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Embracing New Things

Greetings from Southwest Florida. I’m so very excited to have left the cold for warmer climates. I’m already thinking of the homey touches I want to add to our new home. Later today I hope to grab coffee and doughnuts from my favorite place, Bennet’s. They have a maple bacon doughnut that’s divine. And the glazed is even better.

I accepted a contract from Loose Id for Because of You, a light-hearted erotic romantic short storyl. I’m still waiting on word from another submission, but in the meantime I’m thinking of sending off a proposal for a series to one of my other pubs.

Embracing change hasn’t always been easy and sometimes it’s downright painful, but the change can be extremely rewarding. In this case, I get to leave the cold winters of Michigan behind and enjoy sunshine all year round. Palm tree lined streets continue to give me the impression of a tropical paradise and I get to wake up to this everyday.

Yeah. I’m very blessed to be me right now. Even in hard times, it’s still a blessing to be me.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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New Release!!! Leather For Two!!!

Here’s a question…

If you inherited a crap load of $ from an ex-boyfriend, would  you accept it?

Now, let’s switch up the scenario. If you received the money from an ex who was recently murdered and had suspiciously left you a note giving you special instructions…what would you do? Run the hell away to some remote island, richer? Or, stick around, follow the instructions, even if it lands you into the hands of danger?

Rena Rose is faced with a challenge of a lifetime. What will she do? Will she do the right thing, or the naughty thing?

Leather For Two is available at Amazon!

Want to win a $5 GC? Drop over on my blog and enter the Rafflecopter.



Brotherhood or love. Blaze can’t have both.

Rena Rose belongs to Diesel, the leader of the Wings of Steel Motorcycle Club.  However, her heart secretly belongs to Blaze Donavon, Diesel’s right hand man and friend.

One night, when boundaries slip, Blaze professes his feelings to Rena in a heated moment of passion. They break the rules of the club, and what is so wrong feels so right. They both realize there is little hope for them being together. Blaze lives and breathes MC. And Rena wants out.

Diesel can’t keep his fly zipped, and when Blaze finds his friend with another woman, all hell breaks loose and Blaze’s secret love for Rena is exposed in a violent twist of fate.  Diesel is dangerous and Blaze would do anything to keep Rena safe, even if staying away from her is the only way.

Now, three years after leaving the club, Rena is working as a first grade teacher and life is stable, comfortable, exactly how she wants to keep it.

But her life is about to be thrown a curve ball.

Blaze shows up at her door with horrific news…Diesel is dead—murdered in cold blood.  But bad news isn’t the only thing on Blaze’s mind.  Feelings resurface as they face evil. Is the real enemy an outsider, or an internal tug of war within Rena?

Thrown into a web of lies and deceit, Rena and Blaze scramble to find the secret to Diesel’s murder. With Agent Peterson of the Federal A.T.F. breathing down their necks, the pressure continues to rise, as well as the heat between Rena and Blaze.

The only problem…. who else is watching them? And will Blaze make the right choice—brotherhood or love?


“We’re still not done.”

I sighed and plopped back down. “There’s more?”

He swallowed. “Come to the memorial tomorrow and I’ll give you the envelope.”

“I-I can’t. I’m working. Not only that, but I’m sure I’m no longer welcome. I could be walking into a disaster.”

“No one hates you. Except maybe me.” He snorted.

My breath held. “Is that true?”

“Maybe a little,” he answered.

“Then why would you want me to come to the memorial?”

“Because I want to see that sexy ass,” he growled the words.

My cheeks burned. Blaze never did own a filter. “Now you’re making fun of me.” I looked at him through the veil of my lashes. He was still handsome—mysteriously so.

“Honey, I’d never make fun of something as sweet as your ass. I did notice it’s as tight as ever, even in the nun outfit.”

“This isn’t a nun’s outfit!”

“Have you missed me at all, sweetheart?”

My stomach did a triple flip. I slid my clammy palms down the skirt. I could lie, but then again, I couldn’t. “I’ve thought about you, us, many times.”

“You sent the cards,” he said. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.”


“Because I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.” My heart skipped.

