of place–although I seemed to be hidden among the guys considering they were all a head taller or more–or an outsider. They answered all of my questions. I even got to ride on the back of a Harley. I was a ‘virgin’ back warmer. We took off down the road staying “high and tight” and doing “the tuck” (hope I got that right). We met up with a few Weekend Warriors, had coffee, and then my time with my new friends came to an end. I can’t say I was offered a leather cut, but the little time I spent with the bikers will be a memory to keep.

Sometimes we must leave Google and fly like the wind to learn information hands-on. Now, where is that nude beach…?

I want to give away one ebook, your choice of any one in my backlist. Tell me if you have any experiences with bikers, outside of reading about one. One winner will be chosen randomly. 



Coming this month!!!!

Blaze must choose. Brotherhood or Love. He can’t have both. But the bitter choice is made for him when Bambi leaves.

Years later, he’s a murder suspect in his best friend’s death and he’s the only one who can protect the woman he loves, Rena (Bambi), who has mysteriously inherited a load of cash. She’s a target for Diesel’s killer.

Together, they face the enemy, and something much, much stronger.

Will Blaze leave Wings of Steel?

Will Rena accept him just as he is?


“I-I can’t do this. We can’t do this.” I stood up and Blaze’s hands fell to his sides. I was shaking as I moved around him, quickly heading toward the hallway. I heard the heavy beating of his boots as he followed me, gaining on me. My heart raced and I thought it would pop right out of my chest. I placed my palm over the beating as if I could calm it with my own touch.

His fingers dug into my arm and he twirled me around to face him. The light was dim, but I could see a mysterious darkness in his eyes and the grim set of his jaw. “Tell me you don’t feel the same and I will walk away. I will never mention this subject again.” The confession was there, at the back of my throat, itching to break free. His hand came up and he swept a callused palm over my cheek. He lowered his face so close that I could smell the mint and whiskey on his breath. “Have I been wrong, sweetheart?”

I blinked, hoping the tears wouldn’t fall. “No, Blaze. You’re not wrong.” The prison door opened. Freedom at last. No more secrets. No fear of exposing my foolish self.

His jaw softened. I had never seen him look so pleased. “I can’t get you out of my mind. I’ve tried everything, just short of cutting out my own heart. I would if I thought it’d relieve this misery.”

I took a step backward, pressed against the cold wall, but my temperature rose. I could melt—into his arms. If I did, I wouldn’t leave, and I knew that was only a dream. “Why are you telling me this?” I whispered.

“I was drowning in this need, baby. The look I saw in your eyes tonight, it snapped my last bit of control. My God, if you were mine I’d have you in my bed every breathing moment. I’d give you all of me.”











Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team








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15 thoughts on “Harleys and bikers up close and personal

  1. I haven’t had any experience with bikers except for in my dreams. Lol. I would hop on the back of a bike in a heartbeat.




  3. the only real biking experience I’ve had is growing up. As a teenager Hubs (weren’t married then), raced dirt bikes. So, in the summer it was dirt bikes and in the winter it was snowmobiling. I’ve driven both. My youngest son owned a Harley and now works at Harley Davidson as a mechanical technician.


  4. Jana

    A friend of mine has a Screaming Eagle. He insisted I take a ride with him as I’d never been on a motorcycle before. His tag says “VLBRTR” with tape over the bottom of the “L” so it read “VIBRTR”. It definitely lived up to that name! He took off when we hit the road – no helmet – and we cleared 100mph in no time. It was a quick ride but I felt the rush for days. It was the most exhilarating & terrifying ride of my life!


  5. therese lopez

    No never rode with bikers, but I had a boyfriend who had a motorcycle and we were always riding together. We knew bikers and they were very nice and very loyal to their club and friends.


  6. Jana B

    I have relatives that own motorcycles, but I’ve never ridden on one. Thanks.


  7. My boss and one of my best friends ride motorcycles.


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