Sex appeal

Because I write erotic romance, my thoughts have always centered around what is sexy. I study everything from physical traits to voices, eyes and mannerisms.


Clothing comes into play. Are miniskirts and shorty shorts the only sexy things a woman can wear? We all know the answer is NO. What about guys? Are they only sexy in Armani suits or worn jeans? Not remotely.


Sex appeal goes much deeper than what we do or wear. It’s bigger than genetics and natural beauty.


In my latest release REINING MEN, you’ll meet Lissy. As a beach volleyball player and equestrian, she has a strong body. She’s confident with her bikini bottoms stuffed in her ass while she dives for the ball on the sand. And she doesn’t mind getting dirty in a fall from her horse.


She knows her mind and getting what she wants takes the driver’s seat–or PUTS her in the driver’s seat. Lissy wants to get rid of the small problem of her virginity so she can move on in life. So what does she do? She goes looking for the perfect man. What better place than the Boot Knockers Ranch?


Read a little excerpt of REINING MEN and see if you can spot some sex appeal!


A petite brunette peeked at the girls in the waiting room. “Lissy?”

Nerves jangling, Lissy stood and moved toward the door. Ten other girls watched her, which made her more uneasy. She’d traveled onto The Boot Knockers Ranch with two of them. They’d been like the Three Amigos until this point.

Now Lissy was on her own, about to be quizzed about her sexual preferences and what she found attractive.

When she’d booked this trip to the ranch, she’d been on a high from that tournament win.

What Lissy had really come to terms with, though, was her life needed to change. So she’d taken control and decided to eliminate the problem of no sex life. If a week romping with a hot man in worn jeans and a cowboy hat didn’t spur her to take time for a relationship, nothing would.

“I’m Holly, the office assistant here at the ranch. I’ll be walking you through the procedure today and also asking some questions. Please have a seat.”

The chair was purple velvet, seeming more at place on a porn movie set than an office. Once Lissy sank into it, she bit off a groan. After sitting on a plane for hours then a cab ride to the heart of Texas, the cushion felt like a cloud.

Holly’s eyes sparkled. “Comfy, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Lissy smiled.

“So, welcome. Our ranch is now three hundred acres of prime grazing land, and I think you’ll find the cowboys are prime too.” She winked, and Lissy caught her excitement. “You’ve looked over our brochure.”


Let the Boot Knockers fulfill your wildest fantasies while showing you just how beautiful you really are.

She wasn’t one of those girls who believed she wasn’t attractive or worthy of a relationship. She just wanted the wildest fantasy part.

“I’m sure you spent some time looking at the cowboys on the cover.”

Actually, she’d ogled those tanned, muscular chests for hours. Finally, she’d gotten so worked up, she’d slipped her fingers into her panties and given herself a toe-curling orgasm.

One cowboy stuck out to her, though.

The set of his jaw and the way he stood, one thumb hitched in his jeans pocket, had really gotten her juices flowing.

Holly slid a big photo album across the desk toward her. “I’d like you to look at these pictures and point out the guys you are attracted to.”

Heart drumming a staccato beat, Lissy opened the cover. The first glossy photograph was a hunk. His windswept hair, line bracketing his mouth, both yelled yeehaw. She turned the page and found more pictures of him—with a horse, holding a rope, and from behind.

Ohhhh yeah.

She pressed her knees together.

Three more pages and she felt like a little kid browsing a toy catalog. She would choose her plaything, and the big fee she’d paid up front would put that toy in her hands.

When she turned another page, she stopped breathing.

It was him.

His gorgeous blue-green eyes were piercing on the page. In person, would she even be able to stare into eyes like that? Her nipples puckered under her tank top and she was grateful for her thick sports bra. She didn’t want Holly to see her reaction.

But when she lifted her gaze, Holly was smiling.

“Forgive me, but I’ve done this job long enough to recognize the signs. Would you like me to put Jack down as one of your choices?”

Jack. Oh my God, yes.

Lissy pressed her fingertips to her lips and turned the page. Jack tossing a bale of hay, his shoulder muscles rippling. Jack kicked back in an Adirondack chair, a bottle of beer in his hand and his mouth relaxed in a smile. Jack without a cowboy hat, his thick hair ruffled in the wind.

She shut the album. “Yes, please put down Jack.”

Holly chuckled. “Well, we’d like you to choose at least three cowboys from the book.”

“Oh.” Disappointment doused her desire. “Okay.” She opened the album again and turned pages while Holly wrote Jack’s name in a neat hand on a sheet of paper.

Every cowboy in the book was amazing. Magazine-ad material. One older guy with a wicked black beard could have been on the cover of GQ. All were buff and looked athletic, which was important to Lissy. She valued fitness and appreciated the hard work that went into the bodies on those pages.

When she reached the last page, she stopped. The man there was breathtaking. Ice-blue eyes, a scruff of beard glinting blond in the sun. He squinted, and small creases around his eyes only added to his allure.

The next photos were as arousing as his headshot.

“He’s pretty,” Lissy breathed.

Holly laughed. “Paul is a very beautiful man. Looks a little like that actor, don’t you think?”

Lissy nodded.

“Good choices. I know you’ll be satisfied with your cowboy. While we like our clients to make choices based on attraction, things sometimes work out a little differently. But rest assured our cowboys know how to do their jobs and you’ll leave very satisfied. Now Isabel will take you backstage, where you will wait with the other ladies. When you’re called onto the stage, the Boot Knockers will ask you questions. Often several of them fight over the lucky ladies. But in the end, it’s your choice.”

Lissy released a shaky breath. This was it. Countless solo orgasms would finally be shadowed by her first sexual encounter with a man. Why had she waited so long to get to this point in her life?

A door behind the desk opened, and another woman wearing wire-rimmed glasses entered. “Ready?”

“All set,” Holly said, twisting in her leather chair. She and Lissy stood. “This is Lissy. Best of luck and enjoy your stay,” she said to her.

Feeling as if her agility had fled, Lissy followed Isabel woodenly out the door and down a series of corridors. The final door opened onto blinding sunshine. Heat blasted her.

“Just this way.” Isabel was quite a bit shorter than Lissy, as a lot of women were, but she had an air of confidence that made her seem bigger than she was. “These are the bungalows.” She waved a hand at the small buildings with red roofs. “Over there is the grub house. Or the dining hall, as some call it.”

“I bet the cowboys don’t call it the dining hall.”

Isabel laughed. “No, they don’t. And here is the auditorium. Follow me.”

They went into a dark, cool space. It took a moment for Lissy’s eyes to adjust—in time to spot the other girls gathered in a knot, talking. Isabel gestured for Lissy to join them, then disappeared again, obviously making the walk back to Holly’s office to retrieve another victim.


Lissy was good at making small talk with strangers, but her pulse was a constant thrum in her skull. She felt the first inklings of a headache, which she often suffered from when stressed. She massaged her temples and tried to calm herself.

What she hoped to get from this trip was a few amazing orgasms at the hands of a gorgeous cowboy. It wasn’t a traditional way to reach her end goal, but she was sick of playing by the rules.

The rule book wasn’t working for her.

She talked to a woman with legs a mile long and found out she wasn’t the only virgin backstage.

Feeling a little easier in her skin, Lissy drew a deep breath and tried to trample her nervousness. That worked for all of twenty minutes, when Isabel called her name and Lissy stepped into the spotlight.







Pushin’ Buttons book 1





Body Language book 2





Thank you for reading! What do you find sexy? I’d love to hear from you!





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  1. Thank you for sharing this one. I am reading Body Language right now and I will start Reining Men next. They are so good…I love them all so far!!!!


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