“Damn, Bambi. I didn’t think it was you. Hell, I’d hoped.” He blew out a breath through his tight lips. He left the couch and dropped to his knees in front of me—bringing back memories of another time. I didn’t resist as he pressed my body into the cushion, caging me with his iron-hard length. Springs popped as he leaned closer. I inhaled his scent and my head spun. I pulled away but I couldn’t go far. My body ached for him.

“I can’t allow you to do this to me.”

“What, sweetheart?” he whispered.

“Make me lose all sanity. I don’t want this again.”

“Your eyes tell me something very different,” he whispered. His breath swept across my cheek. “I think you want me to take you to places you’ve never been.”

“My eyes are telling you to fuc—”

He pressed his finger against my lips. “Tsk, tsk, schoolteacher. What vile language you have.” His eyes sparkled. “Don’t make me put you over my knee and spank you.” His words held promise and my toes curled. The thought of his hand on my bare ass did pleasant and naughty things to my secret places.

I could only stare. My eyes filled with tears and my body awakened from years of being in a comatose state. His talent of disorienting me never ceased to amaze me. Why could no man erupt such a powerful force within me as Blaze could? I understood the influence he had on me, my body. He could drag me down a heated path of uncertainty and I’d go willingly.

He threaded his fingers into my hair and the clip snapped, a lot like the unlocking of the gates guarding my heart. The locks fell to my shoulders and across his tanned arm. I noticed the tattoo of a cross wound in ivy. I looked closer and my mouth fell open. “Blaze, my name, it’s in the tattoo.” My heart beat so loud it vibrated my eardrums.

“Yes. I got it after you left. Two of my favorite things. You and faith.”

I couldn’t hold my emotion any longer.

“Aww, now. Don’t cry, baby. If I see tears, I’ll have to lick them away, one by one, and I don’t think I could stop there. I’ve been dreaming of tasting all of you.”

I jerked and tried closing my legs, but he stayed between them. He moved deeper, spreading my hips wider. His belt buckle rubbed my inner thighs, exploding a burning need in my core. I pushed the heel of my hands into his chest. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to fight the urgency within me—the driving desire pushing me to let myself fall into him. The boundaries were slipping. “I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to give in.” The cloud of desire welcomed me, enclosing me in its warmth and comfort.

“Remember when I told you how I wanted to sink myself deep into you? To hear you call my name. I wanted you to rip your nails into my skin and mark your territory, just as you marked my soul with your sweet love. I’ve thought about it over and over—thought about the things I could have done differently. And now, I’m lost. I’m brainwashed in your fucking heat, Rena. I want to ease this torture in my body.”

The moment turned tense. “I’m sure you’ve had plenty of help easing the strain behind your zipper.” I hated my bitter words that sounded like jealousy. I was jealous. I hated knowing another woman touched him, brought him pleasure. I squeezed my hands into fists, dragging the leather material of his cut between my fingers.

“I’m glad to see you’re still green-eyed with jealousy.” He winked.

“You’re a pig!” I pounded his chest, but not hard. Not enough to send him backward. I didn’t want him going anywhere.

He grabbed my wrists and held them easily in one hand, tight against his chest. He lowered his face so close that our noses touched. “There’s nothing to keep us apart now. You know why I came. And you’re glad I’m here.”

“What do you want?” The words slipped through my trembling lips. Would he kiss me?

“The same thing you want. What is that, baby? Say it…”

“I’ve always been weak when it came to you. My body wants your touch, but my mind is screaming that this can’t happen. I can’t go back.”

He dropped his free hand to my knee and slowly moved his fingers along the quivering flesh between our bodies. My crease throbbed and an irrefutable craving built inside of me. I knew it had always been there and he only disturbed it from the cave—uncovered it like a hidden treasure chest that I’d buried long ago. His fingers moved to the elastic of my panties, rolling the wide pad of a finger along the seam. I knew I should make him stop. He would if I asked, but for the life of me, I wanted more. I wanted him inside of me. “Do you like this, sweetheart?”

“Yessss!” I relaxed my muscles. Parts of me stirred alive. Fire lapped at my veins. I opened my knees wider, gyrating the apex of my thighs against the bulge in his jeans. Tingles moved at the pace of thick molasses through my secret parts until spasms took over. His finger continued creating havoc on the pearl nested in my pussy lips. A tremor scorched through my muscles and I squeezed my legs around his sides while deep moans slipped from my lips. I tucked my face into his shoulder as heat washed over my skin.

