Name a Hero!!!

Naming a character can sometimes be difficult. When it comes to a name, you want one that says something about the character. Imagine scrolling through romance novels, looking for the perfect one and coming upon a hot, sexy cover. Your interest is piqued. You click on the link, read the blurb and this is what you find…

“The lights were low, candles were lit and soft music flowed. A whimper slipped from Jezebel’s moist lips as                               Pee Wee moved in to kiss her…”

No offense to any men named Pee Wee, but the name draws a reader out…waaaaaaaay out.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

“The lights were low, candles were lit and soft music flowed. A whimper slipped from Jezebel’s moist lips as                               Rogan moved in to kiss her…”

Big difference, huh? I get a visual that makes me want to read all about Rogan…and possibly lick him too.

So, I need your help. What do you think my next hero should be named? He’s a military man and, of course, bad-ass.

Comment with a sexy, powerful name and you’re entered to win an ecopy of my newest release, Under The Mistletoe. Good luck!




Alex wants more from Santa than a lump of coal…
Dreading the holiday, Alex is grumpy and down on her luck. Another year alone–another year that her parents will needle her about her single status. Stopping in Vegas for a little fun before she’s forced to face her family solo, she hopes for a big win but didn’t expect it to be wrapped in worn jeans, flannel and a cowboy hat.
Jax is having a bad day. A bad month. But when he wins big his holiday cheer improves. And who better to celebrate with than the lovely lady who caught his eye at the slot machine.
Alex isn’t looking for a holiday romance, but she does have a solution to her problems. Jax would make a perfect boyfriend—even if she must pay him. Money well spent to keep her parents off of her back for the week.
Santa has a plan. The gift Alex and Jax find other the tree is more than cash for services.

Pressure Rising (Book 2, Rhinestone Cowgirls)


Releasing January 7, 2014


Buy link:

Carrying a shotgun lands her into trouble…and under the spell of a cowboy

Pearl learned the hard way that DJ is a poison that needs to be eradicated from her neighboring land. Although she hates him with a passion, killing him isn’t part of her plan. When the shotgun fires and DJ is wounded, she wishes she left the gun at home.

DJ has a pain in his butt—literally. Thanks to Pearl with her poor shooting skills and temper. He knew all along that she had it out for him, but shooting him in his backside was a little too close for comfort. When she shows up on his doorstep— after prodding from her family—apologizing and offering to ‘nurse’ him back to health, he can’t help but imagine all of the opportunities at his fingertips. His sweetest revenge would be to prove that she has feelings for him, and with a little of his country-boy charm, she might lose the emotional barriers and stop treating him like the devil’s spawn.

One touch and Pearl is hooked. Changing the bandage on DJ’s nice, tight buns starts a fervor within her that leads her down a delicious path—and straight into DJ’s strong, awaiting arms. She realizes shutting him out isn’t as easy as building another wall of protection. He’s in her blood and she’s addicted. And her cowboy is determined to unlock all of her closed doors.

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33 thoughts on “Name a Hero!!!

  1. Lucy Waterhouse

    I know this may be a little boring, but a sexy and powerful name for me is Matt. It is simple but just one syllable gives it power 😉


    • Lucy, I’ve heard that name a lot here lately. And no, it isn’t used a lot in books. Thank you for your input and for stopping by.


    • Congrats, Lucy. You’re the winner of my newest release, Under The Mistletoe. Just send me your email where I can send it. Thank you and best holiday wishes!


      • Lucy Waterhouse

        Thank you so much Rhonda!!!
        My email is
        I can’t wait to read Under the Mistletoe – an early Christmas present!
        I hope you have wonderful holidays too 🙂


  2. My husbands uncle was welsh a boxer and army man his mane was Kyriog, Ky for short, he was a wonderful man that died to young on the Burma Railway. Xxxxx


  3. Patti

    I would say Michael or Nicholas maybe Justin or Mark. Patrick is always a strong name too.


  4. Gail S

    I’ve always like the name Wyatt, (I watched way to many cowboy/westerns) along with a more common name, Jack. I like the name Riley, but that has more to tdo with it being a my maiden name. 😀


  5. Rhonda Squires

    I’ve always loved the name Colin (which is the English spelling). It means chieftain and in Gaelic it means victory. I’ve always loved the name which is why I named my son Colin. Well that and it was the middle name of my great grand-father who I loved and adored. The name always reminds me of a strong Irish man.


  6. Alisa Boisclair

    How about: Gabe, Tyler, Jake or Travis…


  7. Kathy Shreve

    Colton, Dylan, Gerald, Wyatt, Chase


  8. I keep a names list since I write too. Here are some of my stronger names:


  9. Keagan


  10. Rhett
    Stone( short for Stonewall)


  11. Jana

    How about Benson Warner!


  12. Eileen

    I have always liked the name Benjamin (Ben) I also like my husband’s name Donald (Don). Don’t really see that much in books I have been reading.


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