Oops…I Didn’t Mean to Do That

OMG! I had testing for the second stripe on my purple belt in Karate. Epic FAIL! Lemme tell you why. Two and a half hour car ride to Central Michigan University where we met five black belts for the very first time. One of them is the founder of the club. You know the person you read about in the handbook. Our group, there’s four of us, was called first to test.

I got so flustered at the beginning of the test I messed up a series of combinations blocks that I KNOW how to do. Then messed up on the fix for a turn. It was horrible. Our instructor, who also knows we know this stuff was totally confused and like WTF! After that total brain bomb and yes it was a collective screw up the rest of the testing went pretty good.

I gained some good feedback from the blackbelts. And all of them told my instructor to start working with me on how to use my cane as a weapon. How cool is that? So after results this past Monday. Yes. I passed. Whew! I truly believed I’d failed that test, but there’s a lot of work we need to do before the next test, which is a color change to green. I’m not afraid of putting in the work. I love Karate and after seeing what those green belts can do. I’m ready to kick some butt!

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Desires

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6 thoughts on “Oops…I Didn’t Mean to Do That

  1. Tina B

    Congrats on passing your test, Lynn!! I can totally relate to you.
    I take Aiki Ju Jitsu and when I tested for my yellow belt, I was so nervous. Thankfully our Senseis had us test together, but I have stage fright, so I was shaking.
    He stopped us after the first technique and then again half way through to give us a break. All it did for me was break my concentration. Lol.
    We have testing in Feb, so I am trying to prepare my mind now.
    Good luck in your training! 😀


    • The nerves can sure get the best of us. Those breaks do get annoying once you get on a roll. 🙂 Good luck on your testing. I think my next one will be around March or April.


  2. Candace Springstead

    Way to go! I know you have put so much hard work into your craft and know you are so proud!


  3. Congrats on passing your test, Lynn. Now, your better than that you can whoop their butts, I know you can so get out there and do it. I have Faith!!!! Let us know when you test again and we will say a prayer and send a big hug for you!!!


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