“Before long I will have you in my bed. Wet and pleading for me to put out the fire consuming your intoxicating body. But it won’t happen now, not until your mind and body are on the same page. I want more than a fuck.”

“That’ll never happen,” I whispered, but doubt remained. I looked at him, knowing I had no control when it came to him.

He smirked. His gaze held mine for a good three seconds, then he stood and adjusted his bulging fly. The evidence of his desire made my body tremble. My pussy lips shuddered and moisture flooded my panties, again.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want. You’ll have to ask.” His confidence never wavered.

My blood boiled. “I won’t see you again.” I looked up at him, hoping he couldn’t see the feelings burrowed in my body that ached for him.

“That’s your choice. The memorial is tomorrow at six.” He strolled toward the door. “I think you’re curious enough to be there. There has to be some of the old Rena left in that prim and proper body of yours.” He brought his hand to his nose and inhaled deeply, a playful smile covering his lips.

Buy link:






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team


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Line ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down by Lucy Felthouse

Hi everyone,

checkSometimes it’s easy to feel a bit like a machine – research story, plan story, write story, self-edit story, submit story, hope it gets accepted. If accepted, sign contract, work on edits, release day, promo like mad and hope people buy, read and enjoy said story. Rinse and repeat.

It can feel even more like this when you have on a whiteboard in your writing room a list of the next six things you need to write – two short stories, a novella, a novel, and two novellas, in that order. As the post title says, line ‘em up, knock ‘em down. Take each piece of work, tackle it, cross it off, move on to the next. And things get added to the list a lot, too!

That, however, makes it all sound kind of negative. Which, on a bad day, it can be. And we all have our off days. On an ordinary or a good day, though, it’s fantastic. Why? Because it means a few things:

1. Publishers and readers want more of your stories

2. Your Muse is alive and well and working you hard

3. No casting around for the next project when you’ve finished one

4. The deadlines and the rapidly-growing list are a silent pressure to make you get on with it

5. Knowing #1 makes it all worth it!

I’ve been reminded this week just how lucky I am to be doing what I do. I love writing, love creating worlds and stories. Even better, sometimes people want to publish it, and after that, some people even want to buy and read it. How fantastic is that?! And on top of all that, sometimes people even send me lovely emails and write me lovely reviews about my books and make me grin from ear to ear.

So, next time I’m having one of my off days and wondering how on earth I’m going to knock ‘em all down in time for deadline – I’ll come back to this post, look at some of the fab reviews I’ve had and remind myself why I’m doing it. Because I love it :)

Happy Reading,

Lucy x


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook andTwitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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With Every Touch **Welcome Guest Author Karenna Colcroft**

A big thank-you to the 69 Shades authors for hosting me today!

When you’ve had your trust broken by someone you love, it can be very difficult to open up to a new relationship. Sometimes it seems easier to just give up and be alone.



In my novel With Every Touch, Sheila Holloway and Erich Zahn are both trying to protect their hearts. After an abusive relationship in college, Sheila made the decision to live her life for herself, not depending on anyone or allowing anyone to depend on her. She’s had one-night stands and a couple of friends with benefits, but never anything more serious. And most of the time, she puts her career as a TV reporter ahead of everything else.

While Erich was in Afghanistan, his wife left him for another man. The divorce turned bitter, and Erich decided he was better off not having a woman in his life for anything other than sex.

Erich and Sheila meet when Sheila calls the plumbing company Erich works for to have her shower fixed. The physical attraction between them is almost instant, and when Erich returns to complete the repairs a few days later, they end up in bed. Sexually, they’re completely compatible, and being friends with benefits seems like a good idea.

But then memories of Sheila’s past come back to haunt her, and she turns to Erich for support. Without either of them realizing it, lust has turned into love. Slowly, they accept the possibility of trusting each other and having a real relationship.

After a betrayal of trust, trusting becomes even harder. But with the right person, and with time and patience, sometimes it’s possible.

