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New Release: The Glass Slipper, a Princes of Danislova novea

Alice-Gaines_glass-slipper_FrontCasey Vaughn has an expensive model and even more expensive photographer cooling their heels in her boss’s apartment, waiting for the male cover idol, who’s late, late, late. When the guy finally does show up, he seems clueless about everything, including American slang, but he sure is cute. When the shoot proceeds to bore everyone to death, the woman Casey’d hired walks out, and Casey has to take her place. Now, sparks fly, and they share a heated kiss. Only after he’s left does Casey discover he wasn’t a model at all, and she grabbed a complete stranger off the street. Who is her mystery man, and how will she find him again?

Kurt VonRamsberg, Prince of Danislova and his country’s ambassador to the United Nations, is walking to work one day, contemplating the end of an arranged engagement, when a young woman snatches him off the street and talks him into posing for the cover of a detective novel. Luckily, he got her phone number because his position in the Royal Family will not allow him to pose on the cover of such a book. He can’t resist this fascinating woman, though, and pretends to be the descendant of German cheese maker in order to court her.

All is well until Casey’s boss switches covers, and Kurt finds his image released on hundred of thousands of books in the United States and abroad. Summoned home to explain himself, Kurt reveals his true identity to Casey and asks her to accompany him.

Once in Danislova, Casey is entranced with the country and accepted by Kurt’s family, with the notable exception of Kurt’s father. Suddenly, she’s transformed to Cinderella—the stepchild who can’t please the stern Prince Royal no matter what she does. Will her own prince come to her rescue? Will the glass slipper ever fit?


I do love my sexy princes.  I thought Kurt would be difficult to write because he’s shy, but Casey brings out the carnal beast in him.  I hope you enjoy The Glass Slipper as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Fifty Shades Tied You Up ~ Legend Awakening will Get a Little Rain On Ya’

Legend Awakening, book 1 of the Diaries of a Casanova Series

The Diaries of a Casanova Series addresses the controversial and often taboo art of The Ultimate Female Orgasm. The books are based on true-life events and real life experiences of co-author, Leo J. Canyon, pen name for a country music artist who has been seen by millions. “Leo” has opened his secret vault, telling his story in this truthful adventure that unfolds through fiction. The series of three books combines a traditional romance with a supernatural twist, and sexual passion so strong it smolders off the page. This mysterious subject begs to be explored, opening discussions for women worldwide. Join us as we take this erotic storytelling journey together. It’s fiction based on truth, guaranteed to get a little rain on you.


When small-town, Southern boy Liam Jackson learns he’s able to evoke The Ultimate Female Orgasm, he’s unprepared for the side effects. With each one he brings forth, he inherits the woman’s sexual uncertainty and frustrations. This frees the woman to love whomever she chooses, but binds Liam’s soul more and more with each encounter, lessening his ability to find love.

Inspired by the rumor of a legendary ritual known as “The Rain Ceremony,” Liam questions whether this ability may be his hereditary legacy. In a reckless search for answers, he creates havoc with the people he cares about most. Reaching the lowest point of his life, he is faced with a pivotal decision: will Liam seek the future his family wants for him, or continue his search for the truth?


As the legend awakens, Liam can no longer ignore the mysterious powers at work within him.
Receive a FREE download of cover model Jackson Young’s hot new single, Drunken Angel with your purchase of an ebook or paperback at:
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Naughty Cowboys–and a Giveaway!

I don’t know about you, but winter weather advisories, snow days and trudging through snowdrifts to find the SUV are getting to me. About this time of year, I’m ready to set sail on a nice cruise. Or rent a little bungalow on a coast where it’s warm and sunny.


Unfortunately my time and budget don’t allow for these luxury getaways. So I flex my fingers and fire up the keyboard with what I know best–naughty cowboys!


Steamy hot men with rough hands, big hearts, Texas drawls and even a deep dimple or two keep me warm and toasty. So does my baby who sits at my feet while I write. Can I get an Awwwwww for Daisy?




In January three hunky cowboys came to warm you through your ereaders. REINING MEN features Jack and Paul and COWBOY CRUSHIN’ is Witt Dalton’s story. And in February, SOMETHIN’ DIRTY is released in print version! Griffin by far is one of my most favorite heroes I’ve ever written. And I don’t say that lightly.


So in celebration I created a RAFFLECOPTER for these hot men! Enter to win a $10 GC, my way of warming you up with hot reads during this long winter. 🙂 Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Here’s a little peek at Witt to start you off 😉


“Hi, Witt.” She drifted forward. When he crowded behind the counter, scooping her off her feet, she squealed.

He kissed her open mouth, tasting mint and pure delicious female.

“You haven’t offered me any candy,” he rumbled, teasing her earlobe with his tongue.

“I know you don’t want candy.” She sucked in a sharp breath.

He straightened and set her back on her worn cowgirl boots. Smiling, he said, “Maybe I’ll surprise you. What would you recommend?”

“Ohhh. Maybe some of these?” She went to the case and pulled out a whole tray of apple pie cupcakes.

“Mmm-mm. Yes, I could do with some of those. What about you? What do you want?”

She looked inside the case. There were nut clusters and coconut macaroons. Beautiful white chocolate confections that looked like the most delicate spider webs dotted with silver sprinkles.

What would she choose?

She plucked an apple pie cupcake from the tray and took a bite.

Damn. That wasn’t Shelby—not the one he wanted to know. He removed the cupcake from her hands and shook his head. “Uh-uh. That’s not your choice.”

She flushed red and swallowed the mouthful.

He snagged her around the middle and reached into the case with his free hand. Before she could blink, he stuck a chocolate drop into her mouth. Surprise widened her eyes, and he couldn’t stop himself.

He kissed her.

“Mmm.” He moaned at the flavors of woman and chocolate.

“Good?” she gasped around the bite.

“Yeah, and the chocolate’s decent too.”

The blue depths of her eyes softened, and his heart rolled with happiness.

“You don’t seem passionate about that candy. How about this?” He shoved another between her lips and she grumbled around the mouthful. Still, her expression didn’t change much.

He swooped in and tasted that bite too, his cock aching for more. He trapped her between him and the glass case. Damn, it felt so right having her pressed against him. With a hand on her lower back, he swayed her closer.

She mewled with pleasure but it had nothing to do with the candy.

He reached blindly into the case and as soon as she swallowed, he filled her mouth once more.

Her eyes popped open and she smiled around the dark chocolate.

“That’s it, right? The one you choose?”

She nodded, groaning around the sweetness. Leaning over her, he allowed her to enjoy the candy she probably didn’t sample often and caught the scents of raspberry filling. He tucked the knowledge away and focused on her lips.

Want surged in him. It would be easy to flip that sign on the door to CLOSED and have a hot, dirty half hour against the wall in the backroom, but he was a Dalton. And Daltons didn’t dally.

“Stop looking at me like that, Witt.” Her voice was a thin whisper of its normal strength.

“Like what, sweetheart?”

“Like I’m the candy and you’re hungry as hell.”


COWBOY CRUSHIN’ available only on Amazon

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SOMETHIN’ DIRTY in ebook and print




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Thanks for reading!

Em Petrova



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