Excitement in the Air

Excitement mingles with the frigidness of winter. I tell ya, this year has started better than I could’ve imagined. While I was preparing Love’s Submission for publishing I got the opportunity to take a knife defense class. Now in our current Karate club we don’t get knife training until we get to red belt. That’s at least a year or so away for me. However another club in another town about 40 miles away. Lemme tell you, it was definitely worth the drive.

The things I learned made me feel more confident if the situation presented itself. The instructor, Master Carlton, has over 20 years experience in knife defense as well as martial arts, and his first rule when presented with a knife was to run. Believe me I will follow that rule if it all possible. His second one, if you can’t run, negotiate. As in What do you want? My keys, wallet, cell phone, shoes? Whatever it is you can have. Now if the assailant demands your life, well then we have a fight on our hands.

If you have to fight, control the distance. Stay off the line of the knife. He had some sweet moves to show us how to defend against a thrusts and slashes. He did reiterate that in defending ourselves we would get cut, but how deep and where we determine, by presenting the backs and sides of our hands, keeping our arms in a guard position to protect the neck and torso.

And I’ve gone on long enough about my training class. Love’s Submission will be out later this month and as soon as I complete this Letter or Intent for my Master’s program I can get back to the fun stuff.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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