With Every Touch releases Tuesday, March 24, from Loose Id, Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt:


TV reporter Sheila Holloway is jaded on love. Plumber Erich Zahn is still reeling from a nasty divorce. Neither is looking for a relationship, but when Erich is called to fix Sheila’s shower, sparks fly and they begin a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Before long, both realize that being just friends isn’t enough. They’re falling for each other, and might have a future together, until Sheila receives her dream job offer from a TV station in Boston. If she chooses her job over the man she loves, will their relationship survive?


By the time the doorbell rang, Sheila had composed herself. She refused to appear anything other than completely calm. She opened the door to a tall man with bits of gray peppered in his brown hair. He hadn’t shaved, but stubble looked good on him. So did the thin T-shirt that clung to his muscled chest.

He was as attractive as he’d sounded on the phone, and Sheila couldn’t help letting her mind wander to what he would look like without the shirt and the slightly baggy jeans he wore.

Then she pulled her brain back to where it belonged. The guy wasn’t there to be fantasy fuel.

“You’re the plumber?” she asked, even though the tool bag the guy carried and the van in front of the house with the name of the plumbing company painted on the side were enough indication.

“Erich Zahn.” He held out his hand.

Sheila shook it. “Sheila Holloway. Come in. The tub’s upstairs.”

“Excuse me if I stink up the place.” Erich stepped past her into the house. “I’m a little too sweaty. The air conditioning’s busted in the van, and it’s humid as hell out there already.”

“You’re fine.” Very fine. “I’ll let you know if you smell too bad.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Thanks.” He probably didn’t know whether she was joking. Sheila decided to let him wonder. She indicated the staircase beside them. “Up here.”

“Ladies first.”

He was a gentleman. Sheila liked that. She preceded him upstairs, feeling his gaze on her, though when she glanced back over her shoulder, he was carefully looking at the banister.

She motioned him into the bathroom just around a narrow wall from the stairs.

Erich stopped in the doorway. “You broke the faucet right off.”

“Yeah. I was trying to stop the dripping.” Sheila leaned against the wall. “I pretty much fucked it, didn’t I?”

“You could say that. I still might be able to fix it. Sometimes all it takes is the right touch.”

Erich went to the faucet and bent to take a closer look. Despite her agitation, Sheila couldn’t help admiring the way his jeans hugged his ass. To be drooling over the plumber at a time like this, she had clearly gone too long without sex, but he was hot. And he gave her definite ideas.

Hell, half the porn she’d seen started with a repairman of some sort showing up to “service” a female homeowner. And since she couldn’t do much while he was inspecting the damage she’d done, she might as well indulge herself in some fantasies.


Find out more about Karenna Colcroft and her books on her website,, her Facebook page, or Twitter @KarennaColcroft.

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Who is the Man Behind The Ultimate Female Orgasm? #TheUltimateFemaleOrgasm

The Ultimate Female Orgasm is an external climax that many women experience. It’s reported to be up to ten times as intense as other orgasms, but some women have received negative feedback from their partners.

That’s why this new series of fictional stories, written by me and a “Mystery Man” who knows the art of evoking The Ultimate Female Orgasm, is so important. We want to let every woman know that whichever type of orgasm you experience, it’s okay and natural.


The Diaries of a Casanova Series addresses the controversial and often taboo art of The Ultimate Female Orgasm. The books are based on true-life events and real life experiences of co-author, Leo J. Canyon, pen name for a country music artist who has been seen by millions. “Leo” has opened his secret vault, telling his story in this truthful adventure that unfolds through fiction. The series of three books combines a traditional romance with a supernatural twist, and sexual passion so strong it smolders off the page. This mysterious subject begs to be explored, opening discussions for women worldwide. Join us as we take this erotic storytelling journey together. It’s fiction based on truth, guaranteed to get a little rain on you.


When small-town, Southern boy Liam Jackson learns he’s able to evoke The Ultimate Female Orgasm, he’s unprepared for the side effects. With each one he brings forth, he inherits the woman’s sexual uncertainty and frustrations. This frees the woman to love whomever she chooses, but binds Liam’s soul more and more with each encounter, lessening his ability to find love.

Inspired by the rumor of a legendary ritual known as “The Rain Ceremony,” Liam questions whether this ability may be his hereditary legacy. In a reckless search for answers, he creates havoc with the people he cares about most. Reaching the lowest point of his life, he is faced with a pivotal decision: will Liam seek the future his family wants for him, or continue his search for the truth?

