As I Look Back…

As I look back over this year, I can say it hasn’t been half bad. I was able to publish a couple of books, started taking Karate. Lost over thirty pounds. Bought a house. Made some changes to my lifestyle and career as well as decided to take the plunge and go back to school. I’ve been dumped by a publisher who still has not paid me my final royalties. Got so stressed out about writing that I thought that part of my brain was broken. Started therapy. Stopped therapy. Started therapy again. Took over planning and preparing the community meal on Saturdays and now I’m ready to hand those reins to someone else.

My only regret this year has been not being able to write more. For 2015, I’ve got some projects planned. I just need to figure out how and when to roll them out. If that wasn’t enough there are a few major parties to be planned (youngest son is turning 16 and the middle one is graduating). Thank goodness my sister is a party planner at One Sweet Moment. (Check her out on Facebook)

All right 2015, I’m ready for what you got. Well…maybe.

Until next year, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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2 thoughts on “As I Look Back…

  1. I just wanted to wish you well in 2015! Have fun with the birthday party and congratulations on the graduation. is a BIG DEAL nowadays as too many of our youths do not finish school. So be PROUD of the 2 parties you get to throw (with a little help ) , kick back & enjoy them! Then get down to the business of writing your next great book!
    Thanks for listening,


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