The Wicked in My Wild Wicked Weekend ’15

I went to a dungeon.

I didn’t intend to go. I’ve certainly had opportunity before, and it never appealed to me. I would have said the same thing about strip clubs three years ago, and look at me now. Yep, that was me on a strip club tour of Texas!

Still…a dungeon? Seeing the stuff that goes on there in person is way different from images, let alone the show my mind produces to fill a blank page. I had no doubt that I’d prefer my imagination.

I was right…and wrong.

It would be easy to explain that last cryptic sentence by describing what I saw in detail, but I can’t. Even if I hadn’t signed a legal agreement that I would keep my lips zipped, I respect the courage it took for the members to let me into their world. I’m also slightly envious. The acceptance inside those walls is a palpable thing that I felt the moment I stepped inside the door.

The more time I spent there, the more I understood how freeing it is to be allowed to simply be who you are, even if what you are is plain vanilla in a room full of (Ben and Jerry’s) Everything But The…, and Karamel Sutra. There wasn’t a single moment when I didn’t feel…safe. I was not the only “virgin” in our group, but I was the only one still, um, intact when we left. (Or was I? More on that in a minute!) I was the interloper, yet I was never treated as such. Everyone there from the kind and informative sub who gave us the tour, to the Master of the dungeon himself went out of their way to make sure I was okay with what I was seeing, and it wasn’t about his or her own self-preservation. (Inserting my sincere gratitude to the Doms I came with who took turns making sure I wasn’t shell-shocked. Had I figured out more quickly why someone was always with me, I’d have sent you off to play sooner!)

So what did I discover that I can tell you about?

That I may not be so vanilla after all. Or maybe a more accurate description is vanilla with a few sinful toppings. I did see a lot that ran the gamut from sensual to severe. The only surprising part was finding out that seeing the severe play out a few feet from me did not make me uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, it did not make me want to be on either end of the spectrum. For me, the allure wasn’t about seeing the delivery of the strike, but watching the reaction to the reaction. How the Dom reacted with such love and caring to the sub’s pain, and the aftercare that followed.

The sounds are a different story. Sitting in the outer room and hearing the crack or thwack, followed by a cry of desire-filled pain was HOT! Would it have been the same anywhere but where it was safe to assume all participants are not only willing, they’re appreciative? No. But it was safe, they were willing, and my muse was very happy to hear it.

I discovered that there are various types of kinks for all of us, and various kinks to all of us, whether the Dom, the sub, the giver, the taker, the voyeur. That brief list barely scratches the surface.

So here’s the “more on that in a minute” portion, because I promised, and because you clicked on a story with the word dungeon, on a blog named 69 Shades of Smut… There was one play that did appeal, and (big surprise!) I was firmly in the sub camp. I only wish I had seen it play out closer, but for various reasons that won’t leave my zipped lips, I kept my distance.

I can, however, tell you what it was about that particular play that was appealing. This was the sensual kink. We’re talking oils, massage, light intermittent spanks and such. I couldn’t hear a thing, so this was visual, and I could only see the Dom. It was seeing the complete rapture on the man’s face. Watching him touch what was in front of him with such grateful reverence…yeah, that did it for me. I can’t help wondering if the woman felt that from him, too.

So there you have it. Will I go again? Probably. Hell, wouldn’t you?


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10 thoughts on “The Wicked in My Wild Wicked Weekend ’15

  1. Thank you for sharing. I just wonder if I would do so good. Keeping my mouth shut afterwards is not the problem that I can do it’s what I would see is the problem…I have a tendency to be very vocal when something annoys or interests me….and things would interest me….LOL Thank you again for sharing!!!!


    • daltondiaz

      Elaine, I was surprised I was so ok with it! Knowing it was all consensual made it ok, and you really could tell that all parties were enjoying themselves.


  2. You are way braver than I am. But it sounds like it was a fascinating experience.


  3. Excellent blog. I like your take on the trip. Maybe next year I’ll go with you and Sam 🙂


  4. melissakeir

    I loved going but I missed out on the seeing what you did… I may have to try it again!


  5. It must have been awesome!


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