As the legend awakens, Liam can no longer ignore the mysterious powers at work within him.

Get your copy today!


What is your experience with The Ultimate Female Orgasm?
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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My Books – read the first chapters and find buy links:
Legend Awakening
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Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve Smokin’ Hot Stories for only $2.99
-Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes and Noble

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Top 10 Men I’d Like to See Don a Cowboy Hat and Boots

We all drool over movie stars, sports stars and singers. But I love love love a cowboy. So I’m playing MAN DRESS UP. Sort of like playing with a Ken doll. That plastic man with the gender-neutral crotch could wear ANYTHING!



All right, here goes. Top 10 men I’d like to see don a cowboy hat and boots (in no particular order):

1. David Beckham
2. Adam Levine
3. Charlie Hunnam
4. Henry Cavill
5. Michael Fassbender
6. Mark Wahlburg
7. Stephen Amell
8. Chris Pine
9. Joe Manganiello
10. Sam Heughan

***Now it’s your turn to add to the list! Comment for a chance to win a $5 GC to Amazon or BN! Winner chosen randomly. Contest closes Mar 22 midnight EST.***

Read on for a snippet of my upcoming cowboy book ROPIN’ HEARTS, book 4 of the Boot Knockers Ranch series!


It’ll take more than ropes and whips for this cowboy to keep his bratty woman in line.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 4

At twenty-three, Bree Roberts is ready to sow some wild oats. The perfect place to start? The neighboring spread—The Boot Knockers Ranch, where twenty smokin’ hot cowboys deliver sexual therapy to women. The problem? The entry fee is more than she’s made in a lifetime.

Only wanting to explore, she figures her tanned, toned legs will be her ticket to ride. Except Ty keeps kicking her off their land. Then she begins to suspect the reason why. He likes her.

If Ty spots that little vixen wrapped around one of his cowboys one more time, he’s going to throw her over his knee. Trouble is, she’d like it. Catching her participating in the ranch’s notorious, semi-clad corn-hole tournament is one thing, but when he finds her under their resident Dom’s whip, enough is enough.

Ty won’t throw a naked woman out of his bed, namely one who deserves a spanking, but showing Bree the rewards of sex mixed with a little emotion leads to trails neither of them intended to tread.

Product Warnings

Contains a spitfire cowgirl who excels at breaking the rules, and a cowboy who lays down the law—and a firm hand on her ass cheek.


Ty started dragging her away. She dug in her bootheels.

“If you don’t walk away with me normal, I’ll pick you up and throw you over my shoulder, Miss Roberts.”

Ice filled her veins. He knew her. How? Was there a wanted poster on the wall somewhere? This man saw dozens of women a week—surely he wouldn’t remember her face after visiting her ranch.

“Let go of me!”

“I don’t think so, sugar tits. You’re trespassing. Wonder what Daddy would think of you down here getting corrupted.”

“Sugar tits! Did you really just call me that?”

He placed his mouth close to her ear, heating it with his words. “Don’t you want to be objectified, sweetheart? Isn’t that why you’re here?”

“No.” She aimed a kick at his shin, but he moved his leg at the same moment. “Where are you taking me?”

Her pulse thrummed. For the first time since rolling under that fence, fear took hold. Not because Ty would likely hand her back to her father and she’d be in for the lecture of her life, but because she might not get another chance with a Boot Knocker.

No, I’ll get a chance.

This time her bootheel glanced off Ty’s shin. He didn’t even flinch, just kept walking.

“What do you have—iron shins?”

He eyed her. “I’ve got iron everything, sweetheart. Now I’m going to put you into my truck and take you home.” With him being shirtless, she was well aware of how hard he was.

“How do you know I didn’t pay to be here?”

He glared at her. Up close his eyes were green, glowing like sea glass. She shut her jaw with such force her teeth grazed her tongue. Biting off a
curse, she let him drag her another ten feet before really digging in.

She tore away and set her hands on her hips. “I can go on my own.”

“I’d prefer to escort you.” He didn’t look fazed by her anger. She felt it simmering just below her skin, about to boil over if he tried to manhandle her again.
She waved a hand as if he were an annoying fly. “Go on back to your Cornhole.”

