Granny Panty Crisis

I’m at the beginning stages of book 1 of my new series, Cowboys of Nirvana. My heroine, Cara, is a timid, quiet character who will find her voice, and many other things, at Nirvana Ranch–a place where cowboys treat women as they deserve. Cara is facing a pivotal moment–the Granny Panty Crisis. Come on, we’ve all been there. In the heat of the moment our blood is boiling, our heart is racing, and Mr. Sexy starts to rub between our thighs and–screech! Everything comes to a standstill as we question, “What panties am I wearing?”

Okay, let’s rewind for a minute. Don’t we all stand in front of our lingerie drawer, black lace in one hand and full-coverage undies in the other, silently asking, “Is there a chance I’ll get laid tonight?” If you answer yes, you choose black (or whatever color you adore) lace. If you answer no, you go for the cotton that covers from navel to three inches below the butt cheeks because, well, they’re comfy. We must all have our stash of full-coverage undies because we all have granny panty moments–days, months, even years.  Especially if you’ve had a bad experience with a thong. I can’t stress enough how important expensive, quality-made thongs are to delicate parts of our body.

I’m jetted back to the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. Have you seen it? If you haven’t you must. Bridget is a likable character who we can connect with because she is faced with several granny panty moments. They are hilarious scenes where her affection for full-coverage panties is found out by her lover, who I might add, is turned on by the white cotton.

I think this is a strategy a woman could use to her advantage. Don’t trust yourself to say no to the hunky lumberjack? The rough and tough, brawny cowboy? The sexy man in uniform? Wear your worst pair of panties and don’t shave your legs. Haha. And if this doesn’t prevent you from saying yes, the true test will be in how he responds. Does he like cotton and prickly hair? If he doesn’t mumble one word of disapproval and grins from ear to ear, that might very well be a keeper.

I digress. Back to Cara and her problem–the granny panty crisis. She wants Ben in the worst possible way, but that morning she chose the granny panty. Cara has zero self-esteem, poor girl. What will a woman do with a hot cowboy between her legs…?!? I can’t tell you what happens because you’ll have to read Ben and Cara’s story to find out.

In the meantime, how about an excerpt from my latest release, Pressure Rising (Book 2, Rhinestone Cowgirls)? Book 1 and 2 are both available at Amazon.


All hell broke loose inside of her as he rolled the tip of his tongue along the inside of her mouth. His fingers threaded through her damp hair, tangling in the mass, lifting her head at a perfect angle so he could reach deeper.

He tasted good. He felt even better. The scent of his soap and the clean fragrance of rain mingled underneath her nose, making her nipples tight.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, dragging him closer, pressing her breasts against his hard chest.

His teeth nibbled at one corner of her mouth, scraping gently along the curve of her bottom lip. A vision of him nibbling her pussy lips made her scorch with heat as a strong desire to be one with him washed through her. Her core ached for fiery release.

All trepidation faded from her.

His kiss slowed and he pulled back. She whimpered in disappointment and opened her eyes. His gaze was filled with longing and she wanted him right then and there, not caring that earlier that week she could have wrung his neck.

“Darlin’, I don’t think one kiss will be enough.”

A hot shiver raced across her flesh. “No?”

“Uh-uh.” His eyes turned a shade darker and he sucked in a deep breath.

“Where are we headed here, DJ?”

“I have plans to lick every part of your delectable body. Is that a problem?”

She couldn’t have turned him down if her life depended on it. She unfastened the top button of his shirt, then another. “I like that idea.”

He smoothed his hands along her bare leg to the top of one cowgirl boot and pulled it off her foot. He gave it a toss and it landed with a thump to the floor. Then he removed the other. “You’re making me crazy, woman.”

Undoing the rest of his buttons, her mouth watered at the sight of his bare chest and flat stomach.  “God, I’ve never seen a better body.”

He chuckled and it vibrated his chest. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more flattered.” His eyes twinkled.

She tugged his shirttail from his jeans and helped him slip the material from his shoulders. He had nice, large shoulders that could carry a lot of weight. “Is there any part of you that isn’t toned?”

“Well, you haven’t seen all of me yet, sweetheart.” He smoothed the back of his knuckles along her cheek.

“I’ve seen this part.” She squeezed his ass, careful not to hurt his wounded cheek. “That’s definitely in shape. About the only thing I haven’t seen is buried deep in those jeans, and from the looks of that bulge, I don’t think I’ll be a disappointed woman.”

He sucked in a breath. “Are you sure you want this?”

“I not only want it, I’m craving it.” She moistened her lips. “It’s been a long time for me, DJ. I hope I can satisfy you.”

He blinked. “Darlin’, I’m satisfied just looking at you. Trust me, neither of us will have a problem.” He tucked a tendril of her hair behind her ear. “How long has it been?”

“Too long,” she whimpered.

“I don’t want to make you feel like this is all I want. We don’t have to—”

She covered his mouth with her finger. “Don’t, DJ. I want this. I’ve been waiting a long time to feel this way.”

“I’m privileged to break the dry spell.” He winked. “I’ll take very good care of you, sweetheart.” He nuzzled his nose against her cheek.

She scraped her nails down his back. “How fast can we get the rest of the clothes off your body?” She couldn’t wait to see his goodies.

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4 thoughts on “Granny Panty Crisis

  1. I can’t wait to start this new series! The Rhinestone Cowgirls are great reads 🙂 I love everything you’ve written that I have read so far.


  2. suzlyne

    Nice excerpt! Definitely need to get both of these books.


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