New Release: The Glass Slipper, a Princes of Danislova novea

Alice-Gaines_glass-slipper_FrontCasey Vaughn has an expensive model and even more expensive photographer cooling their heels in her boss’s apartment, waiting for the male cover idol, who’s late, late, late. When the guy finally does show up, he seems clueless about everything, including American slang, but he sure is cute. When the shoot proceeds to bore everyone to death, the woman Casey’d hired walks out, and Casey has to take her place. Now, sparks fly, and they share a heated kiss. Only after he’s left does Casey discover he wasn’t a model at all, and she grabbed a complete stranger off the street. Who is her mystery man, and how will she find him again?

Kurt VonRamsberg, Prince of Danislova and his country’s ambassador to the United Nations, is walking to work one day, contemplating the end of an arranged engagement, when a young woman snatches him off the street and talks him into posing for the cover of a detective novel. Luckily, he got her phone number because his position in the Royal Family will not allow him to pose on the cover of such a book. He can’t resist this fascinating woman, though, and pretends to be the descendant of German cheese maker in order to court her.

All is well until Casey’s boss switches covers, and Kurt finds his image released on hundred of thousands of books in the United States and abroad. Summoned home to explain himself, Kurt reveals his true identity to Casey and asks her to accompany him.

Once in Danislova, Casey is entranced with the country and accepted by Kurt’s family, with the notable exception of Kurt’s father. Suddenly, she’s transformed to Cinderella—the stepchild who can’t please the stern Prince Royal no matter what she does. Will her own prince come to her rescue? Will the glass slipper ever fit?


I do love my sexy princes.  I thought Kurt would be difficult to write because he’s shy, but Casey brings out the carnal beast in him.  I hope you enjoy The Glass Slipper as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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2 thoughts on “New Release: The Glass Slipper, a Princes of Danislova novea

  1. suzlyne

    Have this on my To Buy list. Loved Kiss the Frog.

    Liked by 1 person

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