He ran a hand over his chest and abs. She stopped breathing. The sight of long fingers over ridges of manscaped flesh rendered her panties a soggy scrap.

Sure, Ty had one of those crooked cowboy smiles.

Too bad he was an insufferable jerk.

After his treatment of her, she wouldn’t have sex with Ty if he were the last Boot Knocker on earth.







Thanks for reading!

Em Petrova

~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~



Amazon Author Page

FB Fan Page


Street Team

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One woman. Three Men. One deserted island. What’s a woman to do?

Blurb: Sheltered all her life as the daughter of an ambassador, Emma Labonte boards a small plane on a trip from Australia. One hijacking and a plane crash later, she finds herself on a deserted island and stranded with three different yet equally sexy men. With no hope for rescue, the four begin to carve a semblance of a life in their tropical setting. Closeness breeds curiosity, and naive Emma begins to wonder what it would be like to be loved by these three men. The adventurer Jack, Toby the intelligent doctor, and shy English professor Steve–each carve a special place in her heart. When her three men launch seduction in the South Seas, how can she resist?




Steve sat up higher in the water, and to her amazement, he grabbed his large penis in his hand. The tip looked every bit as soft as Jack’s. He pulled his hand up until the skin covered the tip of his cock. Emma licked her lips, wondering what he would like her to suck his cock like Jack said men enjoyed.

She glanced at Toby, who sat closest to her. The veins in his cock seemed to pulse as his hips rose from the water. This was amazing. Maybe she could get all three to take care of themselves at the same time. She stepped from behind the boulder.

“So this is where you guys go at night.” She stepped closer to the pond.

As one, the men jerked in her direction.

“Emma, what the hell?” Jack yelled, sliding down into the water, making sure to hold his cigar in the air.

Steve followed suit until the water reached his neck. Toby dropped his cigar in the sand behind him and cupped his hands over his cock before jerking into the pond.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jack asked, giving her a glare that should have sent her scurrying back to the plane.

She smiled at the men, ignoring their shocked and dismayed looks. She came closer. If the light was better, she might get a closer glimpse of Toby and Steve’s penises—if Toby wasn’t hiding his beneath his hands.

“I found this place this afternoon and realized this is where you must be sneaking off at night to…” she looked at each man individually, “relieve yourselves.”

Steven groaned and dunked his head under the water. Toby gulped and slid to the bottom of the pool. To her surprise, Jack also slid deeper into the water. She thought that after what happened this morning he wouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Fuck it, Emma,” Jack glared at her. “You were spying on us.”


“You listened while we talked about you.”

Steve took a gulp of air when he surfaced. Emma thought he looked as if he were going to cry.

“Come on, you guys.” She stepped to the edge of the pool, picked up a can of brandy, and took a small sip. “Obviously you’ve discussed me before this, or you wouldn’t have come up with your plan to have sex with me.” She raised her eyebrows and peered into the water as she walked around the edge.

“Emma, dammit, stop staring,” Jack complained.

“It’s not anything I haven’t seen before, Jack. Remember?”

“How can I forget, but this is different.”


He jammed the cigar into his mouth and clenched his teeth around the end. “Hell, I don’t know, it just is.”

“Well, I’ve seen enough, anyway. And all I can say is…” She turned to leave and then looked over at their expectant faces. “Wow.”

For a few seconds, no one said anything but simply stared at her. Then Steve snorted, and Toby snickered. Jack yanked the cigar from his mouth and roared.

“Well, hell,” Jack said between bouts of laughter.

Emma smiled and headed back to camp, thoughts of what was to come making it difficult to think and walk at the same time.



Anita has been writing for only a few years, although she’s been an avid reader of romance since her teens. Four years ago she attended a romance convention as a reader. A deeply-planted seed she nurtured to write romance, started to grow. The second and third years, Anita went as an aspiring author. This year she will be going as a published author.

Anita has her Masters’ Degree from a Wisconsin University and works full-time in Southern Wisconsin and squeezes in her writing during breaks and after work. Because of her public job, she chooses to write under a pen name. In her spare time she likes to read, garden, hike, bike, and spend time with her family and friends. She is working on another book for The Wild Rose Press.


