Evrest Cimarron invites you to the island…


I hope the beginning of everyone’s year is going wonderfully. I’ve been trying to send good ju-ju to my readers and friends being screwed over by the polar vortex…so I hope my post heats up your day a bit. Since I live in Southern California, I just cannot imagine what that sh** feels like–though right at the beginning of the year, we got hit with our own tiny version of it. Snow actually dusted our local foothills…and Victoria Blue, the goddess who writes the Secrets of Stone series with me, received 8 inches of it at her house, about 40 minutes up the road from me! Crazy!

Evrest12I’ve picked some special images to help get you toasty…and I hope they help! This is Hrithik Roshan, the Indian actor who has been providing a lovely physical inspiration for King Evrest Cimarron, the hero of my BRAND-NEW book series launching on February 3rd.

I really hope you enjoy the new stories, set in a fictional Mediterranean island kingdom called Arcadia. Evrest is the ruler who falls in love with Camellia “Cam” Saxon, a member of the first western film crew to ever be allowed on the island. Since Evrest’s kingdom has been somewhat sheltered from the “real” world, he is a very alluring package of sin and innocence that was so much fun to write.

I’ve included a snippet here. Hope you enjoy…

He stopped me with another blood-melting kiss. And a lot more.

The second our mouths slammed again, he hauled me up from the mattress, molding my body against his, stopping our clutch long enough to growl out a single directive. “On your knees, Camellia.” As soon as I curled my legs in compliance so our upright torsos were smashed tight, he dropped his head and claimed my lips again, growing our passion with longing, plunging sweeps of his entire mouth. The new position gave me the chance to explore the sinewy plateaus of his back before scratching my way along the slopes of his shoulders. I could seriously take a whole day just touching every inch of him then yearn to do it all over again. The lines of his body were like a living work of art, captivating me anew every time he moved.
Though now, with his cock fitted against the most sensitive cleft of my body, I rapidly scooted that analysis toward the bottom of my priorities list. Even the thought of being so close to finally merging with him, having him inside me, tore a moan of impatience from me.

Hell. Only my jeans remained as the final barrier between us. I slipped my hands from his shoulders to take care of the issue but had only twisted the button free when Evrest grabbed me by both wrists, wrenching them up over my head.

My fingers collided with something there. Metal? I looked up. Sure enough, Evrest wound my grip around a shiny steel rod, suspended on chains from the bed’s sturdy canopy support system. Okay, this was…interesting. My pulse tripled, easily acknowledging a fresh flood of sensations. Fear. Excitement. Fear again. What the hell now? The stare I shot to Evrest yielded what I anticipated—his alpha wolf eyes at their strongest, his rugged jaw at its stoniest—conveying his low command before he even uttered it.

“Keep them there.”

EvandCamkissMy chest pumped as his just had. What a difference a few minutes made. I thought of how he’d surrendered his erection into my hands, trusted me with the most vulnerable part of his anatomy, allowed me to pleasure him…and now, stretched into a similar position, breasts jutting and body stretched, questioned why it was so hard for me to do the same.

Because this reminds you that your body isn’t the only thing bared to him right now? Because with every passing moment, in bigger and bigger chunks, your spirit is investing in this, too? Perhaps even your heart?

I got rid of the thoughts by plunging back into humor. “Ah. So this is the part with the handcuffs.”

One side of his mouth lifted. Not in a smile. “No handcuffs.”

My chest tightened a little more, again in a battle between anticipation and trepidation. “Well, where’s the fun in that?”

“No handcuffs.” He bit on the words a little more. “Not needed.” His hands skated down my arms until curving in at my waist. While bracketing me there, he brought his face closer, angling over me until I had to tilt my head back. “You’ll simply obey me, Camellia—because you want to. We both know it.”

Kindle readers; you can pre-order INTO HIS DARK right here! The book will be released on all major e-book retailers on FEBRUARY 3rd.


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