Social Media Links:



Facebook: ttps://




Buy Links:

The Wild Rose Press:

Amazon: Amazon:

Barnes & Noble:




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Within the Cocoon of Silence…


The silence is loud if you’re listening.

… is when the magic comes to life.

There are days when my mind is quiet and others when the words flow with no end in sight. Constant ramblings, snippets of story lines, dialogue, scene ideas, and what have you.

Today, though, has been a hushed day with little to no extra chatter. The normal built-in to-do list is on autopilot with little to no luck of turning it off, but from there, the home front is still. Calm even.

Come to think of it, this entire week has been quiet, with no rush to click open Facebook with some sort of sassy comment or quick words of encouragement I like to share at times. At first, I was worried. Worried because the words were few and I am in the middle of a story. A scary place to have a loss of words.

However, during the stillness of this morning, before the children roused and started their daily weekend activities, something occurred to me. It’s okay NOT to have something to say all the time. It’s okay to give myself the time to turn reflective and let the daily humdrum fade away. You know what I’m talking about? That special ‘you’ time?

What if this is the calm before the storm? The stolen time before all hell breaks loose and I have so much to say there won’t be enough time in the day to get it all out of my head? I crave those days, truly. But what am I to learn when the words slow? Should I force them or take a beat and let the silence speak?

In the last few days I’ve come to realize my muse is sneaky and clever, willing to give me my answers, if I only listen. Letting the thoughts, ideas and words accumulate, marinate if you will, is just as powerful as typing away word after word. I discovered this recently when my muse woke me from a dead sleep and gave me exactly what I needed to continue a scene. Perplexing and mind opening how it took the wee hours of the morning for my mind to be quiet enough to find what I needed.

In just a few hours I begin two long projects that I have no doubt will consume my every thought for the next four months. These projects have weighed on my mind for the last year and a half. My muse knows this and I suspect is preparing for the heavy work load, hoarding the creative energy until it’s time to let it overflow and pour onto the page.

For now I must embrace the quiet, enjoy the stillness, and let my mind harness the creativeness the universe is providing. My muse is smart enough to listen.

I just need to accept the quiet as a gift and sit back, ready for what is to come.

In the mean time, tell me what you do when the silence comes? Do you like to disconnect and relax with a good book? Take to writing in a journal maybe? Something I would love to pick up as a habit, by the way. Or do you just settle in for a good long ‘you’ time?

***Leave a comment with your answer and I’ll pick two winners for a Kindle copy of any title on my back list. Don’t forget to leave your email addy! AND I’ve extended my two day weekly giveaway so that everyone here can join in at this link HERE.***

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Until next time, keep it sexy!

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Are you ready for…NO PERFECT PRINCESS?

Secrets of Stone #3 is ALMOST HERE! On March 31, you’ll have the first half of Michael and Margaux’s story.

Who’s up for a naughty little snippet? *Grin*


“Forgive me…sir,” —she flung out the word as a deliberate taunt—“but I simply want to respect—what’s the word they use?—proper “protocol”? After all, you are in charge here, Mr. P. I’d never think of seizing the upper hand. Errrm, pardon the pun.”

Not pardoned.” I growled the words but smirked my lips, making sure I focused long enough on her face to lock her stare to mine. “And believe me, little brat, you’ll pay handsomely for it.”

“Oh, no.” She pushed out a mock gasp. “Not payment for the pun!”

I chuckled harder. Goddamn, what a handful she could be. And would I want it any other way? Or her?

The question answered itself—with stunning brilliance. Had someone asked me to sit down and write a wish list for my ideal woman, I doubted half of the descriptors for Miss Margaux Asher would make the list. But I couldn’t imagine my life now without any of them.

Forestsex3Headstrong. Histrionic.

Unstoppable. Unapologetic.

Astonishing. Amazing.

And utterly, totally, the new guiding beacon of my heart.

“I think your payment will being right now,” I drawled, pulling at her hair. “Suck me, sugar. Let me feel your lips tight around my cock.”

Her eyes glittered bright with her approval of that plan—right before she lowered her beautiful mouth over my erection.

NO PERFECT PRINCESS will be available on March 31 on ALL MAJOR E-BOOK RETAILERS, and in paperback on CreateSpace. The book is is available for pre-order right now on Amazon: No_perfect_princess_LAYOUT_blank

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Harleys and bikers up close and personal

The things authors will do in the name of research.

Let’s face it, we’re all a little spoiled. We have a whole world at our fingertips. Curious what the temperature is in Kamalame City, Bahamas? Or what is the top nude beach in the world? And who makes the best chocolate?  All of these answers can be found at Google. By the way, it’s 83 (I want to go). Little Beach, Maui (It’s illegal, but they don’t keep watch). Godiva is rated one of the tops, but it’s subjective. Some might say Teuscher is the best. Any way…you see what I mean.

When I started my first MC book, pretty much all I knew was that pipes of a Harley went Vroom! Vroom! and a man in a leather cut, with lots of tattoos, and a goatee is pretty hot. I started researching and called a friend who is in a MC and he delightfully answered lots of my questions, as strange as some of them were. There are just some things though that we need to see for ourselves. When he invited me to come hang out with him and his buddies, I eagerly accepted.

This day out was  different than any other. I stood in front of my closet and pondered what I should wear, being that I’d never hung out at a club before. I went for simple–jeans and a black top. But the completion was my tall, black, leather boots. I mean, very seldom do I get to wear these bad-boys and it’s no fair to let everyone else wear leather and I don’t get to partake.

I walked into the club, immediately aware of the loud music and burly men in leather and beards…lots of them. Oh, and tattoos of course. That’s where my preconception ended. I was treated with hospitality the second I entered. Not once did I feel out of place–although I seemed to be hidden among the guys considering they were all a head taller or more–or an outsider. They answered all of my questions. I even got to ride on the back of a Harley. I was a ‘virgin’ back warmer. We took off down the road staying “high and tight” and doing “the tuck” (hope I got that right). We met up with a few Weekend Warriors, had coffee, and then my time with my new friends came to an end. I can’t say I was offered a leather cut, but the little time I spent with the bikers will be a memory to keep.

Sometimes we must leave Google and fly like the wind to learn information hands-on. Now, where is that nude beach…?

I want to give away one ebook, your choice of any one in my backlist. Tell me if you have any experiences with bikers, outside of reading about one. One winner will be chosen randomly. 



Coming this month!!!!

Blaze must choose. Brotherhood or Love. He can’t have both. But the bitter choice is made for him when Bambi leaves.

Years later, he’s a murder suspect in his best friend’s death and he’s the only one who can protect the woman he loves, Rena (Bambi), who has mysteriously inherited a load of cash. She’s a target for Diesel’s killer.

Together, they face the enemy, and something much, much stronger.

Will Blaze leave Wings of Steel?

Will Rena accept him just as he is?


“I-I can’t do this. We can’t do this.” I stood up and Blaze’s hands fell to his sides. I was shaking as I moved around him, quickly heading toward the hallway. I heard the heavy beating of his boots as he followed me, gaining on me. My heart raced and I thought it would pop right out of my chest. I placed my palm over the beating as if I could calm it with my own touch.

His fingers dug into my arm and he twirled me around to face him. The light was dim, but I could see a mysterious darkness in his eyes and the grim set of his jaw. “Tell me you don’t feel the same and I will walk away. I will never mention this subject again.” The confession was there, at the back of my throat, itching to break free. His hand came up and he swept a callused palm over my cheek. He lowered his face so close that I could smell the mint and whiskey on his breath. “Have I been wrong, sweetheart?”

I blinked, hoping the tears wouldn’t fall. “No, Blaze. You’re not wrong.” The prison door opened. Freedom at last. No more secrets. No fear of exposing my foolish self.

His jaw softened. I had never seen him look so pleased. “I can’t get you out of my mind. I’ve tried everything, just short of cutting out my own heart. I would if I thought it’d relieve this misery.”

I took a step backward, pressed against the cold wall, but my temperature rose. I could melt—into his arms. If I did, I wouldn’t leave, and I knew that was only a dream. “Why are you telling me this?” I whispered.

“I was drowning in this need, baby. The look I saw in your eyes tonight, it snapped my last bit of control. My God, if you were mine I’d have you in my bed every breathing moment. I’d give you all of me.”






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team




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